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In this post-game edition of the Bucs Pewter Nation Podcast, Scott Reynolds, Mark Cook and Trevor Sikkema recap a disappointing 19-14 loss to the New England Patriots. PR’s big three take the time to call out some names that need to be called out, and issue a bit of an ultimatum for the only way this team gets to where they want to go.

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  1. So glad I’m not the only one that thought that drive after Doug Martin’s TD was critical. We had them on their heels and tired and should’ve ran the ball down their throats on that drive. Passing game was struggling yet we aired it out on 3 straight plays. I literally threw my remote at the TV like wtf is going on, is my 9 year old calling plays on Madden????

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  2. Ha ha. Trevor contradicting himself by saying “stop babying and Blake Bortling” Winston, but then saying how stressful Dirk calls games and doesn’t involve enough easy stuff to get things going. I’ve said the same thing before. It’s maddening to see Winston miss deep balls, but also maddening the lack of adjustment and play calling at times. There is a disconnect and I fully think Monken should take over play calling. Dirk and Jameis clicked in 2015, but have been off since he became head coach.

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    • I didn’t mean to contradict myself if it seemed that way. The play calling needs to help Winston for sure, but Winston needs to help himself, too. He’s not calling the plays, but Koetter’s not the one missing the throws early on. It’s both.

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      • Tevor my good man, if you look at any message board, there is ZERO babying of Jameis. Even Koetter doesn’t baby Jameis. He’s more than willing to throw him under the bus, even when his play calling sucks.Quite the contrary on most boards. Most are ready to draft another QB right now.

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      • I’m a Winston homer, but we agree. Wasn’t a real dig at you or anything. Just chuckled to hear it, cause I’ve made the same argument.

        Jameis needs to hit certain throws and Dirk needs to call the game a certain way depending on how his QB is playing. Screens, slants, roll outs, bubble screens, etc. Y’all mentioned the Bengals game and the preseason was a lot of quick timing routes to start the games. Simple throws for chunk yards to get in rhythm. Seen less of that to start the year, imo.

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    • Also, I don’t even think it’s “to get things going.” It’s just in general. There’s no mesh concepts with your fastest players, no out routes with a slot receiver matched up on a linebacker. The Pats offense is so easy to complete passes. You don’t have to say, “they have Brady,” Everyone can simplify things. The Bucs just make it harder.

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      • Amen. Mike in the slot is also a guaranteed mismatch. First time we ran a slant for DJax it went for 49. I don’t want dink and dunk, but Jameis leading the NFL in IAY is aggressive for his age. Hoping we get balance soon.

        Really appreciate your work on this site, Trev. Keep it up.

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  3. Interesting as I was listening to the podcast and you guys were talking about Jameis’ slow starts. He wasn’t good at all last night , but it seemed to me he has been pretty good overall this season in quarter 1 and he actually is. That’s his highest qbr in any quarter.
    1st Quarter 30 19 63.3 240 8.0 58 3 0 14 46.7 1 1 121.5
    2nd Quarter 42 21 50.0 269 6.4 35 0 1 14 33.3 4 2 60.5
    3rd Quarter 34 23 67.6 247 7.3 25 2 0 15 44.1 1 2 108.3
    4th Quarter 48 31 64.6 442 9.2 41 2 2 20 41.7 6 2 90.8
    4th Quarter within 7 19 12 63.2 189 9.9 38 1 0 8 42.1 4 0 113.7
    The second quarter is were things seem to come off of the rails and is his worst.
    Interesting and encouraging stats is the last one within 7 n the 4th quarter.
    I think Doug can be a good spark for Jameis and this offense. There was too much pressure to force the ball to d-jax last night. And for the love of god coach run some damn slants with that man every once in a while. All I see is 15 yard in route and seem routes.

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    • Good stats, CG. The second quarter is where things go sour. It happened last week vs the Giants. Dirk gets in a funk with play calling. He can’t decide on what he wants to do or abandons what is working. It’s very confusing.

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  4. One thing IMO is coach K and Smith are playing not to lose instead playing to WIN.
    Like 4th and one go for it instead of sending out a kicker that is struggling to kick a 45 yard FG into the wind. Also the offensive is very predictable. Maybe we all got caught up in preseason hype. Hopefully the mini bye week the Bucs can change a few things.

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