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    His teammates love and respect him, hell Jameis got into a fight with a DL for him, and his coaches like and respect him as well.
    But Martin makes one mistake after being here for six years and local moronic members of the media and some fans called for the Bucs to cut him on the spot with no compensation.
    After looking at certain players for the Bucs in the past that have had the same thing done to them and then gone on to have stellar careers, Licht and Koetter have collectively decided to use their brains not to bow to the silly pressure and have waited to see if Martin is indeed on the road to recovery.
    Apparently he is.
    Couldn’t be happier for the man.
    And before some of you want to jump on the injury issue, every RB in the NFL has missed games because of injuries. It’s not like he’s a malingerer or goes out of his way to get injured.
    It also works in Martins favor as well.
    If you count the games he has missed because of injury, Martin has less than five years of NFL wear and tear on his body.
    It would also help Martin’s run average if he wasn’t hit behind the line right after her gets the ball.

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      The problem with Martin is he has been here 5 years, going on 6, and has only had two good years. Even a squirrel finds a nut every now and then. He is on the down side of his career, his YPC is horrible, he can’t catch out of the backfield, and he’s overpaid. We should have cut bait and ran before ever signing him to that absurd contract. But again, for the third time, we hearing how Martin is gearing up for a good season.

      It’s the same old song and dance. We need a player who shows up every year in shape, ready to win a championship. Not one who takes every other year off, and then when his seat gets hot, he steps it up. Our RB’s are the weak link on this team. It doesn’t matter how many good WR’s you have, if you can’t run the ball they will never be open enough on a consistent basis to do anything. Besides, do you really want Jameis throwing 30 times a game to get a win?

      Before the Bucs should have decided to crown Martin as a returning all-pro, they should of got his replacement in draft that was loaded with RB talent. A draft like we haven’t seen for RB talent in years, if ever before. We missed the boat on this one, and are going to settle for a mediocre running game while we watch Jameis wear his arm out trying to win games.

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        Man, this is all kinds of wrong.

        (1) We did draft a RB in this super deep RB draft. His name is Jeremy McNichols. Not sure how that apparently slipped your mind.

        (2) There is 0 evidence (seriously, 0) that Doug has ever showed up not in shape and/or not focused on the task at hand. Literally every outlet that covers the team has consistently reported on Doug’s great fitness level and superior focus/effort in practices throughout the lead up to every season. The only minor exception is when he showed up a bit heavy in his second year, which was reported to be what was asked of him by the coaching staff at the time.

        (3) His career YPC is 4.2. It’s not awesome, but it’s certainly not “horrible”.

        (4) He’s no Christian McCaffrey by any means, but his career catch rate is 70%, including being 75%+ each of his last two seasons. That’s not elite among RBs, but it’s pretty good. It’s patently false to state that he can’t catch the ball out of the backfield.

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      It’s not one mistake Martian made that makes the media and fans to want him gone. It’s the fact that for 60% of his NFL career he has failed to rush for more than 500 yards in a season. The mistake was just an excuse to get rid of him with no cap hit. I like Martian when he is healthy and running but he isn’t reliable. I hope he comes back this year and has a great year but if he gets hurt again this year and has another down year than it’s time to move on.

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      Great post drdneast and very well said. You make ALL the right points and I am one of those pulling and praying for Doug Martin. Thanks for your comment.

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    Totally agree Dr. D. There is absolutely no benefit to cutting Doug Martin any more than cutting Hey Jude or Kwon for the same infraction. I look for the O-line to be much improved with Marpet at center instead of the mediocre duo of Hawley and Smith. I’m sure Licht and staff will let the whole situation play out and not make any decision until the week before the October 1st Giants game. That’s a long time to assess.

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      By the time Oct 1st rolls around it will be too late to make any real changes at RB. We will be stuck with what we got. I don’t think we should have cut Martin, but we should have got his replacement in this RB talent laden draft. So when Sept. 1st rolls around and Martin is hurt, or averaging 2 YPC, we could move on and not miss a beat. The only thing we will find then is guy who no team wanted. Probably for good reason.

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    Since Martin can’t play till week four I say run his ass ragged in training camp, and preseason. Let’s see if he can stay healthy, let’s see if he can mentally hold up not being the projected opening day starter that normally gets protected. Quizz doesn’t need the wear, and tear, McNichols coming off surgery has to be eased in. Run the hell out of Doug, and Sims. If they can’t make it through preseason, they sure can’t make it 16 games. Of course Barber needs reps too. Most fans assume we didn’t draft R.B. because we have Sims, Martin. Could it really mean Koetter believes Barber might break out going into his second season? He’s young, remember all believed he should’ve stayed in college last year, but he came out early to literally feed his family. We shouldn’t sleep on this kid.

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      I’m pretty sure that Coach Koetter is not going to set his goal for training camp and preseason games is to try and break Doug Martin. He will surely give Doug plenty of reps to verify his condition and production … but that’s not anywhere near the same at “running his ass ragged” as you wrote.

      Ditto with the other running backs (we now have 8 backs on the roster, so we’re likely to cut at least three, maybe four of those). Koetter will try to figure out who’s keepers and who’s not.

      The Bucs aren’t going to cut Doug unless he gets injured in pre-season, which is always a possibility.

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        If he gets seriously injured in preseason, then he’ll go to IR and get paid anyways, not get cut.



          He’s suspended from the roster until he completes his remaining three games. Therefore he can get cut … the Bucs are under zero obligation to pay him anything until he completes the three game suspension, including the right to unilaterally void his contract. The Bucs are in the captain’s seat in this matter – so all that Martin can do is perform and prove his value.

    2. 3.2


      The problem with this idea is that if you run Doug ragged in camp and he gets hurt, then you can’t cut him without paying him. Seems to me to be a senseless risk when there’s basically no upside to such a decision. You can figure out in camp and throughout the preseason where he’s at physically and mentally without running him into the ground with excessive practice reps and too many preseason game touches. Cuz if he gets hurt in one of those games, then we get the best of both worlds – he gets paid, and he’s off the team. Nothing gained there.

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    Surferdudes comments and perspective are indicative of some of the high school harry viewpoints that some arm chair GMs bring out here.
    This isn’t a semi pro league or a high school from Plano, Tx where Gen. Patton like coaches roam the sidelines spouting team gibberish.
    The NFL is a billion dollar business and as such the Bucs consider Martin a valuable assett and commodity to the business.
    Most of the vitroil about Martin revolves around his paycheck and people thinking he is overpaid.
    That may be so, but until the Bucs want to spend the money else where, why worry about it.
    As I have said many times in the past, the Bucs have plenty of money are way under the cap so quit trying to save it for them. They have money to burn.
    Go worry about your own financial sutuation you pack of simple minded meddlers.

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