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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Honey Bear

    When I first saw the headline, I thought “I’m sure this is being taken out of context, another hit job on an athlete, with Jameis being an easy target.” I agree there can be a tendency towards hypersensitivity.

    After watching the video, I have to say there is absolutely no context in which this is okay. Even if Jameis did not say “silent”, no part of this was okay.

    He told the boys to stand up and be strong, the girls to sit down. The only way this is okay is if he does the same for the girls afterwards. What Jameis did was 100% unintentionally sexist, and it’s still a problem in our society.

    I hear what you are saying about gender roles, and I’m not going to argue against the time-tested benefits of adhering to them. But a woman who embraces her female gender role should be allowed every same opportunity to be strong and be heard.

    A little girl in the audience turned to her teacher after and said “I’m strong too.” This both breaks my heart and gives me hope. Breaks my heart that this little girl is growing up in an environment that she has to take a stand against a male role model to show her strength. It gives me hope that she recognizes her strength anyways.

    I will forgive Jameis for this, because he is still a young man himself. He still has a lot to learn. There is no excuse for his actions or his words in this case. Apologize, learn from it, and do better next time.

    And girls, never be silent. You are just as strong or even stronger than any man could ever tell you.

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      Honey bear he clearly misspoke. He meant no ill intent and you’re acting like he told them to sit down and shut up. He didn’t even need to be there and was doing good for kids and he misspoke , which in our wussified of community we like to burn people at the steak for misspeaking. He apologize And that’s the end of it, nothing more nothing less. I see it exactly how Scott sees it and I watched the video. He meant zero I’ll intent and the media, especially the hacks at ESPN couldn’t wait for him to slip up to bury him.
      I agree that women should and are even stronger than men, hell women give birth for Petes sake, but this whole thing is a non situation blown up by the media.

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    Scott thanks for another good fab 5!
    Jameis, bless your heart. I’m an executive who does a good bit of public speaking. It isn’t easy, and your message can unfortunately get turned around on you if you are unscripted (which probably was the case here). People who don’t have to speak to groups really don’t have an idea how difficult it can be. I know some will say, he was just speaking to kids, but no there was media & adults there too. Being playful & unscripted he made an easy mistake. To your point Scott, if someone in the audience would have said, “What about the girls”, I’m sure he would have caught himself and all would have been fine. It is so easy to criticize and crucify, and I hope this doesn’t keep Jameis from doing more public-community service. I for one congratulate him for doing it.

    Scott, also thanks for the fun “mocking” you and PR has done over the last couple of weeks. It keeps everyone’s interests during the lull from SB to free agency to draft. All good fun.

    I know I’m in the minority on this but what is the difference between Cook & Mixon…one had video and the other didn’t. Mixon is the #1 RB on my board (for whatever that is worth), and if he tests well & Licht green lights him I hope the BUCS draft him. He is a game changer.

    Go Bucs, and in Licht we trust!

    1. 2.1

      Mark Cook

      I’ll answer on the Mixon and Cook thing. One admitted to doing it, the other one denied it and was found innocent in a court. And I am not opposed to Mixon if the Bucs can get past it. Heck of a talent.

    2. 2.2

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you for the kudos about today’s SR’s Fab 5 and the Bucs’ Battle Plan articles we did this week. They were fun to do!

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    Great article, and I agree with you 100% on your take about what Winston said. In today’s world, you are guilty in the court of public opinion before anyone even asks you what you meant. Intent and context are important parts of what we say and do.

    I think most Bucs fans who follow the team enough to be going to websites like this know what kind of man Winston is, and that he is a good kid. I remember back irght after we drafted him but before he played his first game, he was filmed leaving a club with a woman who may have been on some reality TV show. He walked her to the car and opened the door for her, and some people made a big deal about it because she was married or with someone at the time, and when they asked Winston about it, he just said that he wasn’t trying to make a move on her or anything, but that he was raised to do what he did, which is be chivalrous. He’s a good kid. He knows he said the wrong thing. He apologized. Lets move on.

    1. 3.1
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    Very good fab 5. As for the jameis thing, I’ve expressed my views up too and agree with you Scott.
    I also ask why this cowardly teacher didn’t say something to jameis and went straight to a news outlet? What an asshole. As forbthat Jack beat writer, if I were jameis and he asked for an interview , I’d tell him to go
    F**** himself. The dude been a mariota homer since he was drafted and couldn’t wait to write the garbage he did.
    As for how long the “rape” charges will stay with jameis, they will be there as long as reporters such as that hack still write.
    Personally if I were jameis I wouldn’t do any more speaking engagements. Too many chances for this to happen.
    But I’m guessing he’s such a good dude he wouldn’t want to not speak.
    On a much more exciting note, can’t wait for the combine. Should be exciting.

    1. 4.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thanks, cgmaster27. That’s my fear, too. That Jameis Winston might feel that he’s not allowed to make a mistake or misspeak and just say, “To hell with it … this isn’t worth it” and no longer do these motivational talks at schools, which would be a shame.

  5. 5


    Scott – have you ever heard the old saying, “When you find yourself in a deep hole, then stop digging!”?

    You are allowed to raise and train your kids, girls or boys, any way you like, based on your own upbringing and beliefs, or on something else, in terms of both religious and cultural beliefs and practices. But neither you nor Jameis Winston has any business telling other families’ little girls and boys how to act, talk and such.

    Today a lot of people have different ideas than you on how boys and girls should do, act, talk, and model themselves after. That doesn’t make them right and you wrong, or vice versa. I was probably raised much like you were …. but today’s society is very different than the one I grew up in. When I grew up, for example, it was considered OK to use the N word, and a lot of people I lived around did that every day … it was also considered “normal” to tell little girls that they had to “act like little girls” and so could not play boys’ sports and had to stick to “girl stuff”.

    Today my little granddaughter is a committed karate participant and she regularly kicks the asses of all the boys her age that she faces in karate tournaments, including her own younger brother. She can be loud at times too. I have no problem with that whatsoever, though it sounds like you would. The standards and expectations are clearly different today.

    I know that Jameis didn’t mean any ill with his comments, but he needs to completely rethink what he says, not just his choice of words. It’s not about semantics, it’s about culture.

    Imagine being one of the little girls in that room who actually spoke outloud and disagreed with what Jameis said to the classroom, as documented in the story. What is she “supposed” to think?

    What if instead a little black boy was told by a white athlete that black athletes shouldn’t expect to play quarterback, that they should instead only play as a lineman or a receiver or running back? Of course, that would cause a massive scandal and backlash and wreck the white athlete’s career today … so today most white athletes wouldn’t dare say such a thing … but 20 or 30 years ago, they DID say such things routinely and got away with it. I fully remember the old debates about “whether blacks could be good quarterbacks”

    There seems to be a lot anger directed by a certain segment of the population – and I’m not going to get into politics here – against “political correctness”. Some of that is likely deserved, but on the other hand I am proud to be part of a nation where people are not discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, and other legally protected categories. I am glad that people are not constrained to be only what some other person or persons say they can or should be. That is not political correctness – it is human decency.

    1. 5.1


      I must’ve missed the part where Scott told others how to raise their kids? He spoke about how he raised HIS kids. This is part of the problem, people read something and insinuate whatever they want, just as you did.
      The political correctness of today is a joke but athletes to need to be aware of it, no matter how small the subject matter is.
      My main problem is with the gutless teacher who didn’t say something right then and there and instead went to the press.

      1. 5.1.1


        Scott clearly wrote that the only problem Jameis had with his remarks was his choice of words, as in “silent” vs. “quiet”.

        And I am saying bullshit. It’s not the choice of word .. it is that Scott advocates people telling other people’s children, girls, how to be … he wrote specifically that if Jameis said “girls should be quiet … or ladylike”, he’s fine with that.

        It’s not. Scott can raise his kids any way he likes, but he can’t tell my granddaughter to be “quiet”. She isn’t, and she won’t be, and she is no less a girl for that.

        This isn’t a battle over semantics – it is a battle over actual intent.


          Scott Reynolds

          I agree. You can raise your granddaughter how you see fit, Naplesfan. I was just expressing a different point of view than Tom Jones and others that are making a big deal out of what Jameis Winston literally said and emphasizing that rather than discerning what he intended to say.

          What I object to is the hypersensitive thought police and the PC crowd telling people what to think and if they don’t agree they are somehow sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. I’m sick and tired of the labels they try to put on people who don’t conform to their views. I’m not saying you are that way though, Naplesfan. I’m speaking in generalities.

          It’s actually okay to disagree. It’s actually okay to have different viewpoints. That’s called tolerance.



            You’re completely missing his point, Scott, which is that you’re essentially saying that it would be okay for Jameis to tell a roomful of young girls and boys how THEY should be acting – young girls and boys that are not his own. What if some random guy came into your daughter’s classroom and told her how she’s supposed to act, and you as a parent disagreed with it vehemently? What Naplesfan is saying is that it’s your call how to raise your own kids and teach them what you want to teach them, although I think some of your ideas will ultimately only hurt them. What ISN’T your call (nor is it Jameis’s) is to tell other peoples’ kids how to interact with the world around them. Go ahead and set the behavioral norms for your own family, but don’t shove them onto other people and their families. That’s kinda what Jameis is doing if he walks into a classroom and tells a roomful of girls that they’re supposed to be quiet.



          Have disagreed with you several times before, Naplesfan, but I have to concede your point on this. Not necessarily that people (Scott or anyone else, really) can’t tell your kids how to behave, or what they should think, because freedom of speech means that they absolutely can, and it’s up to the parents to set their kids straight.
          But, while I agree with you that PC is taken too far in many cases, I believe you cut to the crux of this argument when you said ‘That is not political correctness – it is human decency’.

          Those who say “I’m tired of everybody being expected to say things in the right way. Who cares? I have a right to express my opinion!” This really seems to boil down to people thinking ‘I have a right to be an a$$h0Le’, which is also true. But, these people usually don’t stop to think that maybe…just maybe, their opinion doesn’t NEED to be shouted from the rooftops in public, and maybe their chosen expression of opinion will be regarded as insulting or demeaning. Just because you have a right to be an insensitive ass does not mean you SHOULD be an insensitive ass.

          As for the battle being about actual intent…hmmm. How do we know what anyone else’s intent is? I only know my own intent, I have to ask others what their intent was if I am confused about their message. If we accept Winston’s clarified intent from his statements, then we can all agree that it was simply an unfortunate use of words. But, what if he’s lying about his intent? You can never know. A battle over intent only goes as far as the trust you have in that person.

      2. 5.1.2


        Agree, however, one point to add and it goes without saying, MOST people don’t read the ENTIRE article.

    2. 5.2


      I don’t see where Scott was telling poeple or families how they should raise their kids or act. He was just giving examples of how he raises his kids and how his family intereacts when it comes to gender.

      As for political correctness, I think its intent was good, but has blown up to the point where it is now thought control and where people are more interested in finding offenses in what people say intead of just having a conversation. For an example, if Jameis wanted to be as PC as possible, he wouldn’t have told all the boys to stand up, he would have requested anyone who identifies as a boy to stand up. And instead of telling any of the kids who stood up that they are supposed to be strong, he would have told them that they are all equal but also unique, bot not so unique that one individual may be considered “better” than another. Jamies would then announce that he must retire from the NFL and sports in general because sport celebrates masculinity and operates under the assumptions that there are “Winners” and “Losers”, which is unfair. The point I am trying to make is that PC culture has has evolved to the point that fellings are more important that truth, and that you should speak the truth id it can hurt someones feelings, and that’s where we are now.

      1. 5.2.1


        You nailed it Destiny, people just look for something to bitch about. It’s raising a whole generation of victims.

      2. 5.2.2


        Being respectful of other persons and their right to be who they are, and not believing one is entitled to tell other people, especially impressionable children who aren’t your own children how to act, is the entire point of this affair.

        I don’t deny there is such a thing as excessive PC. But people really do have to talk differently under today’s social and legal rules than they used to. And that’s great. It used to be OK to denigrate people and apply noxious stereotypes,and to attempt to enforce arbitrary social rules on various classes of people. It’s not that way now, which is why Jameis got into trouble. And that’s great.

        Call it a “learning moment”.


          Scott Reynolds

          Totally agree with you too, Naplesfan. Definitely a learning moment.

      3. 5.2.4


        Man, reading is hard, huh? Naples isn’t saying that Scott was trying to tell other people or families how to raise their kids. What he’s saying is that that WAS what Jameis would have been doing had he walked in there and told dozens of young women that ARE someone else’s families/kids how they should behave. So yea, I guess it’s fine if Scott and Jameis agree on how women should behave, even if their views are antiquated and subversively harmful. Whatever. Raise your kids the way you see fit, I guess. But Jameis has no business going around telling every young girl in the world that they’re supposed to be silent, quiet, or anything else.

    3. 5.3

      Dy-nasty D

      Excellent response, Naplesfan. I don’t think Jameis was being malicious at all, but if you’re going to speak publicly (and I hope Jameis continues because he is an inspirational speaker) you need to be sensitive and fair to all parties, especially in a public school setting. But, he’s 23 and will grow, but that doesn’t mean his mistake shouldn’t be pointed out. Pointing out his error hopefully continues his growth. Scott, in his increasingly conservative bent, seems to want to take us back to the 50s when gender roles were set in stone, and those who didn’t fit in needed to hide their differences or pay the social consequences.

      1. 5.3.1


        Thanks, Dy-nasty D… Scott is perfectly entitled to believe however he believes, and to enforce whatever rules he wants to within the bosom of his own family. But the front door is where that must stop.

        I believe Jameis will learn from this … it’s tough being a public persona and having to have everything you say be subjected to reaction and sometimes criticism. But that’s why they pay him the big bucks. He could choose to stop talking to kids, but he shouldn’t and I hope he learns and gets better at that part of his job.

      2. 5.3.2

        Scott Reynolds

        Lol, Dy-nasty D. No, I’m not looking to take us back to the 1950s. But I do appreciate you commenting and I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for contributing.

  6. 6


    Scott, I love you football commentary. Political stuff is just unnecessary… Jameis had good intentions, said something that was a little off and then immediately apologized. Good for him… Unlike some people we in power.

  7. 7


    This Winston thing is ridiculous. Now we are debating gender roles on a football site and discussing PC culture. Scott and Naplesfan and everyone else can raise their children however they want and hopefully get 20 years to mold them into upstanding citizens, yet a 40 minute talk is gonna ruin all that because now a couple girls (who have probably forgotten most of what was even said) think they aren’t strong just because an NFL quarterback said so. This leads to a faculty member raising a stink because he/she didn’t have the courage or common sense or social awareness to address it directly at the time. Outrageous! Gender issues are real and should be addressed when necessary but another problem we have is this tattle tale society where people avoid confrontation using back channels like the media to get their opinions heard. This staff member is more of a problem than Winston.

    Anyway back to football, I hope the Bucs steer clear of Ross in the draft. That injury history makes him way too risky for a 1st round pick IMO.

    It is great that the bucs will get some guys back from injury as depth is obviously important but none of those names give me the confidence to stand pat and not upgrade. Sweezy hopefully will have an impact on the Oline but can Smith stay healthy? G.Johnson doesn’t do anything for me. Another DT or DE is still important this offseason in my mind, as early as round 1 if a top flight WR or TE hasn’t slipped to us.

    1. 7.1


      Agreed about Ross. I wasn’t a fan of his after the bama game, but after three surgeries, two to his knees, I would never draft him.

    2. 7.2

      Scott Reynolds

      Thanks for your comments, SaskBucs.

  8. 8


    sorry scott but i chuckled at the “strong male of the house” part LOL

    1. 8.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Yeah, my wife chuckled at that part too when I read it to her last night. Sigh …

      1. 8.1.1

        Mark Cook

        I didn’t chuckle. I belly laughed…. JK

  9. 9

    Hank Scorpio

    Just because Jameis didn’t have any ill intent when he misspoke doesn’t shield what he said from being interpreted negatively by those listening. 8 yr old children typically don’t have the ability to discern what someone’s true intent is when they speak. They’re still at a point where they’re taking what an adult says, especially a famous celebrity or athlete, at face value. There’s no denying that, at best, he made an unintentional sexist statement.

    Saying what he said doesn’t make him a bad person, but he definitely needs to be more mindful when he’s speaking in public.

    1. 9.1


      But when we say something, we can’t control how others interpret it. That’s why if you think someone says something harmful or offensive, you ask them what they meant right there and then. Instead we take what someone said, check the “Offensive Statement” chart in our heads with the corresponding “Punishment” chart, and then dole out condemnation until they complete their required punishment. “Ok, Winston told girls that they sould be silent, according to the chart. . . . that makes him a sexist . . . .and for punishment, looks like we need a public apology with 5 lashings, and he will be put on a 2 year probation.”

      Instead, how about we just ask him what he means right then and there, he can then clarify what he is trying to say or what point he is trying to get accross, and then we can move forward. 99/100 people just misspoke and instead of trying to clarify their intent or the context, we just slap a label on them, and try to sign them up for reconditioning.

    2. 9.2


      This is a crucial point. One is responsible for the effects of their actions every bit as much as the intent. Jameis may not have meant it to come out the way it did, which should certainly impact the way we judge HIM….but it did. We can separate judgement of him individually from judgment of his words/actions. I don’t really think he meant it the way it came out either, but it DID come out that way – he did tell women that they’re supposed to be silent, polite, and gentle, in IDRECT CONTRAST to boys, who are supposed to be strong.

      I don’t want men in our society feeling like they have to solely identify as strong any more than I want ladies having to identify solely as silent and polite. Honestly, I don’t think Jameis does either, which is why I don’t dislike him for this. But that IS what he said. In this instance, in judging his actions themselves, his intent is utterly irrelevant. The effects, even if unintentional, are damaging, which is something that has to be accounted for.

      That’s always true in life. Even if you mean well, if you do damage, then you’re accountable for that.

  10. 10


    Scott, I don’t think you even realized how large a hole you were digging with each subsequent paragraph. What you are preaching (and yes, it is preaching when you use a platform such as Pewter Report to lecture on your belief system) is the very definition of sexism – that boys and girls “should” align themselves to different codes of conduct because of their gender. It’s not the pervasive in-your-face sexism that is keeping the women in our society from the equal rights they deserve – it’s the seemingly good-natured antiquated and outdated line of thoughts that you are clearly exhibiting that trickle just beneath the surface that is the real problem. It’s easy to see and overcome the blustery, misogynistic buffoons. It’s the kind, subtle sexist comments that keep getting a p[ass in our society.

    I have a fourteen year old daughter. Never received less than an A in her life. Stellar athlete in multiple sports. Beautiful – to the point of us having been approached for her to become a model several times. I did not raise her to be a “lady”. My wife and I raised her to be herself. We exposed her to many interests and pushed and guided whenever she latched on to those interests. One of those interests is debate. As a freshman, she finished second in a statewide debate tournament to a senior.

    I let her read your above article. I didn’t say a word to sway her opinion. I simply said there’s some news about Jameis and I’m curious what you think about what the author wrote. She read it. She read it again. She looked up at me and sighed. This is what she said:

    “I’m not surprised. I know people think this way. The only thing that makes me sad is that it’s so simple-minded. This person thinks because they are religious and because they’ve never committed a crime that the way they think is right. You can tell this person is angry even though they’re saying this with a smile because they believe in the way they think and don’t want it challenged. They seem nice, but they have everything in their world in neat little boxes. I feel bad because they view the world as all girls being one type of person and all boys being another. That sounds like such a boring world. And it isn’t a world that has ever existed. in that way his life is kind of a lie.”

    That’s what she said. I simply said, “okay”. She had a lot more to say afterwards. I’ll only say this… My very polite but certainly not quiet and certainly not submissive fourteen year old daughter would school you in this debate, Scott. She would destroy that belief system with so many fiery examples of history that you would regret ever having written the above. She now wants to focus on this very debate topic in the next season and spread the word.

    1. 10.1


      I think I understand your criticism of what Scott wrote but the counter point from you and your daughter was very vague. Most homes are run like Scotts, I would hope, and as he states his daughter and wife are strong and are able to do anything they want to. He isn’t restricting them in anyway because they are women. Women can’t have their cake and eat it to. Is your daughter offended if a male caller opens the car door for her? Does your daughter think she has a better chance at subduing a home intruder than her potentially larger and stronger male counterpart? In some cases,maybe, like whoever has the karate kid up there but some of this is chivalry where girls can just refuse it if they want and some is common sense… a mans raw physicality and strength lends itself much better to many situations and women should be able to accept that, not take offence.

      Anyway, I want you to clarify your stance since I don’t believe Scott was preaching sexism at all! Boys and Girls DO align themselves to different codes of conduct based on gender. That is a fact and maybe it is more of a fact because of the way our society operates (that’s your issue? I don’t disagree) but it is also just nature. We are animals, intelligent animals yes, but look around the animal kingdom and tell me species’ don’t survive by adhereing to their natural instincts, which are defined in part by gender.

      1. 10.1.1


        Much of what we think about in terms of gender is culturally based, not biological or “natural”… Some of it is instinctive probably, but society doesn’t have to organize itself around the one who is strong enough to go out and kill animals or fight off an enemy tribe anymore.

    2. 10.2


      Dude. This is Pewter Report. Not some High School debate. Scott giving us insight on the inner workings of his household is not meant to be some blueprint he wants everyone to follow, but more to give an example of the more Traditional and Chivalrous mindset.

      For an example: Both my wife and I work, we have a dog, but no children. I know what she is capable of. I know she is strong enough to lift a box without my help. I know she can open a door. I know she can stand up for herself without me butting in. BUT, since I love my wife, when something heavy needs to be moved, then I move it for her. When we go out, I always open the door. When someone has a problem with my wife, then they have a problem with me. We are partners in everything, but we are wired differntly so we both take on roles that are our strengths. Some of that wiring is gender related, some conditioned, some based on our personality. And for whatever reason, if we were ever on a plane that was going to crash and there was only one parachute between us, I am putting the parachute on her, showing her how to use it, then pushing her out the plane.

      When I read Scott’s article on this subject, I didn’t see a person trying to limit his family to specific gender roles, I saw someone who just loves his family.

    3. 10.3

      Scott Reynolds

      That’s great. Your daughter sounds wonderful. I appreciate you sharing my column with her. I do think she is quite wrong on her opinions of me, though. Probably her youth showing there. At 14 everyone has a lot to learn.

      I do like my opinions challenged and I’ve been known to change my mind when effectively persuaded on more than one occasion. I also do not want all girls being one type and all boys being another. Everyone is their own individual – that’s the way we were created – but manners are manners, and I expose my girls and my boys to chivalry in our household. That’s all.

      1. 10.3.1



        Good point especially when you expect the insight of a 14 year old girl to be worth more than the adult in the room. Yes they are entitled to their opinion but the child does not direct the adult. Yes there are occasions an adult can learn from a child’s perception. Being a child does not make one an adult.
        The vast majority of the time most teenagers are ruled more by their peers than any adult. This often leads them to do very immature and stupid things to satisfy their peers.
        Education today for the mast majority is a train wreck today. jmo

  11. 11


    I think Scott’s justification is far more sexist than Winston’s comments. At worst, Winston reflected the gender roles learned from his upbringing. And he apologized. I don’t think he intended to say a woman’s place is to be quiet and the man’s is to be strong.

    Scott, however, takes it to the next level. The term “ladylike” is an obviously sexist term. The associations go along with assumed gender roles. And the whole chivalry thing? Of course there’s nothing wrong with opening a door for someone – a man or a woman… Scott, it’s not surprising you’re a kreiste-pimping republican.

    1. 11.1


      Ladylike is a sexist term?! Wow give me a break. So I guess calling a guy a stud football player is sexist too? Youre reaching here and it’s sad. nw it wouldn’t surprise me if you were a sign totaling liberal waiting to march against any cause thrown in front of them. Careful calling out people for their beliefs, no one is right here so don’t act like you are on your soap box.

      1. 11.1.1


        Although I’m sure next you’ll say a man is sexist for opening a woman’s door because she is “strong” enough to do it herself.

      2. 11.1.2


        Yes, ladylike is a term loaded with an assumed gender role. Is it not? I can’t see how it’s not. So yeah, it’s inherently sexist. You don’t have to be a lefty to know this… But you have to be a dumbass not to know it.



          Ok so in your terms gentleman is sexist too? It goes both way genius. And thinking the word lady like isn’t sexist, doesn’t make me dumb i just don’t live in a egg shell like yourself. And what role do you make up in your warped mind does lady like mean? To me it’s it means soft spoken, gentle, and attentive, just like the word gentleman. But you go ahead and make it something it’s not.



            Well, the main diff between “ladylike” and “gentleman” is that cultural expectations have always been more explicit for womens’ role. And ladylike contains the notion of being quiet and submissive, obedient and not disruptive, along with a certain expectation of femininity. And most women don’t want to be boxed in that way. I didn’t make this up. Now, it’s not a crime to use the term descriptively, but it’s not helpful to impose a fixed notion of gender role on anyone, man or woman.



          “Ladylike” is not a gender role. Role: meaning job or position. “Ladylike” is an additude. Being soft-spoken and polite. There is nothing wrong with being soft-spoken and polite. Also, Scott did not say he thinks all girls need to be more Ladylike.

      3. 11.1.3


        And, you can open a door for a woman, sure… and you can also open a door for a man… It’s called being polite and considerate, which doesn’t require “chivalry”. I open doors for people all the time.



          Me too, buccaneer. If a girl wants to act like, well, what my granddaughter calls a “girly-girl”, great. And if a girl wants to be treated just like the boys, that’s great too.

          I remember the 1950s (just barely – just the first six years of my young life at the time) … I didn’t think much of if then, and much less as I grew older and realized that the cultural stereotypes in force then were designed to keep people down and “in their place”. I remember an awful lot of remarks about “uppity ____” …. you can imagine the unwritten second word in that phrase. And young women who liked sex were called sluts, while young men who liked sex were just good ole boys. That stuff sucked back then, and it still sucks today.



            Girls like sex back then? I had no idea.
            GO BUCS

  12. 12


    He spoke his mind about how he felt. There is nothing wrong with what he said. Even though it may contradict what other people may think, it was not degrading just a more traditional view point. That has not changed my view that Jameis has outstanding character and charisma. As a matter of fact it may have strengthened my view that he is a class act and honestly tries to show respect every chance he gets.

  13. 13


    I usually wait to read the entire Fab 5 before I comment.
    But I’ll chime in on #1 first.
    Who the hell is Jones. Just another [edited comment] filling content and causing trouble. I pretty sure Jones realizes that Winston just misspoke. But noooo he blows it up. Now we all love Scott, but there is always a but. He fed the flames and got the comments going. His site he can do what he wants.
    Anyone who thinks the girl power movement is not alive and well should go on YouTube and count the pink pussy hats.
    I know this. My wife is quiet and lady like but if you think she doesn’t rule the roost, well it’s like the old saying goes “happy wife happy life”.
    I’ll take Winston stepping up and doing good deeds all day long. We could have a bunch of knuckle heads like the Giants.
    5 days before the biggest game the Giants play and they are partying down in the islands like 2Live Crew.

  14. 14


    Well, here we go. I am married and we have four daughters. I’ve been a Buc fan since I was 6 and will continue to be one until death parts us. I was not happy when Jameis was drafted. I grew up in Oregon, now live in Washington state, and like I said, have four daughters. However, in the past two years, I have been nothing but impressed with Jameis on and off the field. Until now.

    He screwed up. We all know this. I don’t believe Jameis meant to hurt or demean anyone. I’m guessing he went into that school with an idea of what he would talk to the kids about. He saw a teachable moment, called an audible, and over threw the target. Badly, Jameis is right; he used poor word choice. But, I think it was more than that. Whether he meant “quiet” instead of “silent” is irrelevant to me. He was proclaiming one gender over another. I doubt he (or Scott and others) sees it that way. In my mind, though, that’s what I think.

    I’m not saying that I believe that Jameis Winston is sexist and that he believes women should be barefoot and pregnant. But, it does seem to me that he feels men and women have different roles to play. That doesn’t make him a bad person in my book. It means I disagree with him. So be it. I disagree with many people, family members included.

    I do have a problem with the teacher, though. I am a teacher myself. I teach middle school. I coach my school’s eighth grade boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. I have a wife and four daughters. If I had heard Jameis give that same speech to my school I would have been upset. But, I would not have run out and called the press. I would have talked to Jameis (or his people, or the Bucs, or whoever in that realm that I could). In my book, calling the press instead of discussing the point with Jameis himself completely darkens my opinion of that teacher’s motives. To me, she was looking for publicity instead of looking out for her students, which is far worse than what Jameis did. Jameis came to the school with the best intentions. What were the teacher’s intentions when she went public?

    Overall, I am still happy with Jameis as the face of our franchise and our leader. He will only get better on and off the field. He’s still human, and a young one at that. He’s going to make mistakes like the rest of us. Of course, the main difference is the size of our audiences. I am sure he will improve his speeches to schools and charities, etc and will, more than likely, stay more on script and audible less.

    I just hope he also looks into changing his world view about girls. I’d rather Jameis worry less about word choice and instead open up his mind more regarding what girls can do. Hint: it’s the same as boys and often twice as loud. Trust me, I know.

    1. 14.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Great post, 4girls. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

    2. 14.2


      I agree 4girls. I have 3 girls. I like the way you expressed the issues without the PC garbage. However, as I think of my worldview as a 23 year young man returning from combat in Southeast Asian, this young man is far beyond where I was. However, I don’t think he was addressing young girls . Just trying to draw out a young man. Had the adressed young girls and said the boys should be silent, no one would have said a word. Media are hypocrites.

  15. 16


    Now on to the rest of a pretty good Fab 5.
    I believe in Licht to draft well for us. I am less sure if who the BUCS will take at #19 than ever. I kind of like the idea of trading down and getting some extra picks. There are a lot a guys in the late rounds that can immediately help us. Especially safeties and Corner backs.
    Here are my picks based on funny names.
    Taco Charleton
    Corn Elder
    Kid Cannon – is that a great football name or what.
    And don’t forget about the many alphabet soup names that abound.
    If we trade back and get a low second round pick, Budda Baker would be my first pick. Budda, would his teammates say “that’s my budda”?
    Really who would name a child Corn? Is that a family name?
    Did Mr and Mrs’s Charleton just love Taco’s? Did they work at Taco bell?
    Am really looking forward to this years draft and FA. The BUCS future is looking bright.

    1. 16.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Your post had me cracking up, chetthevette! I could certainly hear Gene Deckerhoff say, “Fire The Cannons for Cannon!” Couldn’t you?

      1. 16.1.1


        This draft has many hilarious names to be made fun of. Know this though. Corn Elder is one tough S.O.B..
        Can you imagine how he was picked on. I won’t say the things that he was called, you guys use your imagination.
        Boy named Sue and all that.
        GO BUCS

  16. 17


    At the age of 23, Winston to me, is still a child himself. As all young people do, he’ll learn from this. Maybe you could moonlight as his speech writer Scott. Give him a prepared text to read with his input. Tom Jones is a [edited comment].

  17. 18


    I wonder how many that posted on these replies are women? That would be most interesting.

  18. 19

    Scott Reynolds

    Two quick things …

    First, I appreciate EVERYONE taking the time to comment. I enjoy hearing all points of views. Even if you disagree with someone’s point of view and want to reply, please be respectful and refrain from profanity. That’s all I ask.

    Second, Tom Jones is a friend of mine. We disagree on a lot philosophically, but I enjoy his writing and I like the fact that his differing views challenge my own and make me think. If you agree with Tom, great. Please support him. If you disagree with Tom, please refrain from the name-calling. He’s a really good guy and doesn’t deserve that. Just please make your point without getting personal.

    Thank you!

    1. 19.1


      He may be your friend, but I will never read his post again.

  19. 20


    This response is not just directed to the recent episode with Winston at Melrose, but with all the media in every arena, both sports related and politically. What the hell happened to the way things used to be? Why can’t honesty and integrity be foremost with every article? Is it really that important to be the first loud voice to nit-pick with everything that will eventually do more harm than good? Start acting like everything you put in print is about your family members and report more positive than negative.
    Give it a break! ! ! ! !
    Why should an honest Pewter-reporter have to spend over a thousand words trying to calm the storm that never should have been. Nice job guys.

  20. 21


    Completely understand where most here are coming from, BUT…this whole “MISSPOKE” idea makes some very uncomfortable, because we hear it now daily coming from the mad men & women running around the White House these days. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna believe their snake oil sales tactics over news organizations I’ve followed for decades. I’d be a lot more comfortable if Jameis would just come out and say “I said it. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, and explain himself. Not the MISSPOKE term you see our White House using to cover up their lies.
    It took me two years to get my daughters to accept Jameis as our quarterback. Now he sticks us with this…NOT GOOD. While I realize he was more or less talking off the cuff to send a good message to our youth, A highly admirable act, he should still own it. Not like the duck & ignore we see every day in Washington or Mar-A-Lago.
    I realize the may not be a popular opinion around here, but I figure we ALL have our right to an opinion. Or you can blame it on Fake News…….your choice.

    1. 21.1


      So you have great trust in the media? I don’t Winston’s apology wasn’t enough? JMO but I still say no apology was necessary but he did it anyway and he is still in your doghouse.

  21. 22

    Mr. Incredible

    What a non-story. What if he had told the BOYs they were supposed to be quite? Then it’s all good. I didn’t vote for Trump but he was elected because we’re all tired of idiots like Jones telling us all what’s ok to say and not to say. Screw all the PC crap. Jamis has his opinion on gender behaviour. If you disagree then make the case for your argument logically. No more telling eveyone, “You just can’t say that”. That’s ship has sailed.

    1. 22.1


      Trump but he was elected because we’re all tired of idiots like Jones telling us all what’s ok to say and not to say.
      Mr. Incredible
      Have you been watching and paying attention lately?
      Trump has been trying to muffle the press since he walked onto the public stage. Idiots trying to tell us what is what’s OK to say, sure it stifles public thoughts and expression but sometimes idiots need to just shut the #### up. Scott asked for no profanity, so you can fill in any word you choose there.
      Logically speaking Jones over stated what was a statement by Jameis that he quickly recanted. I am all for responsible reporting of the news and other things.
      Winston comments fall under the other things category.
      I could not tell you if Winston is sincerely wanting to change the perception of him or is genuine in his community work.
      Does not matter either way, he is trying to do the right thing.
      I think JW is sincere in his attempt to do the right thing. He is a NFL QB not William Jennings Bryant so he will put his foot in his mouth from time to time.
      Keep it up JW.
      GO BUCS

      1. 22.1.1


        Chetthevette, the press is now the liberal democratic party representative. They need to be muffled because they do not report fair and balanced news. The key word is report. They should only offer opinions on the editioral page, not the front page. Likewise, they should not make news. Just report it. Yellow journalism is alive and well. They are controlled by elite billionaires (George Soros for one, butn they are legion), celebraties, and the powerful East Coast establishment that controls what we read and what we hear. However, the Fourth Estate is in trouble now because of social media. They can no longer surpress the opions of the “little guy”.
        You are correct, JW will get better as he matures.



          You’re delving into dangerous political and ideological ground, 76Buc.

          I will just quote the well known war hero John McCain, when asked about recent comments from the President and his paid hacks at the White House:

          Muzzling the press is exactly what dictators do.

          We’ve also never had a wannabe dictator before either as we do now.

          No prior President of either party has ever attempted to muzzle the press. Even Abraham Lincoln in the midst of fighting a civil war did not attempt to muzzle Democratic party newspapers who lambasted him daily in their papers. Abe understood that the First Amendment is the best protection for every single other right we enjoy as Americans.



            No one wants to “muzzle” them Naples. We would all like less biased and truthful reporting. Apparently you believe that crap. As for McCain…..sour grapes.

    2. 22.2


      Mr. Incredible, you’re incredible. I am now a fan!

    3. 22.3

      Uncle Stan

      Believe you hit he nail on the head.

      IMO, PC contributed to a lot of problems in this country.

      If a person said it, they have to live with it (good or bad received) – the rest of us don’t necessarily have to agree with it.

      But once said it’s said. He has to live with it. If he he want to address it immediatelyafter its said, to change focus, ok, but not after others go after him for what he said.

      Is this instance, JW said what he said. We don’t need Jones or a school teacher or Pewter Report telling us what he meant. I can read and I will form my own opinions, thank you very much.

      In this case I think it shows his social immaturity. He said what he said-the mispeak came after and he has to live with it.

  22. 23


    well this comment section turned into a dumpster fire rather quickly, huh? Sorry to break it to you but no one cares what your 14 year old has to say on any matter. The way you pompously transcribed her response to this article as though it was gospel proves you are just as blind as any other parent in today’s society; thinking their precious baby is the only child to get straight A’s, or their kid is going to be a professional athlete because they are a star in little league. At no time was Scott being sexist for explaining common manners and chivalrous action. He didn’t say that anyone here HAD TO raise their children in that fashion or that being a young woman meant they could not do anything that a young man could. You people are the perfect example of why society is the way it is today. Jumping all over a 23 year old kid for using the word silent when describing females in a public speech. I’m sure all of you PC perfectionists would never slip up even a single syllable when standing in front of a large audience with reporters present. Give me a break. Some of you need to examine your own perfect lives before hanging a kid out to dry for misspeaking one word. If there were reporters writing down everything you did at your job selling insurance I’m sure there would be some articles written about you that could be put under the microscope. Better yet, maybe all of you should go and volunteer some of your precious time and go talk to children and actually try to make a difference instead of sitting behind your keyboard on your high horse talking about how perfect your little children are. No one on this earth will ever be perfect, you have all made a million mistakes, you have all said things that would get you roasted if a beat reporter were standing next to you while you said it. GTFO of here with this self righteous garbage.

    On a football note, because this is, after all, a football website, how about that safety from Ohio State M. Hooker? If he falls to us at 19 that would be incredible. He is a top ten talent as Scott previously said and those stats for ONE season are seriously no joke. Watch film from this year and tell me he wouldn’t instantly make our back end insanely dangerous. Hopefully we can land him and the receiver from A&M and we will be sitting pretty. GO BUCS!!! GO MEN AND WOMEN! LETS ALL HOLD HANDS!!

    1. 23.1


      Esquandolas4 and Tassnonedna: Thank you for finally bringing some sanity to this ridiculous topic that does nothing but encourage those who don’t want to be told how to conduct themselves to jump to the podium and preach how everyone else should think, speak and act.

      Today’s society must be close to taking the word “gender” out of the dictionary and removing the male/female designation from birth certificates and simply note “To Be Determined”. I’m waiting for the fourth grader who has male genitalia, but identifies as a one without the appendage, to enter the school restroom which is the most comfortable for a little “show and tell”. I guess the 10 year olds who rightfully identify as “girls” who happen to witness the display shouldn’t scream in disgust lest they be classified as being insensitive. Back in my day had I entered the GIRLS LOCKER ROOM and said I came up with the excuse that I felt like a girl I would have been expelled.

      Jameis is 23, and could have spent his time and money on a lot of things that day other than speaking to a bunch of 4th graders while giving the teachers a much needed break. For anyone to find fault because he didn’t say off the cuff words the way you think is more appropriate, feel free to contact the school on the other side of the bay from your home and schedule your speaking engagement on your day off. Make sure the newspaper is there to record it all.

      Here’s my message to my daughters (if we are allowed to classify our children) In the words of Dirk Koetter, “Speak softly and carry a big mother f$#*&ing stick!”

      1. 23.1.1


        When we were kids could you imagine jumping on your Schwinn banana seat bike with ape hanger handle bars riding off to jump over, lets say some rusty old 55 gallon barrels, and your Mom said “put your helmet on honey”.
        Kids today are doomed.
        GO BUCS

      2. 23.1.2


        Scubog, I wish I could have gone into the girls bathroom as a 10 year old. Now everytime I try it everyone gets upset. Go figure.

  23. 24


    Shame on Tom Jones, the Tampa Bay Times and that teacher for attacking Jameis Winston’s character when he had nothing but GOOD INTENTIONS in taking his own personal time to help the children in OUR community. WOW! Is about all I can say.
    If you really watch the video Winston was talking to all the BOYS and GIRLS when he was saying repeat after me “I can do anything I put my mind to.” After the 2nd time he had them repeat it, you could tell Winston was hoping for a more louder and deeper response. He then ask the boys to stand up and then says a lot of boys are not supposed to be SOFT SPOKEN and then he goes into his funny deep voice impression. In my opinion it is clear as day to me, when he then talks about the ladies being “silent” he meant SOFT SPOKEN.
    Scott you focus on Jameis Winston not doing as much Community events now. I think to myself “Why would any Buccaneer, Lightning, or Rays player want to do any community events when you have people like Tom Jones the Tampa Bay Times and that teacher trying to attack your character at your slightest misspoken word!!”

    1. 24.1


      Winston said something dumb and offensive. He got called on the carpet for it. He will either learn to do better or he will get lambasted again until he stops.

      Get over it.

  24. 25


    If it makes the critics of Winston feel better Winston’s mom is praying for you..

  25. 26


    The first time around, I’m not sure I knew this exact quote from Jameis:

    “But the ladies, they’re supposed to be silent, polite, gentle. My men, my men (are) supposed to be strong.”

    Clearly a sexist message. All the strength stuff is baloney… And the “silent, polite, gentle” for the girls? Wrong message. He didn’t use poor word choice; he spoke from his own beliefs, which are apparently rooted in 1950’s gender roles.

    Now, this isn’t a crime, but it is a seriously backwards message in the year 2017. I’m sure it’s not his intention to disempower girls at a young age, but that is a terrible message to give young girls. Very irresponsible… Jameis has been a good citizen and a great teammate since he’s been a Buccaneer, but he shouldn’t be above criticism. All of the Bucs columnists have been making excuses for him. Why? Hold him accountable for being a sexist who shouldn’t be delivering messages to kids until he figures this out.

    1. 26.1


      The 1950’s were not a bad time bucnw. We didn’t have feminazi’s trying to nueter everyman around.

      1. 26.1.1


        The 50s sucked. I was there.

  26. 27


    Bully to you SR. Yes, Winston misspoke but the teacher should have been a better role model and should had corrected him on the spot. Instead, she chose to go public with it, which is cowardly. I also agree that girls and boys should be raised differently. Too many girls grow up with uninvolved parents and the result is a lot of gender confusion, teenage pregnancies and young ladies who can curse like a sailor. Young women need to be taught to stand up for themselves, to respect their own bodies and to shoot for the moon careerwise. They should also expect a man to treat them with respect and to act like gentlemen around them. Like the french say “Vive la difference”.

    Finally, I have stopped reading the TBT with their shoddy reporting and uber-liberal stances. The Trib was a much better paper and had much better sports writers. When TBT bought them they put them all on the street.

    The best columns bar none are now on the pages of PR. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the intolerant liberal trolls who attack anyone who does not think like them.

    1. 27.1

      Scott Reynolds

      Thank you, JayBuc52. I appreciate the compliment.

  27. 28


    I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters. I have no problems what this very decent, good hearted, yet immature, kid said. While it could have been expressed better, he was trying to draw a young man out. His intentions are pure, yet he is being vilified by Tom Jones of the Tapa Bay Tribune and the rest of the ultra liberal press. Jones and you bozos have been defeated and I cannot wait for two more years when you are completely gone. You’re all morons and I want to puke when I read this tripe. Leave our franchise quaterback alone!

  28. 29


    Very good article, Mr. Reynolds. The ridiculous promotion of Winston’s classroom address story by the media is really getting out of control. It’s now posted on the CNN.com homepage!

    I just feel I need to address your ‘boilerplate’ question. You said you wondered when the rape allegation story will fade away and that boilerplate will no longer be used in stories about him. The honest truth is – never. You wrote ‘…his alleged sexual assault – that resulted in no charges being filed and his complete exoneration at Florida State…’ is not completely accurate. If it were, the boilerplate could be retired, but the only way he could attain ‘complete exoneration’ is if his accuser retracted her allegation and admitted that the sex was consensual and that she had made the rape story up. That hasn’t happened. Instead, law enforcement simply decided there was not enough evidence to charge him with any crime. Not the same as complete exoneration.

    None of us will ever know what happened between Winston and his accuser. The boilerplate exists at the bottom of Winston’s Wikipedia bio, and will remain there. Whether it is fair or not, this will follow him for the rest of his life. Fair or not, the accusation occurred, and is public information, and cannot be wiped out. Nor, (fair or not) should it be wiped out.

    1. 29.1


      Too many false assumptions on Winston’s character. It is rather obvious there was no rape and that just like the Duke lacrosse team should reach the same conclusion based on the results of the investigation.

      You are correct though in the PC world we live in today it will only go away when the “Real” world discovers that women and children do indeed lie just like men. Back to the actual case it was dropped because their was not enough evidence to even bring about an arrest.

      Truthfully, I believe it is all tied to a man of color having consensual sex with a white woman.
      That suggestion sure doesn’t paint today’s SJW’s in a very good light.

      The obvious was there… Erica was embarrassed about cheating on her boyfriend and after that it was one lie after another. It then morphed into how much money can could made over the false accusation.

      The sad part is the “money grubbers” ran the show at the expense of both parties that should have been over long before Winston became a star college football QB.

      Sex continues to be a most dysfunctional topic in today’s world. It is now so conflicted that there are now 31 Gender classifications not based on biology but how one feels. Ridiculous!

      It would appear though in your world that one is never forgiven even if falsely accused. My world is a different one. We choose to disagree. Jameis and Erica have moved on perhaps it is time everyone else should.

      1. 29.1.1


        Oops! “there instead of their” 2nd paragraph. I will forever live in shame for my clerical error!LOL

      2. 29.1.2


        I was speaking strictly in terms of facts, your statements are forms of opinion. I don’t discount your opinion, but when you include terms like ‘lie’ and ‘consensual sex’, ‘obvious’ & ‘money grubbers’ – these are all opinions. It is true that in a court of law, Winston would be acquitted for lack of evidence, but lack of evidence does not mean someone is innocent, it only means he or she is more likely to be innocent, and we don’t want to convict anyone if there is any ‘reasonable doubt’, or bring charges if there is not enough evidence to remove ‘reasonable doubt’.

        But the fact is that unless you were in that dorm room, you really don’t know what happened, you can only say what you think happened. A lot of times, particularly when alcohol is involved, the two parties in a sexual encounter may have a very different recollection of the events.
        Anyone who says Winston is guilty of assault is stating an opinion, by the same reasoning, anyone who says he IS guilty is also stating opinion. We don’t know. But, the allegation happened, it is fact, and fair or not, facts should not get swept away. The idea that facts should be manipulated or deleted in order to be ‘fair’ is a VERY dangerous idea.

        If Winston is innocent, and I believe it is likely he is innocent, this is not fair. But, whoever said reality has to be fair?



          Sorry, my own faux pas, should have typed: ‘Anyone who says Winston is INNOCENT of assault is stating an opinion, by the same reasoning, anyone who says he IS guilty is also stating opinion



            I can only go by what the criminal justice system determined and the civil court determined.

            All the rest are just opinions

  29. 30



    I got back last night from a 4 week trip to South America and Anartica and Pewter Report was the first thing I opened back up. As always Scott, it was well written and expressed. So many of us forget to lighten up and use some humor. All Jameis was being at that moment was a young boy himself; he’s such a likeable guy and he was just trying to inspire to some future football boys. I’m glad for me not much happened while I was gone. Now on to Indianapolis!

  30. 31


    Scott…if you really feel the way you seem to, based on your writings here, you have no reason not to absolutely blast Tom Jones for doing exactly what you think the world has turned into. I don’t care if he’s a friend or foe. He should be taken to task.

    He is the reason this is even an issue. Not ESPN, not the kids, not the parents or teachers. Tom Jones.

  31. 32


    Unfortunately Jameis will always be targeted by the media and shown in a bad light, much like some elected officials. We all knew this when we drafted him and there is nothing that will ever change the minds of some. All he can do is keep doing the good he’s doing and those of us who haven’t already predetermined his character will appreciate his efforts.

    In this hyper-sensitive time we live in, ANYTHING he says can be misconstrued and used to attack his character. He is still a young man and has many mistakes to make as he “grows up.” Each mis-spoken word and errant throw will be thrown in his face, and fortunately for him…and us Bucs fans…none of it seems to get to him much.

    Ironically, the people chastising Jameis for his “sexism” are most likely the same people who are quick to complain that “chivalry is dead.” These are the same people screaming for equality and that females in the military should be allowed to work in any MOS they chose. But then agree that female PT standards are justified. Unfortunately, some people will never understand that everyone is either equal or they’re not. One can’t have the best of both worlds…but I digress.

    As for the rest of the article, our cap situation is looking good and so are our option in the draft and free agency. I’m already counting down the days till the 2017 playoff season kicks off

  32. 33

    Julian Jordan

    You guys are seriously way too sensitive.

  33. 34


    I love your take on this Scott, and I agree with you 100%!

    The article written by the guy from the Times was nothing more than this guy taking an opportunity to take a stab at Jameis with the knife of political correctness and garner some nation wide attention for his article. He knows it, and most everyone else who reads the article knows it. But the weak and feeble minded, the sheeple, who love to jump on the train heading west won’t miss an opportunity for a free ride to take down someone in the name of political correctness.

    Political correctness is a cancer that the left in society has embraced over these past 8 years, and are fighting hard to continue it. There is no truth in political correctness. This world was never created so that everyone has a fair and equal share of life and it’s offerings. Were were created equal because we were all created equal in the image of God.

    I hope Jameis will still continue to do these kinds of things, and continue to be who he is, and not succumb to pressure caused by those who have nothing better to do than to try and take down someone who is trying to do what is right in their heart.

  34. 35


    I cannot believe all these words 358,705,932,257,000.04 were wasted on this topic.!!! Football anyone???

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