The Tampa Bay Buccaneers debuted their new Nike-designed uniforms on Tuesday via the team’s website and social media sites. The team kept their traditional red and pewter color concept – much to the chagrin of those Bucs fans that wanted a return to the creamsicle look the team had from 1976-1996 – and Tampa Bay’s red flag logo and pewter helmet remained intact. What is really new for 2020 was all-pewter look complete with a sharp alternate pewter jersey featuring white numbers with a red outline, and some matching pewter pants with white and red piping down the sides.

The Bucs had a dismal .354 winning percentage in the Nike-revised uniforms that the team debuted in 2014 and wore through the 2019 season. The team had an awful 2-14 record in those new uniforms under Lovie Smith’s first season in Tampa Bay in 2014, and the Bucs hope that their fortunes will change this time around, especially with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady wearing the updated ensemble in 2020.

So what does the Pewter Report staff think of Tampa Bay’s redesigned uniforms? Let’s get the thoughts from each Pewter Reporter.

Publisher Scott Reynolds

Tampa Bay’s new uniforms are a definite change for the better. The red and white jerseys and the pewter pants closely resemble the look from the Super Bowl era, and the Bucs were wise to make that move. They shouldn’t have tried to fix something that wasn’t broken in 2014, but at least they corrected their mistake and went back to a normal, classic-looking font for the numbers.

Bucs WR Chris Godwin – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

Bucs WR Chris Godwin – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

The best change the Bucs made in 2014 was the bigger, updated red flag logo. That remains intact, although slightly smaller now to fit on all helmet brands that the players use. The facemask has gone from chrome to black, as it was when the new red and pewter ensemble debuted in 1997.

But the best thing about these new uniforms is the all-pewter look with the alternate pewter jersey. Simply put, it’s bad-ass and quite the show-stopper. That’s my favorite look, followed by the red jerseys and the pewter pants that the team wore while winning Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

I was tipped off that the color pewter wasn’t going anywhere when the team announced that new jerseys were coming. Having a business called Pewter Report, a switch to the old creamsicles look would have been quite a challenge. Instead, the Bucs wisely went even more all-in on the unique pewter color.

It’s a job well done, Glazers, Nike and those in the Bucs organization that had a hand in the design. Maybe we’ll see the creamsicle look return for a throwback game next year, but it doesn’t deserve to be the prominent mainstay uniform for the Bucs anymore. All hail, the Pewter Pirates!

Editor-In-Chief Mark Cook

It is no secret I’m a traditionalist and miss the creamsicles. But I knew the odds of any orange or Bucco Bruce making any type of prominent return was very slim. In fact, the Glazers turned the page on that part of the franchise’s history in 1997 when they introduced the red and pewter scheme.

Super Bowl Bucs QB Brad Johnson - Photo by: Getty Images

Super Bowl Bucs QB Brad Johnson – Photo by: Getty Images

With that said, the new updates are very good, and such an improvement over the ones we had to see the last six seasons. They are a tribute to the best and most successful period in the team’s history and fortunately the Glazers didn’t decide to go off the wall with any aspect of the newly designed uniforms. We have seen teams do that somewhat as of late. And yes, Titans I am pointing to you with your odd number font on the jerseys. Thankfully the new look is clean and crisp and a modern style, yet still traditional with a strong nod to the Bucs’ Super Bowl uniforms.

At the end of the day, what the uniform looks like means nothing. All the matters is the talent level of the players wearing them and the coaches who coach those players. That will be the deciding factor on Tampa Bay making the playoffs in 2020 – hello, Tom Brady.

Hats off to the Glazers for righting a very bad wrong. Good job with the new look.

Bucs Beat Writer Jon Ledyard

I LOVE the Bucs’ new uniforms, and I’m glad they kept the current logo and helmet intact.

Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

The all-pewters are gorgeous. I love the fact that they changed the typeface of the jersey numbers from the awful alarm-clock style to this much more clean and traditional look. The all-pewter is a phenomenal choice, a perfect sleek alternate that is a simple, yet unique look.

I’m a fan of keeping the orange piping around the black lettering on the red jerseys. If you’re gonna combine orange and red, one of them has to be subtle, so this was perfectly done. The all-white kit might be my favorite. Either those or the pewters.

The Bucs hit the new uniforms out of the park. I’ll probably never love their red jerseys, but there’s not much I would critique about any of the new uniforms to be honest.

Bucs Beat Writer Matt Matera

I like these new Bucs uniforms and they are definitely an upgrade from the old ones. Each jersey sticks to one primary color with hints of secondary colors on the outlines of the numbers and pants. I think it’s important that they didn’t overdo it. The color scheme is simple, and that’s all it needed to be.

Bucs ILB Devin White – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

Bucs ILB Devin White – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

Admittedly, when I heard rumors of an all-pewter uniform, I was a little skeptical, but after seeing how they came out I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with how it looked, and that’s not just a bias because of our website name –

The key to all three of the uniforms is that the numbers really pop off the jersey. The new numbers are way more easy on the eyes with the outline on the numbers also giving them a much better look. These have a semblance to the uniforms that the Bucs wore back in the late 1990s and early 2000s during their best era of football, so why not go back to their winning ways? I know there’s not that much creamsicle color, but that will be solved when they get that throwback game in a year from now.

If I had to rank them, I’d say the all-white away uniform is the best, closely followed by the all-pewter look, and then the red home jersey – but we’re really splitting hairs at that point. The Bucs did a good job with the new look.

Bucs Beat Writer Taylor “Grizz” Jenkins

Is it 2010 all over again, or do the Bucs’ uniforms just make it feel that way?

After the futuristic, digital experiment that was the Bucs’ last uniforms, they took a step back with an updated return to their Super Bowl-era threads, and they knocked it out of the park.

Bucs ILB Lavonte David – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

Bucs ILB Lavonte David – Photo courtesy of the Buccaneers

To start, the red uniforms are a great look. The updated writing on the chest, along with the newer editions of the ship and flag logo remaining on the shoulders and helmet, allow the uniform to feel like those of the past while keeping the best features of the uniforms that the Bucs have worn since 2014.

Next, the pewter color rush uniforms may be the best of the bunch. They’re bold, the white numbering pops off of the pewter base and the color isn’t bright enough to look overwhelming like I sometimes felt was the case with the Bucs’ red color rush uniforms. They will be able to wear their alternates up to three times in 2020, so I’d expect to see a few all-pewter prime time games in the Bucs’ future with Tom Brady under center.

As for the white uniforms, I’d optimally like to see them wear the pewter pants with the white jersey, but that’s not to say I don’t like them. It’s a clean look, but unfortunately it looks a bit too similar to Atlanta’s all-white uniforms for me.

All in all, after the way the last set of uniforms was received, Tampa Bay and Nike have absolutely righted the ship with their new set of uniforms and I can’t wait to see them on the field.

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About the Author: Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds is in his 25th year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds spent six years giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at:
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1 year ago

I love the Pewter uniform. It’s what I wanted all along, looks really sharp!

1 year ago

With you Grizz on the white jersey/pewter pant combo. Some great memories were made in that pairing.

Sean Duane
1 year ago

PR Team – Do you know if the Bucs will be allowed to mix and match jersey and pant colors? For example, red jerseys with white pants or pewter jerseys with white pants?

1 year ago

I really like the all pewter! Definitely my favorite. I would like the white jersey on the pewter pants second, followed by the red. My only problem with the all white is that it is too plain. I don’t like any teams all white uniforms because they pretty much all look the same. I like adding a team color with the pants to distinguish each teams’ color scheme. If we stick to all white, Pewter is #1, followed by Red then White.

Buc-in-Philly Fan
1 year ago

Let the two naysayers jump in and share how they are disappointed…ugh.

The uni’s turned out great! The all pewter if off the chain! These are uniforms to be proud of and not like the nightmare that is the new Rams uni’s.

Now, the uni’s don’t matter if we don’t perform well in them!

Go Bucs!

Reply to  Buc-in-Philly Fan
1 year ago

Think most of us agree the new, old uni’s are much better then radio alarm clock ones. I like the black facemask over the chrome, and I like that they kept the pirate flag, but made it slightly smaller. All in all, well done.

1 year ago

I agree totally with you, Scott. Also as you pointed out white jersey and pewter pants is the best option for away games.

1 year ago

I totally agree with Grizz! Have always loved the red and pewter! The all pewter rush uniforms are pretty clean too! But agree that the white top should go with the pewter pants! But definitely an upgrade! Excited! Go Bucs!

1 year ago

Huge improvement. Takes us back to an era when we were at our best and respected in the league.

1 year ago

This is exactly what they should have gone to the last time they changed the uni’s. They look great! Very nice correction Bucs! I like them all but I do agree that the all white does look a little too much like Atlanta’s all white but Great Job! Back were we belong. And like mentioned we will most likely still have creamsicle throwbacks in a year. Buc Fan since 1980 but no way I wanted creamsicle as a permanent uni but love them as a throwback. Plus if we went back to creamsicle there would be no throwback uni’s to… Read more »

1 year ago

I Love al of them, we look like a football team again! The all Pewter is my Favorite and I agree that they need to wear the Pewter pants with the White jerseys, that would make for all 3 setups looking clean and tough. The all white is a nice option but Falcons is the first thing I thought of when I saw it. The Pewter color rush would have looked sleek as hell with White helmets and maybe they can do that next year if they change the helmet rules. In any case, a Pewter Brady Jersey is already… Read more »

1 year ago

These jerseys straight up burnt down my house they are so fire!

1 year ago

Does anyone know the differences in jerseys. I see two types for each color one ranging form 149.99 and the other 99.99. I have never bought a jersey from nfl shop before but want to get a Godwin jersey in pewter.

Reply to  Armchairquarterback
1 year ago

Better material. The more expensive ones are much better quality.

1 year ago

The All Pewter look is clearly the best. The superbowl throwback is a close second. The all white resemble Atlanta a little too much in my opinion, but I’m not complaining.

1 year ago

Not too much mention of this and I doubt many noticed, but on the white jerseys they went with black lettering for the name. I would have preferred red lettering. What do you guys think?

Reply to  mike5520
1 year ago

The Black stands out more on the White Jerseys over the Red Lettering Logo IMO. I’m surprised they didn’t go with white lettering on the Pewter jerseys. I love the new look though. Cant wait until they offer up other players and different color Combo. Brady in White, Evans in Red and White in Pewter for games this year.

1 year ago

I love them all, they are great, lets play ball!

1 year ago

Much better. I like red one a lot. Looks like super bowl ones.

1 year ago

I’ve already purchased one Pewter jersey today and plan to purchase 1 more this season. Great look!

1 year ago

They are great. I am SO happy we did not go back to creamsicle.

1 year ago

Honestly I’m shocked at the response of these jerseys. They aren’t new so stop saying it.

The jerseys are an epitome of the organization since father glazer left. Lazy, dumb and embarrassing.

The last jerseys were so bad that we are happy to go back to something that’s 20+ years old. Thank god we got the nike intern to make us refreshed jerseys on back to back times.

How can we expect a decent team when they can’t even approve half way decent jerseys its unbelievable. Please god let Vinik get this team.

Reply to  Kb
1 year ago

Then please feel free to like another team since this organization is so ‘lazy’ . I’m sure being the smart guy you are, you could’ve done better. Quarantine got you feeling a little bitchy?

Reply to  Kb
1 year ago

Someone needs an SNICKERS Bar. LOL. WOW

1 year ago

These uniforms are killing. it. I’ve lived in New England for years now but grew up in FL and went to USF (go Bulls) so you know I got me a TB12 goat pewter jersey on its way! The one small opportunity I think they missed would’ve been keeping the chrome face guard for the pewter uniforms. That would’ve just been sick.

As fans, we DESERVE this upcoming season after the long slide from the glory days of 2002 and I’ll be sitting in my Brady jersey paying for out of market football so I can watch this team!

1 year ago

Thank goodness we returned to a “classic” look and thank goodness the team didn’t let Nike incorporate some day-glow orange to resemble the Sea—–Hawks day-glow green. I like all three versions presented and the other combinations like white over pewter and red over white that are also options. Never liked the catsup bottle all red color-rush scheme. Especially the time we played the Rams in their mustard bottle all yellow color-rush scheme. Being “old school” and part of the focus group involved with the initial change from Bucco Bruce to the Super Bowl era, I have a fondness for those… Read more »

Mark Rodriguez
1 year ago

I love them. My only complaint (and its a minor one) is that they made the pewter jersey the alternate. To me, the all pewter look is flat out badass and I wish they had just made it the home uni.

1 year ago

I made my Madden uniforms Pink and electric Blue….Easy to see.

Buc fans would love those unis if they win.

1 year ago

I don’t care if they wear Fred Flintstone garments. I just want WINS.This team, Our team has been sorry for a long..long….Time. And if Arians and Licht cannot win with..The golden Boy I say..HANG’Em HIGH BABY! I’m sick and deehyam tired of Losing!!!

Mee Loopa
1 year ago

Just saw the Falcons new unis. They have something in their uniforms i hoped the Bucs would have. I love the form of the stripe on their pants up to the jersey. It’s slim and formed like a sword at the bottom – just in chreamcicle. Additionally i loved the chrome facemask, now they are a on Falcons helmets – real sad. Plus the one colour from belt to shoes – like our pewter alternate. Would be great if all versions could have the same pants colour as the socks. Like i said before. I would have wished the Bucs… Read more »

1 year ago

Im the Minority here I guess, I’m just not impressed. There’s so much creativity that could have been utilized, a truly blank slate. There’s no reason that all three uniforms couldn’t have been as unique and exciting as the pewter set that we all like the best. I didn’t see the need to change in 2014 and like everyone else was blown away by the debacle. But after 6 seasons to just basically go back to what we had seems uninspired. Like putting on an outdated suit that used to be the cutting edge of style that now looks like… Read more »

1 year ago

That all pewter uniform is one of the worst looking things of all time and looks like one of those bootlegs you order for 29.99. Should have gone all red. Pewter success was 20 years ago at this point, but it’s a losing color now. These uni’s get an F from me. A Matte white helmet would have fixed it.