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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    The only negative from this game is the Kwon injury. Hopefully is not serious. Folk scared me with the missed XP, but bounced back nicely.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      Yeah the missed PAT is annoying, but can’t be too mad when he nails a 50 yarder.

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      Greg Auman‏Verified account @gregauman 26m26 minutes ago
      Bucs LB Kwon Alexander says his hamstring isn’t anything serious — says he’ll be back at practice Wednesday, eager for Vikings game.

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    Jon G

    Well I was close. I said 31 the bucs would score and 29 was actual. But all that matters is the big W. The Saints are 0-2 and Carolina 2-0. That Win was huge. I love Koetter as Head Coach. Finally things are Clicking. Defense was Strong..

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    What a dominating defensive performance. The Glennon I’ve known was exposed for the world to see. The defense played smart and tough. The offense did enough with their opportunities. Special teams played well overall. Good start to the season. Go Bucs!

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    Very strong opening, especially for the defense. I know some are skeptical about the missed opportunities on a couple of occasions, but these guys haven’t played in a while… A LONG WHILE. Look at the scores a crossed the NFL week 1. The scores were low, outside of a few, and defenses were winning the game.
    Offense looked very systematic out there and there were some misses by Jameis. The deep throw to Jackson was probably thrown a second before he wanted to, he was about to get clobbered. The miss to Twinkle toes Simms was a bad one as he had the linebacker smoked.
    As for my transition to Siims, he needs to go. If Doug coming back means someone has to go, it’s twinkle toes. The fumble on the screen was not only inexcusable, but if he’d had just gone forward from what I saw, he would’ve made the first down and maybe more.
    The offensive line played good from what I saw, mind you I only saw the second half of the game as I just got back in town to watch it. I was impressed at the time Jameis had on some of those throws. Running lanes also looked good at times against a formidable front 7.
    Big Mike did his thing. That’s all you need to say about that guy. Jackson is going to get him so much better spacing. Jackson just missed that long TD as James go rushed.
    Defense played lights out today. I know it was Glennon and he has zero receivers to throw too, but they did what they had to. They need to be sharper on 3rd downs and there was some open stuff over the middle, but they stopped the hell out of the run. That was their only strength and we shut it down.
    The defense forced 4 Turnovers and got 4 sacks. Statistically speaking , you can’t ask for much more. Now it did appear that most of our pressures came off of blitzes. You’d like to see a little more of your front four getting it, but Glennon is a quick check down QB anyways, I think we all knew that.
    From what I am reading Kwon will be good to go for next week, but it appears, and it’s only one game, that he might have taken another steal from LSU. Beckwith was all over the place and it was impressive. Our linebacker staff as a whole played very good. Safety appears to still be our biggest weakness, although that could change once TJ gets used to the playbook.
    On a side note, a play i like to look at in Jameis’ maturing as a QB was the final play he was sacked. In the past he would’ve chucked that ball out there, but he pulled it in and took the sack.
    Nick FOlk my good man, it was nice to see filed goals go right down the middle, minus that extra point snafu. Sorry this was long winded, but it seems as though it’s been forever waiting for this game. We smashed a team we were supposed to beat , so that’s a good thing. On to Minnesota.

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    I believe that this is a confidence builder for next weeks game against the Vikings. Jameis just missed on the long ball a few times or this game could have been 14+ points more. The offense did have some rust as did the defense, but it was good to see that they adjusted to that underneath crap that Glennon was throwing. I said to my wife after his 5 completion, it was only a matter of time before someone undercut that route and that’s what Alexander did.

    Vikings will be a bigger test next week. Go Bucs!

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    And there were some armchair GM’s among us who wanted to pass on Winston and stay with Glennon.
    There is another person who runs a web site on the Bucs who wanted the team to draft Jonny Manzell if he was still on the board.
    We took Mike Evans instead.
    Geeeesh. Stopped reading him.

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    Trev: The Bears won the opening coin toss and deferred.

    Some in the media had the idea that Glennon would be able to take advantage of his familiarity of the defense. He did what he always did here. Three completions and still punting. Mike Smith had the right game plan. Stop the run and force Glennon to try to beat us.

    Bears fan, who obviously lives here, started the game as obnoxiously as he could thinking Glennon would carve up our defense. Of course this smart ass can’t let that go unchallenged. Dude actually mentioned the 85 Bears. By halftime he wanted Glennon benched for the rookie and John Fox fired. Made his departure in the 4th quarter. Next time maybe he’ll root for the home team.

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    Mr. Incredible

    Is it just me or is Jaquez Rogers running at about 85% of what we saw last year? He seems a bit less violent in the hole and his body language is much less confident. I wonder if he’s a little banged up or something.

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