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    Mike James will be our leading rusher and have the highest YPC – heard it here first. Excited that we were able to steal this kid back, don’t think he should have ever been cut from the PS.

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    Who still thinks Martin is worth the millions we gave him? I still cant believe we gave top 5 running back money to a player who only plays 50% of the time.

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      We gave him the money in a contract year after he came in no. 2 in the league in rushing yards last season, barely beaten out by a likely Hall of Famer. We didn’t pay Martin anywhere near what the Vikes paid the guy who barely beat out Martin for the rushing title.

      Anybody can get injured in this league. We’ve had more than our share this year.

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        We gave money to an injury prone RB who was barely beat out by a sure fire hall of famer at the end of his career. Your right that any player can get injured but how many players gets injured every other year and still makes top 5 money at his position. AP missed 9 games his first 7 years in the league. Martin has missed 21 games in his first 4.5 years. The Vikings are paying AP for what he has done in his career. 11725 yds and 97 touchdowns in 9.5 seasons compared to Martin who has 3891 yds and 20 TDs in 4.5 years. AP avgs 1230 yds and 10 TDs per season including the season he sat out due to child abuse compared to Martin who avgs 864 YDs and 4.4 TDs a season. Name me one other back that avgs Martins number over a 4.5 years and makes 8 million a year. How can you really argue that a running back that averages those numbers deserves to be paid top 5 at his position? All am hearing is no one could predict he would be injured. Guess what, I predicted it. Just look at his past. There is a pattern there. That’s how I was able to predict he would be injured. That’s how you predict things. You look for patterns.

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      Oh, and the guy who barely outgained Martin last season, Adrian Peterson, is out on IR, done for the season, and his cap number this year is $12M vs. $8M for Martin this year. At least Martin can come back and play one of these weeks soon.

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        Your right AP is done for the year. Like you said, every RB gets injured in this league and nobody would have thought it would be AP due to the fact he has only missed 9 games in 9 years due to injury. I guarantee you that if AP was injured as often as Martin and put up Martins numbers, he wouldn’t be making 12 mil or anything close to 8 mil a year. Martin can come back and play again this season until he gets injured again (LOL). Baring some kind of miracle, Martin isn’t going to rush for more than 500 yds this season. That means that for Martins career, he will have failed to rush for more than 500 yds in a season for 3 of his 5 years. This will be AP’s 2nd time in 10 years that he has failed to reach 500 yds in a season. This is also APs 2nd time in 10 years he has failed to reach 10 TDs in a season compared to Martins 4th time in 5 years. No way Martin deserves to make anything close to top 5 at his position.



          You’re only as good as your last season in a contract year. Martin played extremely well in his contract year, and got rewarded.

          In the last three years, Adrian Peterson has and will have only made 19 out of 48 possible starts, due both to injury in 2014 as well as his suspension for off the field behavior. I doubt few were shocked that he went on IR in this, his 10th NFL season, which is really getting long in the tooth for any heavily-used NFL running back. Martin, on the other hand, is in only his 5th season in the NFL, and has so far started in 29 games out of 39 possible starts. That’s an overall availability to start of over 74%, while AP has only been available less than 40% of his possible starts.

          Martin is a huge value player compared to AP. He will be back – it’s just a hamstring injury, not a knee. Could be next week against the Bears. When he is playing, he’s a huge factor in making our offense click, and is Jameis Winston’s very BFF.

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