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    Yes Gerald, some soul searching. Take the D this weekend to the mountion top to seek answers from the wise ones. Dig deep into your souls, why is this so, so, shitty? Couple of hints,can’t pressure, can’t cover, can’t tackle, probably can’t dance. Add at least three of these up it basically means you guys suck. Don’t like to say it, but it’s ture.

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    Soul searching? He needs to do soul searching? No McCoy. You need to work on your technique. You need to work on your conditioning. You need to study film. The Defense needs to figure out their assignments. Learn how to disguise coverage. Shoot, they need to learn how to cover PERIOD.

    Quit being too cool for school Mr. McCoy.

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    It all starts with the DL and OL. Besides this issue we need Safeties. We are one slow team on both sides. Time to start as many young players as possible. The ship has sunk; lets see if anyone knows how to row.

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    It comes down to talent and preparation. Soul searching to me suggests that preparation is a problem with these guys. I didn’t think preparation was a problem, I was attributing most of the problems to the Bucs having less talent than our opponents. Maybe it’s both because talent is definitely a problem. It’s easier to blame preparation than talent for fans, coaches and players because talent takes a lot longer to fix than preparation. You can only fix talent by getting new players.

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