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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Great work on the Fab 5, Scott… and yes, Mark, Trev and the crew do a great job keeping all of us “football geniuses” well informed throughout the year and I certainly appreciate it. I think that the talent level is not longer the question. It’s there. The questions that I have now are… Is Koetter the coach to take this team to the next level and is Smitty’s scheme going to work now that we have the talent in place? Oh, on a side note; I’m noticing that the PR website is freezing as I scroll to the bottom of the pages?

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      e, I can give you a possible reason why that is happening. My internet security has blocked 143 data collection attempts via this website after being on it for 25 min. This site and one of my e-mail accounts get the most blocked data information attempts. We all know about tracking so I’ll leave that up to you…

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        Thanks for the update, DBuc! I’m not super savvy on the inner workings of websites… Is it from PR or outside sources?

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    Buc 1976

    I am looking forward to see this Defense Line this year.

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    First, gotta give credit to Pewter Report for the great scoops leading up to the draft. I feel like PR readers are more informed than 99% of all other fans because of the great work you guys do. So many hits across the mock drafts and Best Bets. Kudos.

    That said, that was quite the puff piece for Vea. I have all the hope that he succeeds, but forgive me for being skeptical that a guy who had 3.5 sacks his senior year at college can be a viable NFL pass rusher. If he cant, then this is a blown pick. His career will always be compared to Derwin James’s for me. Only time will tell if Licht made the correct pick.

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      This tells you who the educated fans are versus the uneducated fans. If you think Vea getting 3.5 sacks is going to decide whether this is a blown pick or not, you really need to take up a different sport as a hobby. Because that’s so far from the reason they drafted him it’s not even funny. There’s so much more that goes into it. If the Bucs didn’t have McCoy, yeah I’d agree that maybe 12 is a little too high for Vea. But his job is not to get sacks. His job is to completely shut down the run and demand double teams so that McCoy( who’s never in his life seen a one on one), and JPP, can can get freed up to get to the QB. It’s as simple as that. His job as a freak athlete of his size is to stop the run, get push up the middle, and let McCoy and JPP wreak havoc. Just by the teams DLine roster alone, it was the perfect pick. Anyone that knows anything about football knows this was a brilliant pick. Who made that Ravens Defense so good for years? It wasn’t Suggs, and it certainly wasn’t Reed, it was Ngata. His presence freed the rest of the DLine up. Anyone that says the Bucs should have drafted James is delusional

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        Hey, Dave. Go fuck yourself!

      2. 3.1.2


        Seriously, what an insufferable prick you must be

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    I am really, really, hoping that Benenoch can beat out Sweezy at RG. Sick and tired of this dude being on the roster.

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      I believe with Benenochs athleticism he should be able to unseat Sweezy. He has very good movement for a guy his size and he should excel in our zone scheme. Hopefully this 3rd year is the year he finally puts it all together.

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    Great job PR Staff! FAB 5 and Cover 3 are AWESOME!!

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    Great draft coverage guys! I razzed ya about the James and no trade back predictions only because I didnt agree. You guys got me turned onto Cappa and Watson well before the draft. And others like Nathan Shepherd who Ive become a big fan of. I thought Licht had a great draft. Ive been calling for him to trade back more and luckily it worked out perfectly this year. Go Bucs

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    Licht and Co should be applauded for acquiring the draft picks they did given what the team started started the draft with. If you rate a DT and a SS the same, you take the DT every time. NFL games aren’t won by the teams with the best safety play but largely on who can control the line, as the 5-11 Bucs can attest to.

    Unfortunately the decision to sign DeSean Jackson to the 11mil/yr deal ended up costing the team a 3rd round compensatory pick as it offset much of the 16 mil that Mike Glennon received from the Bears. At the time the draft hadn’t occurred and receiver was a weakness, but with Evans, Brate, Howard, Humphreys and Godwin, Jackson ended doing more harm in costing the team a high compensatory pick, cap room that could have rolled over and blocking playing time for Godwin than any good it did.

    One of the most overrated things I’ve ever heard is when a GM crows about the value they received in the draft relative to their board. In 2016 Licht proclaimed that VHIII, Spence and Aguayo were all 1st round graded players on their board. At the time Scott crowed about the Bucs acquiring that much perceived talent. The problem is, they have to play football first before you hand the GM and scouts any awards. It’s like choosing to go to a restaurant that you rate really highly only to get food poisoning. Just because you thought it would be good doesn’t mean that it won’t end up going through you in a hurry. The hope is they’ve learned something and can keep some of the momentum from last years draft going.

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    Good Fab 5 Scott; you did a good job defending the pitch Licht gave as to that line of draft logic. I still say we are short 1 or 2 DE’s for our pass rush. I didn’t see the need for a DT when DE was still a priority, but I understand the logic behind it. When we traded down to 12th spot, I was hoping we were going to trade down again as I still saw the need for DE.
    My other comment is about Swizzy and his health issues; might be time to bite the bullet and move on and use the savings to sign Smith & Alexander. I got it Jackson, Humphries, Conte, Gholston, Fitzpatrick cap space will be used to sign Winston to a new contract.

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    Enjoyed the article Scott. It always amazes me how wrong I’ve been over the years when trying to construct my war room and plan my strategy for the draft. I aways find out after the fact that what I am thinking and what the Buc’s are thinking couldn’t be farther apart. The problem is I get most of my analysis from outside sources like ESPN, NFL.com, DRAFTEK, etc. Hence when one of your mocks come out i don’t recognize half the selection you project. Since the draft however I have researched the picks and now I see why we would take a Vea over a Fitzpatrick or why If Nelson was not available we would not drop to James if Vea was still on board. I had no idea we have been Following this kid for 2 years. For most of us fans it’s smoke and mirrors, but every year I dive back in and every year I walk away scratching my mead. One side bar if I may, what is the physical condition of Tu’ikolovatu? Can you imagine a goal line stand with Vea and him crowding the middle?

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    Another site quoted Licht as saying Cappa would start out playing right tackle, who’s right? I think his body type, long, and leaner then most guards would make him a better tackle prospect. It’s great to have position versatility if you’re drafting a player to be a back up along the line but, I believe if you need to find a starting right tackle, draft a player who’s been there done that well at a high level during his college career. Nobody was clamoring over Q. Nelson for his ability to play any position on the line. I also don’t know why Licht likes to get to cute drafting players from small schools, I think he got lucky with Marpet who should be a pro bowl R.G. by now instead of moving to a new spot every year. I watch alot of SEC games so it’s hard for me to believe there wasn’t a better option then Cappa.

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    Really enjoyed the inside scoop about Jason Licht’s Draft process Scott. That’s why we come to this site. I learned a long time ago that what the “experts” say isn’t necessarily what the teams think and certainly not gospel. Looking forward to Training Camp and getting Pinkstob’s take.

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    Great article! Its really nice to hear that Licht was just as pissed about the Dline as much of the fans were. He saw what we saw and did a great job revamping the trenches.

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    Excluding the RB and Guard, my board lined up with the Bucs board. Chubb, Vea, James. I would have been happy with any of them at 7 but Im overjoyed about getting Vea at 12 along with the two additional 2nd round picks.

    When we are contending for a Superbowl in a few years we will look back at this draft as the reason for our success. Vea is going to make the entire front 7 better.

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    Excellent article! A+

    This is the kind of info I want to see you guys at PR produce from time to time.

    Go Bucs!!!!!

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    Scott, A+ specifically for Fab 1 that is.

    Is Trevor PR’s equivalent of Rob McCartney or Jon Spytek? Is Mark your guy like Mike Greenberg?

    Don’t answer that. 🙂
    Go Bucs!!!!

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