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    Pewter Pirate

    I hope these articles keep coming out. Kwon is going to go crazy out there on the field. He has passion like no other on defense. They are fueling his fire.

  2. 2


    Like Rodney Dangerfield, the Bucs can’t get no respect and Kwon Alexander doesn’t like it one bit!

    Kwon Alexander‏Verified account
    I swear every chance I get this year I will be trying to break somebody face mask !

    Don’t disrespect me, Bro! lol.

    1. 2.1


      A little bird told me Beckwith will be ready for the season opener! Put that Thumper along side Kwon and Lavante and look out!!!!!

  3. 3


    Nothing to see here. As it usually goes with LB awards/recognition, they’re giving mention mostly to the guys who get sacks.

  4. 4


    Yep it’s all about sacks with LB ratings unfortunately. Like been said already love it. Just fuels Kwon and David to make more noise!

  5. 5


    If they’re judging from last year let’s be honest the whole defense struggled in the beginning. D. Smith at the end of his career ,adjusting to Smitty’s new D, I didn’t see the L.B.’s play as stellar. This is the year we need to break out. The addition of Baker, Stevey T. will help keep Kwon, and David clean, and now they know what they’re doing. I think we should expect big things from the whole defense this year. Kwon needs to rule, I think he will.

  6. 6


    Bucs are on the way back in the minds of their fans – not the minds of fans throughout the league. Players will have to show experts and other teams they belong further up the rankings. It has always been that way.

  7. 7


    It sure angers the D… makes for a lot of fun

  8. 8


    Probably our strongest unit on Defense. I’ll take David and Alexander over any two other LB’s in the league.

  9. 9


    More blatant disrespect toward our team! It’s all good though, the fire keeps getting stoked for Kwon to have a breakout season. Surprisingly not many people know the names David and Alexaner (ridiculous) but that will all change come August with Hard Knocks. The stage is set and I believe our Bucs will rise to the occasion. Go Bucs!

    1. 9.1


      I agree about Hard Knocks being some of the national exposure that these guys can use-
      Obviously, they need to shine in the nationally televised games too – Yeah, surferdudes, that added size on the DLine will help out

  10. 10


    PFF is not favorable to this group. Many of these lists are made from lazyish guys that combine high profile names with PFF data. The addition of Baker and Stevie T are important, to this group, especially Stevie T. I love what GMC does but a ton of his “disruption” is caused by offensive coordinators using his aggressiveness and allowing him to disrupt while allowing the Olineman to direct him then occupy linebackers. Also, Trevor hit the nail on the head. Most are 3-4 teams which makes it easy to count sack numbers into the equation.

  11. 11

    Buc 1976

    Just a thought:
    Beckwith looks like a MIK if he proves to be the thumper as people say would the thinking of the Bucs be to move Kwon to weak side? And if a team offers a very high draft pick for David do they do it. Just a thought.

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