Hey! Good things happened, too! We promise!

There was plenty to be disappointed with in the Bucs defeat to the New England Patriots, 19-14, but there were some bright spots in some key area which will be building blocks moving forward.

These were our most impressive Buccaneers from Thursday Night Football.

Doug Martin

Man, what a great first night back for the man many have waited to see for a long, long time.

Martin finished the game with 74 yards on 13 carries. That’s a healthy 5.7 yards per carry average – the problem is that he didn’t get more carries.

Doug looked to be back to his old self with fresh legs. They’ll definitely need that moving forward.

Justin Evans

The rookie safety, who has been under much criticism early on despite not play much, had a fantastic debut with nine tackles and an interception.

Evans did have one or two missed tackles, but overall he looked much more confident, explosive to the ball, and we even saw him lay a few big hits like he did when he was at Texas A&M.

His first start was very promising.

Kendell Beckwith

So much is being asked of Beckwith and he consistently steps up to the plate.

With Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David both out again, Beckwith was the man in the middle – which is a tough task against Tom Brady. Beckwith led the team with 13 tackles and was, for the most part, reliable in open space. He had a lot of responsibility tonight and delivered.

DeSean Jackson

Jackson’s game was fantastic– and it should have been even better.

Jackson has a knack for playing big in big games and with 106 yards on five catches, he certainly did. Jackson even had two other instances where he had his man beat down the field for a few big plays which he and Winston couldn’t connect on.

From Jackson’s stance, he was the offensive player of the game along with Martin.

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  1. Yep, you got them. I thought the oline did okay and receivers dropped too many passes. Go Bucs

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    • Hi Horse,
      I thought the exact same thing, receivers were very unreliable perhaps because the coverage on them was good. Many throws not caught going through the hands or in the bread basket. Koetter called a poor game-honestly, he was so overmatched it was pitiful. Missed kicks alter the momentum every time–too painful to watch. Jameis not as accurate but not throwing picks and not fumbling either. The kicker lost this game.

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  2. If Justin Evans and Kendell Beckwith puts out this kind of production when called upon, this will be another very solid draft class from Licht. Winston and Jackson are going to need time to get the chemistry together game-time, but it looks to be on the positive side.

    Now, if he can fix kicker without drafting!

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  3. Beck has been a pleasant surprise, but Smith didn’t do him, or other players any favors with his scheme. To many times Beck was covering wide outs, and one time he had a D end covering a R.B., WTF? The Pats use short passes to their small quick recievers. I thought that might give Grimes, and Hargreaves a chance sticking with them since they’re small quick corners. That can’t happen when you play 15 yards off them. Brady will take that all day, and he did. That worked to the tune of 12 completions in a row!

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  4. Martin played great. What I can’t figure out is why he only got 13 carries, and we kept bringing Rodgers and Sims out on the field when the man with the hot hand (legs, actually) was there ready to carry the load. Doug needs a minimum of 20+ carries. This gets back to play calling and personnel-calling, and that’s on Coach Koetter.

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  5. I can’t figure out why Sims is still on the team. He’s in a contract year, I hope they don’t give him a new one. Neither Sims, or Quizz are the future, so I’m not sure why we’re not giving Barber a chance. Don’t say it’s his pass pro, because I saw Quizz, and Sims both whiff at that last night. When you see the success rookie R.B.’s are having in the league this year, there’s no excuse for not giving our second year player a chance. They’ve been afraid to play Evans even tho he’s a high second rounder at safety until injury made it happen, and he was our best safety last night. At some point you have to trust your young players, and how you’ve coached them to perform.

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  6. Loved Coach Smith’s game plan. Genius! Keep the Pats in front of you and make them beat you one play at a time. 2 turnovers, many hits to Brady and only 19 points. The defense did plenty to Win that game. Better coaching, play calling and clock management were all needed.

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  7. I can’t wait till we have Kwon, Kendell and Lavonte out there together again.

    Can’t understand why we continue to “give up” on the run.

    We should throw in a couple of more blitzes (at “unpredictable” times) per game.

    First 4 games are behind us … 12 more to go!

    Go Bucs!!!!!

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  8. How does Licht find these defensive players that everyone says will be okay maybe but play big? Be Keith paired with Kwon and Lavonte, sounds pretty good to me.
    I would have included the entire defense line line ion the list. Brady was uncomfortable all night.
    I know we lost but Brady knew he was in a game and that’s encouraging.
    I hope the team gets healthier I the next 10 days.
    Go Bucs

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    • Beckwith, I meant.

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