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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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  1. 1


    Just a reminder, The 7th round pick cost 2 seven rounders. It’s the only pick I thought was a reach.

    1. 1.1


      A little surprised so many thought it was okay to throw away next years 7th round pick to move up a few spots in this years 7th round pick. I didn’t realize how important this selection must have been. The people have spoken. Go Bucs!

      1. 1.1.1


        7th round picks are lottery tickets Horse. Name the last Bucs Pro Bowler that was taken in the 7th round…I’m waiting…

        If Licht felt there was one player on the board whom they felt could come in make the roster and contribute but it cost 2 7th round picks, that’s not a bad selection. Big Stevie definitely has some attributes to him, he’s old for a draft pick, but there’s at 90% chance your 7th round pick never does anything of note for the team anyways, so if they get a 4-5 year player in Rd 7 Licht hit a home run with the pick.

    2. 1.2

      BUC 727

      It’s a 7th round pick, a 7th round pick…in Licht I trust.

  2. 2


    Bucs first round pick covereth all sins! Never look back, the SOBs may be gainin’ on ya! Go Bucs!

  3. 3


    I’m glad that there is depth there at WR with Godwin. I think when other fans of other teams see this Bucs team on the schedule, they are going to be disappointed. “Damn, we’re playing the Bucs here.” I hope that Sir Licht had a nice hop into the pool with his family. The only concern I have is the back up QB. I was hoping that they’d grab somebody. Regardless of what the Bucs brass says, the back up QBs are not adequate. So goes Winston; So goes the Bucs. He’s got a lot more weapons to work with this year. Just keep climbing that hill. I think that a playoff spot is the expected goal for this team. Yes, this is to be expected for the Bucs this year… That has a fabulous ring to it.

    1. 3.1

      BUC 727

      I really liked the signing of Sefo Liufau. Watched a couple of Colorado games last year and I think the kid has an it factor about him…rooting for him.

  4. 4


    I understand the Pewter Report has to be nice to the Buc organization or they will not get access. But to say only the 1st round picks matter is laughable.

    The average NFL player’s career is 3.2 to 3.54 years per the NFLPA. If that is the case then that means each year 480 new players enter the league (this is actually a low number because the NFLPA only requires a player to be counted if they on a roster for 6 games). So that means each year every team needs at least 15 new to the league bodies.

    That is why the draft is important but even more so UDFA. These players are critical because if you do not hit on these players, you cannot pay the players that demand high salaries.

    That is why I said the Doug Martin contract was terrible (well actually I probably said stupid). You cannot pay a player with an injury history, 15x what you would pay a middle round draft pick, who will get you comparable production.

    This is why trading down and getting extra draft picks is good. Trading up in a draft does not make good business sense. How many times has Licht traded up and down?

    The only player worthy of trading up for is a QB. Because if you do not have a good QB, you can’t win. And Licht did not have to trade up to get Winston (and Mariota would not have been a bad pick either).

    I will stop here and let everyone trash me.

    1. 4.1

      Julian Jordan

      It’s a poker game sometimes you move up just to show that you can.

      I agree with you about Doug but you also have to realize that in taking care of your players you draw other player’s interest which helps in free agency.

      Lots of dynamics at play for GM.

    2. 4.2


      I won’t trash you @magoobee, but I suspect you’ll hear a lot…criticizing the franchise is not taken well by some on PR these days – not like it used to be when everyone was entitled to their opinions without being personally attacked.

      Overall, I agree with the conclusions of three analysts – Howard is a great pick, but an easy one…after that, it’s less exciting with some potential.

      1. 4.2.1


        Fans are not criticized here for expressing their opinions. Fans are criticized when they beat their own chests and declare their opinion trumps that of the entire Bucs organization – an organization that is extremely clearly on the right track and moving in the right direction.

        Fans are criticized when they develop massively big heads and egos and pretend to be better GMs than the actual, high performing GM that we have.

    3. 4.3


      Magoobee, I suggest you spend a little bit of time to review the history NFL drafts on wikipedia. You’ll see players that make Pro Bowls highlighted. It’s pretty easy to see, when you run the numbers that a first round pick has a roughly 50% shot of being a Pro Bowler in their career. Any player drafted outside the first round has less than a 10% shot of doing so. I randomly pulled up an older draft, let’s look at 2007 for example, 17 players taken in Rd 1 that year were pro bowlers (53% of 32 selections), the exact same number, 17, taken the rest of the draft were Pro Bowlers (8% of 223 selections).

      While it’s important to fill your team with capable players outside of the pro bowlers, the teams with the most pro bowlers are usually the ones who win the most games on Sundays. The Bucs never spent draft capitol on Demar Dotson, Joe Hawley, Cameron Brate, Jacquizz Rodgers, Adam Humphries, Robert Ayers, Brent Grimes etc but they certainly were vital to the team’s success. If you look back at the Bucs Super Bowl championship, you’ll see a core of players that were drafted but a number of players who were signed or traded that the team could never have won without (Brad Johnson, Simeon Rice, Keyshawn Johnson, Keenan McCardell, Joe Jurevicious, Michael Pittman, Jeff Christy, Roman Oben, Shelton Quarles, Greg Spires, Al Singleton). Bottom line is look for impact players in the draft and fill in the gaps in other ways. If you spend all of your draft capitol trying to get marginal starters in Rd 3 and beyond, you’re doing it wrong.

  5. 5


    Tampa has Howard (!) and depth at key positions. The other players are going to be able to develop and not be thrust into a role they are not ready for. It has been a long time since Tampa could function like this. The needle is moving. The D-line is screaming for attention and another high-caliber CB to develop would be ideal – but this isn’t the draft for it. Every team has holes but Tampa is heading in the right direction.

  6. 6

    Julian Jordan

    1st round- Solid pick.
    Impact starter on Offense. Blocking and receiving ability is A1.

    2nd round- Solid Pick.
    He brings the lumber and is pretty good in coverage. A lot of people wanted Budda and Obi. Ask Mike Evans how he feels about this guy. He should be a day one starter.

    If you know Desean Jackson you know Chris Godwin is a great pick up we going to need to be able to stretch the field all season.

    Beckwith pick, should send shockwaves. Mike Smith has been talking about adding 3-4 elements since he got here. Only thing with the 3-4 though is that you need a 2nd inside linebacker. With Baker here and Beckwith here expect to see more 3-4 and we got our true NT in the 7th.

    Godwin and Evans also bring kick return abilities and experience.

    Jeremy McNichols is a decent back. Not my type of running back but if Chuck and Doug go down atleast we have someone who can be dynamic to go with Quiz. 1 attribute I think the brass liked about him though is his ability to pass protect as well which I did not see with Mack. Hunt went higher than I would’ve drafted. Plus I feel like McNichols is going to be extremely respectful and not disrupt the chemistry.

    Overall I think Licht did well to get the coaches the players their looking for. It’s up to the players and coaches to get the most out of the opportunity.

    Not worried about QB depth.

    The 2nd draft is pretty deep as one would expect following a draft that was so deep.

    Worst case I like Sean McGuire.

    I hope we nab Joe Yearby, Javancy and Lorenzo Jerome.

  7. 7

    Alldaway 2.0

    It is hard to draft two impact players when drafting so late in the draft. But Licht made it harder on himself when he keeps trading up. If you are going to trade up for a guy early in the draft he better be an impact player. Theoretically Aguayo could have been, or may still be, an impact player for your squad. So, that is one way to justify that trade up last year for Aguayo. But, it is hard to imagine Beckwith becoming an impact player on par with OJ Howard. So, the trade up for Beckwith doesn’t make sense on that front.

    Teams picking late in the draft have fallen into the trap of looking at only depth/ST and ignoring NFL starting potential. Looking at NFL starting potential is paramount regardless of what round a player was drafted in. Fortunately for the Bucs all their draft picks this year look NFL caliber. But the Bucs going to depth/ST emphasis so early in the draft when they should have been looking for impact players was frustrating to watch. It was even more frustrating to watch, because the Bucs do have holes on their roster.

    Overall, I think Koetter has a master command of what he wants on offense with players and is good communicating those desires to Licht. But I am not sure what the Bucs are doing on defense though.

  8. 8


    I wonder what BUC fans would have said or did say about Barber & Lynch as later round picks. Just saying. Time will tell.

    If OJ pans out as all expect, bam 💥

    The LSU kids is nasty good, he just got hurt late. Not only is he a SAM, he is the back-up middle.

    Not in love with Evans but we’ll see.

    1. 8.1


      Fans were not impressed with either Lynch of Barber until their 3rd year. Heck, they weren’t even impressed with the selections of Sapp and Brooks.

  9. 9


    The glaring concern in this draft is the Bucs did little to improve an anemic pass rush in a conference loaded with top QB’s. Obviously coverage is an equal concern (and Evans does address there), but the Bucs are not as poor in the secondary or as hard to get parts post draft.

    Howard falling to the Bucs was a ‘no brainer’ in the first round. I would have rather seen DE Willis or S Melifonou taken in the second with the other position addressed in the third over a 3rd WR. I’m still scratching my head in the late 3rd, where the Bucs traded up to get an injured ILB in Beckwith who probably won’t contribute in 2017. TB got good value in the trade where RB Perine and DE Lawson were available at that pick. But they lost a 6th round pick that could have produced a viable WR, CB, OL to make the roster. Had the Bucs not moved, RB Hunt was available in the 4th. Along with injured Beckwith the Bucs took an injured McNichols at RB in the 5th. The Bucs know they will need another starting RB for at least the first 3 games in 2017.

    I would have rather seen the Bucs move up in the 3rd to snag DE Willis. The value chart says that would have cost a 4th round pick, but it’s possible to have done it giving up a 5th.

    The Bucs must have liked what they saw in Tulkkolovatu, because there were bigger needs to be addressed with guys that can contribute at OL, WR and secondary.

    Teams that look great on paper post draft are CIN, CLE, DAL, LAC, NYJ with MIN, OAK & WAS coming close behind. CAR gave Cam some potentially scary weapons in McCaffrey and Samuel. Also I’ll go on a limb and say the three best QB’s in this draft might be Peterman, Kaaya and Kelly. All played 3+ years in pro type systems and will now get a chance to develop.

    So here’s my Arm Chair – Post Draft – 20/20 Mock Draft:
    1. TE OJ ‘Don’t Call Me Juice’ Howard
    2. S Melifonwu
    3. (Trade up) RDE Willis
    4. RB Hunt or (Trade Bait)
    5. (Trade Bait) or RB McNichols
    6. CB D Jones (who NYJ actually took with Bucs pick) or CB Marquez White
    7. WR Noah Brown

    The Bucs scouting team analyzed all these picks – so one has to have faith in their abilities, but that doesn’t mean we can’t critique. Most likely we will not know how good a draft this is till year 3 or so.

    Hopefully 2018 finally gets the Bucs a difference making RDE. Perhaps Arden Key at LSU.

    1. 9.1

      Buc 1976

      I was disappointed we did not get Wills!

    2. 9.2


      I really do not understand some people’s obsession with Melifonwu. He is the classic underwear warrior with zero instincts. His tape is horrible. It doesn’t matter what his athleticism is if he can’t play football.

      1. 9.2.1


        Freakish size, agility and speed and a tape that may not have tremendous highlights but does not disappoint. Versatility to play SS or FS, and matchup with TEs in the red zone.

        Time, coaching and development will tell.

  10. 10


    I think Evans wants to make a tackle on every play. Stevie T. SC baby man’s the middle, A great pick. Godwin lets see, speed,size and hands nice combo. I already put OJ Howard in the HOF, he was my pick at any spot over anybody. 4.51 crazy.

  11. 11


    I am pretty happy with this draft…. B+ I guess. I agree with some posters saying Licht better watch all these trade ups…. Right now I am fine with Beckwith and Tuko (good enough) as I wanted more defensive picks than offensive and they bring size but the trading makes it much harder to swallow if these guys don’t pan out.

    All along I wanted a DE and S early, wasn’t the safety I thought in the 2nd but I hope hes great and I am happy it was addressed early. Unfortunately, I knew that the DE prospects I liked probably weren’t there in the 3rd at our pick but absolutely could not pass on Howard in round 1. Was blown away he was there still and was outta my seat pumped for that.

    Wanted a pass rusher but if this unit stays healthy the Bucs should be much more adept this year at getting to the passer, especially with a year of continuity and adding Baker. Hindsight has me making this change….

    1- Howard
    2- Trade back
    4- Safety… best available (Jackson,Thompson,?)
    6- ditto
    7- happy with the big boy we got

    I realize that is pretty vague without going over entire board and listing trade team and players but it seems first 4 picks could have easily been that way if we wanted them to be. I still probably wouldn’t have been happy with a S that late haha but sucks we can’t get everything we want sometimes.

  12. 12


    I was really hoping for a solid De. Trusting in Licht to have made right decisions here and next year will have a better selection of DEs.
    I can’t imagine any team wanting to play vs. the BUCs offense this year with Evans, Jackson, Howard, and Brate.
    Drafting a RB who can block makes sense to me.

  13. 13


    1) Howard was a slam dunk pick
    2) we’ll see about Evans.. He’s not going to tackle NFL veterans like those 18 year old freshmen receivers in his highlight videos
    3) WR Godwin has prototypical size and speed..looks the part. We needed depth bad late last season. Still wish we grabbed Allen Robinson from penn state a few years ago :/
    4) LB beckwith worries me b/c we only dress 5 LB’s on game day. He doesn’t do much in pass coverage either. He’s a heavy hitter around the line tho
    5) RB mcnichols might be my favorite pick. This guy is going to be sims replacement. Runs 4.4, good hands, and strong for his frame. He and Doug should have good conraderie b/c both came from Boise st.
    7) WTF @ trading for 350lb nose tackles in the 7th round.. this dude literally ran like a 5.5 second 40 time…His signing bonus needs to include a treadmill and some salads

    1. 13.1


      I think your missing the point of some of these pics. Smith said last year that he wants to also play a 3-4 defense at times and that big 7th rounder is a perfect NT in that situation. It’s why I also think we drafted the injured linebacker from lsu. Plus from what I’m reading, he should be ready to go as the season starts. He already said he’s about 75 percent recovered. I like the strategy and I support this team. I think it’s great to have an offense like this and a defense that can keep teams guessing

      1. 13.1.1


        Respectfully disagree. We don’t have the personnel to run 3-4. Everyone would be playing out of their natural positions…We literally have 0 edge rushers. Kwon is not a 3-4 Mike backer..he’s like 225-230lbs soaking wet. GMC eats up the double teams to keep him clean. We don’t have another starting caliber ILB. I’m not sure GMC is going to rush the 1 or 5 gap better than the 3 gap (which is why we paid him 100$ million dollars).

        I don’t see this guy beating out anyone else in the DT room during training camp either as a Goal line 0gap specialist….

        Maybe..just maybe.. we can flirt with a 3-3-5 nickel package.



          Your statement that the Bucs “We literally have 0 edge rushers” is obviously and literally not true.

          We have Noah Spence, who is literally (yes, I’ll keep using that word against you) an edge rushing specialist. Got 5.5 sacks as a rookie, very good production for any rookie and especially given that he played with a torn labrum most of the season, which has now been fixed. Spence will likely break the 10 sack production level this, his second season in the league and being healthy.

          We also have Robert Ayers, who is an edge rusher, got 9.5 sacks two years ago and last year, despite playing injured in the first quarter of the season, still got 6.5 sacks last year.

          Jacquis Smith is also an edge rusher, but hampered by injury the last two seasons. He is a RFA, has been testing the market, but so far no offers that the Bucs are allowed to match. I expect him to be retained by the Bucs, especially given that we didn’t draft any DEs this year.

          Plus Chris Baker, while slated as a DT, is also a versatile defensive lineman who can shift to DE, where he can an effective sack guy, particularly in Coach Smith’s hybrid 4-3/3-4 schemes. He frequently drew double teams, as does Gerald McCoy – but O lines can’t consistently double team both Baker and McCoy, so something will have to give – either more sacks and quarterback rushes by our interior line, or more of the same by our ends.

  14. 14


    Scott, I don’t agree about Hunt at all. McNichols is faster, a better receiver and is really good in pass pro. He is just a better player than Hunt. Godwin is a heck of steal in the third round. For those panning for Obi, the guy has great measurables but very average tape. Evans is a leader on that defense who is fast, can hit and can cover. The only real knock on him is that his over aggressive play leads to missed tackles at times…that can be cleaned up. The guy is a player.

    Oh course the Panthers got two impact players early…they were picking in the top 8! I really don’t like the rest of their draft at all (except for Corn Elder).

  15. 15


    Over all I like this draft. The Evans kid brings some juice, and swag to our safety group. The competition he played against in college was head, and shoulders above what Obi faced. Him, and Beckwith will be S.T. contributers right away. I really like the N.T. from USC, I’ll simply call him Mr.T. Looking at his highlight reel, you just can’t move him backwards. To many times in the past we’d get gashed up the middle on run plays. Godwin pick was a no brainer. We needed depth at receiver, he gives us that. The crown jewel, Howard of course, can’t wait to see how he opens up the play book. Jameis made an average T.E. in college look good, now he has Howard, oh boy! Drafting players coming off injuries in the later rounds doesn’t worry me because they wouldn’t have been available otherwise. McNichols had the same surgery Ross had, same 4 month recovery time. Both teams will have to wait till late July to see if they can take the field. One went in the 1st, other the 5th.

  16. 16


    Interesting that the PR writers and the commenters here failed to take note of the one thing that clearly characterizes this entire draft and offseason, and which represents the culmination of the specific objectives set forth this season by both the GM and the Head Coach:

    The need for speed.

    The Bucs added speed at several very key positions:

    1) Tight End – running a 4.5 40 yard time for a big 6 foot six 250 pound player, OJ Howard represents a big upgrade in team speed at the tight end position (Cam Brate – 4.67; Brandon Myers 4.68; Luke Stocker 4.68). Watching our other tight ends run in games was like watching molasses in January.

    2) Wide Receiver – adding the second fasted WR in all of football, with the largest YPR, in DSJ was just the start. Then on Day Two Jason added Chris Godwin, a 4.42 speedster WR and likely also to serve as the slot receiver in 3-receiver sets … a big upgrade in speed over our other backup receivers

    3) Running Back – passing on the much over-hyped running backs in the earlier rounds, after being well satisfied that Doug Martin is headed for another big season of production, Jason added “Doug the Second” McNichols, a speedster yet still hefty running back (4.49 at the combine) who is said to have better hands than Martin, who ran for over 1,700 yards and scored 23 TD for Boise State last season.

    4) Safety – while Justin Evans didn’t run at the Combine, he is reported to be another 4.5 40 yard runner, with great ball handling skills, with good size (6 ft 0 in and 200 pounds)

    All in all, the Bucs just got a lot faster this offseason.

    1. 16.1


      I agree Naples!

      What a difference a day makes. I liked the draft from the git go. I have gone back and watched highlights, reviewed Licht/Koetter pressers, and read draft grades, and I like it even better today.

      We did get speed for sure. This is a purely subjective evaluation, but I think we’re a better football team for it. And we may yet find a diamond among 15 UDFAs and we have approx. 30mil in cap space and we may further address a second free agency after the draft – so much to be optimistic about.

      1. 16.1.1


        Well, for one thing, having really fast receivers, including speedy running backs who very good receivers, takes a lot of pressure off both Jameis Winston as well as the offensive line. Jameis doesn’t have to hold onto the ball as long to let player gain position downfield … this should result in two things in Jameis’ play this season:

        1) Needing to not hold onto the ball as long, with commensurately fewer sacks, hits, and hurries on Jameis… and this in turn should result in

        2) A higher pass completion percentage, especially downfield.

        More speed by the TEs and WRs also should result in fewer double teams on Mike Evans, our superb possession receiver.

        Pick your poison, NFL defenses!

  17. 17

    Buc 1976

    If J Wills turns out to a great player shame on you JL. Because he. Was there for U to take. I am beginning to wonder if Jon Robinson was the man behind the man.

  18. 18


    I notice Jason Licht and the Bucs are building a team of players that will fit in their system, but also in their locker room. Boise State backfield with Martin and McNichols, Kwon and Kendall at LB, Evans(WR) and Evans(FS) squaring off in a Texas A&M showdown, plus Mike Evans helping Derel Walker(his best man and former team mate at A&M) at WR.

    The other picks make sense too. Godwin reminds me of a Reggie Wayne type of receiver. He’s fast enough to let his route running create seperation. SHould be great on crossing routes, sideline routes, and against zone.

    Stevie To’ikolovata is a space eater and a 7th round value.

    For me though, the big question is: WIll OJ be better than ASJ? His character seems to be a big difference but when you take a TE in the 1st or 2nd, they need to be really good on and off the field. Time will tell.

    I like the draft and the direction the Bucs have taken. I’m glad they didn’t take Florida players for the sake of taking Florida players.

    1. 18.1

      BUC 727

      I look at Howard as ASJ without the baggage.

  19. 19


    The more I watch the tape the more I like the Justin Evans pick. If he gains some weight and correct his tackling issue he can really become a leader of this secondary, think about who do you really consider the leader of our secondary now ? Although they are quality starters none of them have an alpha mentality, Evans brings a very physical presence that’s players follow. He was actually voted co – defensive MVP of TXAM last years with the #1 overall pick being the other. That just goes to show what his teammate think of his game. Our defense is being built with players with really attacking mindsets ( LSU defense has a lot of these types of player, that’s why I’m not surprised out trading up to get beckwith). I’m calling it now Evans locker will be right next to Kwons this year . We’re on the way men ! Go Bucs

    1. 19.1

      BUC 727

      There is a leader in the secondary now that leads by example…Brent Grimes!

  20. 20


    Licht and Co., do this full time yet some fans who watch a few vids of a player highlight reel, sometimes made against many weaker opponents, firmly believe they know much better.
    I think I’ll take Licht’s opinion over our slew or armchair GM’s and scouts.
    A player may have racked up 14 sacks in one year, but did of them come against cellar teams and subpar tackles.
    I for one have no idea and I would bet many of these armchair scouts and GM’s don’t either.
    The only thing I regret is the Bucs didn’t get an edge rusher, but if Licht feels there one wasn’t available in the second round that would make his mark in the NFL and only register 6 or 7 sacks a season, then why bother. We have plenty of those right now and the league is full of them.
    To draft a player at a certain position simply because you have a need is how this team fot mired in mediocrity to begin with.
    As it was Licht said he wanted a clean draft and he looks like he got one.
    No players with past troubles or history and all solid performers on the field with a lot of upside.
    Now lets see how good of a judge Licht is in finding out the deep desire each player has to be a solid playmaker in the NFL which Is what separates the great players from the good to fair ones.

  21. 21


    In the end, I have to look at like this; we got Howard, and Licht didn’t give away any of our top round draft picks for next year. We are better. I think we missed the boat on getting a good young talented, and explosive RB, setting up our offense for years to come. Where then we could turn our attention to the D, and other needs. But it is what it is.

    I look at drafts like this, if you took away your first rounder, would you be confident your team will improve with the rest of your draft class by itself? I don’t see any of these players competing for a starting spot, or stealing one away from a projected starter. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

    Without Howard, I think this draft class will be one we look back and say “whatever happened to so and so?” But I hope I’m wrong. However, when you get a player like O.J. Howard, and you didn’t mortgage your future to do it, it makes up for a lot of the unknowns about the other guys.

    1. 21.1


      Dude, as far as competing for a starting spot or stealing one, here is a couple:
      Beckwith is most likely the starter at Sam LB when he is fully recovered
      Goodwin is at least in the running to possibly replace Humphries in the slot, should definitely at least get regular playing time
      Evans is definitely in the running for a starting Safety spot, possibly starting opposite Tandy

      So, there are actually 3 players who fit your criteria, once you take out Howard.

  22. 22


    Agree, getting Howard without additional moves was palsy – I appreciate the bucs not throwing additional picks to move up and get Howard. I don’t know how many other GMs would have been able to hold their water.

  23. 23


    Here is some info to put our draft into another perspective.

    During this off season the Bucs lost:
    Glennon, QB
    Spence, DT
    Shephard, WR
    McDougald, S
    Verner, CB

    The Bucs acquired:
    Jackson, WR, 30 (age)
    Baker, DT, 29
    Wilcox, S, 26
    Folk, K, 32

    The Bucs drafted:
    Howard, TE, 22, 4.51 (40 time)
    Evans, S, 21, 4.47
    Godwin, WR, 21, 4.42
    Beckwith, LB, 22, 4.72
    McNichols, RB, 21, 4.55
    Tuikolovatu, DT, 25

    “It hits you quickly after a draft highlighted by the selection of tight end O.J. Howard at the top. This team is about to rise fast and then stay at its new high perch for a long time.”
    Sean Tomlinson, The Bleacher Report, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2706877-buccaneers-can-compete-for-nfc-south-crown-with-loaded-2017-draft-class

    Go Bucs!!

  24. 24


    You guys who offered up your “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” draft should keep them in a mayonnaise jar and in three years make an assessment of how your guys fared as compared to Licht’s. Then be sure to let us all know how you would grade yourself. All one needs to do is go back and look at the record of the ones (Kiper, Mayock, Favis, McShay and our own PR gang) on which many base their opinions. Not good. Filled with highly touted players who failed miserably and obscure ones who found success. Point is, don’t start grading the test before the answers are in.

  25. 25


    We had a very good draft because we added weapons for Jameis, speed to the offense and some defensive players at key positions. Some people are shocked we didnt address DE, me not so much since I think we have the makings of the best DL since the Super Bowl team. The area that was not addressed in free agency or the draft that is shocking is offensive line. There’s no way we can look at that unit and say they performed well enough last year that no additions should be made. Word is Sweezey is back but he hasnt played in a year and back injuries just dont go away. Adding a guard to compete with JR and Pamphile should’ve been a priority or adding a legit starting caliber C. Also McDougald was better in coverage and a more sound tackler than Evans, seems to me we would have better off resigning him and using the 2nd round pick on something else. Can’t be perfect but overall a very solid draft and offseason.

  26. 26

    Alldaway 2.0

    Evans is for all purposes is a FS so I would be shocked if they try to play him at SS.

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