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    Jefferey would be a great addition! I know everyone wants a 4.3 guy, but the way Winston plays, I think another big, athletic receiver playing on the opposite side of Evans would be fantastic. You can get that speedy, smaller guy in the slot matched up vs linebackers.

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    I will take either receiver, we need some help.shep done a hell of a job for us against the 49ers,but I’m not impressed with dye or Cecil shorts.jameis needs more weapons and as far as I’m concerned they can have banks(to slow to play in this defense)but might want to keep verner for depth until the season ends then cut his ass.

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      Dye has been cast aside already.

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    please please please get Jeffery

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    Sorry Buc fans, but i’m going to be the dissenting opinion here!

    The Torrey Smith trade could happen, but why? Smith is a 6ft. WR whose productivity has fallen off over the last two years in part due to the quarterbacks he’s played with in San Fran, but he’s clearly no longer a game-breaking WR. Smith signed a five-year, $40 million contract in 2016. The deal contains $22 million guaranteed, including an $8 million signing bonus. Smith is eligible for annual $500,000 roster bonuses throughout the contract’s life. 2016: $4.5 million (+ $1 million workout bonus), 2017-2019: $6.5 million (+ $1 million workout bonus), 2020: Free Agent.

    The Alshon Jeffery trade is more likely but the oft-injured WR is making 14.59mil on the franchise tag for 2016 and will require a long term contract for that number or more. Ian Rapoport appearing on Wednesday’s edition of Up to the Minute Live, reported that there are no Jeffery trade talks between the Bears and Philadelphia Eagles.

    He further explained that it’s “essentially unprecedented” to trade a franchise player because the new team cannot sign the tagged star prior to the start of free agency. In which case, the selling team can’t expect to receive more than a mid-round draft pick in return for a half-season rental. Since the Bears will likely be awarded a mid-round pick in the compensatory process should Jeffery seek greener pastures in free agency, there’s little incentive for a trade.

    The 2017 draft has 20 WRs rated from the 1st round to the 4th round. The likes of Mike Williams/Clemson, Corey Davis/Western Michigan, Isaiah Ford/V-Tech, Cooper Kupp/E. Washington and more are there.

    It’s JMO, but I would prefer another Mike Evans from the draft that can bond and grow with him and Jameis Winston. Personally, I would hold my fire and make WR a high pick in the draft. However, I’m a Buc fan and I will support any decision they make. Go Bucs!

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      I hadn’t thought about the fact that we essentially wouldn’t be able to sign A. Jeffery to a new contract because he’s under the franchise tag. That’s good info Mac.

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    Get Alshon he’s the perfect compliment and signing him long term should be no issue. Jackson is making 10 million and thats the ballpark of what Alshon should be paid so that works perfectly. It’s time for Licht to channel that aggressiveness he used trading up for Aguayo on a player thats actually worth it.

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    I think the upcoming draft class is going to be the best draft class in recent memory. In fact, I’m trying to think of one to compare it against…I think it’ll be better than the 2011 class. I wouldn’t trade any draft pick in next year’s draft for Jeffery or Smith. I think the Browns and Titans did very well to pick up an extra 1st round draft pick in the next draft and I don’t want to see us giving up a draft pick for a player a lousy team wasn’t willing to build around after seeing him practice every day. Perhaps the 49ers are the exception to that rule as Chip Kelly wouldn’t know a good player if he bit him in the @$$, but I happen to agree with him in that T. Smith is not worth keeping around if he can trade him for something. I just don’t want the Bucs to be the team that gets suckered into trading for him.

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    Please wait for the draft. If Litch wants Jefferies wait for free agency. There are just to many good receivers in the draft to trade draft picks.

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    They should call Jacksonville and offer a late round pick for Rashad Green. He had great rapport with Jameis in college, and would come with the price tag of Alshon or Torrey Smith. He can also be used to return punts. Licht should have drafted him to begin with over Kenny Bell.

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