The Score is a weekly PRTV segment featuring’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writer Trevor Sikkema. This show will air following the team’s game that week and feature Sikkema’s quick-hitting game recap and analysis of Sunday’s action as well as a look ahead to his Tuesday Cover 3 feature column.

In week 14’s episode of The Score, watch Sikkema give his thoughts and reaction to Tampa Bay’s 28-14 loss against the New Orleans Saints.

Andrew Scavelli is the Digital Content Director and Fantasy Football Analyst for Scavelli, a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, first started as an intern with Pewter Report in 2009 and has been following the game of football for most of his life. When he’s not adjusting his fantasy lineups, Scavelli can be found enjoying nature and pursuing his passion for health and wellness. Scavelli can be reached at: [email protected]
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Bring Kris Richard from the Cowboys to coach this team!

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Ron Potter

Tre, let’s put the blame for the Offensive Line WHERE IT BELONGS! ….DIRK KOETTER. I know many want to blame Warhop (and I agree he is part of this mess) but let’s not make the same mistake we made with Mike Smith by letting Defensive Line Coach Hayes go! Dirk Koetter makes players look worse! The more he interferes with Todd Monken’s play-calling the worse they look! How does Jensen go from being a top 10 NFL Center last year to a bottom 10 NFL Center this year???!!! DIRK KOETTER!!! Wanna cry about Donovan Smith and waste ANOTHER high draft… Read more »