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    I heard that mixed emotions is like driving your mother-in-law over a cliff in your brand new Bentley (not the kid, the car)! Lol. When I saw the last few practices, I couldn’t tell if the defense was really that much improved or the offense was stuck in neutral and not making much progress at all. I was left feeling good and not so good all at the same time.

    Then I stopped and thought about it – what’s new? Picking up where they left off last year, the defense is improved. But the offense is practically new – not the playbook, but the skill players are practically new and the O-Line has been re-calibrated so it’s reasonable that it will take more time to gel.

    I’ve come to the conclusion – it’s a good thing. If the offense is playing against a top defense, then they will with practice get much better and be a better team for it. Next week they get to show that the defense is really improved and that the offense is on the right track as they face the Bengals in the first preseason game.

    Mixed emotions aren’t that bad, it’s the yips I can’t stand! Go Bucs!

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    Alldaway 2.0

    It seems like a two man race at nickle at this point between McClain and Elliot.

    Godwin felt like a home run in terms of value where he was drafted. Good to see early returns and hope it carries into the season.

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