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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Who’s Kevin Durant? Can he play Safety?

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      LoL….you’re kidding right?

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    A little sensitive to criticism of our franchise quarterback, are we, Trevor?

    Geez, grow some thicker skin, guy

    The reality i, outside of us Bucs homers, the general league wide opinion of Jameis Winston isn’t all that high. Whether deserved or not, that’s a fact, so we Bucs homers need to accept that until Jameis achieves elite status, he’s going to be subject to “well, he’s got good potential, but he hasn’t proved it yet” talk.

    That also happens to be true. Jameis HASN’T proved he’s elite compared to his peers in the league, and so what? We’re happy with his progression, and we (homers, at least) think his upside will eventually prove out.

    But to call Whitlock an idiot for comments that are totally plausible and within the bounds of decent, responsible comment, and a matter of opinion that is widely shared around the world of NFL football outside our homers’ bubble … is over-reaction and unbecoming of a journalist, Trevor. Whitlock’s observation that Winston is too emotional in his play is blindingly obvious. And we can argue all decade over whether paying a record amount to Winston’s backup is any reflection on the team’s opinion of Winston, but it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Who cares, really?

    I believe Winston will prove eventually he’s an elite quarterback, but he’s clearly not there yet … let his play over the next several years make it obvious and then there will be no plausible arguments.

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      He is an idiot for wearing that stupid hat. Fat guys should not try that fashion statement. I’m a fat guy, I know.
      As a matter of fact unless you are as cool as Frank Sinatra do not do it.
      GO BUCS

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      Naples the opinion of jameis isn’t that high around the league?! Who have you interviewed to know this? I’ve seen nothing but the opposite.
      And apparently you missed the entire point of the article. That nitwit is saying the Bucs value glennon more than Jameis.
      And I think we all know that’s bs or they wouldn’t have drafted jameis in the first place.
      And while he isn’t elite yet, the guys broken just about every Bucs record you could break in two years.
      Is jameis too emotional at times? Sure, but what exactly does that have to do with glennon the statue? It’s called passion and mike has zero on the field. Anywho my point is that you commented on everything but what this article is about.

      1. 2.2.1


        I’m not saying league wide opinion of Jameis is low … it’s perfectly in tune with his middle of the pack performance, which is OK for a player with two seasons under his belt.

        Actually, no, the man didn’t say Glennon’s value was higher than Winstons based on the offer to Glennon.. look at the numbers, Winston is on a $26M contract, with $16M signing bonus two years ago, and the Bucs are reported (but it’s not officially announced) to have offered Glennon $8M for a year.

        What Whitlock clearly said is that he thinks the Bucs are hedging their bet on Winston.

        I don’t happen to believe that’s true. But Ialso don’t tell everyone who has a different opinion on any given matter unless what he is a hopeless idiot. And what Whitlock said was clearly not idiotic – it’s a fair point of discussion and disagreement.



          Actually you did say opinion of Jameis low, can you not read your own comments?
          As for your sources saying such, you still have yet to reveal them. And you clearly interpret this interview differently than every other person whose seen it.
          I watched in interview with Brandon Marshall and another league receiver this morning who have never even played with Jameis and raved about him.
          You’re the only one with doubt about Jameis here. And yes if someone has a stupid opinion we can call it just that. You’re trying to be the smartest guy in the room again and looking like the opposite.
          And stop calling people homers for stating facts. Jameis has league wide respect, hence why players are coming here, but I’m sure your sources say differently.
          And what does team respect have to do with any of this? You’re making points that have nothing to do with anything other than to justify your response.

    3. 2.3

      Trevor Sikkema

      Nah. When people say something stupid, it’s fair game for me to call it stupid.

      Also, you say people who actually follow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who know that the contract offered to Glennon has nothing to do with Winton, are suppose to be cool with people around the NFL being wrong about such perception… Why? If you say something that’s not true, why would me or anyone else have to accept that?

      All I did here was point out his first comment being ignorant. I didn’t call Winton the greatest of all time. I didn’t say he was the perfect quarterback. Heck, I didn’t even say he doesn’t have things he immediately needs to improve on. But the fact of the matter is, Jameis playing with emotion is what makes him a franchise quarterback. It’s why free agents are wanting to come to Tampa. Whitlock tying together Winston’s need to be better with Glennon’s contract offer was silly.

      This isn’t about me having thicker skin, haha. I’m not Jameis Winston. I didn’t draft him. It has no personal connection to me – heck, I’m a University of Florida graduate. I’m a journalist to write about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A prominent national media member spoke about them, and his main point was wrong. I explained why his initial thought wasn’t plausible or responsible. That’s all.

      1. 2.3.1


        You are right on TS. Thank God Chris Carter was on the panel. I think Chris likes Jameis.
        GO BUCS

      2. 2.3.2


        Well, you’re wrong. His comment is a matter of his professional opinion, it was not idiotic, it was not dumb, it was not hateful. Probably wrong, but that’s a matter of opinion, not established fact.

        Bucs homers need to grow up. The NFL is not in love with our team or our quarterback. You’ll all note that last year practically all the “experts” and prognosticators in the league projected the Bucs to finish in the basement of the NFC South yet again, and to end up in the bottom four or six teams in the league. They were wrong, but that was their opinion at the time.

        The Bucs have earned a little more respect this year, so the pre-season power polls will probably be a little better than last year. The respect for Winston is also a little higher than a year ago, but don’t look for anyone to project Jameis as league MVP this season. Most are either mildly or fairly strongly skeptical that Jameis will ever be an elite, top five quarterback in the league.

        And as I wrote, the only antidote for that lack of respect is for Jameis and the Bucs to outplay expectations of the non-Bucs homers of the league.



          His comment’s were not hateful, but they were definitely idiotic and dumb. He believes that the Bucs are willing to give Glennon more money then they are paying Winton because they have trepidations about Winston. If he is going to gove a professional opinion, he should be able to back it up with facts. When the Bucs strat acting like Winston is Josh Freeman, then maybe his comments won’t be so idiotic.

          The offer to Glennon has more to do with Glennon being the best abck up QB in the league and the Bucs knowing how important a good back up QB is.



          ” well you’re wrong” strong argument there. If we don’t agree with you we’re clearly all wrong here. Or maybe just maybe… dare I say it, you’re wrong?

    4. 2.4


      “The reality i, outside of us Bucs homers, the general league wide opinion of Jameis Winston isn’t all that high.”

      Clearly, you must only be watching ESPN, because that sure isn’t the talk on the NFL Network, PFT, or even on many NFL websites and blogs. There is nothing but talk about how out of all the young QB’s who have came into the the league over the last five years, Jameis has the most upside, and promise out of all of them.

      Lets face it, Winston has one main problem, and it’s not his emotions when playing, it’s his accuracy. Jameis would eliminate most of his INT’s if he threw just the ball a little lower. A lot of his INT’s come from tipped balls off the receivers hands.

      1. 2.4.1


        Pray tell, how many articles or posts anywhere in the world of sports journalism today are projecting Jameis Winston to enter the elite top five quarterbacks in the league this season?

        Zero so far from what I have read.

        Most of the commentary is along the lines that Jameis needs to clean up some stuff, such as his excessive emotionalism (as Wilcox said here), and that Jameis needs some weapons to improve his accuracy on longer balls. Which comes nowhere near to predictions of greatness.

        I’m fairly confident that Jameis will over-perform their expectations and start being part of discussions of the game’s elite players. But only a Bucs homer thinks he’s there yet, or that anybody else in the league who isn’t a Bucs homer thinks so.



          Please tell us where anyone has said he’s elite? You’re looking for an argument that isn’t even there. This article isn’t about Jameis being elected yet you can’t stop mentioning it. No qb in year 3 is elite so stop berating that stupid point.
          Read any article about players and their interaction with Jameis and none of them think like you.
          Please post that articles you read speaking otherwise or stop trying to force a point that’s not there.
          You’re trying so hard to say you’re right you’re not even staying on topic here.



          Uh mm… Nobody said anything about “elite.” Maybe that’s why your having such a hard time finding articles relating to the subject.

    5. 2.5


      Naples. Today I disagree. Of course he has a right to his opinion. Of course he can say anything he wants
      But, you know there’s a but, he had no basis for an idiotic statement like that. Where is he getting his info? Mark Levin? Or is he just making s**t up.
      See Scott no profanity.
      GO BUCS

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    I did miss it; and I think a lot of people missed it, because whoever that guy is; he is irrelevant. I wish Glennon well and hope that the Bucs pick up a 3rd round compensatory pick for him next year. I also hope that the Bucs draft a rookie QB this year as well.

  4. 5

    Calvin W Boaz

    If Winston is a franchise quarterback, why should he accept Glennon making more money than him? Winston should hold out until his contract is renegotiated if Glennon takes the Bucs’ offer. Your examples about New England and Denver are irrelevant because Jimmy Garappolo is not making more money than Tom Brady, and Blake Osweiler did not make more money than Peyton Manning in Manning’s last year with the Broncos. I also don’t think Glennon is the best backup QB in the NFL. Glennon better than Tony Romo-don’t think so. Glennon better than Jay Cutler – no. I would take Colin Kaepernick above Mike Glennon.

    1. 5.1


      but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were not still on their rookie deals. The rookie contracts fro players are pretty much set in stone based off where they are taken, and the position they play. The Bucs trying to make Glennon the highest paid back up has nothing to do with the Winston, and more to do with the Bucs seeing Glennon as the best back up QB currently available.

      1. 5.1.1

        Calvin W Boaz

        It has everything to do with Winston because Winston could have been the second highest paid quarterback on the roster. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play for the Bucs and he made mention of his contract compared to what Glennon was going to make going to the Bears. All I know is Winston should demand a restructured contract after next season and hold out if the Bucs don’t give him one.

  5. 6


    Sadly, FS1 is importing the idiots from the BSPN. These talking heads are a lot like bloggers, they make outrageous statements in order to get attention (aka ratings). Again, this is why I get my Buccaneers news from PR. Awesome analysis and reporting. Go Bucs!

  6. 7


    Yes, a Cowherd typically takes a negative slant towards the Bucs. Guessing he holds some type of grudge from his local beat writer days. Probably some member or the organization treated him like the bonehead he is.

  7. 8


    Gee Naples, I know “I’m full of myself”, but as usual, when someone has a different opinion than yours, you get on your cyber soapbox in multiple attempts to convince others that you’re right and they’re wrong. Here you even resort to name calling (“homers”) as if to taint their opinion because it may have a hint of bias.

    Anyone like Whitlock, who would try to connect the dots that offering Glennon a sizeable contract, therefore means the Bucs must not be all in on Jameis, is at the very least ill-informed about Jameis’ stature at One Buc Palace. That’s certainly not consistent with anything I’ve ever heard from the organization. Whether Jameis ever becomes elite is still in the future. I know this much, Glennon will likely never achieve such status.

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