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    Well, we saw the weaknesses at pass rush and safety coverage. I don’t understand the logic what Smith is doing because this zone leaves a lot of receivers wide open. Anybody seeing what I’m seeing?

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    The Buccaneers are not a good football team yet. They need a LOT of help. I don’t think the defense could stop Joe Namath…… if he were playing today at his age. I could go on but it’s time to take stock, decide who to keep and play others in place of players not worth keeping. I don’t pretend to be a GM or scout so I don’t make those choices but those choices have to be made.

    Looking forward to another exciting off-season again. When does FA start again?

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    I said a few weeks ago that the Raiders and Falcons games were going to be tough games to win. I thought that with a little luck both of them could be winnable though. But the injuries over the past few weeks have severely limited the offense and weakened the Bucs’ chances of winning. But let’s face it folks. The defense is the real problem. Last week Carr set an NFL record for being the first QB in NFL history who was able to bake an apple pie while standing in the pocket. And I’m pretty sure that the throwing machine that they use in practice could complete passes on our defensive backfield; and I mean the machine with the two spinning wheels that doesn’t move, throws it exactly where it’s aiming, and has no brain. I really don’t know where to go from here. There is such a talent vacuum on defense that I don’t see fixing it any time soon. And we all know we need a speed WR. I vote for loading up the offense with weapons and trying to become the Colts of a few years ago. They would win games by just outscoring their opponents. The defense would just hope to get a few stops in each game. I know defense wins championships. But this defense is no where near championship caliber and it would take a ton of talent to get there.

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    I guess My question is, how long will people the like Mike Evans, Gerald McCoys and Kwon Alexander’s and Lavonte David’s of the world put up with this crap until they leave Tampa? Our secondary was horrible last night…I think on one drive I heard Matt Ryan yell out loud “Hey Julio, run a post ” and still completed it.

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    The pass defense of late is reminiscent of the 2015 inability to stop slant passes. Only now it’s the crossing patterns that go virtually uncontested. Carr and Ryan were just playing pitch and catch. I know the pass rush could be better, but the receivers aren’t even being challenged. Contrast that to the Bucs receivers who rarely are running free. Hargreaves needs to learn to force the RB to the inside by taking outside position. Too often he gets sucked in and the RB goes around him. Our pair of safeties never seem to be in the proper position. What a shame to put on that display with our greatest safety of all time in attendance.

    I’m a big fan of Lavonte David but he sure seems out of position and taking bad angles. The comparisons to #55 with regards to pass defense are unjustified at this point in the youngster’s career.

    Maybe with an extended time between games Mike Smith and staff can do something to prevent Jay Cutler from cutting us up.

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    There were two drives in the second half that were extended by bad officiating. #1 was the challenge that was upheld. Julio clearly didn’t have it and it was loose touching the ground. That was a third down at midfield that later turned into a touchdown. The second was the pass interference in the end zone on 3rd down where the pass that was totally uncatchable, but reglardless of its cathcability, the defender didn’t interfere. On the flip side, why no personal foul called on the helmet to helmet hit on Evans as he’s going out of bounds on the 1 handed catch? I don’t think the Bucs were good enough to beat the Falcons last night, but when you add in the officiating, it was downright ridiculous.

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    I agree bucwild. We are as enough with our offensive and defensive line, but when you can’t get any calls either, your screwed. How that Julio Jones reception was a catch is beyond me. I’m waiting for the haters to come blame Jameis for this. All the kid does is play his ass off and give total effort. Our offensive line sucked and so did our defensive line. We need an upgrade at almost every position on defense. And why do we never play prey coverage it seems? These receivers are getting a free five years before they’re even touched? I do know that Jameis and mike Evans are fun to watch and I hope they stick to playing for this team for years to come no matter how bad we suck. Just another disappointing game for bucs fans.

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    Someone tell me if they saw what I saw on offense in the 4th quarter…. Did Glennon go out there and put on a quick 2 minute clinic? Minus the drop (which hit Barber in the hands) he was 100% on his passes. They went right into the receivers quick and accurately.

    Winston relies on a run game to open up what some consider a “passing” game (yes I still think he is overrated). Winston has proven time, and time again that he is not a deep ball threat. So, without a strong running game he’s basically and over-throwing turnover risk (see highlight of the fumble where he knocked the ball out of Smith’s hands). Considering the complete absence of a running game, I think Glennon would be the better QB right now for this team. That is if they were looking for any wins. Which, in my opinion, they aren’t even trying any more.

    Aside from that, the defense is a dumpster fire. Tackling is terrible, there is ZERO pressure coming from the front 4. McCoy is out of shape and lazy if he’s gassed by the 2nd quarter, and the CBs and safetys are getting made to look like complete morons by any receiver set. The culture is still in the crapper. None of the “C”s on that team are earning them anymore. Winston was screaming at receivers, screaming at linemen, and just in general being a bonehead behind center.

    I could rant on and on about the whole thing. So i’ll end here in case the NFL is listening, please stop putting the Bucs in national games. It’s hard enough being a loyal fan without everyone seeing first hand how terrible they are.

    Oh, and in case my season ticket rep reads this: This is why I canceled this year after 10 years of tickets. A 40% price increase because of my “premium” seats just to watch them continue to not win on the home turf. The beer is much less expensive at home. And when games like this happen, I don’t have a 2 hr ride home to think about it.

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      Naples just stop , thatmight be the dumbest thing we’ve all heard. I know it’s amazing to people like you how glennon can complete 6 checkdowns against a prevent defense. Startling I know. Jamies played his ass off last night and if you can’t see that get your eyes checked. Maybe he should’ve been screaming at his turnstile left tackle last night. And never once did I see him yell at a receiver try again.
      I’m stunned at your stupidity. But after last weeks comments form you I guess I shouldn’t be.

      1. 8.1.1


        You didn’t see him run down yelling at Shorts in the 1st quarter? Even the announcers commented on it.

        And yeah; Glennon did a dink and dunk LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO. But, the difference was he actually COMPLETED the passes. And check the game again – they were actually blitzing him in garbage time – it was not a full prevent defense.

        Call it stupidity if you want. But fact check:
        He was actually 10/11 (one blatant drop)
        He was actually blitzed
        And i’m not sure what comments you’re talking about from last week – pretty sure this is the first time i’ve posted all season.

      2. 8.1.2


        Ah – you were referring to Naplesfan’s comments from the Fab 5 last week where you couldn’t take someone saying something slightly negative about Winston. I switched my username so you don’t get confused again.

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      I love how you say this is a dink and dunk offense with jameis and then compliment glennon for dinking down the field against a prevent defense. And then complaining about Jamie’s when smith fumbled the handoff. My god man do you even read what you write or just blurt out the first crap that comes to your head?

      1. 8.2.1


        oh – and re-watch the fumble replay. Now, obviously according to you and Chefboho i have no football IQ. So i might be wrong. But this looks like a draw play to me where Jameis gives it to Smith. But then Jameis changes his mind and tries to take it back almost like it was an option play? Maybe you both could enlighten me, but you can see in the first angle he reaches back in after the hand-off is complete.


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    Naples, clearly you have ZERO football iq. Your seriously going to sit here and say glennin is the better quarterback lol. You lose all credibility after that dumb comment. You don’t think Atlanta was in prevent in the fourth quarter when glennin went in? Jameis has 9 td’s to 1int and still you bitch. Some of you fans are a joke. The kid is 22 and the youngest quarterback in the league. We couldn’t even trade glennin to quarterback hungry teams this off season because every team knows how bad he is. He had plenty of chances and couldn’t capitalize. Jameis has 1 wr. And three undrafted agents as well as te. Stop with your nonsense as I already have a headache from reading your ignorant post

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      No – read again. I’m not saying he is a better quarterback overall. I don’t think he’s the better athlete or “the quarterback of the future” (Jason Licht 2014). I am saying that considering the current state of the Bucs, Glennon is a better fit under center.

      I’m not bitching about his performance, he’s improved over last year. But hell, we’ve all said it to ourselves during game time. He needs to settle down. He needs to relax. He needs to plant his feet. He needs to *insert coaching comment here*. He doesn’t have the OL he needs. He doesn’t have the WRs he needs. There’s no running game to give any defense the thought that it’s not going to be a pass (that wont be on target).

      Let Glennon get in there and dink and dunk down the field. Or let Glennon go in there and get his ass handed to him the entire game.

      And just as a side note – i’m not the only one thinking this way…

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    When you give up 1000 yrds in two games, our problems on defense become magnified. We simply are not going to win much until we get better at rushing the QB. I fear we are going to be building on defense for at least two more drafts, and sadly we need receivers and running backs.

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    We’re at the halfway point for this season and I said I would provide a more in-depth analysis every quarter of the season that I normally provide after a game. There really isn’t much to say though that shouldn’t be obvious by now anyway.
    The D-line has suffered too many injuries to be effective, but given their history it was a long shot to plan a defense around them being healthy all season in the first place. The LB’s continue their up and down play. The secondary ranges from horrible to below average.
    Winston is playing differently than he did the first quarter, trading INT’s for inaccuracy which has not improved the team’s chances of winning games. Unless he’s playing a really bad defense he always gives you one or the other. It’s hard to group the O-line together because they all play better than average as a whole with the exception of D. Smith who has got to be the worst pass blocking LT in the league. Evans is playing great while the other WR’s are hurt or mediocre or suck (Humphries is mediocre). The RB’s are decimated with injuries and the TE’s have been…playing pretty well actually.
    Finally, our KR/PR’s suck, the punter is great and Aguayo $%^&ing sucks. I think that about covers it.

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      Pink, sometimesni agree with your evaluations and sometimes I’m not quite sure where your info comes from. Jameis had two really bad games against Arizona (shut cam down last week) and Denver who shuts almost every quarterback down. Of course there’s times he’s pressing. If you had one good receiver and a bunch of undrafted wr’s and tight ends you’d have trouble too. So much bashing of Winston is almost comical. 17-9 to ratio with 69 percent completion with a crap offensive line and a defense that can’t stop anyone. Please guru tell me what quarterback would be successful with that? I’ll wait for your answer

      1. 11.1.1


        Jameis definitely played well enough to win last night. But penalties and turnovers (fumbles), a rushing attack that faded after the first quarter, combined with a pass rush that couldn’t hold up for even two full quarters , was too much to overcome.

      2. 11.1.2


        I don’t understand your question. I don’t know what ratio and completion percentage you are referring to there. I can’t say what QB would be successful with that when I don’t know what “that” is. I can reiterate as I said above that we don’t have a crap o-line, just a crap LT. I also want to reiterate that this was a quarterly assessment of the team, not just Winston, based on what I have seen. I’m deferring any detailed discussions of Winston until after his third season when I will have a clear picture of whether we can win a Super Bowl with him. I’m also deferring the discussion that long because by then people won’t be quite as…how should I say this…under the influence…and more…sober.



          There wasn’t any question at all. You said Jameis is inaccurate and can’t play well against a good defense. You say that only LT was bad then clearly you didn’t watch the game as virtually every lineman had a holding call against them killing our drives. Dotson was best several times as well and Hawkeyes had two penalties against him. And yet you say only our left tackle was bad? No quarterback will be successful without a running game, no wr’s besides Evans, and a defense that has you throwing all game because your down. Y two td’s or more. Jameis is perfect by no means and struggles when he’s pressing but I do t see anyone out there helping him. Do you?



            Please give us an edit button. Yikes I screwed that up

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    The game started out well enough, primarily because our early running attack was productive, Jameis was mostly on-target with his passes, and Mike Evans had a monster game right up until he took the big hit that put him on concussion protocol – 150 yards and 2 TDs. The defense managed to mount a good pass rush in the early going, with a couple of sacks including a sack-fumble-recovery, and the DBs managed to keep Julio Jones in check until near the end of the half. Then it all went downhill from there.

    It started offensively with a rash of penalties that killed drives, plus two lost fumbles (one on Jameis, and another one right after the handoff). Then all of a sudden, Ryan’s pocket protection went up a bunch, leaving him to scorch us repeatedly with throws both short and especially long range, and their running backs began to outrace our LBs to the edge.

    Overall, we scored enough points to win had we controlled Ryan at the LOS, but alas, we were only able to do that slightly less than one half of the game. I don’t know that our D-line got especially tired by that point (still in the first half, while our offense had managed to sustain some long drives) … rather, seemed to be more that the Falcs made adjustments in their protection that started to click.

    Unless our D-line can sustain a rushing attack throughout the game, we are going to continue to fold in the second half for the rest of the season except when playing inept offenses like the 49ers. Unless we fix this, we are headed to another 6-10 or worse season outcome.

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    Seeing how empty the stadium was for a nationally televised game, even on Lynch’s night, it is clear that the new theme song for Buc’s fans is the Who’s “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Heck, even the Sun Bank building was done up in Lightning colors and not Bucs colors. It’s just sad.

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