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    We have to list the D-line starting near the end of the 2nd quarter through the rest of the game. When they stopped pressuring Ryan, the backfield could not be expected to stifle Atlanta’s big and skillful WRs.

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    The offensive line was a joke tonight. Outside of Marpet and pamphile, they all suck. Smith is the worst LT I’ve ever seen, Dotson is a walking penalty and hawley goes down twice a game. It was like Jamies and big mike were the only two who wanted to play last night.
    What happened to press coverage, this is a joke and possibly worst than last year! It’s time for a fire sale, we need picks.

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    No clue why Shorts is on this team. Pull up a WR from the PS. Now that Hawley is injured call up Gottschalk and let him get some experience in a game or two this season. Josh Allen has already proven he’s not a starter.

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    Really tough. Just don’t think our roster is deep at all. And guys like McCoy are playing but we know they’re hurt. Throw in the short week and good lord, felt like a preseason game. We need more and better talent. By the way, note to Jason Licht – passing one safety talent in the draft, giving up an additional choice and picking Aguayo is turning out to be a huge mistake. A lot of us gave Licht the benefit of the doubt hoping he might be the next Adam Venetiari, but the watching Chris Conte miss almost everything and the D line still not able to get pressure, you have to put this pn his shoulders for taking the risk when the team’s need are so great.

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    I have said from the day Smith was drafted he was better suited as a Guard because he can block for runs just fine but was not a great pass blocker. Perhaps DC Smith will at last switch Dotson to LT and retrain Smith for Playing both Guard positions next year. And who put our second best pass receiver on inactive status? The dumbest move ever!!! We had some good backup DTs who should have played but they were stupidly cut in Preseason. These are all dumb coaching errors! Koetter better start wising up and fixing them. And Short runs a 4.6 and is worthless.

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      If you are referring to Shepard Owlykat; he was inactive because he is hurt. Might be the dumbest comment ever.

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    Lot’s to be disappointed about. I’ll add one more. Robert Ayers Jr. Perhaps he has some lingering effects from his injury but he didn’t do much to either set the edge allowing Freeman to scoot right around him or hurry Matt Ryan.

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    Depressing game. Second half was abysmal. O line was garbage. Donovan Smith needs to ride the pine after that. Winston still missed some throws.I knew they would come out second half and just collapse like Raiders game. I had no doubt. Don’t know what they tell these guys at halftime or what they adjust, or if our players can’t play 60 minutes but they just keep coming out after halftime and get trounced. This team sucks pure and simple. Thought they were close like year away from doing something but now who knows. One of worst teams in league for sure injuries or not.

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    Can’t argue with any of these points. D line got zero pressure and the secondary paid the price. I think we’re decent at CB but Safety is an obvious need in the draft. The O line was horrible! Maybe we should move Smith to LG and let Pamphile go back to LT? Is Sweezy close to playing yet? Looks like we’ll be needing some depth at OL in the draft as well. Hawley seems to be getting hurt several times a game and as much as I love his fire and playing style, it means nothing when you’re limping off the field. Run game is weak but hard to complain about 5th string players not producing. Hopefully we get Martin back for an extended period and Rodgers finds his way back for a great 1-2 punch.

    Our draft and FA targets are looking like S, WR, DL, OL, and possibly another TE

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