Following a great performance from quarterback Jameis Winston in the Bucs’ first preseason game under new head coach Bruce Arians, it was back to work for Tampa Bay on Sunday.

Against the Steelers Winston only saw action for one drive. In his lone series, he completed 5-of-6 passes for 40 yards, including a screen pass to Chris Godwin for a touchdown. With the exception of a missed deep ball to Breshad Perriman, the drive was nearly perfect. He was accurate, his decision-making was good and he executed offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s playcalls to a tee.

Returning to practice on Sunday Winston had his moments where he shined, specifically the red zone where he’s typically been at his best to this point in training camp. However, he did throw three interceptions with two of them coming on deep balls.

In the first period of 11-on-11 drills Winston was shaky, showing early that he just wasn’t on top of his game. This was confirmed when a deep ball to Perriman was tipped by Ryan Smith and intercepted by Isaiah Johnson.

Later on, in a 7-on-7 period, Winston added his second interception of the day. It was a similar play to his first pick, a go route down the sideline, but this time the intended target was Mike Evans. In coverage, cornerback Vernon Hargreaves made a great play to locate the ball in the air, turn his body around and go up for a great interception.

Winston’s third and final interception of the day was merely just a poor play on his part and a tip of the cap to cornerback De’vante Harris who jumped the route and came up with an interception of his own.

As noted, Winston found his silver lining of the practice during the red zone and goal line periods, as he really did have a strong performance during those drills.

During the early red zone period, Winston was able to find Perriman in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown with Carlton Davis in coverage.

Vernon Hargreaves showed his dismay after the play.

Later in the day Winston found another one of his intended targets from a deep interception earlier in the practice, hitting Evans who had exploited the soft spot in the defense.

All in all Arians saw today as a good day from the team as a whole with a slow start from the offense that was salvaged by a few periods of very strong play.

The Bucs will have one more practice on Monday before the Miami Dolphins travel up to Tampa for two joint practices at One Buc in preparation for their upcoming preseason matchup on Friday.

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1 year ago

Good to hear the Red Zone play is solid because that’s what we were missing last season. Gotta keep workin on that deep ball, hopefully he can get on the same page with Perriman because he usually is with Evans on the deep ball.

1 year ago

They started drinking there own kool aid and had good night Saturday night and got excited and started throwing the deep ball, instant reality check!
I was very pleased with Griffin to start playing him would mean the end of Licht so I guess we will play out the season with Jameis.
At least the first half.

1 year ago

I think BA is a head smarter than Licht I wonder what is going on in his head putting his reputation in Jameis hands.
Love to be a fly on wall in his house as he is speaking freely with his wife.
The film room on Griffin must have really confused them.

1 year ago

Yeah buc ass bob a preseason warrior who has never taken a snap. If anyone in the nfl thought as highly of him as you they would have offered a draft pick for him. Since he has stayed a number three on the bucs I would assume not one other coach or gm in the nfl has even thought wnough about him to offer even a 7th round pick. If he was ready to be a starting qb other teams would see it on tape also. And there would be a big market for him via trade. He looks good… Read more »

1 year ago

Griffin won’t be on the team most likely… Griffin is a back up to the back up qb playing against 7 rounders and udfa in the first preasons game in which he was striped sacked and sacked 3 more times for holding the ball too long. I have watched this kid since his first year at Tulane til now… he is a good number 3. He always plays well in preseason cuz he plays nobodies. guys who will be on a practice squad or nowhere near nfl active rosters so please enough with griffin. He has shown what he is… Read more »

1 year ago

Uh oh a bad practice after pre season game 1? Time to bench Winston and go with Griffin who sucks and won’t even make the team. Lol.

This is why everyone can’t stand Suck-ass-globs. So stupid and idiotic and no he’s not a Bucs fan or fan of anything he’s a miserable troll douche bag. Dumb as box rocks!

1 year ago

Winston can not throw accurate deep ball it is fact.
his days numbered in nfl 0-365
Do not think griffin is a good QB just think he is less bad.
With out deep pass this team will lose, they start throwing deep pass int,s come back and team will lose
Arians now understands this.But its 21 million he will play Winston no mater what ! Sad thing Arians reputation on this.

1 year ago

Where was Devin White ? We all saw Devin Bush!
Fredster yet can you Enlighten us please. Chef what is your take?

1 year ago

2019 NFL MVP Ryan Griffin! LoL.

Alldaway 2.0
1 year ago

I keep saying this but we have been sleeping on Perriman. Perriman being a decoy is good enough for this offense, but if he actually produces 30+ some odd catches in a season that will off set losing DJAX somewhat.

1 year ago

My take BAB is to not take anything you day seriously. It first I used to think you really believed what you would write. Now I know you do it just for the attention. Anyone who thinks Ryan Griffin should start over Jameis is obviously looking for responses. Jameis will have a great year and when he does, you’ll disappear as usual. Every practice is see jameis hitting a wide receiver with a deep throw. Going back to Jameis’ days at Florida state, even jumbo fisher would talk about how he wasn’t the best at practice but when the lights… Read more »

Reply to  chefboho
1 year ago

Since I started being told how stupid I am from Chef it has been over 2 years.
Since this time 32 games played and Jameis has won 6 games…………………………
in 2 seasons, But I am the one out of touch according to this site.
LAST place NFC south Last place NFC south again and again.
Chef any QB in league could do better than that with the level of talent that has been on this team.

The Vicness
1 year ago

Dude, Jameis cannot get out of his own way. He was checking down in the game, his one moderately difficulty pass to Perriman (deep ball down the sideline), he missed an open receiver…again. BA and Leftwhich see the problem, and they’ll mold the offense to fit him. They know they are stuck with Winston and are not allowed to bench him if he plays bad, only if an injury or yet ANOTHER sexual assault will they be given the ability to pull Winston. Sadly, next year, we’ll be looking for a new starting QB. But hey, I think the Offensive… Read more »