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    Just gonna go out on a limb and say the Bucs don’t get shut out by Clemson.

  2. 2


    I thought Greg Schiano was forever gone. I think Ohio State has a better coach now that the Bucs did under the Schiano era. Man that guy was one of the biggest mistakes in Bucs’ history.

  3. 3


    Eh… who really cares. Stuff like this is said all the time, it’s just hyperbole. The media needs sound bites, they ask questions to get responses like this.

  4. 4


    pardon my language in advance…

    Schiano just confirmed he’s a fucking idiot.

  5. 5


    We miss him like the Plague.

  6. 6


    Since the first day I have listened or watched Schiano I have wondered what in the hell he has seeing – did you miss the panel members doing their damnedest to laughing at this comment? What a buffoon.

  7. 7


    And I’m pretty sure the OSU asst. coaches were better than the Buc’s head coach in 2012-2013. In football, it’s said you can’t teach speed and evidently you can’t fix dumb!

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

  8. 8


    Well in that case Schiano proved he wasn’t a dynamic defensive guy as so his resume indicated; maybe the Buc Owners should ask for a refund as we paid him for 5 years of nothing. I thought it was funny Urban Myer hired Schiano. The only thing I could figure out was he wanted to protect his own dynasty when he leaves and Schiano surely will do nothing to challenge it ; “toes on the line”.

  9. 9


    Schiano is still just a freaking joke. He couldn’t even get an assistant gig in the NFL for the 49ers or Browns for God’s sake. What a turd machine.

  10. 10


    Is there any wonder why, with judgement like that, Schiano is back in college coaching.
    He was one of the people who was responsible for letting Michael Bennett go for a paltry $3 million dollars probably because Bennett questioned the way the Bucs coaches had the defensive line rushing RG III in the Redskins game.
    Schiano ranks up there with Richard Williamson and Ray Perkins as being the top three worst coach in Buc history.
    As Woody Allen once said, “Calling him stupid is an insult to the word stupid.”

  11. 11


    The Jersey Trash ™ at it again.

    Bennett wasn’t a Schiano man – and everyone can see why.

  12. 12


    drdneast – I never thought Ray Perkins was a bad coach, he just coached a team that had very little talent. They had Vinny, who at that point shouldn’t have been playing and still should have been learning, you had Mark Carrier, you had Ron Hall, you had Paul Gruber a few years in, you had on defense, uh, well we had the two safeties that were good, Broderick Thomas was good for a couple of years early on, but that was late in Perkin’s run. I mean Perkins was having to start Rod “The Toast” Jones at corner – and then traded him to the Bengals for a greatly undersized DT who would get ran over on every play. There wasn’t free agency back then and the team you had is the team you had – and Perkins didn’t have much. I’m not saying he would have ever been a good coach, but he wasn’t bad – the guy was in the NFL for many many many years.

  13. 14


    Ok it’s easy to pile on and to sit here and bash the ex-coach of the Bucs – but lets be real for just one second. Lavonte David had his best years under Coach Schiano, and the defense is absolutely not why he got fired. It was the meltdown of Josh Freeman. Period. Gerald McCoy credits Schiano with teaching him how to tackle. An almost absurd thing to think – but he said it. Keith Tandy on the latest PR Podcast also took up for Schiano a bit as well. I guarantee he knows more about football than any poster on this comment section, so yeah while what he said may be him sticking up for his guys, I suppose we will find out when the season actually starts and the rest of the country gets to see what he sees.

    I’m not saying he walks on water and is the best coach ever – but give the man some credit. His defenses here were pretty damn good. He had Jonathan Banks covering Megatron just fine…as a rookie! Mr. Banks can barely get on the field at this point for the lowly bears.

    Just a pause a minute before you rip Schiano. Yeah he had his faults, but he was a damn good defensive coach.

    1. 14.1

      Buc-n-Philly Fan

      mort, that is why he couldn’t land a gig in the NFL right? Not even for the Guy he would get on his knees for in Bill B in New England. Get real man! Schiano is a poor Coach and based upon his comments, an even poorer Man.

  14. 15


    Well, in 2012 Schiano took Mark Barron and bypassed Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox, Bruce Irvin and Chandler Jones. In 2013 he pissed away our 1st round pick on Revis meanwhile the Jets selected Sheldon Richardson with our pick. Then in the 2nd round he picked Jonathan Banks over Kawann Short. Yeah, you’re right Schiano we really SUCKED at drafting under your watch. Thanks for the memories dick brain

    1. 15.1


      I forgot about the brilliant Mark Barron draft pick. This guy literally screwed up every trade and draft pick he made during his time here. A broken clock is at least right twice per day. He wasn’t even right once

  15. 16


    I forgot all about Michael Bennett. Tack on the trades for Blount and Talib and this idiot’s ability to evaluate talent has a worse track record than a broken clock’s ability to tell time

  16. 17


    The only good thing I can say about Schiano is that if it wasn’t for his ‘brilliant’ ability to evaluate players we wouldn’t have ended up with the first pick in the draft and gotten Jameis

  17. 18

    Buc 1976

    The only thing I remember about him is hit the QB on last play and we were losing by 20 pts. Or more
    WHAT A JERK HE IS!!!!!!

  18. 19


    Ok I’ll pile on, he’s an idiot. Stubborn as Lovie Smith and even worse at evaluating talent. Now that’s saying something! He still probably grades Bennett worse than his college guys. THats why he let him walk for few million. Moron. I think Tom Coughlin said it best. He’s best suited to Bush league shit. Lol.

    1. 19.1

      Buc 1976

      U R right fredster Bennett led the team in sacks and they let him WALK!!!

  19. 20


    I loved Bennett. After he left I said it was horrible move. Even year or two later people here will still arguing with me telling me I was wrong that Bennett is only good because Seahawks line is so good. Lol. That’s why he led our team in sacks the year thy let him go? He had so many sacks because the BUcs D line was so good? We were so bad it’s amazing he had more than 5!

  20. 21


    Bottom line is who cares what Greg Schiano has to say about anything?

  21. 22


    Although I love the piling on of Schiano, he had some help with those terrible personnel decisions, especially in the draft with Mark Dominick.
    But you can lay the releasing of Bennett sorely at his feet. I spoke to Dominick about it on NFL Sirrus and he said he was outvoted when it came to keeping or releasing Bennett.

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