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    Hoping for another 1500 yard season he’s certainly capable of he can stay healthy. Go Bucs!

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    David DeLeon

    I’m happy to be a fan of a team that doesn’t rush to cut a player with a good reputation.
    I will feel even better if like Fredster said Martin can pull out 1500 yards in 13 games

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    Hopefully he understands that “recovery” is never behind you and its a life long process. Hope he stays healthy both mentally and physically.

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      Great comment and so true Bschucher!!!

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      He keeps saying WAS, it WAS a journey. That everything is behind him. Believe me, I know. It’s in front of him every day. There IS no thirty day rehab cure. There is no cure, period. Once an addict, always an addict though there is a way to deal with it and to stay clean and sober one day at a time.

      So I’m typing this is still a gamble on the Buccaneers part. Only Doug himself is responsible for his staying clean and running around in shorts is not what I’m typing about. So far? His words are self serving and meaningless. It’s about actions and we just don’t know what’s really going on. Hoping for the best but not counting on it. Nor should the Buccaneers.

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        If he truly believes the whole thing is behind him, then he never went to an actual rehab or he learned NOTHING while there.

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    Martin seems to be doing and saying the right things. While many were quick to call for him being cut, I was never on board with that thought process. With the amount of injuries he’s had, it’s understandable to become addicted to a pain killer. I’m hoping he can avoid a relapse and look forward to the return of the Dougernaught!

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    I am a big Doug Martin fan and supporter and I respect the Bucs for supporting his efforts to get his life back in order. My concerns have always been his health and he has always had injury problems and a “sensitive” hamstring for a running back is a major problem. I don’t think the Bucs can rely on Doug as a feature back but he can still be effective and reliable if they use him properly. Without a running game, the Bucs will not be a playoff team and I hope this is a primary focus for Coach Koetter. The NFC South is loaded with talent and All-Pro quarterbacks and the Bucs can’t rely on Winston to be the difference maker every game.

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    Wait, he was addicted to Adderall? I didn’t know that was a thing. Now, going out and partying every night, then using Adderall to recover before practice, and getting popped on a drug test – that’s a thing

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    I can totally see someone getting addicted to it.. Its a speeder for people. Easy to abuse.

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    Dougy is going to have a great year, and he will be the feature back from game 4 on.

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    As far as I know the identity of the “PED” drug(s) Doug Martin was consuming/abusing has never been revealed. There has been an on-going assumption it was Adderall, which, as Bschucher noted, is a form of “speed” that is often abused by mommies who have declared their child has symptoms of ADHD just to get their hands on it.

    For me, it no longer matters what Martin was taking. What matters is how he conducts himself now. I’m rooting for him so I can put my #22 jersey back in the front row of my Bucs gear closet.

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    What’s going to be tough is how the Bucs will approach preseason. Normally your highest paid feature back gets all the first string practice reps, but few touches during live action, and never plays the final preseason game. The Bucs don’t have the luxury of protecting him this preseason trying to keep him fresh, and injury free for week one. I would give a lot of first string work to McNicols, and Barber, Quizz knows what to do, as does Martin. However I’m sorry Doug, you’re the back that has to carry the load in game four this preseason. He’s going to have almost the whole first quarter of the season to rest. We have to run him this summer like he’s a rookie on the bubble trying to make the team. Let’s see if he’s up to that task first, before we decide what roll he’ll have come week four.

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