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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Pass on him. Way to many good backs in this draft.

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    No doubt Evans has to receive a contract extension and it would be an insult to him to bring in another high priced WR. Since you are saying that this is a deep WR draft, there does not seem to be any reason to bring in a free agent WR. Therefore where do you think the Bucs should spend some of their excessive cap space in free agency?

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      The end of the article stated exactly that……don’t bring in another big FA WR, ink Evans and Shepard then draft two WRs. He was just giving us (great) analysis on the available FA WR’s and then ended with him saying none are worth it. Rookie WR’s often struggle….we cannot go into 2017 without someone who defenses aren’t afraid of at WR2. I hope we don’t sign one of the big expensive ones, but find one that’s got experience and is reliable to be there while Evans is double/triple covered. Draft one (or two) and let them develop throughout the season. We need to win games starting Week 1 though….can’t afford to have a rookie WR start opposite of Evans for the first 4-5 games

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    Fab 5 Friday, awesome.
    #1 All of the mentioned receivers should be avoided like the plague. I know a few BUC fans have trotted out Pryor as an option, but I can’t see it. Jeffries has just too much baggage and the rest just don’t excite me.
    Some pundits seem to think Cordarrelle Patterson might be a good fit for us. Now that’s an interesting option. Shouldn’t cost too much and he has got a pretty good skill set.
    I still have my man crush on Mike Williams. The kid showed me heart last Monday. Will he be there at 19? No way, unless creative thinking gets involved.
    #2 Pass on Mixon. After playing Columbo I see that the incident occurred on a Friday morning. I know it’s reprehensible to hit women, but there is a but. What were these KIDS doing out on Thursday night? Don’t they have class on Friday in Oklahoma?
    What is a member of the football team doing carousing around at 2 o’clock in the morning? How much alcohol was ingested? Did she sling out the N word? Did he call her a bitch? Does Stoops have any rules on his football team? And now comes the big questions.
    Can Mixon overcome this and should the BUCS take him?
    I can’t answer any of these questions.
    But my opinion is to just say no to this individual. This incident has put major hurdles in this young mans life, as if life isn’t challenging enough for young people. The young “lady” also.
    #3 Why do these players continue to make stupid choices. Stolen credit card? Are they just that dumb or hasn’t anyone told these players that they are under the microscope. Time and time again we hear of dumbass behavior jeopardizing future million dollar paychecks. We got lucky with Winston and I trust Licht to figure this out. But ruling him out for such a ticky tacky offense does not make sense.
    After Cook and Fournett I could not even come close in suggesting a RB we should take.
    #4 The football gods just winked at the BUCS. Very glad that Mike Smith is going to hang around. Hopefully he will get the defense cooking with gas earlier than last season.
    #5 the 1 thing that I’d like to see is for the BUCS to re-sign Chris Conte. He deserves it after turning his performance around.
    I actually just said that. Strange days BUCS fans.

    1. 3.1


      It was July, summer…no classes…Mixon doesn’t drink or do drugs. Molitor, on the other hand, has a long list of run in’s with the law including intent to sell narcotics among other issues. Her friends were afraid to talk to the police because what they witnessed from her that night was no pretty and they didn’t want her to feel like they were turning on her…which they did by way of telling the truth about their “troubled” friend. Should he have hit her? No, but I raised my daughter to keep her hands to herself and have respect for others. This girl wasn’t acting very lady like and she is NOT the victim she likes to portray. Had she not pushed him the first time (which he warned her to get back from him) she decided to come in another time. I, as a woman would’ve hit her too.

      1. 3.1.1


        Now you can see why I’m not paid to solve crimes. Of course there isn’t school in July. Good point.
        If Mixon was sober that is more of a red flag to me than if he was intoxicated. Is this his judgement when he is sober and in full control of himself?
        The “lady” in question if what you said is true, and I believe it, definitely pushed harder than she should have.
        Maybe next time she think a bit before she acts.
        And if saw a video of another woman punching her out this discussion isn’t happening.
        I put lady in quotes because I don’t think she is a lady at all.
        But, men are not supposed to do this. Period. I’m pretty sure he did not feel like he had to take the action he did because he felt endangered. A couple of slaps and a push, cmon’ give me a break.
        He smack her in the mouth because it felt good.
        GO BUCS

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    Girl pushes guy. Girl slaps guy. Guy retaliates. Story is about how terrible the guy is.

    Guy pushes girl. Guy slaps girl. Girl retaliates. Story is about how the guy harrassed the girl.

    I’m not saying what he did was right, but he was definitely being egged on there and Licht will have to do some real background research on him as a person.

    1. 4.1


      You are right. There is always 2 sides to any confrontation. The whole story reeks like week old mullet. But still, you can’t smack girls around. That my friend is the difference between being a man and a boy.
      I’m pretty sure if he just argued with her this isn’t happening to him.
      GO BUCS

      1. 4.1.1


        He tried to walk away and she was having no part of that. Be careful what you wish for ladies…if you’re looking for trouble, you’ll find it if you try…which is exactly what this Non Victim did! She was asking for trouble.



          There’s no “trying” in walking away, just do it. The law requires it. There is no justification ever for a man belting a woman. The woman can ask for all the trouble in the world, and the simple answer is just walk away. It’s really easy, unless you don’t want to.



            Damn straight Naplesfan.

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    Agreed on forgetting the WRs in FA … I think it’s been pretty evident for years now that WRs tend to be the most productive rookies, able to put together excellent seasons while learning the nuances of the NFL game. Mike Evans is surely evidence enough, but looking at his draft contemporaries and those in the next coupla drafts, as long as they remain healthy they become immediately productive. Draft a speed WR in the first or second round this year, in a year with abundant choices in the draft, and we’ll be fine. Pay Evans, and save some room to pay Winston in another year after.

    Mixon – no. I am a big believer in character counting in sports. Second chances are fine, but rewarding bad guys is not giving them a second chance, it’s looking the other way.

    Drafting a running back makes good sense this year too, along with WR. But I’d prefer to take on on Day 2 or 3 of the draft, not on Day 1.

    Smith – he’s got very good judgment. Having Bortles hung around your neck in your second chance at head coaching could have been a career killer. SD would have been a better career choice, though it’s quite possible that Spanos will realize he made a mistake in going to young, and may well be back at Smith’s front porch next year or the year after.

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    Bucs Capacitor

    If we believe in second chances, the Doug Martin should be first on that list. If it requires forgiveness to draft Mixon…why would we not be doing the same and just keeping Martin instead? Doesn’t make sense to draft a guy who hit a girl over a guy who has/had a drug problem if both of them swear they learned from their mistake.

    1. 6.2


      @Bucs Capacitor, I see your point but there is one big difference – Mixon will likely be a late round pick with a cheap rookie contract. Martin is making 7m+.

      1. 6.2.1


        Good chance that Martin won’t be making $7M this year. Bucs can void his second year guarantee and offer him less of a base pay but incentives to make it up if he performs.

        I also don’t see any equivalency whatsoever between Martin, who did nothing wrong,he was simply injured and not very productive last season, and a guy who busts women in the jaw. No equivalency whatsoever.



          “Martin, who did nothing wrong”. Did you somehow miss the suspension for drug use?



            Martin violated an NFL rule …. that is not anywhere on the same plane as committing a felony assault on a weaker person.

            I didn’t say Martin is a 100% rule compliant person. Every player, every person on earth commits rules violations of something somewhere probably every day of their lives. Rules are necessary, and should be obeyed, but hey, every human being ever born on this planet is a rules violator.

            Not every person born on this planet is a woman beater, like Mixon.



          You used the phrase “nothing wrong” and what you meant was less wrong. I’ll agree, the drug use is probably a more acceptable rules violation in today’s society. However, Mixon’s violation was a single incident when he was still a teenager, as far as I know, and not a pattern of behavior as appears to be the case with Doug Martin and as is the case with those who can’t stop the abuse of their favorite potion. If that’s not the case and he is a repeat offender of striking women, then that’s a deal breaker for me too.

    2. 6.3


      How can you possible equate a woman-beater with a running back who got injured and wasn’t very productive? Hint: one of these is a bad guy who may or may not be forgiven by the world, and the other one of these is an unlucky guy who needs no forgiveness at all.

      1. 6.3.1


        No your facts, Mixon has NEVER had ANY history of hitting women, so calling him a woman-beater is excessive. You are implying that this is how he handles any problem with a female and you are incorrect.



          I have no different facts than the facts. Mixon cold-cocked a female. It’s on video. Deal with it, whoever the hell you are.



          I just saw a video of him beating a woman.
          Hence he is a woman beater.
          Not excessive to call him that. How many times do you have to beat a woman to be labeled a woman beater?
          Is this guy a friend of yours or what?

      2. 6.3.2

        Bucs Capacitor

        I’ll say what I said to chetthevette:

        No one compared Martin to Mixon…you’re looking for outrage. I’m simply saying that both did something that require forgiveness. Martin failed his team by selfishly abusing a banned substance. Mixon hit a girl. Not saying they’re equal. Just saying they both would require forgiveness (as Scott himself said). My point is, why would we go down the road of forgiving Mixon, who did something way worse, when all we have to do is forgive Martin, who is already on our team and is already a proven NFL RB.

    3. 6.4


      Comparing Martin’s situation to Mixon’s is so far fetched that I’m not believing you did it. I was nice and did not say what I really thought if Mixon. He’s a punk. Pure and simple. I’ve always thought that men who strike women as repugnant assholes.
      GO BUCS

      1. 6.4.1

        Bucs Capacitor

        No one compared Martin to Mixon…you’re looking for outrage. We’re actually saying the same thing.

        I’m simply saying that both did something that require forgiveness. Martin failed his team by selfishly abusing a banned substance. Mixon hit a girl. Not saying they’re equal. Just saying they both would require forgiveness (as Scott himself said). My point is, why would we go down the road of forgiving Mixon, who did something way worse, when all we have to do is forgive Martin, who is already on our team and is already a proven NFL RB.



          Point taken Capacitor. I’m not looking for outrage though. Outrage does not require a search in todays troubled world. I wonder how many female BUCS fans would be willing to turn the other cheek and say “hey lets draft that guy that beat the shit out of that girl in Oklahoma”.
          Forgiveness comes in all shapes and forms. I truly hope Mixon has seen the light and changed his ways.
          As far as Martin goes, my attitude is not outrage or any other state of mind where forgiveness is required.
          Befuddlement, that’s how I feel about Doug Martin. How many times does it take to reinforce the idea that they are going to fire you when you ingest these substances?
          And I am a truly huge Martin fan. And yes I want him to be on our team
          I’m just not ready give Mixon a pass just yet.
          GO BUCS

  7. 7


    I admit I have been one of the guys saying get a FA WR and draft one in the 3rd or 4th. I can get on board with the majority and see that as a bad idea, however, I think we are over valuing some of these players in FA money wise. I will be shocked if a couple of them get the money you think they might Scott. Of the teams who will be WR needy, Tampa Bay has to be at or near the top of every FA WR’s list so some patience could really pay off if any of the WR’s find the market isn’t what they thought it would be. I said I was getting on board and here I am still trying to sell it! (Would be as happy as any of you to see Evans and Davis beasting out there).

    I have no opinion on Mixon. I think about how dumb I was at 17, and the mistakes I made coming from a close knit family and town, it is so easy to make a bad decision. I am not sure where Mixon comes from but I wonder how dumb my mistakes would have been had I not come from a stable environment where good examples were set everyday. I wish he would have been drunk honestly, making that decision sober seems indefensible.

    Happy we are getting Smith back, hopefully we can keep the coaches and our core together for a number of years. That is the only way to change the culture, if it hasn’t changed already, and keep it that way.

    So, no to FA WR, I am looking forward to an article where we discuss the FA’s the Bucs should be targeting. I suppose I am getting ahead of myself and we have to see who is retained or let go from our own guys. Great article Scott!

  8. 8


    I think the Bucs should look to the draft for their future WR talent. But if I was Licht, I might take a look at Ted Ginn Jr. and see what he has left in the tank. I think the drop off in his production this past season was mainly due to the drop off in Cam’s production. From what I see of Ginn Jr., he still has that joey Galloway speed.

    Also, I would also be interested in taking a look at Michael Floyd. I have to disagree about counting out Floyd because Arians cut him. Just because Arians cut him, that would not be a deciding factor for me, nor should it be for Licht. I would take that into consideration and keep it in the back of my mind. But that’s as far as that would go. Arians needs would not equal my needs, or should I say the Bucs needs. This is what I like about Belichick, he forms his own decisions about talent. Floyd might be a great WR 2 option who is still young and has a lot of talent, and upside. But it would depend on what his situation is with the DUI, which more than likely will get pleaded down, and where his head is at. But he might be a good pick up for a prove it deal. Some how I doubt he will get away from New England though.

  9. 9

    Hank Scorpio

    1. I’m pretty indifferent on all of the FA WRs. If we sign one, that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. Stills and Britt would be my top 2 FA targets though. There’s only 2 WRs worth taking in the 1st rd at this point, and that’s Mike Williams and Corey Davis. If those guys are gone when it gets to our pick, then hopefully we wait a round or two before taking a receiver, because anyone else would be a huge reach.

    2. Mixon is a take. He made a huge mistake as an 18 yr old, has gained perspective and taken steps needed to improve himself as a person. People like Mixon can be great additions to a team if they truly have changed because of the constant need they feel to prove that they’re not going to be defined by one bad choice. Depending on how the first couple rounds are shaking out, I think we should pick him in the 3rd. I wouldn’t even be mad if we picked him in the 2nd so long as our first pick is an OL.

  10. 10


    For those who have not seen it, here is the Mixon punch video:


    1. 10.1


      Sorry for reposting the video in the blog, I guess I wasn’t paying attention when reading the article. I’m just now going back and watching the videos.

      I look at the Mixon situation like this. I am a forgiving person, and I am all about second chances. But forgiveness isn’t the only thing there is. Even though someone gets forgiven they still have to face the consequences of their actions, whatever that may be. If the Bucs feel that he is worth the draft spot, then I trust them if they choose to draft him. But if they pass on him, then I will support that decision too.

      1. 10.1.1


        Agreed … in my mind, giving Mixon a second chance is drafting him in the 7th, or signing him as a UDFA with no guaranteed money, and ax him the second he misbehaves.

        Drafting this bully in the first round is rewarding him in spite of his very bad behavior. Doing that tells him and others (and fans and kids), that it’s OK to beat up women as long as you know how to perform on the field.



          Must be nice to pass judgement about an individual that you know NOTHING about! He doesn’t “beat up women”. Lets try not to judge his character on ONE episode, where he tried to walk away from a very drunk, sloppy “girl” who had been coming at him for a good part of that evening.



            I can watch a video, and yes, I can pass judgment that Mixon belted a female which is a moral crime, and if prosecuted it would put him in jail.

            I don’t need to know a goddamned thing about his history, his predilections, how nice he is to puppies and children … he is a woman beater. It matters not in the slightest what the woman was doing. Under the law, a man has to walk away and if he so desires, he can file a lawsuit or a criminal charge against her. That happens to be the law on the books, and it happens to be the moral law of our western culture, both of which seems to totally elude you.



            Nobody is Judging Mixon’s character here. But what we can judge, because we have video evidence, is his action. To forgive someone means we accepted the apology they have given and we do not bring their action back up against them in the future. But there is consequences for every action we take that stands apart from forgiveness. Whatever those consequences are, that person will face them. No one escapes the consequences of their actions. This is not an assault on his character, it is a fact of life. Our character defines us by what we do when nobody is watching. However it can be revealed in front of the world when it is caught on tape.

            As far as Mixion “tried to walk away,” I don’t see that. After watching the video not only did he stand there, he did a head fake first as if he and her was in a boxing ring, then he blasted her. She was too drunk to even catch the head fake. That movement alone should have been enough for Mixon to realize how inebriated the girl was and walk away. But he didn’t. He continued on to blast her in the jaw.

  11. 11


    I know this isn’t going to make me popular (big surprise) but after seeing tte Joe Mixon video, someone has to state the obvious without fear of being castrated by FemiNazis.
    Where does it say a man has to let a grown woman first push and then strike him with her fist in his face without naturally retaliating which is exactly what happens in the video.
    Now before everyone gets their torches and pitchforks out, I am not supporting or condoing anyone to cold cock a woman.
    The prudent thing for Mixon to have done would have been to call the police. Then she could have spent a night in the cooler for assault snd battery.
    But when your 18 with a head full of testosterone, prudent is usually the last thing that occirs to you.
    A persons natural reaction when they are attacked is usually one of two things.
    Fight or flee.
    I don’t think a man should hit a woman at any time,but if they do so after what happened to Mixon and yes, even Ray Rice who was punched by his wife, I am a lot more forgiving.

    1. 11.1


      Really? You need an explanation?

    2. 11.2


      Dear drd,
      Is there some thing written down where a man doesn’t cold cock a woman. That’s the law man. Every domestic violence call responded by police is rewarded with an arrest. And guess who gets thrown in the clink. The Man. not every time, but most.
      18 years old or not, suck it up, take few girly slaps and move on. I think some 250 lb linebacker trying to take his head off in a game is much more daunting.
      Now I agree with most of your posts, but this is way out there man.
      GO BUCS

      1. 11.2.1


        I suppose if you had a situation where a female MMA champion cold cocked a guy, or one of those movie hero gals who manages to kick the asses of dozens or hundreds of hapless drones because of the magic of computer generated graphics, perhaps the woman might get arrested, charged, and convicted. Ir perhaps there may be some guys who are just incapable of going toe to toe with a female, and thus deserve some sort of protection. A judge and jury can sort out those outlier cases whenever they arise.

        But for most real world men and women, the power differential is clearly in favor of the male and therefore the male is obliged to not hit the gals.



          Girls can’t be abusive, and bank on the fact that a man won’t or shouldn’t hit her. Keep your hands to yourself. If you want to be treated like a lady, then act like one.



            That is not the law on the books, nor the moral law of western culture. Abusive women exist – a male capable of physically overpowering an abusive woman is obliged under the law to walk away. It’s really easy, unless you’re an abusive a-hole yourself and/or you are unable of controlling your feelings like a man.

  12. 12


    I get it…but believe we need one FA unless we are sure there will be a large group of very good ones next year, just in case we can’t extend or keep Evans. Sign one, draft one, and we should be in good shape. And if Evans moves on, we still have a group of serviceable receivers.

  13. 13


    Not terribly impressed by Mixon. I am, however, impressed by Gibson. If he can get off blocks he looks like an excellent addition to the squad. My only concern is that he’s about two feet too short for Jameis.

  14. 14


    PC rears its ugly head again. I might be the wrong guy to remark on the Mixon situation because I was a victum of domestic violence on more than one occasion (my bad for staying but love is strange) and once was hospitalized and in ER for 8 hours. I tried to slow down the video, but was unsuccessful. It looks to me like he started to walk away and she went after him and pushed him. Then she went for his throat and tried to choke him. That when he repsponded with the right hook. I think she should have been charged as well. Was he supposed to stand there and let her choke him? However, his response was way over the top.
    However, trouble follows this guy and I would not risk a first round pick on a troubled RB. Maybe he falls to the 2nd round. RB are easy to find later in the draft. I don’t like picking runners in the 1st round anyway unless his name is Herschel or BO or AP.

  15. 15

    Buc 1976

    As for drafting Mixon 5-7 round and a VERY SHORT LEASH!!

    1. 15.1

      Buc 1976

      At some point a woman crosses a line from Lady to Bully!
      I unfortunately know because I was in a relationship with one! I NEVER hit her because I was taught not to at a young age and I was much older than Mixon.
      What he did was WRONG and hopefully he learned a VALUABLE LESSON.

  16. 16


    Regarding Jacksonville, I agree with Dilfer. It is an awful place to live. I know because , although a Tampa native I worked there for three years before my work took me to Honolulu 28 years ago. That’s agreat city. When I was transfered there from Tampa I was burglarized 2 times in 3 months! People I knew were murdered! Race relations were so bad you could feel as soon as you left St. Agustine and headed North. I’ve never seen so many rednecks in my life. A while back I was on the mainland for a visit and driving south I drove around the city because I dadn’t even want to see it!

    1. 16.1


      I don’t consider Jax as a city in Florida. I call it south Georgia. But that is doing Georgia a disservice.
      Jacksonville has always sucked.
      As far as Dilfer calling Bortles terrible, he got stones that’s for sure. I had to start a QB and my choices were Dilfer and Bortles,
      I’d kick Dilfer to the curb.
      GO BUCS

  17. 17


    The Bucs should absolutely make acquiring a free agent WR a priority with the preference being Desean Jackson. We acquired Vincent Jackson via free agency so everyone that thinks there’s no way you can make a smart move in free agency must have forgotten that. Desean has an edgy personality but I dont recall this ever being an issue prior to Chip Kelly making his ill advised comments about this supposed gang affiliation that was unfounded and more racist than actual revelation. Take him because of his long speed which reminds me of Joey Galloway, another free agent WR, that worked out for us and ran well late into his career. Alshon I would only take at around 8-10M a year, if he doesn’t want that then i’d pass him over. The rest of the guys mentioned we would be better off passing on with the exception of Cordarelle Patterson who was not mentioned and could help our return game if nothing else which should make him a target.
    As for Mixon I’ve stated several times he should be drafted. He will be drafted late round which mitigates the risk and should be very motivated to put that incident behind him. If this organization did not exercise forgiveness then we would have passed on Jameis in the midst of his issues at Florida St, or cut ASJ the first time issues came up with him and the list goes on. Mixon is a 1st round talent at a position of need for us, so yes drafting him makes sense. People love to point out New England until it’s time to apply their logic to ALL phases of the football team. They have taken the Legarette Blount leap everytime he’s available due to his talent. You can structure deals to get rid of players that have off the field issues at any point as we saw with ASJ so there’s no real risk. If the kid messes up again we cut him and move on, if not we take the leap of faith that he’s past it and get an extremely talented player in round 5 or 6. For those vehemently against I’d like to ask would you rather have Joey Iosefu or Mixon, Kailin Clay or Mixon and the list goes on of late round picks we have wasted on players that didnt even crack the roster. Trust that the leadership we have in place can handle Mixon and make the selection. The only way I say no is if we are able to get Cook or Fournette in round 1. Jason Licht has rolled the dice on players of lesser talent (see our 2nd round kicker for details), was apart of an organization that drafted Tyronn Mathieu and we see how that worked out for them. Talent comes in many forms and we are in no position to take a player off the board for once incident, even if we hit a woman that ultimately struck him first and charged at him.

    1. 17.1


      Good point stlbucsfan. We too often forget about the draft choices that fail to stick like the names you mentioned. Last season folks here were gushing over Danny “Superback” Vitale, who was unimpressive in Training Camp and is now a Cleveland Brown. When fans bemoan the Roberto Aguayo selection there was no guarantee that the alternative would have been any better. Teams often are willing to take chances on players with injuries and incidents in their background that make them a risk. As Bruce Ariens says, “No risk it, no biscuit”. A single incident of losing one’s cool when being physically attacked is far different than a long term reputation as a “bully”. If Mixon or any other potential draftee is to be considered I trust that Licht will investigate thoroughly. Same can’t be said for Jerry Jones and his choice of Randy Gregory that was widely applauded by some who drool over the Cowboys owner and GM. .

      1. 17.1.1


        Men don’t hit women, period, unless they are abusers. The law doesn’t say, “well, you didn’t really mean it, dude, so it’s ok to cold cock a female”.

        A judge may take into account any prior history in determining a fair sentence … a history of serial assault demands a stiffer sentence than no priors. But an offense is an offense.

        As a practical matter, criminal history and social science says that most physical abusers are in fact serial physical abusers … they may only have been caught on tape once, or did the deed with eyewitnesses around only once, but much more often than not, it is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, until they get their heads right.

        Abusers can mend their ways. Allowing second chances is part of our western culture. But sloughing it off as, “he only did it once” (uhhh, there is absolutely no way in hell you or any other person outside of the abuser and his victims can say that) is just making excuses, not giving him a second chance.

        What you are doing is simply looking the other way and you are fine with hiring an abuser on the Bucs as long as he never gets caught doing it again, and if that happens, “well, so sad, too bad”.



          Well Naples, you make some valid points, but then I guess you would’ve never drafted Jameis then? You’re making a lot of assumptions about a person you have never met for a second in your entire life. I’m not here to debate about what he did, right or wrong, that opinion will be different for everyone and the situation is different in every occasion.
          However , as I’m sure you’ve never done anything wrong, your stats and social sciences should tell you there are also things called outliers, and that means any situation could be vastly different. So you should get all of the act before passing your “judgment”.

  18. 18


    Do all you people think women are so weak, and helpless that they could not possibly inflect harm while attacking someone? Have you watched some of these MMA chicks? Woman are cops, firemen, solders, so if one is looking to start a fight with a man, don’t hide behind the woman card, better be ready to deal. Mixon should be commended for viewing her as an equal combatant. So yeah, I’d draft him.

  19. 19


    RE Mixon, seems like we went through this a couple of years back. How has that worked out? My philosophy remains the same. If the federal and state agencies say you have all rights of citizenship and you are free to participate in society, the NFL accepts your application for the draft and assigns you a draft grade, and you can really play, you should be allowed to play.

    What the young man did was unacceptable, even inexcusable, but certainly forgivable. The Bucs, like all NFL teams have methods and procedures for vetting players before the draft. If it is their decision after such scrutiny, to draft Mixon, I will welcome him as a Buc and expect he would uphold the high standards we have for our team and play up to his ability to help us win games.

    Good luck to the young woman as she moves on to pursue her life ambitions and hopefully Mixon does the same. One unfortunate incident on one non-descript evening shouldn’t determine the outcome for the balance of their lives!


    1. 19.1


      Macabee – nobody here is arguing over what Mixon is “allowed” to do or not do. The league decides that.

      The question is, do we want Mixon on our team?

      It seems to be that a majority of the commenters here so far are a firm “no”, but others disagree. I don’t want him on the team I support.

      1. 19.1.1


        Nobody here is arguing period! I read your post and you have every right to your opinion. But you know that’s not how it works or Jameis Winston would not be our QB. Tony Dungy and our own coach Koetter disagreed with the pick as they had a right. They simply weren’t the decision makers.

        The Bucs have vetting procedures and I’m pretty sure Licht and the Glazers take the info and research seriously. But don’t enamor yourself. The Bucs are not going to ask your and my opinion or canvass PR posters to see if they agree or not.

        I heard you loud and clear, you’re a “no” vote. I’m a qualified “yes” vote, that is if he passes FO vetting. I’m making a distinction without a difference. Mixon is not my first choice for RB. I published a post that said if the Bucs insisted on drafting a RB, my choice would be D’Onta Foreman/Texas.

        Personally, I would not even draft a RB this year, I’d like to wait on Saquon Barkley/PSU or Derrious Guice/LSU. You see I can say things like this because in the grand scheme of things, nobody that matters is going to ask my opinion! lol.



          macabee: Your opinions are always sound, well though out, deal with facts more than perception, are without bias and without ego. Same can’t be said of everyone herein. You might not believe this, but some actually believe their opinions ARE facts.



            You mean, apparently, that the video of Mixon cold-cocking a female is an opinion, and not a fact?

            You don’t get any more open and shut factual than that – Mixon did what he did. It’s on the video, dammit.

            The opinion part is not wanting someone like that representing the Bucs. An opinion I have, but others can have different opinions on that.

            But you and others here (not Macabee) seem entirely confused on the difference between fact and opinion.



          “Nobody is arguing here, period!”

          I really like your exclamation point there , Macabee … its use says you really emotionally argue that there is no arguing here. Uhhhh, your use of an exclamation point gives you away, dude.

          Well, read a few of the comments here by Kaks and if that is not “argument” then what is?

          At least you get that the facts are not in dispute, but others (including apparently scubog) seem unable to tell fact from opinion.



            I wouldn’t take it personally unless Scubog calls you out by name, then you can defend your words. I’ve learned over the years it is just his style and he means no harm in his wording. Most times I do agree with Scubog.



            Naples: I was complementing macabee. But, as Carley Simon would sing, “you probably think this song is about you”. As my friend Horse noted, I never mentioned you Naples, Your narcissism is so rampant I suspect you think everything is about you.

            In this case, it is a fact that Mixon hit a girl and in anyone’s book of life that’s wrong. It’s opinion when someone makes judgement of a teenager’s single incident and marks him for life when they know nothing about him. .

            Now if he had sexually abused a child he should be branded forever. Those folks never change.

            For the record the question posed by Scott was if Mixon is worth the risk. Scubog’s official position is I don’t know and won’t know enough. Depends on the risk. Much easier to pass on him than to hope he is not the person in the video. The bad player avoided is almost as good as the good player.



          Hey Mac
          If I saw a video of Winston sexually assaulting a women I think that he would not be welcome on our team.
          Big difference between these 2 guys.

  20. 20


    Nice fab 5 Scott to get the base frothing!

    I believe we need to sign a veteran WR going into 2017. The money and the player needs to be right but we have “no” WR other than Evans (Humphries is exclusively a slot). Rookies will not be ready hot off the draft, and if the BUCS are going to push for the playoffs in 2017 they need to start with vet next to Mike. Yes, draft 2 WR

    Mac is absolutely correct. Winstons sexual assault & other college issues were questionable. Spence, gracious. We have to trust that Licht will vet it out fellow fans, and if we draft him give him a chance like Winston & Spence. They haven pros on and off the field. One thing is for sure the kid can play & is a special talent.

    Yippie that Smith is staying, that is a very good omen for 2017! Still shake my head that there was any thought of firing him 5 games in.

    In Licht we trust, GO BUCS!!

  21. 21


    PS- if Winston is going to take the next step as a QB he needs more help. Rookies late in rd 1 & 2 aren’t likely to be impact players game 1.

  22. 22


    That’s why I depise u so much macabee. You are to level headed and make way to much sense.
    You make the rest of us look and sound like the huge lumbering dinosaurs that we are.

    1. 22.1


      He is the voice of reason Dr.D.

  23. 23

    BUC 727

    How long does a young man have to pay for one mistake? I haven’t heard of any incidents since. He served his probation and lost a year of football. I feel that he’s done his time.
    On the football side with that year off, plus the fact that he split time with Perrine, means he has lots of tread left. I definitely think he would be worth a 4th round pick if available.

  24. 24


    Looks to me like there are plenty of RB’s, WR’s to draft later in the draft. I would go for DL, OL , CB, TE in rounds 1,2,3,4.
    As to present available Free Agents; I would hold my fire and see who will blink and settle for much less in the WR arena and still draft one in the later rounds. I wouldn’t be so fast to forget VJ if he is healthy and willing to be reasonable about playing one more year. Also thing Doug will be ready to prove he is still a good RB. Bucs don’t have to do anything for three games. Go Bucs!

  25. 25


    Great SR5 and as always logical non aggressive comments. I don’t have much to add, most views have been covered above. Mixon has a right to change and if he can (like Jameis) mature into a productive asset and amicable teammate then I have no problem drafting him. I agree Free agency seems to get less reliable each year. It seems like you get 1 gem for every 3 busts. I haven’t Lost interest in Martin or VJax. Especially Jackson who is a model citizen and a team leader. I would not pay him a fortune but I certainly would give him a chance to compete. Hell I might put him a TE on occasion. Martin on the other hand has some proving to do. Don’t like the PED problem and he is prone to injury. Again salary would be a factor but I would at least invite him to compete. The thing about Doug is when he is good he is really good, but when he is bad it is 2 yds. and a pile of crap. Finally I like Corey Davis and the kid out of Texas Forman at RB. More weapons for Winston.

  26. 26



    I am not attacking your opinion. What you think is as valid as any opinion offered. What I’m saying is that of the many opinions offered, some will differ from yours and mine. I will vigorously attack facts that I know to be untrue. You see facts are stubborn things. But i hesitate to question an opinion because in time they may become fact.

    Let me offer another observation about the Bucs, not fact, just observation. You know that the Bucs chose Vincent Jackson after a number of DWI infractions in San Diego – been a model citizen since. And the Winston story is well chronicled. They picked up WR Josh Huff after being waived by the Eagles for a gun charge – case still pending, value to be determined. And just last night, they did this. Please read the last paragraph.

    For the second time in a week, the Bucs have added a player from the Canadian Football League, signing former Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Jeff Knox Jr. on Friday night.

    Knox, 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, has played the last two seasons in the CFL, with 112 tackles as a rookie in 2015, breaking a team record set by current NFL linebacker Jerrell Freeman. He had 65 tackles and another 19 on special teams (fifth-highest in CFL) in 2016 and is the second CFL player to sign with the Bucs, following receiver Derel Walker.

    The 24-year-old played Division II college football at California University of Pennsylvania, just south of his hometown of Pittsburgh. Knox was dismissed from Pittsburgh a month into his freshman year in 2010 after he was arrested and accused of assault against a woman; he later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault.

    Here is my point! The Bucs appear willing to take a chance on players with imperfect off-field records. It appears that all of those player have high upside – perhaps worth the risk. Mixon, I’m careful to add, falls into that category. Now they may never go near Mixon and that will be fine with me, but it appears they’re not afraid to take a look.

    You, my friend may disagree but you can rest assured your opinion will be respected by me! Go Bucs!

    1. 26.1


      Macabee, thank you once again for the information. Looks to me like the Bucs are going to bring some competition to compete with Bond for LB Smith position? What’s your thoughts on this?

      1. 26.1.1



        I don’t know enough yet to say anything about the value of the Bucs latest additions. My intuition is the same as yours. I think they want competition at every position – kicker too! lol.

  27. 27


    A lot of wasted comments regarding off field issues with Mixon here. I mentioned this on another tread and one comment alluded to the fact that they had a man crush on Mike Williams, if he is there, that’s who I see as a potential great asset to our passing game, guy goes after the ball and makes great adjustments and great catches. He’s also got good size and speed. My second option would be to go grab that beast of a lineman from Bama (Cam Robinson) which is a win/win for our pass protection and run game.

    1. 27.1


      Yes I got a man crush on Williams, and yes Cam Robinson is on my wish list.
      One thing though, these comments aren’t wasted. It’s good to have open discourse of all kinds of comments.
      I don’t think less of anyone for their opinions.
      First amendment and all that good stuff.
      GO BUCS

  28. 28


    Licht has a preference to filling pressing needs. One, sign a free agent and two use a high round pick. The one-two approach paid off in 2016; Grimes-Hargreaves and Ayers-Spence. I expect him to do the same in 2017. Look for value free agents that may have just a couple of productive years left.

  29. 29


    Simply put, draft picks we have few of, cap room we have lots of, and holes we have a plenty. Taking a chance on a speed WR to draw coverage while drafting a WR with a big catch radius – especially since our QB has yet to prove he has the kind of accuracy on display by the elite QBs in the playoffs – makes sense to me.
    We don’t have the luxury of using two high picks on WR and while a few guys have shown flashes we don’t have a reliable #2 so we really don’t have a choice. And, per my earlier posts we’d better use at least one high pick on OL this year if not two or JW will be taking a ride in the spleen cart before too long.

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