Kyle Brinza, Roberto Aguayo, and now Nick Folk. Names Bucs fans are ready to forget.

The kicking curse in Tampa continued as the Buccaneers fell to the New England Patriots 19-14 on Thursday night in front of a national television audience.

Folk was 0-for- 3 and just 2-of-7 in the past two games. Within the short week, Folk has missed six kicks in just five days. Thursday night’s game included misses from 31, 49, and 56.

Complimentary football, which is preached throughout the halls of Once Buc Place, but that wasn’t what was seen on Thursday night.

The abysmal performance by Folk was a big factor in the Bucs being 2-2 instead of 3-1.

Folk came to Tampa this year after posting a season where he made 87 percent of his tries. He wasn’t perfect throughout training camp and the preseason, but it was enough to beat out second round pick Roberto Aguayo. That said, most kickers would likely have beaten out Roberto Aguayo. And just like his predecessor it seems like Folk’s time in Tampa may be short lived. If the jeers he received from Tampa’s fans are any indication, they’re hoping he gets the boot.

Bucs K Nick Folk - Photo by: Getty Images
Bucs K Nick Folk – Photo by: Getty Images

Despite the poor performance, Folk’s teammates don’t seem ready to put him out to pasture just yet. Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald’s message to folk was a supportive one.

“You criticize lightly and encourage loudly,” McDonald said following the loss.  ‘To Nick Folk, we’re behind you, we’re your teammates, and we love you. No matter what’s going on we love you. You’re our teammate, you’re our kicker, and we stand behind you.

Quarterback Jameis Winston, who praised Folk last week for kicking the game winner in another up and down performance, is confident his kicker will get back on track.


“Bounce back,” Winston said. “Bounce back. It’s not his fault. It’s not his fault. We were in a position to win the game – :02 seconds on the clock. Somebody needs to make a play.”

It’s true, the offense was in the position to win the game. However, this loss falls squarely on Folk’s shoulders. The 11-year veteran will tell you that himself.

“I had a bad week, starting last Sunday to today,” Folk said while standing in front on his locker following the loss. “I left points out there. We should have won this game 20-19. This one’s on me.”

Head coach Dirk Koetter, who has already had to cut one kicker this year, spoke on Folk’s future following the primetime loss to the defending champs.

“Jason [Licht] and I had a brief conversation afterward and that will be something that is forthcoming,” Koetter said. “You don’t want to make any rash decisions.”

It is likely that there will be a decision on Folk’s future by this weekend. In the past Jason Licht has shown confidence in his place kicker, but it’s probably a safe bet that any conversation he had with Koetter about Folk on Thursday night was not a positive one.

– Story by Austin DeWitt
– Mark Cook contributed to this story

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3 years ago

It is not just the 9 points, each time the players have to overcome the momentum loss caused by the missed kick. Let us state the facts: Nick Folk lost us the game and nearly lost the one the week before. Do not sugar coat it, otherwise we never face reality and make adjustments as needed.

3 years ago

Rash, rash! He has been BAD in games, bad. Not a 1 game knee jerk on a bad day, he’s been Aguayo BAD, and the BUCS didn’t spend a 2nd round pick on him.

Folk, welcome to the regular workforce like the rest of us!!

Horrible, just horrible, and amazing that the BUCS can’t even get an AVERAGE kicker. Average wins last night.

3 years ago

It’s clear that Folk’s performance is not acceptable, period. It’s clear that his missed field goals were greater than the margin of loss. The Bucs have to improve our kicking game. If we can try out another kicker this week and then let Folk go, so be it. But we can’t just simply blame the loss on our kicker. Don’t forget that it was the pathetically inconsistent performance of our offense that forced field goal tries (or a failed final play of the game) on three trips to the red zone or the opponent’s side of field. If just one… Read more »

3 years ago

If we keep Nick Folk, we’re not smart people! Pun intended and so is the message.

Reply to  macabee
3 years ago

Agreed!!! Fire that loser NOW. Then invite all available kickers to a competition under Game type conditions and hire the best one.
If Howard had stopped and turned and caught the ball and then muscled it into the end zone over the light CBs he could have shown himself worth the first round pick. And stop those stupid and hurtful penalties.
Got good running from our muscle hamster but his pass receiving was gosh awful.
Jameis, get accurate and stop overthrowing deep passes!

3 years ago

his onsides kick was terrible as well

3 years ago

The Cards lost their kicker to injury, picked up a rookie from another teams P.S., and he makes the game winner on the Monday night football stage. Replacing Folk shouldn’t be to hard. I’m sure we can find someone who’s better then 65 percent.

Hank Scorpio
3 years ago

Jameis and Koetter are as culpable as Folk for this loss in my eyes. Maybe if Jameis had been more accurate or we kept handing the ball to Martin, we wouldn’t even be talking about Folk this morning. Folk definitely needs to go, but someone else also needs to be making the play calls and in game personnel decisions besides Koetter. As for Jameis, it’s the same issues he’s had since college and they’re not getting much better despite having one of the most talented WR/TE corps in the league.