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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Awesome Fab5! You nailed it, Scott, regarding the OL. Mr. Licht and his staff are good a identifying a position group that is strong/weak in the draft. Last couple of drafts were good for o-linemen. The Bucs capitalize on that. This year, the ol group was not as strong, which you pointed out, so they went in a different direction. I think that sometimes we as fans judge players and groups of players in a stagnant matter, which is a mistake. In other words, this is all you are going to get from a player or group of players. People grow and change as do group of players. As this OL works together, they will get better.
    I think also with the addition of Desean Jackson and Chris Godwin, this will stretch the field which will help the OL. Plus, with the drafting of O.J. Howard will help also. I believe the future is bright with this OL!

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    Why do you have to brag Scott in your opening statement? Is it necessary? We fans can figure it out on our own where the team stands at this point and time. This seems to be the new thing in the world; bragging. I don’t care for it at all.
    I do like the TE position we are in right now. I still have some concerns with our DL and OL because we have had many injuries at these two positions. It’s great we have back ups, but how comfortable are you when they have to start? I’m sure not comfortable at all. I don’t see the back ups pushing the starters for their jobs; just don’t see it.
    I know we are going to be competitive, but so are all the other teams we are going to play. No back QB and no promising back up to actually replace a DL or OL as a starter; instead we have some back ups that were starters and are now back ups; that alone tells me we’re not there yet, but getting closer. Go Bucs!

    1. 2.1


      I don’t see it as bragging, but more as marketing the strengths of the site. When you watch a truck commercial, they talk about all the awards they have won, which seperates them from the rest of the competition. Scott pointing out how often they are right about all things Bucs is just a way of them trying to prove why they are the best Bucs news outlet.

    2. 2.2


      I don’t care for it either horse. Don’t care what you call it either, bragging, boasting, marketing… There’s other, more tasteful ways of saying, “you heard it here first”. I wasn’t even one of those fans/ subscribers you mentioned clamoring for offensive line help. I imagine I’d be even more offended if that were the case.

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    So Brate ISN’T upset with drafting Howard. I see what you did there…

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    Nice fab 5 Scott. I didn’t think you were bragging, horse must be cranky this morning.

    I think the BUCS had a nice draft and added good pieces. Time will tell.
    I’ve said it before, I believe the BUCS have a great core, but it is going to take a couple more years of good drafting for this team to be solid top to bottom. Grimes & Ayers are bridges, and hopefully they’ll hold up a couple more years. (We might be able to add Dotson to this list)

    Question, I still think the BUCS are 1 WR short from a good core. Do you see the team adding another veteran before camp to add quality depth? (i.e.-like a Shorts)

    The live draft streaming was fun, especially during the first round. I don’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing that you and man bun knew each team’s picks 2 picks ahead of ESPN. I hope PR continues it in the future.

    In Licht we Trust, GO BUCS

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    Had we signed free agent Joe Thomas, we could have ended anyone’s questions about the OL.

  6. 6


    Great read Scott and as usual thought provoking. I feel comfortable with this years OL strategy. I always felt that Marpet would eventually move to center and I am glad that they brought Hawley back as a versatile back-up. Sweezy will move into the guard position and I truly am confident he will perform well. None of the first round OL in this years draft were graded high enough to start. I would much prefer drafting OL next year and letting our current players continue to mature and play through their best seasons this year. Stockard may be on the bubble this year. 8 years and the kids are breathing down his neck. The role of TE is changing.
    While Howard miraculously fell to us I think Godwin was the pick Licht really targeted. Ever since the Evans, Vjax, ASJ trio went down the tubes I have sensed Licht looking for that third piece. Only instead of height he opted for speed and it looks like he got it. Over all I believe we had an excellent draft and due to the quality of vets, FA’s, and draftee’s I really don’t see much in our UDFA class.

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    The Bucs will regret not getting an OL in the first 4 rounds. They are also going to regret not solving the safety position by drafting the slow Justin Evans. I am very excited by the picks of OJ and Godwin. The RB seems undersized but maybe he can provide the receiving punch another bust by Licht (Sims) has failed to produce.

    1. 7.1


      I bet at the end of the year you will regret making this post.

    2. 7.2


      Why would we need a fourth round OL in a very poor draft for linemen? Who would he replace? Baboze.

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    Good FAB 5 SR, as usual. I wanted to mention that i watched you and Trevor (on the tv) on the first 2 draft days and never went back to ESPN or NFL Network. No commercials and conversations usually centered on our Bucs. Personally, can beat it! forget the web site articles and put Mark on. I like the 3 of you…good chemistry.

    1. 8.1


      I have to agree with Dbuc63. I had NFL Network on mute while listening to you guys. I really enjoyed it. Is it possible for you guys to do this for pre-seasons games?

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    Brates comment about French being a romantic language gave me a chuckle. While that may be true, Quebexican, also know as Franglais up here, is a dirty variation of French that they speak in Quebec. Looking forward to seeing what this kid brings as he’s from Canada’s top collegiate football program (they’re also the only school of 26 that play college ball that makes money off their program and have a GM to manage them)

  10. 10


    Let me be clear. I’ve got nothing against my French Canadians counterparts (I could walk to Quebec from where I grew up), but their version of the language is gross. That is all.

  11. 11


    Speaking of bragging, all indications were Jackson would’ve been the pick at 19 had Howard not been available, according to who? I believe you were the only one mocking him to the Bucs Scott, so unless you got that nugget straight from Licht, all indications are you’re just guessing like the rest of us. Then you mention we would’ve picked the Toledo T.E. had we not drafted Howard. There were a lot of other good T.E.’s available so again it sounds like you are bragging a bit. As Sgt. Joe Friday use to say, just the facts Maam.

  12. 12

    Alldaway 2.0

    Licht gambled with the OL issues in the past so that is why Bucs fans are unsure of the unit.

    Plus, the Bucs are relying on Benonch, and Wester to come into their own. While improvement from D. Smith, A. Marpet. K. Pamphile, and JR Sweazy would all be great. It is Benonch and Wester progressions respectively that will make or break the Bucs offense if injuries do happen. Plus, E. Smith is guaranteed to be around forever with the team, so lets hope the Bucs trust in young guys like Benonch and Wester pays off.

  13. 13


    Unless Auclair can’t handle the heat, I will be shocked if he does not make the team.

    Reason – This is Brate’s Contract year.

    1. 13.1


      I agree that TE Auclair has a good chance to make the team – Koetter said yesterday that they’re high on him. Re Cam Brate, He just signed an EFRA contract. Next year 2018 he would be a RFA for which a tender would be required. Not a UFA contract year until 2019. However, I don’t think it will get that far as I’ve heard the Bucs are working on an extension. Read all of your posts and they’re very good. Go Bucs!


      1. 13.1.1


        Thanks for the compliment. I normally seek out your comments too because I like that you reference other articles. Not sure PR likes that but it puts the frosting on the cake.

        I’m always concerned about FA whether it be UFA or RFA, as so the Bucs should be. There is always a chance a team offers a player a Knucklehead contract in RFA that the Bucs would be stupid to match. Or worse case if the Bucs do not progress this year, Brate could seek playing with a winning team. Doesn’t Brate check off every box the Patriots like in a player. UGH



          I know he checks off one.

  14. 14


    I’m 6 time zones behind you so you might not see this, at least until tomorrow, but you guys do an awesom job! Sometimes we (I) forget to tell you. I’ve been following you since I subscribed to your monthly in the 90’s. The only Buc’s news I ever got out here in Hawaii.

  15. 15


    Good grief Scott, I certainly did not think it was bragging and was not “offended” by your pointing out what you either were told or sensed about the organization’s evaluation of our offensive (no pun intended) line. See, here in Bucville, if folks believe it, some don’t want you disputing their opinion with those pesky facts. Perhaps Pewter Report sould have one of those “Safe Zones” where readers can enter a message board that only contains their own ill advised happy thoughts being regurgitated.

    I am looking forward to Training Camp and seeing the progression of an offense that looks to be the best we’ve ever had.

  16. 16


    “It’s just a number. He’ll figure it out. He’ll make his own presence felt with his own number.” -Stocker on #88

    Oh snap. Stocker trying to talk with a little swag.

  17. 17


    Good article. I don’t see any problem with a little ‘stride of pride’ when you make a prediction in the draft that comes true. Maybe some of the readers who complained are worried that this site might become more like Joebucsfan.com. If you want to see some straight brat-frat boy with his polo shirt collar turned up bragging, go over and check that out!

    I’m still leery of the depth on the OL, particularly at RT. The movement of Marpet to center won’t have any effect on that. It may be that Dotson just had a bad year (he did have a concussion, which can be very serious) and will recover, but I don’t know who will play there if he doesn’t have a good year, or goes down with injury.
    But, you can’t have solid depth everywhere, unless you’re the NE Patriots (who apparently have a deal going with the devil).

  18. 18


    Great article as usual Scott! It is always a must read for any Bucs fan. And once again Martin is looking good.(with his job on the line or contract year). I just wish the Bucs would have brought someone in to push him to greatness or out the door.

  19. 19


    Our offense is looking scary! Adding Howard allows for more TE sets which will in turn help the OL. Not to mention, we’re getting Sweezy back in the mix which should be another great addition. Our OL did improve even though we didn’t draft anyone new.

  20. 20


    I have no idea what the bragging conversation is all about…. Thanks for the articles. I thought the draft went well and am hoping the offensive line stays healthy and we have a workable set of RBs. And a reliable kicking game.

  21. 21


    Has there been any response for the questions posed by the members? If so I missed it and would like to have an opportunity to read it.

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