Before last week’s game against the Detroit Lions, a report about Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston and the relationship between he and his head coach Dirk Koetter emerged that the two have a rift or strain in their marriage as passer and play caller.

The Bucs have had a struggling season, as their 4-9 record indicates. Both Koetter and Winston have addressed the reports and have said that they are false. On Friday, Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken decided to open up his own press conference – unprompted – by addressing the report himself before anyone could ask.

His answers were candid, real, and very needed.

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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]


  1. What’s a flat out joke is what you are putting on the field. With all the talent on this team, this is what we fans get to watch? This team is soft. This team is imploding and it’s showing. You have a coach, who TBH, I don’t know what he does, going on a rant about needing to defend the head coach. If it wasn’t true, why are you even wasting your breath to talk about it? How about you guys fix the shitty losing culture that is ingrained in this franchise. How about work with Winston on his crappy mechanics and his deep ball? Because he is the same damn QB since he came into the league three years ago. He makes the same mistakes. That shows the fans you guys aren’t doing your job and getting him to where he needs to be to win. You can’t even call him a game manager at this point in his career.

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  2. It’s very likely that Koetter does have Jameis’s back … and both Winston and Koetter deny the report.

    But Ian Rappaport is a pretty highly respected reporter at NFL Network, and he would not have gone public with his confidential source reporting were it not solid. SOMEONE told him that Koetter was a problem for JW. Either that someone was JW, or it was someone who claimed, to Rappaport’s satisfaction, that he was speaking for Jamies.

    Rick Stroud of the Times wrote that he has no idea who talked to Ian Rappaport, but it has been his experience in decades of sports reporting that most of the time, the “leaker” lies and denies leaking, or knowledge of leaking (if by someone who could speak for them). That’s how it works. Leak and lie.

    This episode does not speak well of JW’s character. Either he leaked and lied, or let someone leak on his behalf and lied.

    Whether what was leaked was truthful or not is really beside the point. If you’re a man, say it out loud to the press, and own up to your opinions. Don’t leak and lie, or let someone else leak and lie.

    And as whether Rappaport or Jameis is lying, it’s usually helpful to ask the question, “who benefits from putting this information out there?” Obviously Jameis benefits if he’s trying to save his job, and is willing to let someone else get thrown under the bus. What benefit is there to Rappaport? All he gets is accusation from all involved that he’s lying. I see no benefit to that, unless what he’s reporting was actually given to him by a reliable source.

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    • A whole lot of insinuation there with Zero evidence to back it up there Naples. How would Jameis benefit when he was the one who was pounding the desk for Koetter to take over? I’ve watched Jameis since college and if you think he’s the type to “throw someone under the bus”, you have zero clue about Jameis as a football player. He take the blame for everything, even when he shouldn’t so I’m not buying that. We have no idea who leaked this, if it was a leak. How do we not know it’s someone from Grudens camp? We don’t and to say that Ian Rapport has an “anonymous” source, that none of the bucs local writers know, it just sounds fishy to me.Or someone just looking to start crap? We all know relations ship get strained on the field, look at Brady and Mcdaniels going at it.

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      • Nothing is insinuated. Unlike Jameis, I said it straight out – either Rappaport is lying, or Jameis is lying.

        I do not believe for one microsecond that Jameis does not know who told Rappaport what his thoughts were. Either Jameis said it, or he almost certainly know who said it, most likely with Jameis’s blessing and permission. It could have been a family member, an agent, a friend in the business who Rappaport would know

        Either that, or Rappaport is lying.

        Go ahead and tell us why you know Rappaport is lying. C’mon, tell us facts that support that.

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  3. It made sense to me what Monken said. Maybe someone should have asked Monken what was his feelings about the sideline time management, play scheme adjustments, and who is listening to real time input from the players who are actually playing on the field. Both Monken and Smith are up in the sky boxes and I have no clue at this point what value they bring to the game so far away from the players?

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  4. It’s a shame we never got to see Monken as an actual play caller, O.C.. I like this guy, and thought he had the credentials to be given his shot on the NFL level. To bad he won’t get that opportunity. Dirk did him a disservice, and perhaps the team as a whole by insisting he himself call the plays on Sundays. Dirk needed to prove himself more as a H.C., and in that regard he’s failed. When he hears the Gruden chants this Monday, and is cleaning out his desk after the season he’ll have no to blame but himself.

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  5. Totally agree about Dirk’s reluctance on turning over the play calling to the guy with the Offensive Coordinator title Surfer. But then again Jon Gruden did the same thing.

    I’m not sure who was supposedly chanting at the Detroit game. I sure didn’t hear them. What I heard was “Let’s go Lions”

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  6. There’s a rock riley video where you can hear the chants as Dirk heads into the tunnel. Yeah Gruden calls his own plays, a lot of them do. Some like Sean Peyton have gone back, and forth. This wouldn’t have been an issue for me if Dirk him self didn’t cast doubt by saying maybe he was being stretched to thin by doing both. I think the time do have given it a try would’ve been during the preseason. Where Dirk also admitted he didn’t game plan, and didn’t know how to approach what he called meaning less games. Preseason to me should be about both, finding what back ups make the team, but also making sure your starters are ready for the season. We would’ve been better off then if Dirk had Todd put together a game plan, then as H.C. evaluate what he saw on the field, both with players, and Monkins play calling, and game planning skills. Like I said, to bad we’ll never know.

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