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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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  1. 1


    Nice article and good podcast last night. All good points:
    Offense choppy
    play calling can be better
    Winston being better in the 1st quarter
    Run Martin more
    Defense short handed
    soft coverage

    All these things are true. All that being said NE didn’t look that much better than the BUCS last night. NE got help with sustaining drives on penalties too. Brady wasn’t great. The difference last night was NE made their field goals & the BUCS didn’t. Period.
    Missing FG’s and not being able to count on your kicker effects play calling, morale, and momentum.

    We all believe the BUCS & Jameis can and should be better than they have played year to date, and they need to improve. But sometimes you gotta win ugly. You need to have a kicker to win ugly. During the prime of the BUC Ball with Sapp & Co. how ugly were those 12-9 games. We all believe we are better than that, but there are going to be ugly games like last night for NE and you win those with your kicker.

    #@&*^$ why can’t we have a reliable kicker!? Why!

  2. 2


    How great would it be to have 99 coaching the D line.

    1. 2.1


      I was thinking the same thing…

  3. 3


    Good Fab 5, Scott, as usual.

    There’s too many missing pieces in our puzzle right now. Jameis’s ability to read defenses is just not very good, and his accuracy on throws is just all over the place … he’ll make a great ball placement on one throw, then just flat out misses on the next throw leaving us scratching our heads.

    The defensive line play was better last night, but we still left Tom Brady too many easy throws. Sure, they’re the no. 1 offense in the league, but our objective is to beat offenses like that, like a drum, like we used to in the good old days of 15 years ago.

    The play calling is also head-scratching. It was roundly criticized by Tony Romo as very simplistic and entirely predictable, both offensive and defensive, not up to the standards for today’s NFL. Is that because our coaches don’t know any better, or is it because they simply don’t trust their players with anything more creative?

    Just the same, we didn’t get blown out by the defending NFL champs led by the GOAT quarterback. Despite the fact that four of our eleven defensive starters didn’t suit up – including four of our starting “middle 5” (LBs and Safeties). We saw some excellent play by a couple of rookies, Beckwith and Evans, and some good play also from some other new guys, including Glanton.

    If we can get most of our defensive starters back for our next game, we should do better on that side of the ball. The communication thing Sapp talks about is clearly something that has to get better … maybe your Fab 5 will get read by the defensive coaches and taken to heart? Sapp is clearly an authority on great D-line play As for Jameis’s ability to read defenses and make accurate throws, it’s hard to say if that is a permanent hard limit on his play, or something that he will get better as he gains experience. Only time will tell.

    1. 3.1


      I agree with Sapp on the defensive changes that need to be made. I would also like to add that one of the things I’ve noticed that we are lacking on the D-line is speed. We’ve got the size and strength all across the line but we are definitely lagging on speed. If you notice the majority of the teams that have an impressive rush have defensive end speed. And that speed is such a force that it causes the protective O-line to collapse. Bottom line no pressure no take always.

  4. 4


    Patrick Murray, our kicker from a couple years ago, may be a free agent. He beat out Connor Barth but was injured and waived the following year. Be nice to see him back at One Buc…..

  5. 5


    koetter offense & play calling sucked… never gets his QB into a rhythm early… all low percentage throws down field

  6. 6


    I wonder if Jameis gets himself too psyched up before the national games? I know he’s the captain his thing is to get everyone pumped; but might he benefit with some kind of medidative focus before he hits the field? Pure adrenaline is great for some of the positions on the field, but maybe he could benefit from a different approach. He’s too fired up early and it shows. As he settles into games and calms down, he seems to play better. I think it would be worth investigating.

    1. 6.1



      You may be on to something. Did anybody see how lathered up Winston was when he was greeting players as they left the locker room? One of the announcers noted how worked up he was. I love the passion, but if/when it borders on frenzy, it’s probably not a good thing. Perhaps it helps him get pumped to perform and motivates his teammates, so I’m hesitant to say he shoulder wear earpods and chill. lol. I just want the guy to succeed by any means necessary. Go Bucs!

  7. 7


    On one hand you want Jameis to be elite and win games, so he gets the majority of the blame for this loss. But on the other hand the kicker misses 3 fieldgoals and I’ll give him the 56 yarder, but that still 6 points left on the floor for no good reason. 6 points wins us the game. On top of that you can’t blame Winston for not being elite when Brate is dropping TD passes in the endzone. That drop was crucial! Not only did we not get 6 points, but Folk went out and missed the gimme FG. That’s shameful. Take that 7 and the FG that Folk should have made(Folk doesn’t miss the FG because there is no dropped TD and give him a pass on the 56 yard miss) and that’s a 10 point swing. We win 24-19. It’s really that simple.

  8. 8


    The last play of the game was inexcusable and Jamies knows it. He panicked. His will to win showed big-time in the game. He just needed one more sharp throw. The next eight games will be a challenge. They are all winnable and loseable. Six on the road. We have to split the road games and win the two home games. If we can make it to 7 and 5, we’ve got a shot. I thought all along, the team was being overhyped because it would take time to integrate Howard and Jackson into the offense and to establish a running game. Still, they play hard . If Brate holds on to that pass in the endzone, we’re liking not talking about all this other stuff.

  9. 9


    Winston was not the best qb in the draft by most nfl people .Bucs fired 2 head coaches(Dungy,Gruden) who put their vote on M.M. who beat Winston on EVERY category at the nfl combine. Winston has great receivers but look at qb ranking by the nfl. M.M. has been listed ahead of Winston every year since being drafted. Winston may be a local fan fave from a great school but not the best qb drafted, no matter how much he gets praised.( dont hate me:>)).. I am a bucs fan and have season tkts so i will pull for Winston even after watching him last night

    1. 9.1


      Mariota isnt better in # games played, total yards, or touchdowns. Mariota hasnt played a 16 game season yet. Winston grinds every week. Sure, it’s a toss-up between the two at this point. Theyre both quality QB’s. It’s best not to spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror. Winston threw for over 300 yards yesterday without any turnovers.

    2. 9.2


      OH now we have to listen to your carp again? How is mariota? Not playing again this week I see. Look at the stats this year clown.
      60% completion
      3 tds
      1 fumble
      oh and hasn’t played a full season in 5 years dating back to college.
      Get over yourself already, Mariota will never QB this team.

      1. 9.2.1


        It’s not helpful to argue Winston vs. Mariota, period. It’s just not relevant to anything that matters.

        It’s especially not helpful to argue that based on stats. In terms of total QBR, this season to data Maritoa is ranked #6 in the league at 62.6, while Winston is ranked #26 in the league at 40.2, two spots below Blake Bortles (ouch!). Last night Jameis had a QBR of only 27.4.

        No matter the stats. Jameis is our quarterback, and he is playing only sort of OK so far, rather than the big leap forward in his third season that PR writers and a few others were predicting this preseason, i.e., elite status, even MVP candidate, no less. The reality of his performance is not good enough, let alone elite. True of the entire team, actually.

        There’s plenty about the team, from play calling to pass rush defensive backfield play to running game production, etc. that altogether explain why we’re 2-2 this week, instead of 3-1 or 4-0. Not good enough.



          Actually Naples, thats’ using ESPN’s corky ass formula. Going to an actual NFL site the ratings are as follows.
          Jameis 4 154 94 61.0 38.5 1,198 7.8 299.5 7 4.5 3 1.9 58T 12 2 7 46 92.4
          Mariota 4 110 66 60.0 27.5 792 7.2 198.0 3 2.7 3 2.7 55T 11 2 2 5 79.8
          The last numbers are NFL ratings. SO yeah I can use stats to back up my claims. Point is, I”m tired of hearing about mariota so I’m going to respond with facts every time I do.



            Total QBR is the gold standard of quarterback stats. You can cherry pick whatever you like, but 95% of the NFL world relies on Total QBR. The stats aren’t “corky ass” – they reflect everything that a quarterback does, from the basic matters of completion ratios and yards per attempt, to the game conditions (downgrading “garbage time” stats), etc.

            Per the gold standard of QB stats, Jameis is a bottom tier (bottom one third of the league’s starters) player this season to date. Jameis was much better last year, in the upper half, but still far from elite.

            I’m not saying Jameis is a bust. Far from it, at least in his career to date. But he was expected to get significantly better than last year, both due to the normal progression of young quarterbacks entering their third year in the league, and because he was given a plethora of offensive skill players to support him. And one quarter of the way through the season, the results are not good.

            And Jameis is the first one to admit that – he says it virtually every every week after a bad performance, including Thursday’s game. Elite quarterbacks make the reads, and make the throws, that Jameis didn’t make on Thursday.

            Virtually all Bucs fans fervently wish that Jameis becomes elite. I expect that a majority of Bucs fans think that he will make that leap. I personally wish he would, and I think he still can. But I am disappointed that he hasn’t lit it up this season as so many of us thought he would, but hasn’t.



            The gold standard? Please. So explain when they show qb stats before a game they don’t be use those stats? And yes they do take into account situation. Jameis quarterback rating isn’t 113 when the team is within7 points. So explain how he has more td, better completion percentage, and and his best qb right when the game is close. SO You can cherry pick and stick to espns “golden standard” I’ll stick to my stats. Golden standard, my goodness you come a crossed as a condescending know it all sometimes.



            Oh and one more thing, your precious QBR has mariota ranked ahead of Mathew Stafford, Drew Brees and Aaron rogers this year, and if you think that, you need to stop watching football.



            If you think anybody in the league, or who covers the league professional, seriously believes that Jameis is performing well this year, or is “elite”, or is making progress towards becoming elite, you’re smoking crack.

            You’re letting your garnet and gold slip show, CG.

            Jameis’s performance this season so far is described by virtually everybody but cracked out Nole homers as mixed, mediocre, up and down, take your pick. Jameis himself describes his performance that way. Bucs fans (as opposed to rabid Nole fans) describe his performance that way. His coaches describe his performance that way.

            That is not to say he won’t get better with time. That is not to say he’s a bad quarterback, or a bust, or anything suggesting he should not have been drafted by the Bucs. But he’s clearly not elite today, and he does not appear to be getting closer to elite, but actually regressing in some respects. That is what frustrates his coaches and Bucs fans.


          Buc 1976

          Give Jamis a valium before a game.

  10. 10


    Sure, Winston could have played better but he was one of very few bucs who kept us in the game yesterday. You cant have a 23 year old QB throw 47 times a game and expect to win consistently. He missed Jackson on a few deep balls and forced a few others. But the game isnt won and lost on the quarterback. You cant blame winston for missing a throw to a rookie TE as time expires without any timeouts, and no hope that the kicker is behind you. Brate got hit in the chest with two passes in the endzone on previous drives – we had to settle for a missed FG b/c of it which would have been the difference in the game. We were 0/6 on 3rd down conversions at one point. Martin/Sims dropped some short-intermediate passes, then OJ Howard and Ryan Smith on ST had some rough penalties. As a side note, Donovan Smith at LT was a beast yesterday… saw him get two pancakes on one passing play. Justin Evans also played very well – much better than anyone anticipated, and looks like our most athletic safety. Interested if this was a one game wonder or if Evans can bring it consistently.

    The reason we lost this game was our inability to stop short and crossing routes on D. Our secondary plays way too soft…even the announcers commented on this. Gone are the days of man-press. We will give up 400 yards a game for the rest of the year playing 8-10 yards off the X/Z receivers. Something is wrong with the scheme if youre getting beat by a guy like Amendola. CB’s need to step-up.

    1. 10.1


      Your comments makes a lot of sense … that is, until you take account of the fact that our defense limited the number one offense in the league to less than 2/3 of their average PPG in the four prior games this season. And until you consider that our offense only scored 14 points .. virtually nobody can expect to win an NFL game by scoring only 14 points.

      The defense didn’t lose this game – the offense and special teams (kicker, really) lost this game.

  11. 11


    The 49ers spent a high first round pick on a D end yet they have a dismal pass rush. Browns did the same, but due to a foot problem he hasn’t been a factor. If you’re counting on the Bucs using their first pick on a D end to solve their pass rush woes, you may be very disappointed. I like the idea of Sapp as our D line coach. He’d bring an intensity, and attitude to a line that is lacking. His comments were enlightening. Why does an offensive minded coach defer to his 30th ranked defense when he wins the coin toss? Both Minn, and N.E. scored first when given the opportunity, and we had to play catch up the rest of the game, and never could. So you get the ball to start the second half, have a 3 and out, now you’re up shit creek the rest of the game. With the hyper Winston,get him on the field first whenever you can. Having him sit, and watch his team fall behind with a long opening scoring drive is a recipe for disaster. It’s not like we’re trotting out the 85 Bears to start games. We were missing Kwon, David, Tandy, starting a rookie safety, back ups every where, yet you want Tom Brady on the field first? Lucky they only kicked a F.G., but the damage was done, long drive with points on the board, we never recovered. Both our losses we gave them the ball first, I don’t get it. Koetter doesn’t seem to have the ability to manage the game, and call plays,give Monken his shot. To recap. Hire Sapp, HOF Buc legend, Let’s see what Monken can do as a true O.C., take the ball first whenever you can so Winston doesn’t have to stew on the side line, and start off in a hole. If we don’t make some changes, expect the rest of the season to go like the first four, meaning a 500 season.

    1. 11.1


      Note that only one team in the entire league is allowing less than an average of 14 PPG … Buffalo, at 13.5 PPG … and since the NFL does not allow fractional points, our offense and special teams together managed to score what only one team in the league has allowed.

      Offense and S/T simply have to score a lot more points.

      1. 11.1.1


        Sorry, Surfer … my reply was intended to go to deeznuts, not you.

  12. 12


    It seems to me that both Koetter and Winston play these big games not to lose until they need to play to win.

    Winston also doesn’t seem to yet be able to handle the pressure of being the guy. He talks the talk but I don’t believe he truly believes in himself to be the guy. Again, seems to be throwing passes like a baseball pitcher who’s struggling to throw strikes. He’s dropping his elbow and wishing the ball to a spot instead of trusting his talent and throwing the damn ball with confidence.

    Throwing passes in the fourth quarter that you’re trailing in comes with less pressure because your back is up against the ropes. People’s expectation turns to hope that you’ll come through. Jamies puts a ton of pressure on himself which seems admirable and the talk of getting better everyday seems like a good plan. But this kid is afraid to let us all down more than he actually believes in himself. No matter what his words say, he’s still just a kid trying to impress his father than a man leading other men.

    Love ya Jaboo. Let it go and be the man, brother.

  13. 13


    I’m wondering if Koetter needs to let his OC call the plays. It’s not easy to be the HC and call the game. Our best offensive season in recent memory was when Koetter was OC. I remember him saying when he became HC that he would call the plays, but would be open to changing if needed. I’m wondering if that might be the case. Might be something to consider sooner rather than later. Thoughts?

    1. 13.1


      I don’t know enough about Monken to know whether he’s an upgrade to Koetter from a play calling perspective.

      1. 13.1.1


        Me either, Fl0nase. But, there’s only one way to find out.

  14. 14


    Loved the points that SR made about his big game ability in college. I don’t watch college but it sounds like he had a sense of belonging, the stage wasn’t too big for him, and he just did his thing like he can.

    To me with him as a Buccaneer, he’s too amped up. I’m not sure the state still isn’t a bit too big for him in his mind. Tom Brady’s an idol and you heard how excited he was to meet him in some of the pregame commentator chit-chat. He needs to put that out of his mind. He deserve’s to be there. He will always be his own player, but that feast/famine approach and doing everything with emotion and passion is too much. Get those ear buds out for a little bit, center yourself. Recognize that you distribute the ball based on what you see… You’re the man. Get comfortable being the man. That’s why you’re there.

    And that’s where the other great failure comes in. When they went soft zone with a cover 2 and 4 scheme, how did Koetter not anticipate that this is what Belichick would do? He deployed the scheme that takes away the Buc’s offensive strength, and challenged the Bucs offense to be better at the short passing game than that Pat’s offense, which specializes in it. If you’re the Pats, you’ve got to love those odds, so why didn’t it occur to the Bucs staff that this might be the strategy? Romo knew it was coming before the game started… How come you guys didn’t?

    Winston is 24 years old. He’s young and because he’s to an extend wise beyond his years it’s easy for us to forget just how young he is still. Koetter’s got to help him by knowing the right adjustment to make, AND empowering Jameis to do the same for himself. Quite slavishly keep trying to do the same thing that isn’t getting you results. I couldn’t believe after the drive Martin basically drove them down the field himself and scored that they didn’t put the ball in his hands once the next drive and went 3 and out on pass plays… What?!?!

    It’s Jameis sure, but it’s Koetter too in last nights case. You’re playing Bill Belichick for god’s sake. You can pretty much be sure he’s going to take away the first two things you want to do most. So what’s the 3rd thing you do well? The fourth? You guys got to be ready.

  15. 15


    Can we please chill a little; I know we want to win every game, but it’s not reality. The blame can be spread all around from players, coaches, and GM. Time to move on and make adjustments where it’s feasible. Go Bucs! Let’s get this next win?

    1. 15.1


      Horse I’m in agreement with you. I’ve been reading on other bucs sites how our unruly fan base wants a new quarterback already! It’s mind boggling. There’s so many reasons for why and how we lost last night and jameis is just a small part. I enjoy knowing we have a quarterback that has the fire and passion jameis does. This team is behind him and after all the issues we had last night, we still took the super bowl champs down to the last play. This is a young squad and our quarterback isn’t even 25 yet.

  16. 16


    Being an old f*rt …

    I have watched the development of some of the best and the “fizzling out” of a few “sure things” in regard to some NFL quarterbacks over the years. I have followed the development of John Elway, Bret Farvre , RG3 and Andrew Luck (?? “jury’s still out”) … just to name a few.

    I see Jameis as “right on schedule” so far. He is still up and down in his play. Now, after the end of this season ……?

    Go bucs!!!!

  17. 17


    For 3 quarters Winston wasn’t even GOOD

  18. 18


    Free agent pass rushers Ah oh yeah-
    Calais Campbell.

    1. 18.1

      Buc 1976

      DrT we should have tried harder to sign Campbell.

  19. 19


    Like all, I’m disappointed that the Bucs lost this game and with a national audience watching. Thought it was a statement game for the Bucs. Having said that… we played one of the premier teams in the NFL with HOF QB and almost pulled it out had we made a kick or two. I think with the key Starters missing we made it a close game! If we have those 4 Starters playing… I think we win the game! We are 2-2 and will get our Starters back next week. While I cuss Jamesis at times with his inconsistent throws… I have to remind myself that he is 23 years old… most QB’s coming out of college are this age and Jamesis has 2 of the 3 highest passing yards( over 4000) seasons in Buc history! Jamesis will be fine. He is OUR Franchise QB! Martin back, LB’s back, I like our chances for a special season… I just dont understand the play calling on Offense and the continual soft coverage( 10 -15 yards off WR) of our DBs… was expecting a little better play from Hargreeves… could these problems be the coaching…I think it might be… I’m just saying

  20. 20


    Please end all discussion about Clemson defensive ends!!! Can’t we learn the lessons of history?

  21. 21

    Jordan Chavez

    All the Winston crap can stop…. Yes he didn’t have a perfect game. But the dude is 23 and still got us to a point where we had an opportunity to win the game against the world champs…. Instead of us fighting for a top 10 pick like we did however many years in a row we are now all playoff hopefuls! That’s what Winston is doing. He is developing and learning. He led the game winning drive against NYG and I’m sure he will have a few more this year.

    With that being said.. Yes, he did get off to another slow start. And yes, that is on him but I believe it is also on the play calling and dropped passes…
    Jameis was not I a rhythm at all in the first half. My question is why doesn’t Dirk go no huddle for a drive or two when we are off to a slow start? Winston excels in no huddle and seems like he can always get a rhythm going during that. You can still run the ball during no huddle….

    The pass rush is much more worrisome than Winston… But I do believe Kwon and David will help the pass rush immensely. I know they aren’t exactly pass rushers every down but they are huge playmakers. If Evans and Djax get hurt it will have an effect on our rushing attack…

    Anyways… We are only a game out and are gunna get some revenge in Phoenix this weekend! Playoff hopes still very alive. Go Bucs!!

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