As we get to less than 24 hours until the legal tampering period for free agency on March 16th, the picture for the Tom Brady sweepstakes is starting to get a little more clear. And the Bucs remain in contention to land the coveted superstar.

The Tennessee Titans were presumed to be one of the top teams in the running to pursue Brady this offseason, but they re-signed quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a four-year deal worth $118 million on Sunday, per ESPN’s Jeff Darlington. This takes the Titans out of the race for Brady.

NBC Sports analyst and Pro Football Talk co-host Chris Simms reported as well on Sunday that the 49ers, who were believed to be Brady’s first choice, are out of the running for Brady and will choose to stay with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Simms then said that he thinks it’s down to just the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Bucs to land Brady in free agency. The amount of money per year given to Brady could be a deciding factor for where he goes.

“From everything I’ve heard, it’s down to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots,” Simms said. “I don’t think that the New England Patriots are going to be willing to give 30 million dollars a year type of money. As we know, Bill Belichick drives a hard bargain and he treats it like a business no matter who it is, even if it’s the GOAT. He’s not going to just give free money.

“Between Tampa Bay, who I bet would be willing to spend bigger money on Tom Brady and maybe give him $30 million a year, as opposed to New England, who is probably going to offer him something in the $20 million dollar range. And we can’t forget that Brady is going to cost $13 million against the salary cap whether he’s on the team or not for the New England Patriots this year. So that’s why they want to find a manageable number. That’s where it stands as I know it right now, it’s Tampa Bay or New England for Tom Brady.” 

You can see the full video of Simms deciding the entire matter here.


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Pete Wood
1 year ago

Patriots aren’t willing to pay Brady thirty million a year. Titans sign Ryan Tannehill for thirty million a year. Huh? Ryan friggin’ Tannehill? What’s wrong with this picture? Can we assume Tennessee thinks Brady isn’t worth thirty million a year?
I am still trying to make sense of all of this, but if Bucs are willing to pay Brady thirty million per year, they would seem to be in the driver’s seat.

229 billmahoney
1 year ago

Keep winston bradys got maybe 1 year left Winston’s the future

1 year ago

Don’t believe it’s as simple as Tampa or NE just because SF is out. Still have Indy, LAC and possibly LV to consider as well.

1 year ago

If the bucs do a deal with Brady and then decide that they want Winston back, he may be available. Someone please show me a report that any team is interested in signing Jameis to a starting job. I’m not a Winston hater. I like his leadership, work ethic, and passing ability. Winston just makes bad decisions and it’s hard to coach that out. Brady is still a better QB at 43 and gives us a better chance to win now. Winston may be better down the road but the opportunity for Brady is now.

1 year ago

The world is a crazy place right now

1 year ago

When you look at all the top QB’s over the years that have left their long time team thinking they have a few more years left, none of them have worked out. [closest I can remember is Farve w/ the Vikes.] Tom Brady isn’t who is is just by himself, it’s Robert Kraft and his incredible organization, it’s Bill Bellichick and his unequaled ability to coach up and get the most out of every player and his assistant coaches. It’s called the Patriots Way. The bet here is that Brady will be Brady once he’s left the nest. And with… Read more »

1 year ago

Big mistake our Bucs pushing for a has been. Its Brady’s time to..walk off into the sunset. But like all others, he refuses to do so. Which leads me to believe he’s not as bright as we thought he was. Poor guy will be carried off the field if he plays for us. He won’t last a season with our line.

1 year ago

No risk it no biscuit. Take your best shot. Offer Brady 100mil over 3 years with half guaranteed.

I hope not but I still think he stays in NE though.

Go Bucs!

1 year ago