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    It is without doubt an opportunity to get Sunday far behind the players, coaches and fans. An opportunity to get back to .500, to go 3-0 in the South, to sweep the Falcons and to win a home game for a nice change. Good teams MUST win at home and it should be an advantage to do so.

    Hey, it’s all for the taking. Hoping the Buccaneers walk the walk tonight because what they’re saying isn’t adding up to much of late. Late being the last few years.

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    Bucs should quit whinning as Falcons have the same problems. Gut check! Go Bucs!

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    First, it is fans like me who are doing the most complaining about the Thursday night games. I haven’t heard an excessive amount of complaints over time from Buccaneer, Falcons or other NFL players. I think it would be appropriate if coaches and Gms complained more about them during the off seasons.
    I would eliminate the “traditional” games on Thanksgiving as well. I think that it would be better for the health of all the players If there was a consistency from week to week with the Monday night games being the lesser impact exception to their routines. I think that this might actually help to keep a higher quality of game on average. The owners would all still be making their money.
    I love football and I still enjoy the NFL. If they keep messing with their success they might just lose me as a fan.
    Oh well, I am just one person and one voice.
    Go Bucs!!!
    See If you can summon up enough “want to” to overcome the Falcons tonight!
    Go Bucs!!

    [P.S. The above comments belong here. XpfcWg]

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