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    The officiating was really bad. It started early when the Bucs were called for a personal foul for “hands to the face” when a finger grazed an Atlanta defender in the trenches, negating a great pickup in the first half. It continued when there was no flag thrown when Evans gets hit under his chin with the crown of the Atlanta defenders helmet on his impressive one handed catch. The “upheld” review of Juio Jones clear non-catch. The phantom PI in the endzone on 3rd down in the second half. Yes, Atlanta was able to move the ball well at times, but in the second half when the defense did its job, the officials bailed Atlanta out every time on bad calls on 3rd downs. On the flip side, the officials looked the other way when Winston was getting hit late or high and low, or in the helmet, or the receivers were held, interfered with, and illegally contacted. Sheesh.

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      Blaming a loss on the refs is loser talk. We simply did not perform, and we did commit most if not all of those offensive penalties that killed drives. Our running backs stopped gaining yards in the 2nd quarter. Our defensive line stopped putting pressure on Ryan by the end of the 2nd quarter. It all went downhill from there. No pass rush to stop the league’s best offense, and no rushing game to open up play action passing, and guess what? You get your butt kicked. The Bucs got butt-kicked, and the refs had zero to do with that.

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      This is still a bad football team.

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    There is no way under the sun that Mike Smith is responsible for how awful this defense looks. No defensive coordinator can scheme around a team with 1 legit pass rusher, 1.5 LBs bc Lavonte and Kwon tend to show up on separate games, and maybe 1 good CB if you put Grimes and Vernon together and even that’s a stretch. It was just funny listening to the game last night and hearing the announcers say “The Bucs need to look for an in the box safety this offseason bc those guys cant tackle” I think Barron fits that mold but we traded him for a can of warm soda. Can’t keep Jameis upright but we cut Zuttah and Penn who are easily better than what we have at both positions on our OL. In 3 drafts we still haven’t managed to find a receiver that’s fast AND can catch, crazy right?! Still no pass rush because we have drafted 1 edge rusher in the last 3 seasons but the focus is on improving through the draft and getting to the QB, sure doesn’t look like it. Then we draft a small CB who absolutely got abused by better competition and guess what, its happening again. People love to blame the Michael Johnson signing on Lovie bc Licht was simply doing his bidding but then he turns around this offseason and makes the exact same mistake. Signing a rotational DE that produced and then asking him to start. Robert Ayers produced last year bc a smarter GM assembled a team that allowed him to stay fresh and just rush the passer. We ask him to play 70-80 snaps a game and shockingly he is tired and relatively ineffective as a result. We hear all summer about this pass rush that’s going to take the league by storm then we find out its bc they are tearing up our mediocre OL like every other team seems to do. Blame the man truly responsible and not a proven DC that cant overcome the deficiencies of a flawed roster.

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      I agree with pretty much everything you said. What I respect is that Mike Smith is still trying different looks. But I really have to question Licht at this point.

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      I agree with you for the most part, stlbucsfan. The scheme is likely not the root cause. The root cause is we have a depleted defensive line that isn’t performing. We still don’t have Clinton McDonald in the interior, and he’s our second best DT. Without him, and with McCoy drawing double teams on most plays, there just isn’t enough in there to sustain a pass rush though four quarters. Teams know that if they just keep passing, we will eventually run out gas. That will be the story of the rest of the season until McDonald gets back out there at full strength. We also need Noah Spence to keep learning and get better, and we need something more out of Ayers than we’ve been getting so far this season.

      Mike Smith cannot overcome lack of availability and lack of playmaking. It’s clear we also need help at safety, both in the run defense and in the pass defense. Our LBs are fine.

      It’s clear we need more horsepower in the interior line, with at least two more quality DTs to go in the rotation to provide relief to both McCoy and McDonald. One more quality DT would also help enormously. If we don’t have an effective, four quarter D-line, we have no defense, period.

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        In my second to last sentence, I meant to say “One more quality DE would also help enormously.”

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      Don’t forget bypassing 2 high draft picks to pick a kicker that has put excitement back in the game.

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    Maybe It would help if our Front Office would do some research before it hired both players and coaches. Please read the last paragraph of this link and judge for yourself. Sound familiar? George Santayana said “Those who do not learn from history is doomed to repeat it”.


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      Smith is fine – he needs more players. We’re simply too thin on the D-line, and we have no quality safeties period.

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        Naples fan, and i’m sure you have noticed this as well. Our CB’s give way too much cushion, in particular VH3. This eludes back to your comment about the safeties, no confidence in your safeties = more cushion given to WR’s from our CB’s for fear of getting beat with the deep ball. I saw even Lavonte David confused or at least way out of coverage last night. In general, it seems like our DB’s, Safeties and LB’s are out of sink with pass coverages and assignments.



          Yup – our great Bucs defenses of old (Dungy-early Gruden eras) had terrific players in all three levels. We’re missing one level altogether at safety, the CBs are pretty thin, all short guys, one a rookie, and the other over the hill. And our D-line is heavily depleted.

          It all adds up to suck.

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    Most players gave up by the end of the 3rd quarter. Same ole same ole message for 5 years now. Start pulling players off other teams PS and dump the old players who aren’t in the picture for next season. The try outs start now and start practicing tackling again. We’re another joke of the NFL. We’re going to win maybe 4-5 games this season and that’s it. Scouting department is awful and Licht is way over his head. Smith is just is just another Lovie with a smile. I like Koetter, but Smith is another Lovie, but with a smile.

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      Agree, the defense doesn’t have the players but Mike Smith is not an NFL defensive coach!!!!! You have average to below average defensive backs, average defensive line and you continue to do the same scheme over and over. Blitz the freaking opposing QB for God’s sake.!!!!! You don’t ever do it and the opposing QB throws for a million yards standing in the pocket picking his nose. What the hell do you have to lose. Your defense can’t stop any opponent from throwing for huge yardage by not blitzing , so you have no excuse to not try and get the QB to throw it quicker under pressure and make mistakes. Smith is Lovie incarnated who has no clue. Koetter looks like deer in the headlights out there. Where are the throws to your running backs, short passes, and quick throws? This team is a freaking train wreck,

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    I never liked this hybrid crap, even when M. Nolan first brought it to M. Smith’s team in Atlanta. However, it’s not just the scheme, it’s the players as well. On their part it’s a lack of talent and injuries. Mostly injuries on the D-line, mostly lack of talent in the secondary.

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    Seeing how empty the stadium was for a nationally televised game, even on Lynch’s night, it is clear that the new theme song for Buc’s fans is the Who’s “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Heck, even the Sun Bank building was done up in Lightning colors and not Bucs colors. It’s just sad.

    As far as the Glazer boys asking the fans to renew their tickets, good luck with that. For the first time ever, I didn’t renew my season passes after they hiked prices for a team that is a perennial cellar dweller. That put them out of range for me. Instead, I bought a new 70″ TV. Guess what? They look even uglier on TV.

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    This team plays home games like they’re frightened by cannon fire. Thank you Gary. I needed that after he last two games.

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    I apologize for the typo, I was crying.

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    I think this line resonates most with me Gary: “Time, comfort, ease”.

    I would extend that beyond Carr and Ryan,though, to include every QB we have faced…not just in 2016, but for years….I can’t even remember when an opposing QB was under consistent threat by our pass rush…honestly it has to be over a decade ago.

    Ryan last night was just the personification of all those QBs….so happy to be playing our defense…what a huge sigh he/they felt….what a relief it must be for an NFL QB to play against us…no worry about being hit by 300 pound Dlineman, no worry about sacks, no worry about having to make hurried throws that may get picked off….just knowing you will have “time, comfort, ease”…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Bucs.


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    Mike Smith needs to leave the booth and start having ace-to-face communication with his players.

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