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    Glad that you posted this. In my previous posts about Mixon I was a real hard ass after watching that video.
    I’ve changed my position. When I was a kid a lot of people cut me major slack with my bone headed actions. So I will give this young man a chance. After seeing his apologies and interviews I can assume that he is heartfelt and sorry he did it. I had some reservations about Winston before the draft and that is turning out well.
    So, if he is there in the second round, take him.

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    Bucs have area scout Donovan Cotton at Oklahoma today along with former Sooner Gerald McCoy. Players to watch are RB Joe Mixon, WR DeDe Westbrook, and DT Charles Walker. For the record If Mixon passes the Bucs vetting process, I will welcome him as a Buc!

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      Ditto on passing the vetting process. In Licht I believe.
      GO BUCS

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    Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon ran a 4.43 forty-yard dash at the Sooners’ Pro Day.
    He added a 35-inch vertical and 9-foot-10 broad jump at 6-foot-1, 228 pounds. For comparison, Ezekiel Elliott ran 4.47 with a 9-foot-10 broad jump and 32 1/2-inch vertical at 6-foot, 225 pounds at last year’s Combine.

    Never a doubt about the talent level.

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    I wouldn’t be opposed to the Bucs taking Mixon in later rounds if he passes their smell test. I think what teams have to determine is if this incident was a character issue, or if it was a one-off, very bad decision. I trust the Bucs ability to find these things out and Licht’s decision making. They’ve earned it from my point of view. But I got a feeling that it won’t even be an issue and they will have already drafted their RB before that option even comes up.

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    Yeah I am in agreeance with those above, that if Mixon passes the vetting process, I’d love to have him. If we don’t get Cook in the first, we could look at him in the second as well. The kids got talent no doubt, but the vetting will tell the whole story on this kid.

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    Mixon is better than Cook and can be had a round later. If hes there in the second we should take him. I know all of Cooks FSU fan boys will disagree.

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    I like the kid if he passes the vetting process. I just think he will be gone early 2nd round and he is def not worth a 1st round pick.

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    If we draft Mixon and sign Ray Rice, we’ll have the hardest hitting backfield in the NFL ^_^ . Add winston to this huddle, and it’s a lawsuit.

    but seriously… Draft Mixon. Dude’s a beast and will likely only cost us a draft pick on day 2. From my understanding, he claims he was provoked by racial indignation as a young guy. The media can make a monster out of anyone; especially with the Mixon video… If the worst thing(s) I ever did in life were featured on national media, I would not be where I am today. Just sayin’, I’d love to see Mixon and Adrian Peterson split carries this year while doug is trippin balls on drugs.

    PS. DJax is old and I hope we don’t sign him. He is small and can’t make contested catches…just a one trick pony. I’d rather see VJax back before DJax

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