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Legendary sports columnist Gary Shelton returns to PewterReport.com for his second season of providing post-game commentary on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like no one else can. No one has won more sports writing awards than Shelton, who has covered Tampa Bay area sports for decades with his unique brand of humor and insight. Bucs fans can Shelton daily on GarySheltonSports.com and follow him on Twitter at @Gary_Shelton

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    Where are you at now bucnut? Everyone will forgive you if you just come out and admit Jameis is our franchise QB

    1. 1.1


      Don’t hold you’re breath. Bucnut usually take off for a week on weeks like this. We’ll see him in the prediction section next week when he picks the team with the “better QB”.

    2. 1.2


      I am right here. Winston played VERY well yesterday. I sincerely hope he continues to do well as our franchise is dependent oohs development. And no, I am not ready tot decade him a franchise QB yet. At this point, he is too inconsistent. HE was definitely BRILLIANT yesterday!!

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    Anyone who thinks they know what a Q.B. will be after 24 games, and at the tender age of 22, doesn’t know anything. Give the guy a break. Winston is our Q.B., and as Gary said, a damn fine prospect. That scramble play was very Farve like, a guy either has “IT” or he don’t. If you can’t see Winston has “IT”, maybe you need to look else where for a team to root for, because Jameis is our franchise now, and moving forward. Lucky we got him.

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      Hmm… I guess you don’t think Bill Walsh knows anything because he is the one who said by the middle of the second year you know what you have in a QB.
      Please don’t tell me who to root for. I’ve been a fan of the Bucs for 23 years and most of that a a season ticket holder.
      I’ve always said JW is a great leader, but at this point looks like an average QB. I’m sticking with that until/unless he becomes has more games like yesterday. Believe it or not, I trully want him to succeed. I root for him, and have been concerned that he may not be the long term answer.
      I have been critical and when I am wrong, I will come on this site, as I did Monday and acknowledge his good play. I am still considered with his accuracy. I am hoping it improves with age.

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    Jameis played very well yesterday, and he didn’t even have a strong running game to lean on (not bad, but “meh”). His offensive line was banged up, going with a third stringer at center. The third stringers who played on the line yesterday, contrary to Mark Cook’s sourly calling them out for not playing like stars, actually did OK considering.

    I think one factor that DID help Jameis was the inspired play of our defense yesterday. Not that it affected Jameis’s skills or fire as a quarterback, but just mentally, knowing that your defense has your butt covered, makes it easier for the risk-taker to arise to the surface. We saw Jameis run that terrific scrambling play to open the second half … I rather expect that if the game was real close and the defense wasn’t holding, he would have been more conservative to avoid a turnover or even safety.

    And to say that is not to take anything away from Jameis – I think it is a sign of growing maturity for a quarterback to recognize the game scenario he is facing and adjust his play accordingly. In the end it will produce more wins.

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      I agree with you’re comment on how the defense played and how that helped boost the team in general. You know as well as I do, a day where Chris Conte has a pick six usually means things are going our way!, Jameis had some good scrambles and even though Mike Evans really did not have one of his stellar games, Cameron Brate was a beast. It also looked like our def line was getting pretty decent pushes up front causing cutler to get rid of it and make some bad throws which is what we want. It will be interesting to see how we play against K.C. next weekend.

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    I ageee Naples the two played decent. Not horrible and not good either. Good have been lot better. Could been a lot worse.

    Jameis had a great game and as you said not much run game. Hoping Doug gets his legs back we will need that run game against better Chiefs team.

    The Bears do have a good pass rush if nothing else.

    Hoping Winston continues to have games like this spreading the ball around. Was really fun to watch.

    I enjoyed being at the game watching the Bears fans STFU. They started out yelling and obnoxious but they were just sitting there with stupid looks on their faces the whole second half. Lol.

    1. 4.1


      Yup, Fredster, we have some really challenging games coming up the rest of this season … we need to get much better than yesterday to win a majority of those games, starting with the Chiefs. A strong running game will be a huge help.

    2. 4.2


      Fredster: I saw a few Bears fans actually putting on the free Bucs shirt (sponsored by Publix) and wearing a new Bucs hat. I advised the fat ass loud mouth behind me, who lives “just south of here”, that the Glazers have set up grief counselors in the concourse, usually reserved for Bucs fans, but on this day they are available for those who continue to cheer for their former team while residing here. I wonder how many called their friends and family back in Chicago to brag about their new team……….the mighty Bucs.

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    Thanks Gary; good analysis.

  6. 6


    Gary, I love your articles.

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    Mr. Shelton, I enjoyed your column for many years when I lived down there. I am so glad your column now appears in PR. Great analysis and insight on JW3. As Jack Buck said, “I don’t believe what I just saw!”
    Go Bucs!

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    I don’t know what they told him coming out for the game but, they need to do it every week! My man was on point all night!

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