Due to the odd schedule of this week, things were a little shaken up around One Buc Place. Most of that had to do with the scheduling, but it also had to do with some of the mindset and attitude of the coaches and players as well – something that was evident right off the bat with the first press conference of the morning.

These were the two tings we learned from One Buc on Friday.

“I Got Something To Say”

Boy, was Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken ready for the media this morning.

Normally when press conference begin, there’s a little bit of silence before the first media member asks their question. But this morning before anyone could start it off, Monken opened up, completely unprompted, by addressing the recent reports of the alleged strain in the relationship between quarterback Jameis Winston and head coach Dirk Koetter.

You can and should listen to each of the videos for yourself, but Monken’s opening remarks were so candid and real and refreshing. He basically said that no relationship is perfect, whether it’s a coach and player, boss and employee or even a husband and wife. He said that there are trials in every relationship and when things aren’t going well, yes, communication can be tested in different ways, but Monken said that’s normal and it’s not news.

He said the on going relationship between Winston and Koetter is natural and the reports out there are just a product of the team’s poor season.

He said it’s nothing out of the ordinary or even newsworthy.

Injury Report

Bucs linebacker Lavonte David missed practice on Thursday, and on Friday we were told he missed his second day as well for a hamstring injury. The extra day off on Sunday will help him, but you hope he gets some practice time in tomorrow.

Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter also said that T.J. Ward had passes concussion protocol and will be available for Monday Night.

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  1. We have been Buc’s fans since their beginning. We are not “fair weather fans”..good or bad they are our guys. I would have staked my life on their being successful this year, and what a disappointment they have been! Take note, though, every week we come back for more. We are gluttons for punishment, I guess, because something went terribly wrong. From about the third game until now no one has seemed to be on the same page. The “chemistry” that once seemed to be there was gone. So, maybe someone was right when they thought a hex had been put on the Buc’s. So, who really cares about who leaked what when it comes to Winston & Dirk? The Buc’s have so much talent that it’s impossible to realize how anything could have gone wrong…..BUT…..everything has gone wrong. Whatever caused the breach needs to be fixed. Maybe they should all start using the same play book. They are like the guy that jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions. In my opinion the blame goes on every single person from the coaching down through every player. How they can go out there week after week acting as though all is ok is a bunch of “tommyrot”. They act like “ho, hum” wish I was home taking a nap. Football is no ho, hum job. You have to have a spring in your step to play the game. I don’t see that except in 5 or 6 players. I do like Winston and believe he has the talent, but seems to have regressed this year when everyone thought he would take a gigantic step forward. This attitude I see with the Buc’s is like some infectious disease that’s eating its way through the team. Someone knows how to renew this team…but where is this person?

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    • Many share your long suffering history with the Bucs. I believe this season’s “turning point” came with the loss to the Patriots because of the inept place kicker. The psyche of the team never recovered. Perhaps better play by the offense that night might have produced the desired result in spite of Nick Folk’s woes.

      You are absolutely correct with your observations. They just don’t look in sync. More and more the fans are reflecting that “ho-hum” demeanor. When the season pass members choose to sell their tickets to the opponent rather than cheer on their team it’s symptomatic of a big problem. This team needs some “juice”.

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    • Yup on all counts, Joyce. It’s mystifying, but something important is clearly missing or not working with this team.

      In football organizations, the keystone to attitude and performance and being on the same page, or horse, is always the head coach and his top assistants. It takes players to contribute, do the work and prep, and perform on the field, but if real leadership and standards of performance aren’t there at the top, it doesn’t much matter. Something is clearly missing now. It must be corrected.

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    • The issue here is piss-poor coaching, accountability, and leadership. We need a real coaching staff, someone who can change the culture of this franchise. Dirk showed me he wasn’t the guy when he let Mike Evans clean out the Saints Lattimore without doing a damn thing on the sideline. He just looked mentally defeated and just ready to board the plane. That shows you he doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t care. Why is it Winston hasn’t shown improvement since coming into the league? Why does he still struggle with footwork? Why does he still airmail balls and lock onto one receiver? He’s not being trained right. He’s the exact same player who came into the league from FSU! This team is mentally soft and needs someone who can change that. I don’t even know if Winston can change. This may be what he is. But we need a new staff to understand and see if it’s coaching, or if he just sucks. He’s not even a game manager at this point in his career. He throws too many damn interceptions! The culture sucks, the coaching sucks. This has been the Bucs since 08. The Glazers should fire themselves from finding the right HC because they either don’t care, or they just suck at evaluating the right person for the job.

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      • There is too much emphasis on Winston; many average QB’s have made it to the Playoffs and SB. Yes it would be nice if Winston was elite, but he’s not. We still need DL and OL; who’s responsible for that blunder? Right now I put it on HC and DC because you can make changes and get around this blunder . For me, it goes back to preseason when the starters hardly play; who’s fault is that? Same answer as above.

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        • Sir, at this point in time he’s not even average. He throws too many int’s, he makes stupid plays trying too hard to make something out of nothing, and the majority of the time it turns out bad. He’s our Blake Bortles. With this team, he shouldn’t be below-average/average. Average QB’s have weapons like Josh McCown does in NY. Do you know what Tom Brady would do with the same players we have? He’s doing it with guys I’ve never even heard of. Yeah, our OL sucks, but in terms of pass protection, they aren’t bad. I’d say average. Where they lack is run blocking. I agree the trenches is where we need to focus on the next few years, but that’s on the HC and GM. No team has their starters playing for an extended amount of time the first 3 preseason games. That’s mostly for 2-3 string players.

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          • I hear you; the QB stats say something else though.

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      • I agree with Jake. The one most damning moment was Dirk’s failure to assert control over the team when things disintegrated during the Saints game. He’s supposed to be in charge. That sequence tells you all you need to know. We only have two years before we have to decide, we need another coach to see if it’s Winston or the coaching that’s holding him back. Fire those cannons (to me it goes without saying that Licht should go too).

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    • Joyce I too understand your pain!
      In 76 and 77 the players gave their all every game not this team except for a few players do not.

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  2. Considering we are always losing, the stats he puts up doesn’t really matter though. At the end of the day, I think we’ve won a total of 17 games with him at QB in 3 years. That’s the only stat I care about. It’s a moot point that he’s thrown for over 4k his first two years. Blake Bottles has thrown for over 4k too. It doesn’t mean they’re good QBs.

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  3. Is Doug Martin starting at RB tonight?

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