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    Ken Grant

    Still can’t get over how confident and clutch Cam and Jameis were on that clinching 9 route. Koetter with the balls to call it and Cam/Jameis with the confidence to ask for it. Against one of the elite safeties in football no less. Well played, guys.

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    I rewatched most of the game last night. JW’s accuracy still needs work, he is putting too many balls in spots where receivers have to alter routes to attempt catch, sometimes unsuccessfully, sometimes disrupting route in ways limiting yards gained. Even deep ball to OJH probably incomplete if Giants had a DB in the vicinity.
    Before the haters come out, yes he’s improved vs last year and I’m not expecting him to reach his potential for a few more years, I’m just objectively noting what I saw. That plus ball security is what needs to improve for him to be elite, he obviously has then intangibles

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    Your right matador, Winston isn’t perfect. Neither is Tom Brady. But Luke Brady he practices to improve his craft every day. When he stops doing that then I will complain and pick at every flaw of his home like you do faux GM. But until then, STFU.

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    Sorry for expressing my opinion. True franchise QBs have pinpoint accuracy. JW sometimes does but more often than not he’s a little off target making things hard for receivers, who bail him out with their own athleticism. It’s what I see rewatching the games. Sorry for being objective, I know an increasing number of people put emotions before facts these days. How’s that working out?

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    Whoops – Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay Times has same irritating habit of being objective about facts – better avert your eyes, Easty

    Of the 20 passes thrown to Jackson, including some that were caught, four were behind him, two were short, two were overthrown, two were the result of bad protection. One was caught out of bounds, one was a throwaway, one was high, yet another was a terrible read…On passes of 15 yards or more, Winston is just 3 of 11 (27.3 percent) when targeting Jackson.

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    Not elite, yEasty. Hopefully in another year or three, clearly has potential to elevate to that level, but he’s just not there yet, and while effort is appreciated but lots of people try hard but never get there. Too many inaccurate throws; just ‘slinging it’ ain’t enough. With time will come maturation and control and better decision making, but he is not there yet and as a team we need more time to overcome a decade+ of poor drafting.

    Relative to where we’ve been ex the Gruden and Dungy years it’s still an improvement but the emotionally high strung homers need to take a breath and realize things take time, turnarounds take time, and neither he nor we as a team are there yet.

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