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    General theme through the site commenters you responded to: they’re all trying to make judgments of people, teams, and schemes based upon a grand total of one quarter of one season. No can do. Yeah, sure, some of these guys may have had the same opinions from the get go so they’re chomping at the bit to say “I told you so!”, which is why they’re jumping to conclusions.

    Message to all the “experts”: Tell me your analysis after the season .. until then it’s a work in progress.

    On another topic, the notion of “is Jameis Winston a franchise quarterback?” is in essence a silly exercise. In the sense that the franchise specifically went to great effort to evaluate Winston and other players, and then to use him with our first, first overall draft pick since Vinny Testaverde, then yes, by all means he is our “franchise quarterback”.

    Will Jameis Winston reward the effort and selection and coaching directed his way, and continue to be our franchise quarterback beyond his first contract, perhaps even a lengthy NFL career? Who the hell knows. There’s tons of “ex-franchise-quarterbacks” in recent NFL history. Back to my first point above: only time will tell.

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    It seems to me that Winston will be just fine. How many games would we have won if the players around him “did their job”? Light cannot draft a whole team in three years. The back end of our defense has a problem. We cannot fix that this year. I don’t think any of you thought that the Bucs were going to the SuperBowl this year. I see a better team this year than last. I for one do not feel that interceptions matter if we win so Winston must keep trying. Each game is a season to me. We beat Atlanta and we can beat Carolina. Go Bucs!!!

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    Gee, Scott “He’s added a lot of talent to this team in the three years he’s been here – more than his predecessors Bruce Allen and Mark Dominik did”…I really didn’t like Dom as a personnel guy, and it pains me to defend him, but here’s a list (yes, it’s 5 years of Dom versus 3 of Licht):

    Dom Draft (guys that have had significant playing time – I’ll use that as an impartial judgment):
    Doug Martin; Lavonte David; Gerald McCoy; Roy Miller; Erik Lorig; Dakota Watson; Mike Williams; Luke Stocker; Mason Foster; Adrian Clayborn; Keith Tandy; Josh Freeman; Mike James; Will Gholston; Akeem Spence; Mike Glennon; Jonathan Banks. Of those, we have 3 ProBowlers and 10 guys still on the team (even though its been 3 years since he was around here).

    Dom Free Agents (however acquired) (notable playing time again):
    Darrelle Revis;Vincent Jackson; Donald Penn; Demar Dotson; Conor Barth; LeGarette Blount; Bradley McDougald. Of those 3 are still on the team, VJax is our franchise’s all-time best WR, and we had a sure fire HoFer in Revis until someone cut him.

    Dom trades (same criteria):
    K2. Not much to see there.

    Licht Draft (same criteria):
    Mike Evans; Charles Sims; Kevin Pamphile (maybe); Kwon Alexander; Ali Marpet; Donovan Smith; Jameis Winston; VHIII; Noah Spence; Aguayo; R Smith (maybe). It’s early days but we have 1 ProBowler and Evans certainly could be #2. Kwon looks like hit, VHIII looks good for a rookie…the rest only time will tell.

    Licht FAs (same criteria):
    Adam Humphries; Cameron Brate; Josh McCown; Gosder Cherilus; Chirs Conte, J Smith; Brian Anger; Robert Ayers; Brent Grimes. Not much to see there (maybe Ayers will come around).

    Licht Trades (same criteria):
    Mankins. ProBowler.

    So, overall, I think Licht and Dom are sitting firmly in good company together. I don’t think it was fair to say Dom left the cupboard bare, and I don’t think it’s fair to say Licht is doing so much better than Dom….I think they both made a lot of head scratching decisions. A few of Licht’s so far:
    – drafting Sims ahead of Gabe Jackson when we desperately needed an OG and only 1 was off the board at that point.
    – drafting ASJ (if DUIs were going to be a line we drew with players (and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be) then why did we draft ASJ when he already had a DUI at UW…where was the line on draft day)
    – cutting ASJ
    – the trade-up for Aguayo when we already had Barth
    – cutting Revis and his incredibly cap-friendly deal
    – doing nothing significant at Safety this offseason (maybe Smith will come around in due course, but not this year)
    – wasting late round picks on backup FBs, and WRs with no-hands (I’m not saying this part of the draft is easy, but those decisions make absolutely no sense….why not take a flyer on Lael Collins?)
    – cutting Donald Penn….so that we could replace him with a rookie that came with the rap-line “has potential at OG in the NFL”

    Juts a lot of head scratchers….and I could do a similar list for Dom too – again he’s not in anyway my ideal GM…I just think it’s a little more even between these guys.

    1. 3.1


      Oh nuts – I always forget Revis was a trade not a FA….just move his name to the next category…same point.

      1. 3.1.1


        and note, I gave Dom no credit for (and Licht no slight for) Mark Barron (a current starter for the Rams thanks to Licht’s decision), nor did I give Dom credit for signing Carl Nicks due to his injury shortened time with us, despite the fact that he played great for the few games he was on the field….

        yuk, defending Dom feels like eating something I shouldn’t have….but couldn’t let the Licht vs Dom praise go unchecked.

    2. 3.2


      East end boy, I agree with almost everything you said except taking a flyer on Collins. Once he fell past the 2nd round his agent contacted all team interested and let them know that if they drafted Collins that Collins would sit out the year and reenter the draft next year. That’s why no team took a flyer on him in the late rounds. It would have been a waste of pick, not that we did any better with the pick.

      1. 3.2.1


        Thanks @wnb0395 – I know the story of his agent contacting teams. After the draft his agent came out and said that his calls were “an obvious bluff” and that “he would be crazy to advise his client to sit out a year…that would never have happened”.

        So yes, it would have been a clear gamble…a bold move one might say…instead we selected a backup FB, with extremely limited special teams ability, that had exactly zero chance of making our roster…and indeed was cut at the first post. It’s those sort of decisions that get me upset as a fan…not the selection of VHIII for example (if by some chance he busted), because we need help in the secondary (desperately), and VHIII was clearly the best CB in the draft by all accounts (unless you are for some odd reason the Giants….who are regretting that view already).

        Licht just doesn’t seem to have a plan for things…he seems to float in the wind and get caught off guard (like Martin going down without a clear backup, even though he has a history of getting injured)…

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    I’ve said for last year there is no market for Glennon as a starter. That’s because he isn’t starter material! You can throw up all your stats comparing him to Osweiler that you want to. He stinks is bottom line. No mobility and prone to fumbles.

  5. 5

    big serious

    have we been wearing White jerseys at because of heat?

    1. 5.1


      Yes, we will wear the white until probably the Raiders game. I personally don’t think it can mean much. Sure hasn’t helped on the scoreboard the past few years.

  6. 6

    big serious

    have we been wearing White jerseys at home because of heat?

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    All I care about is that throughout the season the team shows that they are improving atleast. A winning season would be nice but I know this is the first year under Koetter so I’ll be behind him as long as they show improvement throughout the season.

  8. 8


    Pink website must go. It looks terrible.

    1. 8.1


      It’s pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

      1. 8.1.1


        Yeah, I know. It still looks terrible and should be dumped ASAP. We’re already aware of breast cancer. Everybody’s aware of breast cancer. NFL in October has pink up to the eyeballs. It sucks.

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    Mark Barron was drafted as a safety and was traded to the Rams to be a safety. He now plays LB for the Rams. We didn’t draft Barron to be a LB. For that reason, the draft pick was a bust, especially when you consider Luke Kueckly was sitting there. You also left out Kyle Moore who was a three or a four pick.
    Also, you forgot the inscrutable Daquawn Bowers who we squandered a No, 2 pick on.
    As far as ASJ is concerned, one DUI doesn’t make you an alcoholic but two do, especially if they are within five years of each other. The state pretty much feels the same way.
    Besides, it has pretty much been hinted by the Bucs that they tried to get ASJ help. ASJ is still in denial. No one can tell if a player is an alcoholic or has a problem with drinking due to one DUI. The world is full of people with one DUI who aren’t alcoholics.
    I have said before that I was ambivalent about Licht using a No. 2 on Arroyo, but the more I see of Arroyo and the shortcomings we continue have on defense, the more inclined to believe the teams needs would have been better suited by drafting a safety or a DL.
    Overall, I think Licht has still done a better job in the draft than Dominick.
    One of the reasons we are in the situation we are in now is all the high draft picks Dominick used on improving the DL and none of them, for good reason, are here.

    1. 9.1


      Always like your take on things Dr. D. As with all GM’s; Licht and his staff are making choices they believe are the best at the time they make them. Many folks here who are in management positions hire the candidate who they believe is the best choice for the job opening. Sometimes they work out and sometimes the don’t.

      Free Agency is like choosing a date leading up to the Prom. All of the pretty girls have dates and no longer sitting on the side of their bed waiting for the phone to ring so you end up taking what you can get. Ok, she’s a bit homely………..maybe she’s a good cook.

      Drafting is more like choosing a bride. The young girl has all of the qualities you seek. Nice figure, bubbly personality, laughs at your jokes, good job, intelligent, no bad habits, and gets along with your friends. Did I mention nice figure? You draft her in the first round thinking you have a real keeper. All of your friends and family like her too. They are thrilled when your choice is announced. A few months go by and for some unknown reason, she thinks your quips are immaturity, quits her job to take a cooking class with her new friends, keeps up on the days events by watching Dr. Phil, sips wine all day, finds fault with everyone especially your old buddies and then her once cute shape becomes a pear. Who knew?

      1. 9.1.1
    2. 9.2


      I guess your post is in response to mine (just a note, you can hit “reply” under a post if you want to say something in direct response).

      Yes, there were clearly many players that I did not list (Kyle Moore and Daquan Bowers)…but as I said in the post, I didn’t want to get into a debate about who was a bust (which I understand you feel Mark Barron was….the Rams do not, in his hybrid LB/Safety role) and who wasn’t (not sure if you’re saying ASJ wasn’t?). Instead I just listed the guys that had significant playing time with us (good or bad)…maybe I should have included Bowers but it seemed like he was on the sidelines more than on the field…but in any event, that would have been in favor of Dom (again I understand you think he was a bust, but the point of the list was, again, just based on playing time so as to not have some big debate about whether Pamphile is good or bad).

      As for Dom’s attempts at DL with “high draft picks” (again, I can’t believe I’m defending Dom), “none of them, for good reason, are here” …I give you Gerald McCoy (and drop the mic).

      1. 9.2.1


        My reply to meant for drdneast EEB. But I guess it’s a universal one about acquiring players.



          LOL – so was mine @scubog…always glad to hear your thoughts on the Bucs!

  10. 10


    Scott there is absolutely nothing about this team that Licht has “improved” other Jameis falling into his lap after assembling a 2 win team. He drafted a #1 WR only to cut a #1 CB. He drafted Marpet as a result of trading Zuttah. Not to mention the Bruce Carters, Oneil Cousins and the busted pair of Bengals year 1. Dom is nothing to write home about but neither is Licht.

    1. 10.1


      thanks for making the point much more succinctly than I did…

  11. 11


    Time will tell about Licht. We can do comparisons all day long about past GM’s but to me it’s the past and what’s it matter now? I was very impressed last year with Licht. Now im very much on the fence. The kicker thing really irritated me. Just didn’t have good feeling about it. We were not a team on verge of a super bowl. We are a young team with so many needs and he squandered that pick.

  12. 12


    There seems to be a fair amount of talk about specific pieces of the team, but I think there is enough talent there right now to be competitive. The problem seems to be more schematic. The high-risk, high-reward passing game puts a lot of pressure on Winston, especially without Doug in the backfield. I hope that there is more of an effort to work toward more efficient plays to control the clock, gain first downs and keep the defense off of the field. I think Licht is our guy and will fill out the depth on this team. I hope that he’s leaping in his pool in his suit for years to come.

  13. 13


    stlbucsfan, Lovie Smith had final say so on all roster moves in his first year. Not sure about the second but I think he still did then. It was in his contract.
    Licht would never had been able to get rid of Reavis if Smith hadn’t wanted him gone.
    The rational for getting rid of Reavis by Smith was he could get three good players for the price of one. And it was Smith’s decision to get rid of Reavis because of his cap hit for that stated reason and it was reported as such at the time.
    Please don’t try to rewrite history.
    Much could be said about the FA’s we picked up in the first year but the final decision to go with those players was Smith’s. He had final say so on the roster.
    It was also Smith’s decision to get rid of and bust out our OL. A bad idea since we have had to draft players to replace them since.
    EastEndBoy, picking McCoy was a no brainer but even so 1 out of 5 on DL gives you a .200 BA. Not bad if you want to start for the Rays
    Barron is not a “hybrid” safety/LB with the Rams. He is a LB. He is a bust as a safety pure and simple. Much like Eric Lorig was a bust as a DL but an okay FB.
    We also passed on Luke Kueckly when we took Barron. That was a huge mistake because we had the plodding slow Mason Foster at MLB who was never meant to play in a 4-3 as a MLB and never had. 4.9 speed in the 40 I believe. He is doing average as an ILB in Washington in a 3-4.
    Thanks for your support Scubog and I too like your analogy although I’m not sure my ex, mom, daughters or sister would. My current gf would care-a-less which is why she is my girlfriend.
    How many FA’s have gone bust in the NFL. They are countless. Somehow a big fat bank account takes the hunger to play at a high level out of many NFL veteran players.

    1. 13.1


      Jason Licht will be judged on the players he brought in regardless of what the HC recommended. If the owners wanted Lovie handling personnel decisions then they would’ve made him HC and GM. If a GM isn’t smart enough to recognize cutting an All Pro CB to sign a backup DE, a backup T and a decent CB is a bad move,then we have the wrong man for the job. If we hire a GM that can’t see the value in a young versatile OL(Zuttah) then we have the wrong guy. If the GM can’t see that a young team needing talent can’t afford picks to be wasted on kickers, kick return specialist, and a 2nd FB then we have the wrong guy. I won’t absolve Licht from the responsibilities his job entails and if he took advice year 1 from a guy that spent the year prior in his basement then he’s not the guy for the job. I absolutely agree that Barron was a wasted pick but he was salvageable which is the point I think EastEndBoy was trying to make. Of course we should’ve drafted Kuechly but that doesn’t mean Barron was completely useless. The move SHOULD have been switch Lavonte to MLB, Barron at WLB and move Foster to SLB where he was better suited. Licht did a poor job of assessing the state of the team he inherited and has spent the better part of 3 years covering up errors he made from day one. As a result you have a football team much different but no better than the one he inherited 3 years ago, which our 1-3 and soon to be worse record indicates.

    2. 13.2


      Let’s go in order…

      1) your exact quote was “none of them, for good reason, are here”…to which I merely pointed out that one of the top DTs in the league is indeed “here”….no comments were made on “no-brainers” be they GMC (or Winston or Evans or VHIII)….nor on whether any of the other DL choices were good or bad (I understand you think they were all busts, probably not everyone in the league agrees).

      2) you can have whatever opinion you want about Barron, the facts are that he did have significant playing time for us, he wasn’t considered a bust by Dom (it was Licht that got rid of him), and the Rams describe him as “LB/S” followed by “SS” on his page (so fact is he’s either a hybrid or a strong safety…according to the Rams, if we can accept their view as the fact, which I understand you may not, and that’s fine again to be your opinion). I personally am not a huge Barron fan, but I’m just stating the facts.

      3) Eric Lorig was also a starter for us for multiple seasons. Again, you can have whatever opinion you want of whether Dom picked him as a DE or a FB, but the fact is that he played for us for multiple seasons. Same for Foster.

      4) Dom made all sorts of head scratching decisions….I am not defending Dom as some sort of fabulous GM (I think I was pretty clear about that)…many of the same sort of decisions that Licht has been making too.

      I understand that you think a lot of the guys Dom picked were bad choices…and many of them were….believe me, nobody was more critical of Dom’s work on this site than me over the years….all I’m saying is that if you stack up what he did against what Licht has done (not just who has chosen but who he passed up and why) in the draft, FA and trades, it looks like a pretty similar bag of “not that great”. Yes Dom got us Martin, LvD and GMC and yes Licht has found Evans, Winston and VHIII…they aren’t all terrible, but their full body of works look pretty similarly bad.

      So, IMO, Licht deserves no praise right now…I’m not saying he’s the reason we’re losing, I’m just saying that he hasn’t been some sort of 10-out-of-10 versus Dom’s 2-out-of-10.

    3. 13.3


      I’ve tried to never think about Barron instead of Keukly.
      Now I got a head ache.

      1. 13.3.1


        Ya…I was screaming at the TV for Dom to take Keuchly…loved him at BC…oh well…

  14. 14


    Expectations were too high, too soon. That’s the bottom line here. We drafted a franchise QB and expected everything else to fall into place immediately. That’s just not realistic at all. Licht has had 3 drafts and has had his share of hits and misses. The hits have been big and the misses, well none have hurt us TOO bad except maybe the trade up for Aguayo.

    As for Jameis, he’s playing like a 2nd year QB with flashes of a franchise QB. He doesn’t have a full supporting cast yet, but he’s done pretty well and shown his potential with what he’s got.

    We’re dealing with A LOT of injuries through the first quarter of the season and that’s hurt us a lot. This is our first season under a new defensive scheme which will also take time to settle.

    Give it time, don’t abandon ship yet. As they say if you can’t be with us through the rough times, don’t try to be with us when we right the ship. Go Bucs

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