And just like that, it was done.

It was a long offseason getting to training camp, and because of that it’s hard to believe it’s behind us now. On the final day of open training camp, the Bucs started slow, but ended fast. Mike Evans and Kwon Alexander were held out today, but that gave some of the younger guys a chance to play at a spot they might claim for themselves one day.

For starters, linebacker Kendell Beckwith had another impressive day. He’s been having a noticeable week since getting time as a starter, first as a SAM linebacker in place of Devante Bond, and now at middle linebacker in place of Alexander.

The play above was just one example of him standing out. Beckwith seems to be gelling with the first team, and we think that a big reason for that can be attributed to having the likes of Lavonte David and Alexander to fill the other spots around him. That experience and talent has forced Beckwith to elevate his play early, and it’s showing.

Chris Godwin has also benefited from his recent starting promotion (due t0 Evans sitting out). He was our camp MVP yesterday, but today he got to experience some lumps – which can also be spun in a good way. He had one or two drops, and didn’t look as strong at the catch point as we were used to seeing him.

Getting these kinds of days out of the way can also serve as a learning tools, however. Godwin will likely get his chance to start in the team’s preseason game against the Browns on Saturday. We’ll see how he bounces back.


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Nick Folk has been nearly perfect since the game against Jacksonville last Saturday. He made 9-of-10 field goals this week, all of which were kicked on the skinny goal posts.

That’s the kind of confidence this team needs in their kicker going into the regular season. If he has a strong game this weekend, that could carry well into the regular season – which this team will absolutely need.

Play of the Day

It was a sluggish day for the most part, on both sides of the ball. There were all kinds of tipped passes, fumbled balls and drops. However, we wouldn’t put any of that on quarterback Jameis Winston, who has been pretty darn good over the last few days.

The highlight of today came from Winston, and it was on a route to wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. It was reported that Winston and Jackson were working out together during the summer and that kind of chemistry shows on throws like the one above. Winston threw that ball before Jackson even broke on his route, and for it to arrive at the perfect time like that takes great anticipation.

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Cam Rhodes
Cam Rhodes
4 years ago

That timing was so sexy!

4 years ago

No, thank you Trevor, you’re my MVP; your reporting has been fantastic!

Reply to  Horse
4 years ago

He has been an amazing addition to this site.

4 years ago


That pass to double-move-Jackson, causes me to shake my head in disbelief.

So so precise and so undefendable.

“Horse” above also expresses my feelings.

4 years ago

Trev, Who’s doing the long snapping? I saw where we signed someone back, is that making a difference?