Former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden’s name is brought up every time there is a high profile head coaching vacancy, whether it be in college or the NFL.

Gruden recently added fuel to that fire when he told Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds that he is preparing for a comeback to coaching, but don’t expect to see Gruden in Oxford coaching Ole Miss this year.

Gruden has maintained that, while football is still his life, his return isn’t quite imminent.

“I study as if I am a coach,” Gruden said. “I still make my own breakdowns and come up with my own playbook, I just don’t have anybody to give it to. I don’t foresee myself coaching anytime soon. I do like getting as close to the fire as possible.”

One day Gruden will make that return. It is very clear that, regardless of where his next coaching job takes him, Gruden will always be a Buccaneer. His upcoming induction into the Buccaneers Ring of Honor will confirm it, but while recalling his memories of his time with the organization the former head man revealed just how engrained the Buccaneers are in his life.

Jon Gruden – Photo by: Mark Cook/PR

“My dad coached here,” Gruden said. “A lot of my greatest memories in life are with this franchise. They used to run me out of here when I was a kid because I used to steal Bill Capece’s turf shoes. I would take Scott Brantley’s Copenhagen out of his locker. Doug Williams – I used to throw the ball drill against linebackers, Hugh Green, Cecil Johnson, all of those guys would intercept my passes. Some of the greatest days of my life.”

Like Tampa Bay, coaching is in Gruden’s blood. Football is in Gruden’s blood. Being back in the building that houses the organization he holds so dear showed how much Gruden misses Tampa Bay and how he yearns to be a head ball coach once again.

“You know what you miss?” Gruden said with a ton of emotion in his eyes and passion in his voice. “You miss the adversity. The journey. Helping a guy get better. Seeing a guy get a contract. Seeing a seventh round draft pick or free agent make the team. The bus rides home.

“I remember telling a pilot, “take one more lap around” so I can have a beer and enjoy this for twelve more minutes. Just twelve more minutes. Once the plane lands it’s all about next week. When the season ends, Super Bowl or not, it’s on to the next season. It is a 365 day grind, and that is what I miss the most.”

– Article by Austin DeWitt

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4 years ago

Perhaps he’s just waiting for that “it” job? Only Jon knows that…