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    Bucs bring some swagger to the West Coast. Winston has a career day against banged up chargers, Connects to Evans for oneTD, with Evans going over 100 yds. Another to Brate and this time it will not be called back. He runs one in from short yardage, gets some help from Martin wth an additional TD, Add two field goals and Bucs leave San Diego with a big win. 33- 17 Bucs. Defense continues its hot hand with 2 sacks and 2 interceptions along with 2 fumbles one recovered.

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    It’s going to be a high scoring game and the Bucs find a way to win. Go Bucs!

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    I have no idea what will happen or what the score may be. There is no reason the Bucs cannot win the game if they play as well as they have the last three Sundays. Hoping for another huge win and we are facing the Saints next Sunday on a four game Winning streak with another large and LOUD home crowd.

    But seriously? “Predicting” the Bucs will win by one, two or three points? Truth is it’s guessing or we’d all be rich. Well, if the guesses were correct anyway. 😉

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    I think we win this one. It is very winnable. I’d love to say it will be romp in the park, but I think not.
    The O Line has to block and the D Line has to rush the passer. Man, this guy is like broken record with these comments about the line. That’s how it is. If the lines can do their job Dougie can have a great day.
    We have to stop Melvin Gordon above all else on defense. Once you do that Rivers will have to beat us. Make no mistake he can do it.
    The BUCS have had good days in this stadium and can have another on Sunday.
    My click to pick is Vernon Hargraves.
    Gets his first pick on Sunday

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      1. 4.1.1


        It will be tough for sure. It’s time for them to man up.
        GO BUCS

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    Unfortunately I think most of are underestimating the Chargers. They play in the toughest division in the NFL. While I am hoping the Bucs win, I have to go with the Chargers, 31-17.

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    5 weeks ago, this isn’t a game I’d have given us a chance to win. Thankfully, we aren’t that team anymore. We SHOULD win this game. Our offense is healthy and clicking on all cylinders. Chargers are down a CB, 2 starting LB’s and allow 275 passing yards a game. Their DL is nothing like what the OL has faced the last 2 weeks. Bosa has talent, but he’s not Cliff Avril. Our offense has the ability to shred this defense with Doug/Rodgers and the passing game. The defense better come to play, because the Chargers will score points. This will be a test to see if they really have improved since the ATL & OAK games. Contain Gordon and pressure Rivers into mistakes.

    Winston: 20/29 268 2 TD
    Doug: 109 1 TD
    Evans: 10 115 1 TD
    Defense: 2 Sacks 1 INT

    Bucs 30
    Chargers 24

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      It’s possible, certainly, that the Bucs revert to their play in late Sep/Oct … but why should we expect that? There really is no tangible reason to expect a regression.

      Like I say below, until the Bucs prove otherwise, they’re playing highly competitive football now and for the last three weeks in a row.

      1. 6.1.1


        I with you on believing in our team. Why be pessimistic? Chargers are better than their record, but so are we. If we lose, we lose. But I have confidence in how the team is playing. I think they believe they should win. Huge difference from last years final games.

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    If the buccaneers play as they did last week they will win. And I would be surprised if they did not play that well again.

  8. 8

    BUC 727

    This is going to be a shootout between two gunslingers. I feel the difference will be whether or not Gerald MCcoy brings the pressure up the middle on Rivers to force him out of his comfort zone. If he does that, we will win. I can’t wait….GO BUCS!

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    I think the Bucs are as confident a group as we have seen here in quite some time. Might even say they are developing a bit of swagger. The question for me is, how fragile that new “culture” might be. Hopefully they enter this game with a similar intensity level as they did against the Seahawks.

    Phillip Rivers is a spirited veteran QB, who has had an outstanding individual career albeit on a mediocre team. In my view he has always been sort of an afterthought as compared to other more publicized passers. Make no mistake, this guy won’t give up. He can beat you. He’s no Jay Cutler.

    I suspect our favorite team is taking this game as a business trip, intent on keeping this good feeling going. We will need more than the 19 and 14 points we have scored the past two victories to be successful in this contest. I do think our new and improved defense can keep the Chargers scoring in check. I’m curious if our offensive strategy will be to play keep away with our committee of running backs being the weapons of choice or if Dirk will take a more aggressive approach.

    In any event, if we are going to lose again this season, this is the game since it is non-conference. I still like the “good guys” to keep the momentum going and bring home a 24-20 victory.

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      I think Dirk will keep it on the ground and try to pound the Chargers into submission. It limits Bosa’s impact on the game. Their secondary & linebackers are really suspect, but Dirk wants to be a running team. Especially if we can grab 7-10pt lead. I want to see Jameis unleashed, but that’s probably gonna have to wait until next season.

      1. 9.1.1


        I tend to agree, Roots. Especially with both Doug and Jacquizz in the lineup and 100%, and the O-line playing at a high level. That is the recipe for success just about anytime you’re playing on the road with a team that is built like the Bucs.

        I see the Bassing passing game being focused mainly on our strength, which is play action passing off the run game.



          damme … “Bucs Passing game” not “Bassing game” … 🙂

      2. 9.1.2


        Good points Root, Nothing would make me happier than watching Doug and Quizz run it down their throats.
        Get ready BUCS fans we are about to see a real football game 1970’s style.
        Do you think Koetter hasn’t drummed into their heads to keep the foot on the gas, he sure has.
        Make no mistake folks Phillip Rivers can destroy us if we are not ready for him.
        Here are my big days guys.
        GO BUCS

    2. 9.2


      Good call scubog. Hope we are all correct today.
      GO BUCS

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    I can’t see any reason to pick against the Bucs given the way they’ve been playing the last few weeks, and considering the injury status of key players, and frankly, they’re monsters on the road. I would pick the Bucs over the Cowboys and the Patriots this weekend if either were on the schedule.

    Until the Bucs prove differently, they’re playing ball of a quality equal to any other team in the league right now.

    Bucs 31-Chargers 27

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    What a great game. We got hit again with some bad injuries, with Humphries, Stocker, Shorts. Apparently Stocker reinjured his hang nail. Has that guy ever played two full games in a row ? But seriously, Martin, Brate, and David get scores. and two field goals out of three. Winston played very well. It is getting exciting to be a Buc’s fan. Our defense played inspired football.

    1. 11.1


      Insane, can’t believe this is really happening. Our defense is playing lights out right now and Jameis is spreading the ball around. A lot of injuries to day though. This game does prove my theory that we need a new rb though. Tired of watching Doug walk off of the field injured. And personally I like Rogers running better anyways. I can’t believe we are in first place in the division this is nuts! go Bucs!

    2. 11.2

      Dustin Romero

      But they have to quit waiting to get started so late on both sides of the ball….we have to come out like we did against Seattle or we were really close to being down by 14 right off the bat

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