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    I’m more concerned we have a pass rush.

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      Your concerns should be alleviated. I thought it was 2002 for awhile. FREAKIN AWESOME

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    Peyton Barber ran well in KC last week IMO if Doug struggles to get it going I would like to see Barber get some more carries

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    I try not to comment on our RBs after just watching RB Dalvin Cook perform in the UF/FSU game tonight. Oh well, but yes! It would be nice if Doug Martin regained his 2015 form for this game. Everybody needs to bring their “A” game Sunday. Go Bucs!

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    Martin is a steady, reliable back when healthy. I’ve seen enough of Barber to know he can play in the NFL, and hopefully continues to grow with the Bucs. When you talk about D, Cook that’s a special RB. Like Elliott for the Cowboys, backs like that don’t come along often. I know Dallas has a great O line, but they were there last year too, and they didn’t have the ground game like they have now with Elliott carrying the rock. Dallas used this formula before. Great Q.B., R.B., wide receiver, and they’re using it again. If we were to draft Cook, that would be a nightmare for defenses, Winston, Evans, Cook. You can argue there’s a lot of good backs in the draft, why take cook high? Special that’s why, great players make teams great. As for a prediction today. Seahawks are coming in banged up, playing a team they should still beat. They won’t be up for this game like they were when they went to N.E.. Hopefully they leave their guard down long enough for us to sneak in a knock out punch. Last two weeks our D looked good against Smith, and Cutler. This week Wilson will prove the difference in what should be a hard fought loss for our lads.

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    I agree Cook looks good, but I never lose sight of the fact he is playing against soon to be PE teachers, history teachers and retail managers. College is college.
    Surferdudes, I hope as well that the Bucs find a way to contain Wilson, but he is, in my learned opinion, a top 5 tier QB and yards above the talent level of Smith and Cutler.
    He can beat you with his arm, legs and brain. Why he doesn’t get the notoriety of say someone like Cam Newton is beyond me since he is a much better QB.
    I guess being a showboat when u win and a sulking crybaby when you lose is what is “in” with today’s millennials who have been raised in gilded environments.
    How the Bucs handle and control Wilson will be the key to the Bucs victory.

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      Drd, it’s all relative. The guys blocking for him are all future regular dudes too. Cook will be the next Marshall Faulk. The player on FSU that impressed me most was that QB. Red shirt freshman, He will be fantastic in 2-3 years.
      GO BUCS

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    Martin needs to show up is as big of a understatement uttered lately. Doug and the O LINE need to both show up.
    There I go again, shouting out for the O LINE to perform. Suferdude is correct, any back can’t run behind any good line.
    D. Cook would look good in Pewter and Red, or what ever color you call our retarded uniforms.
    But we aren’t there quite as good as Dallas’s line just yet. One more quality pick on O LINE is needed.
    I apologize if I seem surly today, after watching the crappy officiating during Michigan and OSU has got me off kilter.
    Jim Harbaugh was absolutely justified throwing a fit.
    Whew, feel better.
    After watching D. Cook I would have no concerns about trading up to snatch him up in the draft. We just can’t use our only 1st round pick on a back.
    I also thought that picking up the big ass FB from Michigan in round 7 would be great. 6 ft 3 and 265lbs. Can anyone say Christian Oykoa. I know I spelled in wrong.
    Lets hope that Mark Cook gets a double dose of pleasure when the BUCS win.

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    What needed to show up and did was the Defense and Winston. Go Bucs!

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      Agreed Horse. But that was a gritty performance by Doug.

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