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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    This is a pretty solemn report, but it shows the nature of the NFL swing. One week, it’s playoffs, next week it’s doomed. Now injuries like we got from this game, those are very damaging. That secondary was woeful today and if Grimes is not back this will turn into another shootout, which is what we don’t want. We don’t need Jameis throwing the ball 40 times a game. We are 0-6 in those games. I would think we would handle the Giants as that offensive line is horrible, but man that pass rush was anemic today. The Giants also have a terrible run defense, I would hope Koetter would stick to the run game a bit longer next week. Give Peyton Barber some carries.But right now that whiff on a RB is costly to this team.
    Let’s hope we get some defensive players back as that is the key to this season.

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    Even with the defensive injuries, the Giants game can be a W. Second straight game on the road for the Gmen and for some reason that plays in this league. Unfortunately I don’t expect much pressure on Eli but the Giants don’t have a Cook back there. Should lead to much tighter windows than Keenum saw today and hopefully Grimes is back. I won’t even write off the Pats game yet depending on the extent of these injuries. David is out and likely Spence but if we have the rest and a fresh, hungry Martin.. it should be a competitive game. NE D is not the same as years past. GO BUCS

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    A LOT of season left to play people. Let’s see how it shakes out a bit more before reaching for the doom and gloom.

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    Not sure about Keenum beating us again. Lol. Likely won’t ever see him again. Then again….

    The rest and the 1-3 start sounds right. Too many injuries again…..sounds like another crap year.

    You know I’ve been Buc’s/NFL football fan since 80’s but This is the least interested I’ve been in football in general. After the Bucs loss didn’t watc anymore and didn’t watch game tonight. In the past I’d be really upset it’s another bad season and so many injuries just week 2. The kneeling and all the other garbage today has really turned me off. This crap continues I’m not renewing my tickets next year.

    Football was one thing I could watch and forget the everyday bullshit and politics. Not anymore. Very dissapointing.

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    If Case Keenum could only play the Bucs he would go into the HoF as the greatest QB to ever play the game!
    For all you folks talking Superbowl out there, I told you not to drink the Koolaid. This is a slightly above average team with serious depth issues. They kept going offense in the recent drafts (except 1 year) and now they have a razor thin defense. If a grade A player goes down they have to send a grade C or D in. It’s going to take a few more years:(
    Also, Winston at 23 years old is still too immature to be a big time QB. It will take a couple of more years (say age 25) before he is ready.

  6. 6

    Alldaway 2.0

    Bucs will be fine.

    Rest of NFCS is ho hum at the moment as well.

    Bigger worry down the line is if the Bucs make the playoffs (which is a big IF) they are looking at one and done if they don’t improve pass rush.

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    Hard to want to run the ball when your backs are Rodgers, and Sims. I have to believe some of Rodgers 2 yard gains in the games beginning, would have been 5 yard gains if Cook was toting the rock. So we can hope our ground game will turn around when Martin comes back, but with the draft stacked with running backs, did we need to pick a safety in the second round? We don’t have that threat in the back field Cook, or Hunt bring on every down. By the way, the Bucs didn’t draft either of them, but I drafted both Cook, and Hunt in my fantasy league, and I’m 3 – 0! Just saying Jason.

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    Good call on the play from Sendejo. This crew let him fly around with pretty much abandon. I thought that play was definitely. A couple of others, the interception that he caused on the Mike Evans ball in particular were borderline. He doesn’t fly in there like that if he already has one called. The knock out shot versus Brate empowered him to see how far he could go. Good job by him, but this isn’t the direction the NFL says its going.

  9. 9

    Tate Moore-Jacobs

    How is no one talking about the play of Ryan Smith?
    Felt like all game it was literally watching Keenum looking for #29. Without Grimes, I dont see any Ws for the Buccs. Ryan Smith is not a starting CB in this league. I think yesterday made it clear and obvious changes and upgrades need to be made to the secondary.

    1. 9.1


      The play of Ryan Smith and VH3(first round draft pick) was awful, Coach Smith needs to provide an explanation of what happened, why and how he plans to never let that happen again. Those two cornerbacks were so awful that we will never stand even a chance. They should be made to blitz as they are entirely useless as cornerbacks.

  10. 10


    Ryan smith stunk for sure but nobody dmsaid he was ready to start his rookie year either….we lack depth in lot areas.

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    Way too much negativity based upon a single game with extraordinary losses of key defensive players to injury and illness both before and during the game.

    Am I predicting a Bucs win next weekend? No. I’m not much of a predictor.

    But when four of your 11 defensive starters don’t even suit up, including our best interior run-stuffer (Baker), a very good end rusher (Smith), the best cornerback (Grimes) in the league last season (as measured by passes defensed) … and then by the third quarter of the game we lose our best weakside linebacker (David)to an ankle, our best All Pro/Pro Bowler safety (Ward), and another good endrusher (Spence – dislocated shoulder), due to in-game injuries, and our best three-tech interior lineman (McCoy)is hobbled by an ankle injury, and our other starting DT (Ayers) and starting CB (Hargreaves) gets pulled for awhile due to injury, then this game was no measure of the team’s capabilities, regardless of whom we drafted or didn’t draft last spring.

    Injuries happen. We happened to get destroyed by injuries yesterday on the D, not merely snake-bit.

    Now, going forward, much will depend upon how many of our defensive players we get back and when. We could be back to near full strength (probably minus Lavonte David for at least a few weeks though) and back in business against the Giants. Or we could be in serious trouble again. We won’t know, possibly right up until kickoff.

    Offensively, the stats show that Jameis throws most of his INTs when playing from behind. He takes more risks with the ball when we’re behind. We were behind all game yesterday. If our defense holds, then that won’t be the case. Jameis can be coached to stay more within his capabilities, but Coach Koetter’s coaching to date was based on having our an effective defense to rely upon. If the D is down, then Jameis will take the offense onto his shoulders and he is going to make more risky throws. If our run game improves, when Doug Martin gets back, then that will help.

    Too many unanswered questions to be making firm predictions today.

    1. 11.1


      The sky is not falling, I agree. However, backups or not, there is no excuse for losing to Case Keenum, and certainly none for making him look like a probowler.

      1. 11.1.1


        Explanation, not excuse.

        I am fairly confident that had our defensive team that took the field a week ago at home had played against Case Keenum and his offense, the result would have looked very different.

        I am also fairly confident that the reason Jameis threw no picksw a week ago but threw three of them yesterday is related at least in part to who we had on the field yesterday on our defense. Also, our offense’s performance yesterday was in no small part related in part to the quality of defense we faced yesterday as compared to a week ago.

        Too many people are drawing too many conclusions from a single performance, both last week and yesterday.

  12. 12


    Lot of preseason hype just melted away. O line not up to competition v. strong MN line. No ground game put it all on passing attack – never good. Where was Payton Barber? Sims is a receiver, not a runner. We need to go with Rodgers and Barber to get ground yards. And we still don’t have a pass rush. Throw in injuries and just shows how thin we are at CB and D line. I’m still n the band wagon, though. I predict we’ll beat the Giants, struggle with the Pats and likely lose that one.

  13. 13


    Quite a turn around for you Scott? There is no reason why we can’t beat the Giants. Defense just has to play up close and tight. I think we should go to a 3-4 since we have so many DL injuries and play an extra Safety since we have so many of them. Of course Safety or LB would have to blitz. Can’t figure out why Barber didn’t play? Sims has shown us what he has which isn’t much of anything. Surely we have one of the young DE’s we cut that are on some teams Practice Squad and pull them to our Roster? Right now i don’t see the need for Cross or Sims and I see the need for more healthy DL. Go Bucs! You can beat the Giants!

  14. 14


    WIth all the injuries, we need 2015 Doug Martin if we are going to be a playoff team.

  15. 15


    Regarding the Cook fumble, the one thing that reply conclusively did not show was the ball breaking the plane of the end zone. The camera angles I saw showed the ball being knocked out before Cook’s body fell into the end zone. It was a bad call. Unfortunately, that is par for the Course in the NFL. Obviously, the Bucs had a lot of time to overcome that, but I do think if it was ruled a fumble it would have had a lasting impact on the game.

    I also agree that the Bucs have had little pass rush and that, along with the injuries, is a problem. But, I think that saying they are staring 1-3 in the face is an overreaction. The Giants have looked terrible thus far, especially their offensive line. Both games are at home, and the Bucs get the Patriots on a short week. I am not saying we are going to go 3-1, but I don’t think it is time for doom and gloom either after one loss against a tough team on the road. Lots of good teams lost this week. Score didn’t look great, but Bucs were in it until the Evans tip-pass INT in the fourth quarter. Team fought despite getting into a hole and having a lot of injuries.

  16. 16


    As the old saying goes” reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”:

    1) reports of the Bucs season being in jeopardy, are greatly exaggerated. This game was always a “?” on the calendar. Losing it, perhaps not as one may have expected, should not have been unexpected.

    2) reports of Jaquizz Rodgers being on-par with Dalvin Cook, are greatly exaggerated. Night and day between these two. And before anyone says ‘but Rodgers never got a chance’…yes he did, and he once again showed he’s good for 3 yards per carry. 3 yards per carry is not good enough, and nowhere near Dalvin Cook.

    3) reports of Winston having matured beyond being INT-prone, are greatly exaggerated. Sure the 2 4th quarter INTs were late and he was trying to make things happen….however, nothing good is going to happen if he keeps throwing INTs.

    4) reports of VHIII being ready for prime time, are greatly exaggerated. Case Keenum made him look like a 6th round rookie…repeatedly.

    5) reports of Chris Conte being just fine, are greatly exaggerated. His attempts at pass coverage, if one can call it that, made VHIII look like a perennial probowler.

    6) reports of Beckwith being a Kwan Alexander clone, are greatly exaggerated. The kid has potential…but this game showed what happens when one does not live up to their potential…hey Kendall, the middle of the field is there for you to cover.

    As Koetter said, “There wasn’t much that was good”. That’s no exaggeration….on to the G-men.

    1. 16.1


      East End Boy- Agreed on VH3. He looked absolutely lost out during the game and at times looked like he just gave up.

      Pitiful… Down right pitiful.

    2. 16.2


      I will amend to be fair to Beckwith…he’s been a good rookie LB no doubt. My point should have ended after dousing the claims of him being the next Kwon, that’s been over done, but unfair to blame all of Cooks performance on him over the middle. Apologies.

  17. 17


    Until we are healthy, this team is going to have to emulate the Peyton Manning Colts. A high powered offense that can out score most opponents. We have the weapons to do it !

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