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    Hank Scorpio

    Go ahead and cancel the rest of the draft. Trevor already won.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      I think I owned day one. Gotta keep it up, though.

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        Roberto Aguayo is available for Day 2



          Scott Reynolds will take him for Day 2. The dude is enamored with Aguayo.

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    Yeah. This one is over with already. Give Trevor the “W” now and just call it a day.

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    All of the Drafts made sense. Nice to see Lee Roy Selmon, Doug Williams, Jimmie Giles and James Wilder on board. There are a few more of the “old school” (1976-1986) Bucs who should be remembered in the upcoming rounds. Who can forget Kevin House streaking down the sidelines to rip the hearts out of the Lion’s fans in 1981 when they adopted “Another One Bites the Dust” as their theme song. Mark carrier still holds most receiving records. Ricky Bell was an absolute stud until he got sick.

    There was a reason the 1978 and 1979 defenses were so good. Mark Cotney and Cedric Brown were a great Safety duo. Batman Wood, Dewey Selmon, Dave Louis and Cecil the Diesel Johnson were the backbone of that 3-4 “college defense”.

    John McKay isn’t given near the credit he deserves for putting together a great coaching staff. In those days expansion teams had no chance. In three years the team could compete and in four they were in the NFC Championship. Not too bad.

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    Whelp, Mark lost the draft on day one. Sorry, Mark. You seem like a nice guy, and I like most of your work. But man, this is just brutal. And I’m not even including the Jameis pick as a bad one. I at least get why you did that. But overall, it seems like you drafted your favorite Bucs of all time rather than the best, most valuable Bucs of all time. Alstott doesn’t remotely belong in the top 5 rounds. Neither does Giles, as much as I love him, although I guess getting him in the 5th round isn’t awful.

    You made the same mistake with Lynch that Scott did with Brooks (who I do think is the greatest But of all time) – you drafted greatness over value. I love Lynch. He might be in my all time top 3 favorite Bucs. But the guy is a SS. How many great defenses have ever been carried by their strong safety of all things? lol. Especially in the modern rules (which you used as justification to take Jameis and Mike in the first two rounds), Lynch just doesn’t make sense when you consider some of the other defensive players that were still on the board (namely Bennett and McCoy, who are both simply worth more than even the league’s best SS could literally ever be).

    It’s already clear that Sikkema’s team would murder Cook’s squad, and although Scott still has a chance to make up ground, this one feels like it’s already turning into a blowout draft for Trevor. We might literally be talking about the greatest defensive line in the history of the NFL here, bar none. Really think about that for a second. You have three players who would pretty easily EACH pull 10 sacks individually (including Sapp and Rice, who are both capable of hitting 15+) all in the same season, plus McCoy. As a group, we’re talking about the beginnings of a defense that it would be difficult to imagine averaging fewer than 60 sacks per season, which is just absurd. For a point of reference, there has only been one team that has managed to accrue 60 sacks in a season over the last decade.

    I also have a hunch about which direction Trevor will go in next. I won’t say it here, as I don’t want to mess anything up if I’m right.

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