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  1. 1

    Ken Grant

    Can we please stop trying to turn Gerald into Warren Sapp?

    1. 1.2


      You DO NOT know more about football than a Hall of famer who works in broadcasting of the sport. You DO NOT more than McCoy than someone who’s played with him several years since McCoy entered the league and was they before him. You DO NOT more than the guy who played on arguably greatest DEFENSE all time alongside hall of famers Sapp and Brooks.
      Listen to what he’s saying. He mentioned John Randall noone wants Mccoy to be like sapp but it’s a TRAIT he’s speaking of that is successful to winning Such as a Ray lewis 2-time champion.. Gerald McCoy is the guy to smile laugh and have a good time cause he works at his dream job with millions in the bank win or lose. That’s been his constant issue for yearsss now players are speaking up about it now Winston is there is actually doing things exposing the everyone else including mccoy. Suh doesn’t haven’t either he’s more like hardy to me for clarification of title of badass, it’s not them.

      1. 1.2.1


        Awesome. I’d love to see Gerald drop kick Matty Ice’s head through the goal posts after a nasty sack. Er, uh, just kidding.

    2. 1.3


      In all fairness to McCoy, he really has not had much help over the years . Sapp had so much more talent on the line then McCoy has had. I do think with Noah Spence and Ayers and Smith to name just a few, He now has some talent on the line that might take his game to the next level! Folks being a loud mouth does not make you a great player!

  2. 2


    Im glad Gerald isnt Sapp, but if you ever heard any of McCoy’s pregame speeches you would think he wss getting his team ready for a Tony Robbins seminar rather than a 3 hour battle and war in the trenches.

    1. 2.1


      HAHA. That one got a good laugh out of me Drd. AS for his pre-game speeches, I’d agree , they are pretty terrible.

    2. 2.2


      Yes that’s the truth. Everyone is caught up in the HYPE of Gerald McCoy news like this is absurd. The league is watered down and one reason why McCoy is great as is he but need to step away from being a fan and analyze without being biased. I said this years ago and i was crazy and if a player speaks up to McCoy at the pro bowl that means that player has gone to others about the issue and agreed on it cause you know that’s how it went down you just don’t go up and say that.

    3. 2.3


      Robert Ayers is more badass

  3. 3

    Buc 1976

    I really don’t understand some people that have a problem with McCoy!
    He play’s hard every game, he busts his butt at practice and is a pro bowler.
    OK maybe he is not vocal enough for some people but action speaks louder than words.
    Just my opinion

  4. 4


    McCoy is a good player, but not a take-over-a-game-guy that closes out teams in the 4th quarter. He doesn’t need to be Sapp to do that, he just needs to get it done. So far he hasn’t. And I could care less about being vocal, just make plays with the game on the line.

    1. 4.1


      Check the last offensive play from the Falcons week 1

      Hint: McCoy wins the game for us

      1. 4.1.1


        Well we can’t really pat him on the back for one 4th quarter sack in the last 5 years. When the game is on the line McCoy has been pretty invisible. Love the guy, but that’s just the fact of the matter.

  5. 5


    I’ve seen this all over Bucs sites. It’s funny how many people hate Sapp but want McCoy to be more like him ( A Badass). Makes no sense. If we win more than 10 games I will think we got a pretty badass team wither McCoy or any other Buc is a individual BA. I really think what Koetter meant is not necessarily what barber is saying. And for the record, there never was DT like Sapp before or after Sapp played. I love D Brooks but there’s other great LB’s like Brooks. No DT like Sapp. Sapp is the BEST BUC EVER!!!!! PERIOD! ( I really don’t remember L Selmon enough to make him #1 Buc ). Moved to florida in 1980. Buc fan ever since 1980. but most games were not televised and Selmon’s career was half over by by than. Jameis will probably surpass Sapp one day. Gerald McCoy is an Awesome Buc!!! Period!!!! GO BUCS!!!

  6. 6


    I think the Bucs have all the pieces in place to be a playoff team and I think they believe that. They now need to change the team mentality to match the talent on both sides of the ball. Whether it’s called the “Stick Carriers” or simply a “Badass Team”, that 2002 attitude must be regained. The players need to be on the same page as to what it means to be badass. As in 2002, the defense can lead that charge.

    Let me be clear! I don’t mean players that step on a downed player, gouge thru face masks, spit on opposing players or any mean-spirited dirty play. While often recognized in the media, we all know players like that and that would not get respect or make us a better team.

    Here’s how LT Donovan Smith describes it – “A badass team means someone is going to go out there and fight, Grit. Down to the nitty gritty and go after it. Lean on teams. Get after them. Make them feel us all four quarters. When I hear that, that’s what it means to me”.

    I think Gerald McCoy can fit that bill. While not the most vocal leader that looks for the nearest camera or microphone, McCoy has been a five-time Pro Bowler, and has indeed become that face of the franchise over the last six years. But even he admits he could do more to take control of games. He is not Warren Sapp or face-painted John Randle – never will be – doesn’t have to be. To emulate the understated but famed Packer DT Reggie White would be fine by me – no easy task!

    Dirk Koetter wants a badass team and so does Jason Licht. The defense is the unit where that mindset change is most visible. If that attitude can be forged in training camp and they go out and play up to it, that may just be the recipe for success! Go Bucs!

  7. 7


    Sheesh. Can we just let McCoy be himself? He’s all mind fucked now with everybody telling him how he should act, how he should lead. He’s a really good football player, just let him go play good football. He doesnt need to be the leader, Winston/Kwon can do all of that stuff. Just let the guy be himself, when you start trying to be something youre not, it usually doesnt end up being something positive.

    1. 7.1


      Excellent point Power. In life in general people need to just be who they are and not attempt to play a perceived role that everyone knows is fake while rolling their eyes. We have far too many people out there spouting off what they think are words of wisdom trying to look intelligent, merely to hide the fact that in reality they are the Dumb Ass. A player can be great even though not considered a bad ass. And a player can be a bad ass and suck as a player.

    2. 7.2


      See that’s a problem though. If McCoy is that mentally weak that the media gets in his head, that’s a problem. Just look at what is said about Jameis on a regular basis and how he handles it. Vastly different.

  8. 8


    Barber was a great here and was on those shut down defenses along with Sapp that gave opposing teams fits!! So yes he is right and if talk like that fires McCoy and others up so be it!! The culture is has to change here and there are glimpses of it. McCoy will always be compared to Sapp just the way it is not saying the man don’t play hard it’s the sacks we are lacking at that position with the kind of $$ we give these players. Use this as a motivator and tear someone’s head off this season 93!

  9. 9


    G.McCoy will never be Warren bc Sapp was the best Buc of all time in my opinion. Warren also never played with a QB like Jameis so what was required of him isn’t what’s required of Gerald. McCoy just needs to focus on his game, lead in his own way and focus on winning games. He hasn’t appeared in a playoff game his whole career, the Buc greats are well within their rights to push any buttons they think might get us over the top. If that means a pissed off Gerald heading in the season then so be it.

  10. 10


    The only worldwide constant when it comes to humans is that we are all different, physically and psychologically. Thats why we incorporate adjectives into our language. Unless we master the art of cloning football players you are not going to get a replica of Warren Sapp, Dick Butkus, orTom Brady (et al.) You will no doubt get players that remind you of other players but the day you get an exact replica ain’t gonna happen. Players skill set and success or failure are predicated to a large extent on the team they are on, the era they are playing in, their sociological environment when young, rules in place, coaches who mentor them, physical durability,ect.ect. Do ya really think Jim Brown running out of a full house backfield against an 8 man box would have been the Jim Brown we know today.

  11. 11


    Hmmm, I find this all very interesting. Personally, I think McCoy is the 2nd best player on the team behind Evans…when he’s healthy. I find this interesting because I wonder if the changes McCoy has made since the Pro Bowl and continue to make after hearing this from Barber has led to a change in his preparation and execution that will lead to him staying healthier during the season. Maybe McCoy is just focused on changing his leadership style in which case we’re screwed (that’s not the problem), but if not and he’s actually focused on changing his production we’ll actually witness an improved defense this year.

  12. 12


    McCoy is a very good DT. Yes he gets double teamed a lot. Yes he’s had lot health issues too. He’s not the best DT. He does not take over a game ever that I can remember. It is what it is. I think he plays hard. I don’t know if he truly loves the game. One thing that annoys me is he doesn’t really seem to hate losing. Just don’t see fire in the guy really. Maybe it’s way he talks and mannerisms but that’s how he comes across. Just my take over the years. Am I glad he’s on our team? Of courses I am. Do I wish he played with more attitude and passion at times? Yea I do if I’m honest.

  13. 13

    Ken - Kfromfla

    I read here and mostly comment on another site. I posted this comment there and in the interest of easy, this is a copy. I think this is how many people see it. :

    Football is the modern-day version of a Roman Coliseum where men try to take each other out as a way to declare victory. Gerald gets a tough break because not everyone is in the mindset that a 4-3 DT can be effective and also be a nice guy. For some fans that is an oxymoron. Agree with it or not, some people believe that they 3-tech position in the 4-3 should be the meanest nastiest SOB on the team. One guy who was pretty good at that position, our own HOF Warren Sapp had that reputation, and it scared the hell out of opposing QBs. That psychological aspect of that position is hard to separate for some. I am not arguing that anyone is right to feel that way, I am only saying that is just the way it is for some fans.

    Gerald’s principal comparable, Ndamukong Suh is as nasty as they come; many hate him for it. I have watched Suh in Ray-Jay, sack Josh McCown with a fully expended body to ensure his full weight landed on Josh, then use his hand and the full weight of his body again to push himself up off of him. Neither is dirty, but both are mean things to do. Still, the next time McCown would see Suh rushing toward him, you can bet you’re a$$ that he would get rid of that ball ASAP. That is how Sapp would do it too. But Sapp would have added his favorite little touch of talking smack to the QB while on top of him. It works, and McCoy would never do such a thing. Some people want their DT to use every legal means available to strike fear in the heart of the QB because, well, that’s their job.

    Gerald will never be that way, we all know that, but he must understand that some people believe he would be more effective if he was that way. Sapp openly spoke in opposition to McCoy helping opposing players off the ground. There is nothing wrong with helping a player up, but there is no benefit to his team for doing so either, and his ONLY job is to help his team win, not win favor with opponents. Cold, yes, but true also.

    As I said, not everyone will agree with this, but I can say with a lot of confidence that there are fans who feel this way. McCoy can only be McCoy; he is a very good player and a better human being. But he has to accept that not everyone is going to like how he gets it done, especially after earning nearly 100 million dollars and never playing in a playoff game. Once again, I realize football is a team sport, but we cannot avoid one fact; great players make plays in big moments. The Bucs have been close to the playoffs a couple of years with McCoy on the field, and he did not step up in the big moment to get it done. Again, football is a team sport, but it is only successful at a high level with great individual play. But don’t take my word, ask Barber, or Alstott, or Brooks, Sapp, or Lynch; each of which made unbelievable plays in big moments. That’s what Von Miller did in SB-50, and Julian Edelman in SB-51. Great players make big plays in big moments.

    Gerald will get over 700 opportunities in 2017, perhaps a dozen of them will be opportunities to change the game; a crucial stop to win it. A great way for McCoy to stop the noise is the do what he did against Matt Ryan in Week 1 of 2016. Ryan was driving down the field, with just over a minute left, McCoy and the defense had them in 4th and 10, but everyone knows that means nothing to Ryan and Julio Jones. McCoy had already got a crucial stop on 3rd down if I remember correctly, then he deflected the 4th down pass; the ball dropped for an incomplete pass, Winston came on the field to take the victory formation for the first game of the season as a win. That is big plays in big moments. For reference, that is what many fans want more of before he earns the right to be called great. We all know that he has the talent. Plays like that, huge individual effort in a team sport; that is what it takes to win championships. That is how a player becomes great. The talent is there. I think we all will see more of it in 2017.

    1. 13.1


      I would go along the lines of Aaron Donald, now that guy is a game wrecker with a serious attitude.

  14. 14


    I don’t remember Rhonde being a “badass” as he describes the term. Great player for the Bucs but hardly “badass.” Seems McCoy is being a bit too sensitive over all this. He should just chill, count his money and be the pro he’s always been. Go Bucs!

  15. 15

    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    G Mac is good not great. The difference shows up in a couple of different ways. One is intensity. GM does not play with that high level of intensity from the eye test IMO. Another was stated earlier in the fact that great players make big plays in big moments. GM has not done that consistently. Additionally, there has been a number of injuries that has kept him from being available.
    These comments/tweets have also shown a lack of mental toughness from GM as he is responding to them in a way that makes you say “hmmm”.
    Is he a good player, yes. Was he worth the contract he was provided, yes, based upon what level of players at that position at the time. Is he Great, not in my opinion. There is something he lacks…that “IT” factor that you just see from that type of player.
    I would like to see GM play angry. He has the natural ability. I just don’t think he has the mental toughness. I don’t care that he is not Sapp but I do trust in potential HOF’s and HOF”s like Sapp who know what it takes to be Great!
    My opinion….

  16. 16


    Unfortunately PowerBuc you had to go back 16 games to find that example and unfortunately, there are to few to cite.
    I do know the defense doesn’t play as well when he isn’t on the field and he is one of the three best DT’s playing.
    But perhaps all of these comments clarify one thing, McCoy is an enigma on the field.
    He states he loves playing the game and he loves the competition and maybe that is the problem. Maybe that is enough for him. Perhaps, as one reader stated, he may like to win, but he doesn’t despise losing.
    I know I’m glad he is on the team and he has to realize when you are one of the Captain’s of the defense and one of the highest paid players on the team, you are going to have to take the criticisms that come with the title and the pay grade.
    You can’t act like a sulking child when a little of the criticisms come your was from a very reputable ex NFL player and pro bowler himself.

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