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    Matt Breida, Javancy Jones. Kareem Are, KD Cannon, Malachi Dupre

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    Thank you for doing this this year and keeping it updated. So far, I like the Bullough signing for depth. Also I like the Auclaire signing. Was supposed to be the #1 pick in the CFL draft.

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    A little fuzzy math. The Bucs current roster sits at 72 players. They just drafted 6 players. They are allowed 90 by NFL rule. The Bucs can add 12 players to the roster. There could be more as last year there 10 cuts before the Rookie Minicamp. These can be UDFAs , tryout players who may be signed as UDFAs, and players signed as free agents after the draft. The Rookie Minicamp is Friday, May 6. Last year there were 57 attendees made up of some on the bubble players from the existing roster, new draftees, and players invited from the local tryouts. They will take 90 player to the first OTAs May 23 – 25.

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      The draft picks don’t count against the roster until they sign a contract.

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        For your review. The 90 man roster is in effect after the start of the new season year March 9. The roster limit includes draftees too. Draftees can holdout as long as they want. Recall Joey Bosa at the Chargers who didn’t sign until August 9th last year. Roster limits and cutdown dates are governed by the CBA and Rules Committee. No team can have more than 90 players on the roster at any time and must observe cut down dates.

        Expect cuts Monday as they have already signed 15 UDFAs which would put them over the 90 man limit. They have also invited 8 tryouts to the rookie minicamp. Once minicamp results are in, the Bucs cannot have more than 90 players including draft picks on the roster. If you want an updated list of UDFAs and tryout players, I can post it. BTW, the 6 draftees are already on the roster at Buccaneers.com.




          Hmmmm, that’s interesting. It strikes me as odd that a player without a contract would count against the limit. Is this a new way of doing it or was it always this way? Thanks for the info.



            Lots of new rules in the NFL these days, but this one has always been. Here’s another explanation for your review. See Sources: NFL Communucations. Trust me, I understand. This stuff is hard to keep up with as the Comp Committee changes things at every Owner’s meeting.

            Save your time, just enjoy the games. I’ve slowly come to that conclusion.


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    Ken Grant

    Greg Auman‏Verified account @gregauman

    Iowa cornerback Greg Mabin is signing with the Bucs as an undrafted rookie free agent, per his agent. Now at 11 UDFAs for Bucs …

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    David DeLeon

    I like Jesus Bobo, and a bunch of others

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    Buc 1976

    I really hope SOMEONE will look a S from I think Charleston Southern. He broke his arm first game 2016 but in 2015 had 8 int. Pro day 6’3″ 35″ arms 4.45 40. I think his last name is Jones.

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      Buc 1976,

      I think you are referring to S David Jones/Richmond. I had David in my 7 round mock draft and wanted him for the Bucs. He is a local kid from St. Pete High School and attended the Bucs Local workouts earlier. You’re right he had excellent year in 2015, but broke arm in 2016 – problem was it was the second break of the same arm – scared teams away. And guess who he signed with? You got it – the NE patriots.

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      As a Buc since 1976, I’m sure you remember S Jermaine Phillips – broke his forearm twice that essentially ended his career. (choked his wife too which didn’t help I’m sure).

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    Just wondering….any RB’s?

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      They’ve got plenty of bodies on the roster at RB as it is.

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    Michael Sylakowski

    Oh no, the Bucs signed Jack Thompson’s nephew? Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come. I don’t want to relive those creamsicle nightmares of the 80’s.

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