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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Hey TS
    Can the academy guys play right away? I seem to recall Staubach had to wait and serve. Robinson in the NBA also.
    What is the scoop.
    In referring to the Ole Miss guy, he is now Quincy Alphabet. How in the hell can you pronounce that name.

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      What’s the answer on this Trevor?

      1. 1.1.1

        Trevor Sikkema

        They can be granted opportunities to play. For example, Navy QB Keenan Reynolds was granted permission after being drafted by Baltimore last year.

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    Not a strong group on offense. Not sold on a guy with a quitters history, and Whitfield made a name off that one historic return. The kid really do much else in the return game the rest of his career.

  3. 3


    I agree with Trevor that the Bucs need a KR/PR. They should look at the FSU player, but I would like to nominate a candidate for consideration taken from my upcoming mock draft.

    RD7 – KR/PR Tarik Cohen

    The Bucs need a daring and exciting KR/PR. I am impressed with the toughness and vision of Tarik “The Human Joystick” Cohen out of North Carolina A&T. He could be another gadget guy ala Darren Sproles to bring another dimension to the offense.


    1. 3.1


      Looking forward to your Mock Craft macabee. Prepare yourself for for the mocking that is sure to follow from the Peanut Gallery. I know, I might need to explain the Peanut Gallery to the youngsters.

      1. 3.1.1


        The least expensive snack served at the theatre would often be peanuts, which the patrons would sometimes throw at the performers on stage to convey their disapproval. The phrases “no comments from the peanut gallery” or “quiet in the peanut gallery” are extensions of the name.[1]

        Hell scubog, I’m a geezer and did not know the origin of the phrase.
        Of course I would not think that our younger generation cares about why people say the things they do.
        The other day I was enjoying a cup of joe at Starbucks and in the ambient music Dylan’s song Lay lady lay came on. The manager who is a cool guy cranked it up. The millennials just looked up in bewilderment.
        Of course I could not help myself and asked if any one knew who was singing that song.
        They all knew. Just kidding, not one kid knew who Bob Dylan was
        GO BUCS



          My reference was the collection of kids at the old Howdy Doody show. to whom Buffalo Bob would ask, “Hey kids, what time is it?”

    2. 3.2


      Hey Mac,
      The kid has some wiggle in him. Reminds me a little of Warrick Dunn.
      The competition he faced was pretty easy though, Kent , Alcorn state , North Carolina Atlantic and some small schools in never heard of.
      Still, I’d take a flyer on him in round 7.
      This is why I love the draft, thanks for the link.
      GO BUCS

    3. 3.3


      There is a post on FanSided by David Harrison on the two top potential WR picks that may (but may not) be available to the Bucs at our no. 19 pick – John Ross and Corey Davis. Trevor provided an indepth evaluation of Davis, but did not address Ross. In Harrison’s comparative analysis, he felt that Ross gets the edge over Davis in part due to his blazing speed, but also due to his ability as a kick and punt returner (Davis has only a single kick return in his career, while Ross has four career return TDs and multiple returns of 90+ yards).

      Harrison gives the edge in speed to Ross, the edge on rout-running to Davis, the edge in ball handling to Davis, and the edge in special teams to Ross.

      1. 3.3.1



        I saw how Bama handled Ross, but he is an excellent deep threat and KR/PR. My preference would be Corey Davis for his size and route running. But would have no problem if the Bucs chose WR Ross – two birds/1 stone. Reality is both may be gone. My draft strategy is “Weapons for Winston”, so would also be receptive of a another pass catching TE like OJ Howard.



          The good news this year is that there are a lot of quality WRs in the 2017 draft, so chances are pretty good that we’ll be able to get one of the top three or four with our pick at no. 19, if that’s how Licht wants to use that pick. I would imagine that Dirk Koetter is likely pining for a speed WR to pair up with Mike Evans, and with Humph in the slot, and our Harvard man at TE.

          Another pass-catching TE is also likely on Dirk’s wish list.

          Who do you have in mind on either Day One or Two at TE?



            Truth be told, I really would not like to take a TE round 1. And at 20, there’s little opportunity to trade down. With no Senior Bowl or Combine notes, I like Oj Howard, David Njoku, Bucky Hodges, or Jordan Leggett. But not in the 1st round. Howard is a maybe – need more intel.

            FWIW, I’ve never nailed a 1st round pick for the Bucs. lol. I had Spence in the 2nd round last year but is close as I’ve gotten. So take my early observations with a grain of salt! lol.



          Agree with you MAC!!! we need weapons with SPEED!!!

      2. 3.3.2


        Can’t fault either guy. Roll the dice on whichever one is available.
        I still got my man crush on Williams though.
        GO BUCS



          Understandably so, Chet … but (there’s always a but!) Williams seems like a top 10 pick for someone wanting to replicate our Mike Evans’ success.



            Hard to say what will occur, but , maybe JL can pull some draft magic out of his butt.
            GO BUCS

  4. 4

    Buc 1976

    In the NFL so many games are close VERY CLOSE,so having a guy that can take it to the house,our give the offense good field position can be the difference in a game.
    I can’t remember the players name he played for KC some years back almost every game he made a difference. So yes the Bucs need a player like that

  5. 5


    Getting a good kick, or punt return in the NFL is as rare as a white Rino. I would not be surprised if kick offs are eliminated from the game, and punters are so good, like I said don’t see to many returns. Point being, don’t let a players return ability sway you into drafting them. Humpries was stellar with his decision making, and fielding the ball cleanly. So really, should we be looking for a returner?

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    Since the Bucs have the most room under the cap of any team next season I say forget drafting an RB, and after we sign Evans, go get Le’Veon Bell who will be free agent also this off season. It’s going to be hard for Pittsburgh to keep both Le’Veon and Brown on their roster. I think Licht should go make him an offer he can’t refuse. Then if that fails, we should look to the draft.

    1. 6.1



      Here’s a commonly used cap tracker (OTC) and the numbers they report. Now those numbers could go up if the Bucs void the 7mil guaranteed to Doug Martin – they could also cut Alterraun Verner at 6.5mil and release DE George Johnson at 2.5mil. But I think the Factory of Sadness (Browns) will have the most cap space. As you suggest, we do have enough to get whomever they want.


    2. 6.2


      Here’s another commonly used cap tracker – Spotrac. I could explain why the numbers are slightly different, but it would very boring. They are both correct – different exclusions in forecast.


    3. 6.3


      That certainly is worth an effort, but there will be a lot of competition.

      But given that Bell pretty much is the star of the PIT offense this year, it seems likely that they are also going to try to keep him.

      PIT may have less room under the cap than the Bucs do, but a top running back is generally get-able at around $8M or less (AP’s ridiculous contract is a clear outlier at $12M rising to $18M in 2017, none of which is guaranteed this year). I would think that with somewhere in the neighborhood of $42M in cap space, and Big Ben’s contract running through 2019, PIT will find a way to keep Bell.

    4. 6.4


      Dude- I agree BUT no way Steelers let Bell or Brown leave. They will find a way to keep both.

    5. 6.5


      I am technologically challenged and have no idea how to do this.
      Your avatar should be Jeffery Lebowski.

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