Welcome, one and all, to PewterReport.com’s Bucs Franchise Fantasy Draft – boy, that was a mouthful.

To spice up the offseason a bit, and to hopefully make the time between now and training camp go by a little quicker, PewterReport.com’s “Big 3” that consists of publisher Scott Reynolds, editor-in-chief Mark Cook and Bucs beat writer Trevor Sikkema have come up with an exercise that will give all Bucs fans, young and old, something unique to read and follow along with. We set out to see who would draft the best Bucs team of all-time.

The rule of the Bucs Franchise Draft are simple. Each owner/GM will get one pick per round in an order that numbers in a snake style (meaning if you have the last pick of the current round you also get the first pick of the next round, etc.). Any player who played for the Buccaneers at any point in their career is up for grabs, but who you are selecting is the type of player they were as Buccaneers. That means players like Steve Young or Bo Jackson wouldn’t do your team any good. There can be some potential and chemistry assumed with different players playing from different eras, but most of what you’re drafting is from what we’ve seen these players do as Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New offseason additions like wide receiver DeSean Jackson, defensive tackle Chris Baker and tight end O.J. Howard were drafted – but only on potential.

Before the draft, at a top secret location, the three drew numbers and the order of the draft came out:

  1. Mark Cook
  2. Trevor Sikkema
  3. Scott Reynolds

Each owner/GM had to build their complete starting offense, defense, and also draft a kicker, punter and a special teams return specialist, so there were 25 picks in total. Each offense had to include two wide receivers, two running backs, one tight end, one quarterback and a center, two guards and two tackles, and each defense had to include two safeties, two corners, three linebackers, and four defensive linemen – no getting fancy with schemes. The three owners/GMs also selected a head coach from the Bucs history as well, and those selections will be revealed on Saturday at the conclusion of this PewterReport.com Bucs Franchise Fantasy Draft.

The draft will be divided into five days with five rounds being announced each day on PewterReport.com. On Saturday, the three Bucs fantasy draft teams will be listed side-by-side-by-side for you to view and vote on. We want our PewterReport.com readers in Pewter Nation to select which Pewter Reporter drafted the ultimate Bucs fantasy team.

So, with the rules in place, the big boards all set and the order solidified, let’s take a look at round 1-5.


  1. QB Jameis Winston – Cook
  2. DT Warren Sapp – Sikkema
  3. OLB Derrick Brooks – Reynolds


  1. DE Lee Roy Selmon – Reynolds
  2. DE Simeon Rice – Sikkema
  3. WR Mike Evans – Cook


  1. SS John Lynch – Cook
  2. DT Gerald McCoy – Sikkema
  3. CB Ronde Barber – Reynolds


  1. MLB Hardy Nickerson – Reynolds
  2. QB Doug Williams – Sikkema
  3. FB Mike Alstott – Cook


  1. TE Jimmie Giles – Cook
  2. DE Michael Bennett – Sikkema
  3. RB James Wilder – Reynolds

Click the next page to see each owner’s recap of Day 1 of their draft class.

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Hank Scorpio
4 years ago

Go ahead and cancel the rest of the draft. Trevor already won.

Trevor Sikkema
Reply to  Hank Scorpio
4 years ago

I think I owned day one. Gotta keep it up, though.

Reply to  Trevor Sikkema
4 years ago

Roberto Aguayo is available for Day 2

Trevor Sikkema
Reply to  Destino102
4 years ago

Thank god

Reply to  Destino102
4 years ago

Scott Reynolds will take him for Day 2. The dude is enamored with Aguayo.

4 years ago

Yeah. This one is over with already. Give Trevor the “W” now and just call it a day.

4 years ago

All of the Drafts made sense. Nice to see Lee Roy Selmon, Doug Williams, Jimmie Giles and James Wilder on board. There are a few more of the “old school” (1976-1986) Bucs who should be remembered in the upcoming rounds. Who can forget Kevin House streaking down the sidelines to rip the hearts out of the Lion’s fans in 1981 when they adopted “Another One Bites the Dust” as their theme song. Mark carrier still holds most receiving records. Ricky Bell was an absolute stud until he got sick. There was a reason the 1978 and 1979 defenses were so… Read more »

4 years ago

Whelp, Mark lost the draft on day one. Sorry, Mark. You seem like a nice guy, and I like most of your work. But man, this is just brutal. And I’m not even including the Jameis pick as a bad one. I at least get why you did that. But overall, it seems like you drafted your favorite Bucs of all time rather than the best, most valuable Bucs of all time. Alstott doesn’t remotely belong in the top 5 rounds. Neither does Giles, as much as I love him, although I guess getting him in the 5th round isn’t… Read more »