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    The crew on The NFL Network, including Mayock raved about Fournette’s performance. Said only concern was what weight will he come into camp carrying. You got to admit a 240 lb. back who can run a 4.51 40 and who has some very impressive stats and film from his college career is going to attract a lot of attention for some teams. Like Mayock commented “he won’t bee jumping over defenders, he will be running through them.”

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    Mccaffery looked so fluid on those passing drills. It was beautiful. His feet are also lighting quick. He’s impressive and I’m all for it we make a move back at all. Fournette running a 4.51 is pretty damn impressive for his size and he solidified himself as the firts back off of the board no doubt. I keep seeing Mocks with Cook falling to Tampa. Now that would be just too sweet.
    Looking forward to the TE’s and Wide outs. that’s some real talent there. Especially the TE group. I Think we would be wise to snag up say Ingram from Ole miss in the second round. He’s a natural pass catcher and could add a few pounds to become a better blocker.

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    Trev,you can’t compare any of the backs I saw today to Peterson. To put him in the down column because he only jumped 28 inches is crazy. You do realize he’s entering the NFL draft, not the NBA draft! If he was a receiver I’d be troubled, but at 240, built like brick S house, and running 4.5, I’ll take that all day. The kids a beast, and his tape against SEC teams speaks for itself.

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    The other day Licht remarked that one of the backs “stood out like a sore thumb”. In more ways than the most obvious it was McCaffrey. For those who might see his 202 pound, 5′-11″ frame as small; he’s bigger than Warrick Dunn. Perhaps we can find another complementary big back like Mike Alstott and resurrect the days of WD40. McCaffrey is just so versatile I’d love to see how many ways Koetter could use this “joker” as Gruden might call him. He’s a RB, WR, KR and PR all rolled into one. I wonder if the youngster can throw the option pass…………….or kick field goals and extra points. One stop shopping if he’s there at #19!

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      How come it’s so hard to find another guy like Alstott? Not just the Bucs either.
      Sure miss him.
      GO BUCS

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      I’m not sure if he is worth a 19 spot pick.

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    I suppose we have to go through this Combine commentary and analysis drill every year, because this is what we have to look at as fans. However, Jason Licht made it very clear in his interview with PR earlier this week that his draft board is already set, and he doesn’t really care about the numbers generated at the Combine, because compared to game tape it’s virtually meaningless. As Jason said, any athlete can train to impress at the meat market for a day, but the game tape doesn’t lie.

    The principal value of the Combine for Licht is the interview process.

    The final tweaks to the draft board will be much more influenced by the private workouts to come.

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      I hear you. I have never been a high level of interest in the combine. Only year I was interested was when Winston and Mariota had their combine year. I was on the fence about those qb’s with a lean towards preferring Winston. The major selling point on Mariota was his athletic ability and I wanted to see how Winston would stack up. I think it is safe to say both TB and TN walked away happy with that draft.

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      I agree that most evaluations are basically finished but the Combine results can certainly cause some adjustments. One need only remember DE Mike Mamula who put up a great Combine showing, elevated his Draft position into the top 10 mostly on that mystical thing called potential. Bill Parcels described as ” A French word that means you haven’t done spit yet.” There will always be GM’s enamored with speed, strength and athleticism in hopes that can teach him to play. You can bet the record setting 40 by John Ross caused some to rethink their ranking or WR’s.

      I’m glad Licht takes the Waren Sapp “watch the tape” approach when selecting players.

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        Yup, scu.

        As for Ross, everybody already knew he was the fastest WR in the draft this year, most often referred to as a “burner”. However, recording the fastest 40 yard dash time in Combine history sure puts an exclamation point on his potential! It also will tend to quite critics who point to his knee injury a couple years ago .. it’s pretty obvious that if you actually run the fastest 40 time in Combine history, his knees are fully healed.

        Ross is not known so much for his route-running, though, and I expect that if Jason Licht invites Ross to One Buc Place for a private workout, he’ll want to test his coachability in that regard.

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    When I watched Fournett the thought ran through my that this guy reminds me of Eric Dickerson.
    McCaffrey looked pretty awesome, but I still think he get creamed in the NFL.
    Forrest Lamp will be a Pro Bowl lineman, Not worth our #19, but I want this dude on the BUCS.
    Looking forward to WR’s.

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      Why do you think McCaffrey will “get creamed” any more than Warrick Dunn?

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    McCaffery is a more talented Danny Woodhead a do it all type of back and if you think he is to small for the NFL than I question if you even know the NFL with guys like Dunn, Sproles, Woodhead, Joe Morris, Dave Meggitt, Lionel James and so on

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