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We knew that Tom Brady has been practicing with his new teammates weekly at Berkeley Prep. But now tight end Rob Gronkowski has joined those practices, which was confirmed by video footage. 

ABC Action News reporter Kyle Burger posted a video to his social media with an aerial view of the Bucs practicing at Berkeley early on Thursday morning. The video shows Gronkowski and Brady on the field along with O.J. Howard, Cam Brate, Ryan Jensen, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Griffin, Dare Ogunbowale and Scotty Miller. 

With training camp not scheduled to happen until July 21st, these are the first opportunities that Gronkowksi and Brady have to build chemistry on the field with their Buccaneer teammates.

You can see the full video here.

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David DeLeon
David DeLeon(@swflgipsybucsfan)
1 year ago

Oh yeah!! Get in sync guys. Hope we have this season

1 year ago

Wood somebody in the Buc organization please give the Brady a Buccaneer shirt to wear.

1 year ago

Is this is TMZ? Flyovers? And then nothing that resembles a football play? Fans must be desperate… Guess I am too, but this is worthless video.

1 year ago

Not worthless video at all. Amazing to see them all workin together to get things goin. Gets me excited and makes me Happy!!!

1 year ago

That was a work out? Wow. I guess the big money guys have a different kind of work out.

1 year ago

Forget the throwing, and timing with receivers, Brady’s making sure him, and Jensen are on the same page. Look at Tom showing Jensen how he wants it done. Before Tom can complete a pass to Evans, he has to make sure his line knows what’s it’s doing. Don’t know how some fans can’t see what’s really going on in this video, and think it’s worthless.

1 year ago

Why would anyone say this is worthless? Brady wants to get to know his new teammates. I wish Gay was there kicking some field goals!

1 year ago

Granted I have absolutely no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Brady could be having throwing sessions at certain players backyards. Regardless, my curiosity is peaked just a little bit on the fact that, every time they show a Brady organized workout, Godwin is never there. Again, he could be working out with him everyday, somewhere else. But makes me wonder a little

Buc-in-Philly Fan
Buc-in-Philly Fan(@tazliver)
1 year ago

Truly nothing to see here…

Reply to  Buc-in-Philly Fan
1 year ago

They were working out drying the sweat off with all the white towels . wink wink

1 year ago

3 QBs, 3 TEs, a WR and a RB and one Center. Must’ve been an interesting practice

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg