Wednesday is usually a busy day at One Buc Place, and this Wednesday was no exception. With the Trump comments, the protests, the transition from losing to the Viking to preparing for the Giants, to an updated injury report, there was plenty to learn.

Here were our biggest takeaways.

The Good, The Bad, The Report

After watching Lavonte David writhe in pain at the end of Sunday’s game, people figured that he’d be missing some significant time. What people were hoping for is that Kwon Alexander would be back.

He’s not.

In fact, he wasn’t even on the sidelines at practice. That’s not good, and hints that his hamstring injury is one that could possibly keep him out the next two games, since after Sunday the Bucs have a quick turn around for Thursday night against the Patriots.

Kendell Beckwith, Ardarius Glanton and Cameron Lynch will likely be the ones to fill in the gaps.

The Rhodes Were Open

Early Wednesday morning the NFL’s official Twitter account posted an image of the receivers Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes has been asked to cover this season, and encapsulated it by saying “Rhodes Closed” to show how he’s shut them down.

Mike Evans responded with a tweet of his own that said, “Rhodes were open for me. Film don’t lie.”

In the video above, Evans was asked about that during open locker room. He said that he beat Rhodes plenty, it’s just that sometimes other guys were open and they got the ball.

McCoy Apologizes

On Monday, Gerald McCoy let his opinions fly on his team’s performance, social media trolls and the president’s recent comments on the NFL.

On that last topic in particular, at one point in his rant, McCoy used the word “retarded” to describe president Trump.

Today McCoy apologized for all that. He said that he shouldn’t have used that word, and shouldn’t have said the things about the president he did. Instead, he told us what he should have said is that we need to pray for our president and our country. He noted that, as a man of faith, he believes that God puts people in power for a reason, even if the reasoning is beyond our knowledge. He said that it’s our job to be a light in such a situation rather than complain about it.

Smith Concerned About Bucs Pass Rush

Mike Smith was about as tame as he could be for a defensive coordinator addressing the media after getting his butt handed to him in the previous game.

There were times when you could sense Smith holding back some choice words, but, in the end, he basically said that it didn’t matter that they were without starters and that no team in the NFL is going to feel sorry for them. Regardless of the situation, he said he has to coach up the guys he has the best he can.

One of those ways is in the pass rush, an area that he admitted is a concern. He said that without good play from the rush, the secondary cannot elevate their play. He said that it all has to work together, and if one area fails, the whole unit fails.

He said that he has to coach up the players he has to be able to disrupt the quarterback, plain and simple. One sack thus far just isn’t enough.

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  1. This game and the Raider game last year were the worst coached games I have seen by Coach Smith.

    Corners playing ten yards off and backpedaling at the snap was hard to watch.
    Let’s hope he is a lot more aggressive going forward or the Bucs will not win many games this year.

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    • Tell me, Wausa, how many defensive coordinators iin the NFL could achieve success when 10 of his 11 starters either did not play at all, or were lost to injury during the game, or who were hobbled by leg injuries but kept playing on anyway?

      I’ll tell you the answer to that one: a big fat zero.

      You guys just slay me with your out of this world expectations.

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  2. I’m absolutely shocked there wasn’t a Roster change. The answer to our pass rush is Spence is going to play with his harness again after previously having shoulder surgery and that shoulder will require another surgery after the season is over. J. smith is going to play and we have no clue what kind of football shape he is in. Ayers and Goldson are the starting DE’s and neither one of them have a sack so far. Our two best LB’s are out and who is going to be the back up if one of these 3 starters are injured. Ward is going to play injured so that means we will see a lot of Tandy and Conte. Do I have this right? Our offense has to score at least 35 points in this game the way I see it. Go Bucs.

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    • Don’t write off any one yet, Horse. Yes, I know you hate the Spence selection, and he got hurt again last Sunday. Don’t forget that he played even more hurt virtually all last season and still got 5 and a half sacks, as a rookie, and we all should know that rookies rarely get anywhere near double digit sacks … that usually comes the second or third season for end rushers.

      Jac Smith performed very well before he got injured two seasons ago there is no reason not to expect him to contribute too. We’ll get Baker back also.

      As for the newbie linebackers, Beckwith is coming along very well and Glanton played very well in pre-season. They will have to step up, and we can’t expect them to play like all pros just yet, but maybe they will get the job done.

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      • Naplesfan, I agree with what you are saying; this is where coaching comes in to make it easier for those who aren’t yet that experienced as starters. I don’t hate Spense selection because he was a very good college player; my problem was his size. I was leery that he would have injuries; afterall we had just seen it with J. Smith. It does us no good to have players that are suspectible to injuries. You don’t thing Manning and Brady will use that against us? We have quite a mix of guys on this team; most are young, but of the older guys are also more often injured than not. I just don’t get it that there was a atleast one Roster move on tuesday. Surely we know by now who are the bottom three of the Roaster andwe’ve got to take a change in bringing in new people. If we have no one on the PS we think has gotten better then maybe we need to shake up the PS. This is the 3rd year i have said about the same thing about our PS. What’s your take on the PS?

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        • oops, forgot to do a spell check.

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        • Yeah, Horse, I was referring to your prior comments on Spence’s size. However, I think your concern over size is misplaced. Von Miller, probably the most prolific sack masters amongst defensive ends in the NFL in the last half dozen years.(76.5 sacks since his rookie year in 2011), is only one inch taller but 15 pounds lighter than Spence. Yes, of course, Miller plays in a 3-4 rather than a 4-3, but his size is his size, no matter whether he puts his hand in the dirt or not. And our hybrid defense also involves some 3-4 too.

          The shoulder injury that hindered Spence can happen to any player in the NFL at any time, regardless of their size.

          What matters is skill and effort … and also to recognize that defensive line players don’t play as individuals, but as members of a combined unit, where the performance of every member of the unit affects the performance of every other member of the unit.

          Spence’s teamates are certainly sold on him having the ability and attitude to be a great DE, including his veteran teammats Ayers and McCoy. They ought to know. As do his coaches too.

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  3. Man losing Kwon and Lavonte is brutal. Time for the kids to step up.
    I have been pleasantly surprised with Beckwith. Those LSU line backers can play ball.

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  4. I wish people would quit apologizing to the demagogic narcissistic Fat Bastard in the White House when they respond with harsh words after he has used vile foul language to describe others.
    But I guess when you aren’t in front of the person and surrounded by secret service agents, you can have all the false courage in the world. That’s called cowardice.
    Perhaps Gerald should apologize for using the word retarded to describe the Fat Bastard because it is insult to them since they actually know how to behave more civilly than him.
    Yes, the Bucs need a better pass rush and I’d like to know where the fired up Robert Ayres went. Did we get the last year of his career last season. Last year he was around the QB constantly harassing him and making his presence felt. This year I have seen very little of that player.
    Also, I saw very little blitzing in either game.
    The defense against the Vikings looked, as someone painfully noted in another blog, like Lovie Smith 1.0.
    Mix it up. Put some pressure on the WRs and get them off their mark and double cover the classless Odell Beckham. If you shut him out early he could disrupt the whole Giants sideline with his antics.
    I was reading all summer about how Hargreaves was going to play more aggressive this year but I could swear I was watching Rod Jones out there Sunday.
    Mix in some blitzes and vary some things up constantly because rushing the same four guys in the same manner play after play sure didn’t work against the Vikings.

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    • If a person thinks someone’s behavior is unwise or wrong then it’s best they don’t replicate that behavior themselves. So if McCoy believes it’s wrong to describe someone with foul language, he shouldn’t have done it himself. From that perspective his apology is warranted.

      I also think it’s distasteful and feeble to debase anyone, regardless of who they are or their position in life. Whether it’s done from behind a computer, a government office, or face to face, makes no difference.

      Please wait...
      • Let’s be real. McCoy said Trump’s remarks “were retarded” – which happens to be factually true, though can be taken as an insult to all who are developmentally disabled who display none of the hatefulness of Trump. He did not call Trump a son of a bitch, which would not necessarily be factually true and is most definitely a slur.

        The remarks were not anywhere near “equal”.

        The fact that McCoy apologized for his extremely mild but factual remark, while Trump continues to double down, triple down, and quadruple down on his ignorant hateful remarks shows that McCoy is a vastly better man at his young age than Trump ever was in his 70 plus years of conning and cheating people for a living.

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    • Maybe McCoy is genuine in his apology. If it makes him feel better to correct his actions, good for him.
      I really think McCoy is just a good guy who felt bad about having a weak moment. Its okay Gerald we still love ya’.
      Me on the other hand is another thing. Retard, I would not call him that, that would insult retards.
      No kidding, I have some mentally challenged friends, some say that about me, and they are truly good people. Plus they are smarter than Cheeto Head.
      This guy is nothing but a straight up con man. This guy is a straight up bigot. This guy is a straight up liar.
      There are no end to the horrendous things this man is or what I feel like saying to him.
      You are right about the Head Scumbag, he would not talk so tough if not insulated by his position.
      Could you imagine him insulting one of these SOB’s to his face, lets say Ndamakin Sue. I’d pay big bucks to see that.
      Still believe in the guys, kneelers, standers or the linked arm guys. I say keep it up.
      GO BUCS
      I apologized to Scott in advance, I know you don’t like all this political stuff on your site. But hey we can’t escape this thread when our vaunted leader sticks his repulsive snout into our Sunday football.

      Please wait...
  5. I am concerned about Noah Spence now.

    Is there anyone out there that can give us more information about his shoulder? Is he going to be plagued by this for his whole career? Will off season surgery really take care of it?

    Remember, when it looked as though Gerald McCoy was going to be a bust because of injuries? He got a lot of criticism for his play early on in his career by Ian Beckles, live on the radio at the time, to give just one example. (I do know that McCoy sought advice from Waren Sapp. I assume he did other things that I don’t know about to deal with his situation … and has had success since.) That was then, this is now.

    How about it, Trevor? Anyone? Other fans might want to know also.
    Go Bucs!!!!!

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    • Gerald had injuries on each arm, no the same arm.

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  6. Besides time for the defense to heal, the best help that this defense can get is for Jameis to start putting the ball in the end zone in nice long time consuming drives. He has the weapons and experience to get the job done. I do believe by the middle of the season this offense is going to be producing a lot of points, but it might be too late by then if they lose to NY and NE.

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  7. WELL SAID, Nalplesfan and right on point!.
    Yours as well chetevette.
    I will be at RJ Stadim this week kneeling with my hand over my heart.
    Not in support of anyone group, but in support of the right of non violent fee expression guaranteed by all citizens of the united States by the Bill of Right.
    I would venture the Fat Bastard has never read that document.

    Please wait...
    • Free speech only implies no gubmint force to prevent it. *THAT* is the Constitutional guarantee.

      There is no “free speech” in a business unless the proprietor allows it. In this case the NFL and teams involved allowed it, including the Bucs, as is their choice.

      It is also the choice of paying fans to not participate in those actions the NFL and teams allowed.

      The NFL is facing a PR nightmare that won’t be going away:

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    • No surprise.

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  8. I went back and re-watched the Vikings game again and want to temper my statement concerning Smith’s play calling Sunday. I do think the corners played too soft and were victimized in almost every fashion they could be. It would be hard to overstate how bad the deep pass was played by the Bucs. I distinctly remember a play were Hargreaves played 10-11 yards off had the safety sliding up to play robber so had no deep help and he still let Diggs by him. Enough rehashing that though. I think the biggest story line was right in line with SR’s post game analysis.

    Keenum outplayed Winston. By a lot. And there were opportunities for the offense to give the defense more time on the bench for a breather and keep drives alive and perhaps score points but for the poor passing choices by Winston. Looking at the film all he’s going to see is decisions to throw into double and triple coverage leading to close calls or worse. I also think the Vikings offensive game plan was better suited to the defense they were matched up against. And having a run game when we didn’t gave them balance. Even though the Bucs largely contained cook for the first half of the game.

    I’m aware I’m one of the last people to be saying what I think is consensus at this point but what I’m hoping is that we see Winston respond next week because he knows it’s on him. He needs to play less emotionally and stop trying to win the game with each throw. I like his fire but he’s got to contain it.

    I think the game was more competitive than the scoreboard showed and re-watching felt like 2-3 more plays on each side of the ball would have made it a game. Given the injury problems, I feel a little better about it. And as for high expectations. Hell yes I have them. Looking at that roster and how long we’ve waited as fans, I think we’re entitled to them. I’m still excited for the rest of the season despite what looks to be a rough stretch ahead for this first quarter of the season. C’mon Bucs. Keep fighting.

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