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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Passing on Cook for a TE (not named Howard) is just not something I can agree with.

  2. 2


    Passing on Barnett would irk me as well. I would go Barnett, Cook and then Njoku.

  3. 3

    Hank Scorpio

    I can’t wait to read all the mad comments for passing on Cook.

    I like your analysis Trevor, but I have a hard time seeing Cook make it passed the Colts at 15.

    I’m fine with Njoku because he’s already really good and his ceiling is as high, if not higher than Howard’s.

    Also, Fournette slides to the 2nd? Have to imagine the Jags would be tripping over themselves to draft him if the Browns pass on him

    1. 3.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I’m anxiously awaiting my funeral in this comment section.

      1. 3.1.1


        Trevor I have enjoyed your analysis from the get-go. I do enjoy reading your thoughts and how you break down the players. I’ll take your analysis any day over Mel Kiper. But, this analysis I cannot fathom being correct. How would the Bucs pass on Cook, McCaffrey, and Fournette for Njoku? If the RB FA were more reliable, then I can see something like this happening but, it isn’t. Im not trying to take anything away from Njoku, I think he is going to be a stud TE in the next few years but there is no way we pass on the Top 3 RBs out of college for him.


          Trevor Sikkema

          Here’s the thing with that (and I hope people read this because this is the main concern in the comments).

          McCaffrey and Cook are great, even Fournette would be a decent option. They could very well be the pick at No. 19 because of their talent – they’ll probably be gone early, this was just one mock scenario.

          But, I know for a fact Tampa Bay really likes later value backs as potential starters like Marlon Mack and Kareem Hunt. I also know for a fact they still (somewhat) like their RB situation, even considering Martin is still there.

          But, finally, this RB class is so deep, and next year’s class is as well. Tampa Bay is going to be in this exact same spot one year from now with running back options. They won’t be with tight end. How much does that factor in no dipping in on one of the best tight end classes ever?

          Was just one mock. Was to provoke thought more than bet my life on accuracy. But I give reasons for each pick.



            Not only are running backs deep in this draft, but they are a dime a dozen anyway. It’s a position that’s on its way to irrelevence (not yet). Furthermore, they only last around 4 or 5 years. Please don’t waste a 1st rounder on one of them, unless its Jim Brown or AP.

  4. 4

    Nicholas Micciche

    I like Njoku almost as much as I like Obi but you are definitely right about creating mismatches with him and our other threats.

  5. 5


    At #20 Analysis, you have 2 different spellings for Menelik Watson, neither of which are correct.

    1. 5.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Whew. Good effort, Trev.

      Sorry, fixed it.

  6. 6


    If Cook is available it would be a terrible error to let him go to a team we would have to play, and you know Winston would be at his best with being reunited with Cook and would be upset if we let him get away! Licht is too smart to miss that opportunity!

  7. 7


    I’m just not convinced that Njoku is BAP at no. 19. He’s an early second round talent, from what I am able to gather about his specific package of TE skills, both blocking and receiving. Howard is clearly worth it at no. 19 but I also don’t see him as top 10 either.

    If none of the top four receiving/TE talents are available at no. 19, I’d rather take an edge rusher.

  8. 8

    Julian Jordan

    Not only do we pass on Dalvin Cook we also pass on Leonard Fournette? And Kizer is the top QB selected? And Corey Davis GOES BEFORE MIKE WILLIAMS??!!!!

    Well it’s your mock draft you can call it however you want. I’ve yet to see a perfect one. At least your creative. Keep it going.

    You’ll definitely get a lot of feedback which will in turn showcase traffic which in turn will bring sponsorships.


    1. 8.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      No sense in reading the same mocks over and over. That defeats the purpose of why we write them – to imagine scenarios that provide “if this, then what”.

      Went a little different with this one but gave reasons for all the picks.

      P.S. I do think Davis is better than Williams and I do think Kizer is the first QB selected (as it stands right now).

      1. 8.1.1

        Buc 1976

        Trevor I agree Davis is better. I was watching NFL and the CB from Washington that tore his Achilles may last until rd 4 if so we will need a CB after Grimes should we draft him he was rd 1 or 2 before injury?

  9. 9


    We should trade back in the first and get joe Mixon late, I know he has a bad rep now but he was young when that incident happened( and on a side note I watched the video and the girl hit him in the face twice and grabbed him around the collar before he hit her so it’s not like he’s some Greg hardy abusing women) . He’s been absolutely clean since that with nothing on his record no failed drug test and nothing but prediction and no big injury. Watch his tape vs Texas tech and tell me a better profmance of any RB all season in college. To rap this rant up mixon is a safer and better back to cook and because of his bad rep we may be able to trade back get another pick and still get possibly the best RB in the draft.

    1. 9.2


      Mixon sexually harassed her outside a restaurant, then insulted the woman’s friend with an anti-gay slur, she slaps him,and then he breaks her jaw. Yup, “really had it coming”, I suppose in your world … but not in the real world.

      “… so it’s not like he’s some Greg hardy abusing women.”


      1. 9.2.1


        That’s completely untrue please check your fact and do the research.



          And I never said “really had it coming” btw



          You weren’t there, dude. You don’t know. What I wrote is precisely what the victim and her friends, who WERE there, told police investigators immediately after she was sent to the hospital with a broken jaw. The police report was released to the media a month or so ago. Her injuries are a matter of proven fact, as is Mixon’s admission that he assaulted her.

          Everything else is just internet talk.



            The police report says nothing about sexual harassment. Again I say check your facts



            Yes, it did. The report specifically included statements by the woman and her friends that he was making sexual remarks to both her and her friend. That is “sexual harassment” … and if you cannot understand that, then it is pretty clear why Mixon’s behavior doesn’t bother you.

  10. 10


    I can see OJH going early. I can see Corey Davis going before Mike Williams. But the Bucs bypassing the opportunity for Cook or Fornette? Both of those players will be gone at 19 realistically. Njoku will still be there but McCaffery will be the pick in my opinion. How could Koetter pass on the opportunity to get a guy at rb that would also be an immediate upgrade as slot receiver? Takes the place of an oft injured Sims as a 3rd down back immediately and be a spark plug in the running game. I wasn’t always in favor of McCaffery but I can see how a creative play caller who loves versatile players could be enamored. Plus, I really don’t see the value of Njoku at 19. Or in the first round at all unless you’re desperate.

    1. 10.1


      With his versatility I too like McCaffrey. He’s not just a RB.

  11. 11


    I think Scott and Trevor are right that the probability favors Njoku being the pick, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Davis or McCaffrey in a Bucs uniform either. Cook will be drafted in the top 15 so we can forget about the daydreaming (and no, he’s NOT worth a trade up). Last, but not least, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a pass rusher taken at #19 if the Bucs highest rated offensive skill players are off the board and they have a DE they really love. Looking forward to the draft.

  12. 12


    I just cannot imagine that they would pass on Cook or McCaffrey. to take NJoku.

  13. 13


    Really good effort that shows knowledge of team needs and that teams will reach to fill them. Like almost everyone else I am not satisfied with the Bucs pick. Running back and Safety are much bigger needs and there are players with appropriate value on the board. I would trade back and pick Melifonwu. He is the best safety left but not really correct value at 19. Also, I don’t think there is another safety left in the draft that comes close to his talent. I like Budda Baker but question whether he can hold up.

    1. 13.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      This draft is going to be so interesting because it’s so rich at certain areas and scarce in others that it can really (more than other years) go so many different ways.

      Here I had O-Line getting drafted early due to scarcity and safeties and tight ends being the positions over coveted because of the talent. That meant RBs fell. It could very well be a different way. Perhaps safeties don’t go like this and RBs do. But this was my way of saying “what if the positional thought process is indeed this way”.

      There are only 32 picks, afterall.

      1. 13.1.1


        Yup, Trevor.

        I keep reading PR analyses and reader comments to the effect that all of the good WRs and TEs are going to be off the board long before pick no. 19. I disagree.

        I disagree for the reason that (1) the draft is very heavy in several highly coveted positions, including:

        WR, TE, and running backs, plus 5 quarterbacks who are likely to go in the first round according to most prognosticators (even if none are likely to go no. 1 overall). And this draft is also very heavy in defensive line talent (both tackles and edge rushers) and safeties and cornerbacks.

        The only position group that seems to be limited in depth are the offensive linemen.

        And (2) the draft is very light on OL talent.

        What (1) and (2) tell us is:

        (3) OL will go fast, (4) QBs will also probably go fast, since every team in the top half of the draft most likely needs one badly, and (5) that leaves maybe only ten or a dozen picks before us that will be spread fairly evenly between the other talent-heavy positions.

        Therefore, the Bucs have at least a 50% chance of seeing one of the top ball catchers at 19. And if we can’t get a guy out of that group at no. 19, we still have great choices available, particularly on the D line and at safety, a clear need.

    2. 13.2
  14. 14


    I enjoy your writings Trevor and appreciate you analysis on the subjects you have covered on this site. I am curious as to why you take the bait with Njoku? Just because someone has demonstrated talent does not mean that their ceiling will be commensurate with the talent they have displayed. So many variables can affect their development. This concept proved true with Jason Pierre Paul to where he grew in to an effective pro, but how many fail to meet their standard?

    I think if this draft board plays out like this then Tampa should take McCaffrey. Save the calculated risks for day 2.

  15. 15


    If Cook is available then he will be the pick. There interesting pick to me was that Engram went to the Broncos one pick after us. If Engram has truly risen up draft boards this high I would select him over Njoku. The kid ran a 4.42 40 at the combine as opposed to Njoku’s 4.6ish time. The goal of the offseason is to add dynamic playmakers, so with Njoku not being a great blocker I think you go with the faster guy and develop him in a Jordan Reed type role. Brate has the size to become a better blocker and should be working on that all summer. Then select Mixon in the 2nd and we have added a bigger guy that we can flex out into the slot in Engram and upgraded the RB position with 1st round talent.

  16. 16


    Let’s look at what we’ve done so far. Wide receiver, safety, D tackle check. We have a pass catching T.E. in Brate, and this draft is deep at the position. It comes down to touches, how many would another T.E. get? What do we have at R.B.? Martin, if retained won’t be available till week four. Quizz, Barber, Sims. Not exactly a group that strikes fear in opposing defenses. Cook, Fournette, McCaffery, would get at least 20 touches,compared to a project T.E. that might only get 3 or 4 targets a game. Not the biggest bang for your buck for a 1st round pick. Sorry Trev, you’ll need to do better to earn your pay check this week. Speaking of backs, we need a tough runner between the tackles. Blount anyone?

    1. 16.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      Haha, gotta write something else to feed my family!

      Your logic isn’t wrong or flawed. Just a different scenario to look at. But, as I wrote in a comment above, I know Tampa really like the RBs they can get later like Mack or Hunt. I know it’s dangerous and often foolish to play the waiting game if you have the chance to get your hands on a guy when you’re on the clock (Cook, McCaffrey, Fournette) but they can find RB talent in the later rounds – ones they believe can start.

      (They’ll also be in this exact same situation if not better with next season’s running back class, fwiw.)

  17. 17


    TE is a reach. Cook or DL or DE at 19.

  18. 18


    Any mock that doesnt have Cook as our first rounder will draw criticism on this board. The FSU fans cant stop over hyping him.

  19. 19


    Any chance that the Bucs are looking to Sign RGIII as a backup?

  20. 20

    David DeLeon

    Nice mock Trevor, I would like to see Cook in a Bucs uniform but I think Njoku, Brate, Jackson and Evans is a pretty sweet looking offense. I wouldn’t be that upset if they went others ways too in the first. Obi, Lamp, Cook or Thomas would be good

  21. 21


    You don’t, which I’m not, have to be an FSU fan to acknowledge Cook is a very talented player. I’m also not an LSU fan, but to deny Fournette wouldn’t be worthy of the 19th pick in the draft goes against what most experts believe. Doubt if either player is there when we pick, but if they are, and we pass I;d be shocked. Also look at the value McCaffery would bring. Receiver, running back, kick returner. The kid would cause problems all over the field. Compare those three to a T.E. who isn’t even considered the best in this draft is foolish.

    1. 21.1
  22. 22


    Could you imagine how happy the Browns would be if Fournette did not get drafted in the first round? I read your mock 5 times and did not see Fournette. Am I not seeing things. If this was magically to play out like this, even the Browns could not mess it up. They would get the 2 best players in the draft. I’m not a Browns fan, just running a scenario here.
    TS, what’s your reason to exclude Fournette as a first rounder???
    If Fournette is there at 19 we should run up to the podium, hand in our pick for him and then sacrifice a goat to the draft gods.
    People exuded all kinds of praise on Elliot this year, Leonard Fournette could possibly be the next BO JACKSON. Yes, I said that.
    Took a break here, had another cup of joe, reread your mock. Leonard Fournette is still not on it.
    You know anything is possible, if Fournette or Cook is still there at 19 we have to take EITHER one. I dig Njuoku (spelling) but he is a reach at 19. Not a huge reach, so I would not throw a hissy fit if we took him.

  23. 23


    Agree with surferdudes…
    Bucs are in a weak position at RB. If available at #19 Fournette, Howard or Cook would be my choice. If they are all gone McCafferty would be my choice. Although he is not a power back he adds a dimension as a RB, slot and kick returner.
    I also like Wayne Gallman in the 3rd…watch his videos (Draft Countdown)
    As for TE’s there are least four to five that could help the Bucs in the second or third rounds…Engram, Hodges, Butt, Saubert and Roberts.I would take Njoku in the 1st round if we traded down.

  24. 24


    This is a smart draft. The problem with Kiper, McShay, and most mock drafters(?) is that they just rank the players then try to pigeon hole them to a team based off their assumed need.

    During any draft, value is placed on where the demand is. If there are about 10 good RBs, but only 2-3 good TEs, then to get the best value from your picks, you would take a TE first to make sure you get one, then take a RB later because there will still be some available.

    Also, having a dominant RB is a requirement to be a good team. Look at the Patriots. They have a carosel of non-eliite RBs, and they just use each one based off their skill set and their opponents weakness. However, they have always tried to have 2 very talented TEs on their roster each year. Also, TEs have a longer shelf life.

  25. 25


    Boy Trevor you opened a can with this one. I believe the pitch forks & torches will be heading down Dale Mabry if the first round went this way. The BUCS do need to sell tickets too. Yes, winning will do that, but hometown stars do it quicker.

    Destino makes a good point above me, but Atlanta plays it the other way with 2 elite backs. Talents like Cook & Fournette are game changing RB’s. How did Elliot do as a rookie versus mid round RB’s? Pass catchers can come out of the backfield too, and Cook is that. All the other backs in the draft are capable but not elite game changers that scare defenses.

    Njouku is an athlete at TE (really a WR), but RAW and I mean RAW. A project who is not a good blocker & needs a lot of work on route running who played a handful of years at football at No. 19. I’ve watched some Miami football not just clips. Move down to get him not at 19, and get an extra pick. No way you can argue passing on Cook, no way. I’m a GATOR by the way.

    Martin if rehabilitated is a grinder not a game changer. Same for Smith. Cook is a 3 down back 2 with “explosive” play ability. Where have I heard the need for “explosive plays” before?

    PS-The BUCS still need 2 more WR’s. (not mid round Kenny Bells either) The BUCS are in the same spot as they were this time last year minus Sheppard. Hopefully DJAX doesn’t get hurt in 17 like VJAX did in 16. IF DJAX gets hurt then what? Limited offense with too much pressure on Winston to make plays with limited players & double covered Evans, that’s what.

  26. 26


    Two huge surprises for me were having Kizer who had a horrible combine go #2 and a guy like Malik McDowell going #7, Bolles in top 10 and not having stud safeties like Hooker or Adams in top 10? Yeah, Care to wager? haha I would bet non of those things happen not saying I can predict the future but I would bet $200 on that. I do know if Hooker fell to #13 the Cardinals would run to the podium, Bucs taking Njoku over Dalvin Cook? Not if Mark Cook has anything to say bout it, ha kidding of course but I actually think the Bucs should take Dalvin now that we got our burner and IF Oj Howard is off the board

  27. 27


    The whole draft is Supply and Demand.

    Lets say during the whole draft there are maybe 10 TEs: 2 grade A, 3 grade B, and the remaining 5 are grade C or lower.

    Let’s say you also have 25 RBs in the draft: 6 A’s, 8 B’s, and 11 C’s or lower.

    Probably same for WR: 6 A’s, 8 B’s and 11 C’s or lower.

    We already used a lot of picks on OL the last couple of years, amd we a a good WR, DT, and Saftery in FA. The year before last, Martin and Simms was touted as one of the best RB tandem in the NFL, and one year later, we should just find a replacement?

    Because there is less goos TE in the draft, you take a grade A TE first, the you may still be able to get a Grade A RB in the second, but at the least a B. We can wait until round 3 and still be able to get a grade B RB, but by the time our pick comes up in Round 2 all the starter worthy TEs will be gone.

  28. 28


    Then trade up & down to get a TE.

    What we really need is another starting capable WR. If Evan or Jax gets hurt then what for the offense? Same old song & dance and having 2 TE without one of those 2 starting WR on the outside doesn’t do it.

    I’m begging PR since they have Licht’s ear (ha ha), if Williams or Davis are still on the board past No. 11 trade up to get them! They are not pressed as rookies to be impact players, they get to be mentored by Jax & Evans, and we have a polished #2 or 1a in 2 yrs. if injury occurs Winston has a viable 2nd option that prevents double coverage.

    1. 28.1


      In the Salaray Cap area, there is no way to have strong Depth at every position. Outside of Brate, we don’t have any decent pass catching TEs. Last year we lost VJax, Murphy Shorts, Martin for a while, and Simms for a while, and Winston still had the best year for a QB in Bucs history.

      During our 5 game win streak last year we had Doug Martin as our starting RB, Eavns was WR1, and Brate was at TE, and WR2 was . . . . . . either Shorts, Hump, or Martino.

      I personally hope we don’t try to get a RB until round 3 or later. We won 9 games last year without Sims for most of it. Doug being less then 100%, and Rogers and Barber basically coming off the street.

      TE, LB, and Safety depth are out biggest needs

  29. 29


    Destino I understand and agree. There are pass catching TE in the 2nd & 3rd rounds, and don’t disagree with drafting one, just not Njuoku in round 1 at 19. (I hope the pimping of Njuoku by PR isn’t another presell to the public like DJAX was).

    RB is NOT the BUCS biggest need but Cook is a top 10 talent at 19. Our biggest need is WR, #2 TE (behind or with Brate), & safety depth. The BUCS have 2 (count them 2) starting WR on their roster. Humphries is a possession slot, and the BUCS lost Sheppard who was their 3rd WR. Yes, Jameis did have a better year last year, but it was a struggle to watch & his int’s were up. Teams double covered Evans, no VJAX, Brate & Humphries were largely possession players. Shorts helped in 2 games before he was done, and Sheppard & Martino were spotty at best.

    They don’t have a Murphy, Shorts, or Sheppard on the roster right now. DJAX, Evans, and Humphries is what they have. How likely is it to go through 16 games without 1 of them getting hurt? Couldn’t do it the last 2 years. Now they can sign another FA that is a fringe player like Shorts was between now & camp. My hope is they draft a top WR talent in round 1 (be aggressive if they have to) and also in either 4 or 5. A safety in 2 or 3 and a TE in 2 -4.

  30. 30

    Buc 1976

    Being a FSU fan people need to stop thinking Cook is all that especially in rd. 1.
    He is hurt a lot,fumbles and some off field issues!
    A TE with speed helps a lot off other areas. I think some off the players that can help our team can be found late first rd so maybe trade down get hopefully extra 2 rd or 3 round picks

    1. 30.1


      Being a fellow FSU fan, I can tell you , you’re crazy if you don’t think he’s a first round talent. Hurt a lot? He missed two games in 3 years. The fumbles, I’ll agree witha n it’s something that is correctable, as for the off the field stuff, his are minor, and are actually a whole lot better than Jameis’ coming out. Now I don’t know him personally and the whole “crew” thing, but the Bucs will do their due diligence, and if we would ever pass on Cook, it would have to be something they heard. But him not being a first round talent is just foolish. Stats don’t lie.

      1. 30.1.1

        Buc 1976

        I still think Hunt in 2 or 3 rd is better value!



          Now if you’re simply talking value, getting Hunt in the 3r would be much better value no doubt. I can agree with you there, but based simply on film, competition, and stats, Cook is a clearly superior talent. You’re a Noles fan, you can’t say he’s not. 3rd and 22 and Dalvin gets you 70 against Michigan in the Bowl game. And then smoked the number 2 defense in college football for 207 total yards. That’s the kind of talent he is and those are the kind of plays he makes.


            Buc 1976

            I did not mean to implies Cook is not a first rd pick. I am looking at the OL and think a bigger RB is needed. We are counting on Sweezy and That is a ? mark for me. If we had a line like Dallas YES TAKE COOK!

  31. 31


    Trevor & those that have watched more than just highlights and combines, please tell me if McCaffrey is consistently as good as he looks in the highlight reels.
    What I saw was excellent lateral quickness and awareness, good speed, very elusive in traffic, good pass catching ability.
    I’ve also read he’s a workout warrior with incredible stamina.
    What are his negatives?
    Can he take the pounding and/ or avoid the majority of big hits similar to Warrick Dunn did?
    Does he fumble much, drop many passes, block well, consistently catch with his hands, etc….?

  32. 32


    Very creative with your draft scenario here Trevor. Bravo for going out on a limb with most of this. I do think there would be zero chance the bucs would pass on Cook and Fournette. I love Njoku’s athleticism as much as the next guy, but not at 19. You could probably trade back a few spots and still get him ala Hargreaves, although I’m still convinced the Bucs wanted Conklin before the Titans stole him.
    If Davis, Cook, Fournette, or Williams are there, you take one of them. And hopefully get Engram in the second. The more I watch his stuff, the more i like that guy. But you have him going in the first, which would suck.

  33. 33


    Got to give it you…It’s definitely different…Got the desired effect…Lots of clicks and comments…
    Not even close to what will happen though.
    There are 5 better choices for the Bucs at 19 in your mock still left…C. McCaffrey, D. Cook,
    Obi M., R. Foster and S. Thomas.
    Njoku will touch the ball maybe 4 -5 times a game and you might call him a difference maker on a given play but not game wise and he can’t block. If Howard’s at 19…he’s the pick.
    McCaffrey and Cook would touch the ball 20-25 times a game and be perfect for this offense and I believe they move on from Dougie…Too inconsistent from year to year and now that they have filled a lot of their holes and can go RB in the draft they can get a more dynamic RB and for a lot less dough.
    Foster would make the LB’s position the best in the NFL and he would make a perfect compliment as SLB.
    If Obi is as good as he showed at the SB and Combine he could be difference maker in center-field.
    I’d select McCaffrey in your mock.

  34. 34


    Trevor, you should know by now that putting out a Mock Draft is sure to be met with far more criticism than praise. Flush any well thought out logic down the toilet. If you don’t share the same viewpoint as someone who has watched a few Youtube videos, seen the Combine and listened to the ever-changing analysis on TV, then your prediction is sure to be deemed flawed.

    We all have opinions. But they are just that, opinions, not facts. Drafts are only facts afterwards, not before. Most believe in taking the best player then promptly make the predicted selection based solely on need. None of us know how the GM’s, including our own Jason Licht, rank these players. Their evaluations are the only ones that matter. Ours are pure speculation. That’s why I would never mock a Mock Draft. I just enjoy reading them.

    After following the Draft for 50 years, getting more than 10 players to the correct team is a goal I’ve never reached. I got 9 once. Go back and check the expert’s Mock Drafts and you’ll find that their predictions are not much better than Bill Parcel’s next door neighbor’s.

    Me, I like Christain McCaffrey because of his versatility. Jon Gruden would call him a “joker”. Who doesn’t like a joker?

  35. 35


    Trevor, I have watched Dalvin Cook play in every one of his FSU games and here’s what I have seen? The best running back to ever come out of FSU!!!! He’s another Emmitt Smith, but faster. He can run inside or outside, change his motor speed or turn on a dime, block, good pass catcher, punt/kick off returner, team player and has played injured many times instead of sitting out a game. This guys got football heart! If he’s there at 19, he’s the man. It’s not going to happen though.

    1. 35.1


      Well said Horse, he actually played his Bowl game , unlike McCaffery and Fournette. Cook has played injured many times and he still has monster games with a pulled hammy or such. If he’s there , I can guarantee you 100% he will be the pick. I ‘m with you in the thought that he won’t be there either though. Although a lot more analysts are predicting a fall for him to the Bucs now. I call it bad teasing.

      1. 35.1.1


        OH and not to mention that cook did all of that behind a below average line that FSU had last year.

  36. 36



    Here’s a bit of relief for you. Todd McShay just released his 3.0 mock and he agrees with you and Scott by picking TE David Njoku at 19. Like the bandwagon guy that I am, I could live with that! lol.

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