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    Well we have a lot of running backs now….just hope one of them stays healthy enough to play. The best ability is availability!!!!

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    Looks like yet another excellent value pick by Jason and the team. Way better value than the way-too-hyped running backs celebrated by the media.

    We are not going to be limiting the production of our running game with our set of backs … the biggest question is the performance of our offensive line, which was not good last year.\

    Yes – I know the PR writers and some commenters here pound the table and say they’re tired of hearing our O-line was weak last season, but it WAS obviously weak, much weaker than the season before, the stats tell no lies (running yards, sacks and hits and hurries on Jameis Winston). We hugely missed Logan Mankins last year, and likely also hugely missed J. R. Sweezy too. The third stringers we ended up starting too many games just weren’t up to the task.

    With Sweezy back and another year of experience for Ali Marpet, the O-line will be better. Good enough? Time will tell.

    Don’t be too shocked if we sign another vet O-lineman sometime between this week and Week 1 of the season (as we did with the Logan Mankins signing a few years ago).

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    Good, maybe this dude can take Sims place. Sims needs to go, he would be better off taking his chances on “Dancing With The Stars.”

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    Naplesfan, I too have cited Logan Mankins departure with the OL problems last year.
    Unfortunately, even with the Bucs playing musical chars trying to get the best 5 OL on the field, it still leaves us with Kevin Pamphille, the human turnstile, at the LG position.
    Now that isn’t to say Pamphille can’t get better and lets all hope he does improve this year.
    But this is his fourth season so it is kind of now or never.
    No more excuses.

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