Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was tired of biting his tongue on Monday.

After spending five minutes defending himself and his teammates to a segment of disgruntled fans who have criticized the team after their Week 3 loss to the Vikings, McCoy turned his ire to the President who over the weekend called players kneeling in peaceful anthem protests SOBs.

That guy says a lot of outlandish stuff, “ McCoy said. “It’s not the first time he said, it wont be the last time he says it. I’m going to tell you this. The Buccaneers are going to stick together. We are going to keep being who we are. We are going to keep representing how we want to represent. He doesn’t determine who we are going to be. The Glazers said it – we are going to be who we want to be how we want to be. Simple as that. He is just …. That dude is crazy man. No, I don’t agree with nothing he said. I don’t think anybody agrees with anything he said. Like I said, I have watch what I say.

“It’s not the last time he is going to say something stupid. It is very idiotic what he said. And it is retarded. It is very stupid. And it is dumb. So whatever.”

McCoy was then asked about receivers Mike Evans and Desean Jackson who decided to kneel during the national anthem on Sunday at Minnesota.

“100 percent we are supporting them. That is our family,” McCoy said. “Not everyone is going to react the way my wife does. My Dad doesn’t react I would. But if my wife does something, I am going to support her 100 percent. Mike and Desean did something and we support them 100 percent. We just all do things different. But if they do something we are going to support it, regardless. There is going to be some backlash, but it is what it is.

“Nobody, not one single person on this team, will ever, ever, ever disrespect the men and women who fight for this country. We love them for what they do. For their service. It’s not about that. It is not about one man’s words either. It’s not about Trump. It is bigger than that. So they have to understand that no one on this team will ever disrespect the men an women who fight for this country.

“We talk about it in meetings all the time We would never ever disrespect men and women in this country. So anyone who took it that way, we apologize. It was not meant to be towards any man or woman who fights for this country. We are not us without them. And I want them to understand that. But if our teammate does it, we are going to support them.”

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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Love to read this………..Nobody, not one single person on this team, will ever, ever, ever disrespect the men and women who fight for this country. We love them for what they do. For their service. It’s not about that. It is not about one man’s words either. It’s not about Trump. It is bigger than that. So they have to understand that no one on this team will ever disrespect the men an women who fight for this country.

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    • Love it!

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  2. I support Gerald McCoy because he is right!

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  3. Hear, hear!

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  4. I’m sorry Gerald, but “family” or not there are millions of NFL fans and multiple thousands of Bucs fans that do not want our paid past time sullied with political protests, regardless of how righteous some believe those issues may be.

    It’s not about disrespect of the flag or military. It’s about NO POLITICS IN FOOTBALL. Trump didn’t start it, although his intemperate words certainly threw fuel on the flame. That dumpster was on fire long before Trump became a thing.

    You or any other NFL player or coach wanna protest about anything you want? Fantastic! Go for it! That’s America! But WE pay YOU and all NFL players, coaches and staff for the product you put on the FIELD. Not for protests. Not for politics. Not for Social Justice. For football.



    Protest in your free time! Protest on your social media! Meet with elected officials—the only people who can actually resolve your grievances—and DO something concrete about it. But millions enjoy football as an escape from politics, social issues and other nasty parts of life.

    An escape.

    And your protests stand in the way of that escape. Please keep the protests completely away from our Thursday/Sunday/Monday enjoyment.

    Fans are the ones who pay the bill for the NFL.

    Since the entire Kaepernick issue has come up I have lost a lot of enthusiasm for NFL football. And based on the ratings and stadium empty seats there are millions just like me.

    As a lifelong football fan, a former player and coach, I’m going to step away from the NFL until this issue is resolved, and on-field protests no longer exist. Ever.

    And I am assuredly not alone.

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    • You’re melting snowflake.

      Waaahhh! I don’t want politics with my football! Boo hoo! I am the customer and I’m always right! I am going to do something else useless with my life on Sundays until you promise to only entertain me the way I like to be entertained!

      Good riddance.

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    • This is absolutely correct, you are paid to play football while on the field, nothing else. If you think you are, then your ego has gotten in the way of your ability to focus! As was mentioned, Trump says many inappropriate things, unfortunate, BUT he didn’t start this, aggravate it…yes! BLM has blown these shootings way out of balance, very few cops are going to target and shoot blacks for fun, most were fearful of possible harm, which I believe were caused by someone blowing off steam that may appear violent towards others, but in many cases would have subsided in moments and required no shooting. As a shootist, the first rules we are taught are to assume all guns are loaded, and if you need to draw your weapon in self defense, keep your trigger finger off trigger, and assess situation, if violence comes your way, engage safely with adequate fire power! Not all cops know that, and can remember in split seconds, it’s very difficult. The players are 53 men, plus coaching, field personnel, and you say none of them would disrespect the military……………intentionally, probably not, BUT are you saying that fans aren’t bright enough to have their own thoughts and feelings about how your kneeling affects them? As much a I enjoy your play on the field as a 40 year season ticket holder, you’re a mental midget! You don’t frighten me at all, I would say these things to your face if you were here, because I do respect your thoughts also, which aren’t mine but yours! Best wishes!

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      • Then by your logic, there must never be any appearance by NFL teams and players on the field when the National Anthem is sung, because the National Anthem is a political song. Not in the sense of what we think politics is, perhaps, as R vs. D, or left vs. right, but it is a political statement, because the United States of America is a political body.

        If we sing the National Anthem because we as Americans choose to celebrate a political union of our nation and homeland, then fine, if people want to demonstrate their beliefs at the same time, but in a slightly different way (kneeling vs. standing), so the heck what?

        It would only be bothersome if the kneelers attempted to disrupt the National Anthem, or assaulted those who stand, or if they mocked those who stand and sing along. That has never been the case.

        It’s called “E Pluribus Unum” – “From Many, One”. Our national motto. We never signed the Declaration of Political Conformity” – it was the “Declaration of Independence”. And our Constitution does not include a right to not be offended by someone different from you.

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    • If you look back in Trumps career he has always been a loud mouth coward and bully with a mix of vendictiveness for those who disagree with him.. He is no leader, just an empty shell of no empathy, but yet full of greed and power. He is no hero in the business world and has failed many times in many businesses, but uses our tax system to always come out better; most small businesses don’t have tax lawyers to help them get out of a mess. Trump has screwed so many Venders; it’s the reason why New York and New Jersey went against him as they know well the “flim flam man”.

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    • @cobraboy, I want to understand your views, because there is clearly a segment of America that is seeing 2017 through a very different lens than I am. I hear your point that you would like to watch football and only football when you turn on the tele, just as other people might like to go shopping and not be followed around by security guards, or go to a peaceful protest and not be tear gassed, or drive their car and not be pulled over and shot by a policeman because he “felt scared”.

      Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that – there isn’t a separation of “life” from football, or shopping, or protesting or interacting with cops (the good ones – of which there are many – and the bad ones). The haven you are seeking exists on a deserted island, but not in downtown USA. I may wish that I could wake up and stop hearing about the latest idiotic thing the POTUS said or did, but I don’t get to….

      It’s not that POLITICS has entered the haven of football (or shopping, or protesting or driving), it’s that POLITICS is not now nor ever has been separable because POLITICS as you describe it is just life….and yes, life is everywhere. But this is not new, after 9/11 players wore flags on their uniforms, and they wear pink every October, and some made gestures protesting wars back in the day, and last year they all got to wear cleats dressed-up with whatever cause they wanted to promote (all happening during the anthem too, and shown on TV) – are those not POLITICS in the same way of highlighting a cause? I understand BLM is not your cause, and perhaps some of those others were your cause (believe it or not, they aren’t everyone’s cause), but were you equally upset when the players protested for your cause and brought POLITICS on to the field?

      The bottom line is, in no plausible way are these players harming you by kneeling for the national anthem (go get yourself a coke during that part). You can disagree with their cause if you like – you also have that right – but don’t try to claim that a few dozen men choosing to kneel on a field is somehow taking away from the pleasure you derive from watching a football game…that’s a ridiculous statement.

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      • I disagree.

        The NFL has chosen to allow politics to be a part of the game day experience as is their right.

        I have the right to say “no” and not give the NFL any more money.

        It’s that simple.

        But in three weeks the SJW’s that tuned in for the first time will be gone because they were never fans in the first place. They will have moved on to another angst-of-the-day to protest. But fans like me will still be gone, and make no mistake: there are millions like me. The NFL ratings are significantly down across the board, and the networks stand to not only lose $200,000,000, but may have to refund advertiser money because they did not deliver the eyeballs that were promised.

        I will offer another point based on changing demographics and marketing.

        Like Harley-Davidson, the NFL’s Prime Demographic is ageing and will eventually go away.

        So to attract new customers, like idiot millennials, they need a new “hook.” Maybe co-joining Social Justice Warrioring and Football will appeal to these limp, Nancy-Boy millenials and assorted SJW’s. Maybe we’ll see Weight-Challenged Transgendered Appreciation Day at stadiums across AmeriKa, and Official NFL branded pussy hats. Maybe ISIS Month, where all players will have an ISIS flag on their unis with females in burkhas getting their own section away from their male owners.

        Who knows: maybe the NFL will sponsor AntiFa, Bernie Bros and BLM and attach their logo to the various SJW campaigns.

        I am actually 70% serious here.

        Clearly, it’s a “brave new world.”

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        • I really do want to understand the anger – but you’re making it hard. I’ll take your post in the 3 parts you wrote it.

          1) yes, you have the right not to watch the NFL anymore. As a fellow Buc fan I think that’s unfortunate, but your choice.

          2) On the NFL’s financial woes. The NFL is not concerned. It would be a tremendous misjudgment of the amazing money-machine that they are, to suggest that they are concerned about losing money. Yes, there may be more cobraboys out there, perhaps even millions of them, but there are a thousand times as many international viewers, to name but one demographic, to replace you in the revenue engine that is the NFL. If they were concerned, they would have responded differently yesterday and today.

          3) the rant. First, trying to compare the NFL to Harley demonstrates a lack of knowledge about either business. Yes, they both have target markets for their products, but no the NFL is not being competed out of its market by more advanced alternative products.

          Second, calling all 100 million millennials “idiots”? I hope for your sake that the millennial doctor that is called to save your life one day proves you wrong. Heaven forbid if that doctor happens to be an immigrant :-()

          Third, I’m not sure how you have taken the leap from NFL players protesting how black people in particular are mistreated by cops in this country, to suggesting that this means there will be a “Weight-Challenged Transgendered Appreciation Day”? But you know what, if the Bucs felt that was a good corporate decision then why is that a problem for you? In what way would that detract from your enjoyment of the football game? Why do you care?

          Fourth, is your misspelling of “AmeriKa” supposed to be reflective of an intrusion of communism into the country. I couldn’t agree more but please don’t blame Comrad Trump’s rise to power on millennials…that’s all you….millennials voted overwhelmingly for HRC, as did my generation. Thank you again for your present Comrad, but next time perhaps we could allow Capitalism to reign.

          Fifth, I can’t believe I am having to write this, an ISIS month???? Are you nuts? What comparison in the posts above are trying to make to supporting ISIS?

          Sixth, “females in burkhas getting their own section away from their male owners”….good grief man, your ignorance and prejudice are surpassed only by the man you put in power in this country.

          I am 100% serious btw.

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          • Please have your humor sensors recalibrated.

            What I stated about NFL finances are true. The NFL international audience is very small and generally made up of expats…like myself.

            The NFL is in decline, down 10% last year. Their advertisers are staring down a $200,000,000 loss and facing forced rebates because they were unable to deliver promised audiences.

            Ticket sales are in decline in most markets. Even in RayJay there were empty seats. Look at both LA teams.

            You can choose to whistle past the graveyard if you wish, but I posted a survey that showed the current injection of politics into the NFL is a losing proposition for the NFL and team owners.

            The salary cap may go down since it is determined as a % of total NFL revenues.

            Why do I care? Have you not read what I’ve posted? I, along with millions, do not want politics or social issues injected into their NFL game day experience.

            I don’t understand why that is such a difficult concept?

            I have nothing against awareness or grievances, just keep them out of game day.

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          • EastEdnBoy, you posted: ” Yes, there may be more cobraboys out there, perhaps even millions of them, but there are a thousand times as many international viewers, to name but one demographic, to replace you in the revenue engine that is the NFL. ”

            Are you aware that 1,000 x 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000. A BILLION.

            So you’re saying that the NFL will replace several million US fans with over a billion international fans?


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          • I most likely overstated the remark idiot. So sorry. But now that we have determined that you have some smarts let’s do so fact checking.
            How did you come up with the 60,000,000 number?
            I did some rudimentary math, gave you extra seats, and came away with a 10,000 dollar per year for each fan. Holy crap that a bunch of scratch. And my figures are most likely low.
            Now I never said anything about the quality or the stability of HD. I just said it’s a iconic American brand. On this we will agree, Harley is crashing. I been riding for 50 years and am no fan of their product. Demographics smeagraphic. They are going out of business because their bikes suck. Always have. If it was not for the macho factor they would have died during the AMF days.
            I take it your a Ford guy with a handle like cobra. What would old Henry think about what’s going on? Probably be marching and shouting “Jews will not replace us”.
            Never really understood old man Ford, to be such an unabashed racist but demand that his workers get treated fair, kind of a socialist bigot.
            So in closing:
            People don’t go to the games because it’s better to watch at home. Cheaper too.
            Millennials don’t care about sports because they are to busy facebooking or other mindless social media crap.
            Harley’s suck. Very true. Hondas don’t. Also true.
            And you are an expat living in DR who like Ford muscle cars. When everyone knows MOPAR rules
            This has actual been kind of fun.
            GO BUCS

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        • cobraboy
          Clearly you are an idiot. Ageing demographics? Are the only people who watch the NFL geriatrics drooling on the remote?
          Why in the world would you bring Harley Davidson into this. Idiot millennials, for real.
          Actually you remind me a lot of Donald, put a smart phone in your hand and your IQ drops to room temperature.
          You have actually attacked 2 of the most iconic brands ever in the good ol’ USA. As a matter of fact I can’t think of any brand that is more closely related to the good ol’ USA as Harley Davidson, HD screams America. Hopefully there will be enough fumbling old bastards to keep Harley afloat.
          Just so I get what you’re selling here. You will refuse to support the NFL financially. That means not buying any product with an NFL logo, not clicking on any NFL web site, not tuning into any media outlet that advertises the NFL. good luck with that stance.
          In general you’re willing to become a hermit because you can’t tolerate a little controversy.
          POOR BABY

          GO BUCS, whip the giants butts.

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          • Some points: yes, there is no doubt that I am an idiot. How I managed to make it to my age, and how I managed to become educated and successful it a True Mystery of the Universe.

            Yes: ageing demographics. The same “ageing demographics” the Democrats are constantly talking about, how the older generation will die out soon and then America will become a progressive paradise.

            Problem is older folks hold most of the wealth in the US, and older folks own most of the businesses and older folks run most of the corporations and older folks own the NFL franchises. And older folks tend to be more conservative and patriotic, based on life’s experience, than young ‘uns. So in other words, it’s older folks whose money supports the NFL more than anym other demographic.

            Let’s specifically talk Bucs. Don’t take my word for it because I’m an admitted idiot, but the reason NFL teams have been demanding new stadiums is for ONE reason alone” Premium seating. Why? Here again, don’t take my word for it—because by NFL rules teams slit game day take, but the home team gets to keep 100% of all premium seating revenues. in the Bucs case RayJay has 12,000 club seats, 240 HoF seats and 195 luxury boxes. The collective potential revenues, including food, alcohol and parking, for those seats is around $60,000,000 a year. Keep in mind the Bucs operating income for 2016 is estimated by Forbes at around $80,000,000. So what might happen if the rich guys who pay for the vast majority of operating income choose to spend that $$$ elsewhere? You know, those old demographic guys.

            How many millennials will be stepping up to buy those expensive seats? Will you? I think we both know the answer.

            I have several businesses. Two are in the motorcycle industry. I have a news break for you: Harley-Davidson is circling the drain. They are making massive layoffs. They no longer build bikes 100% American. Have not for years. In fact, over 50% of their sales come from non-motorcycles, i.e., “lifestyle” clothing. Not bikes. The classic Harley demographic—boomers over 45—is literally dying off. Go look at Cycle Trader and see how many hundreds of used Harleys are for sale as “estate sales.” And their efforts to change demographics—building the V-Rod, creating Buell, buying MV Agusta, creating those small displacement beginner” bikes— have been total, colossal failures. Their stock is cratering. Surely you can find better criticism of my idiocy than to try propping up Harley.

            Clicking on a Bucs blog doesn’t put a dime in the NFL pocket unless that blog uses official NFL to Team images. Then they pay. I’m pretty sure media outlets like Pewter Report pays no royalties to either the NFL or Bucs.

            So my boycott does, in fact, impact the NFL financially if I don’t buy tickets (I have been season ticket holders to the Falcons for three years, the Seahawks for two, the Bears for three and Bucs for twenty), NFL Game Pass, official NFL merchandise or frequent official NFL advertisers, yes, I can have an impact. Multiply me time a few millions and the NFL could have a problem.

            I know it’s just idiocy talking again, but isn’t the salary cap a function on past and predicted revenues? So if revenues drop significantly doesn’t that directly affect the players? In lower earnings? And if those old rich demographic guys don’t hire players for local endorsements, doesn’t that also affect players?

            I’m not sure many have thought through the impact of injecting partisan political agendas and social issues into the NFL game day experience. In that regard most of those protesting NFL players are nothing but useful tools.

            But, hey, I’m an idiot so what do I know?

            Be well and good luck!

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          • The $55-60,000,000 is simple math, really. Anyone can come up with it.

            195 luxury boxes that average $24,000 each.

            12,000 club seats that average $2800 + licensing fees.

            240 HoF seats at $6000 + $20,000 licensing fee.

            Add expensive catering, food, concierge service, and VIP parking and voila! You’re nudging $55-60,000,000.

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  5. “You or any other NFL player or coach wanna protest about anything you want? Fantastic! Go for it! That’s America! But WE pay YOU and all NFL players, coaches and staff for the product you put on the FIELD. Not for protests. Not for politics. Not for Social Justice. For football.”

    You pay the owners, and the owners pay everyone else! Start where it should start, the owners!

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    • Timbuc2: Hence the boycott.

      I have been a football player, coach and fan for my entire lifetime, and I’m in my 60’s. Between season tix (Atlanta, Seattle, the Bears and 20 years as a Bucs fan), single game tix for family, parking, travelling to away games, food & beer, merchandise and 10 years of Game Pass, I have put around $65,000 in the NFL pockets. I tried to cancel my NFL Game Pass, my only link to watching the NFL down here in the DR, but they refused my request.

      For me to walk away from the NFL is really saying something. But truth be told, this has been pending for a while. When all of a sudden the concussion issue became a big deal, especially in the press and among people who don’t like football in the first place, it seems the NFL was backsliding. An anti-football sentiment began to take hold with no one defending the game vigorously. Other “rules” made it the No Fun League. This latest slap in the face has just accelerated the inevitable.

      I used to wind my annual clock around Football Sunday. No more. Sunday, September 24, will have been the last day I watched the NFL unless something drastic happens.

      Of course, it didn’t help that the Bucs laid one of the biggest, ugliest, stinkiest, fat-headed eggs in their history.

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  6. Maybe you could mow your lawn on Sunday Cobraboy, I’ll be watching and supporting football.

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    • I’m thinking of building another car. Note my handle.

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  7. This protest has bought the NFL a ton of publicity. I know many non-football fans who are starting to watch. All the racists hell bent on silencing blacks behind the guise of patriotism will have their viewership replaced with decent human beings who aren’t bigots. Good riddance fake patriots.

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  8. So If Your Making It About U And Not What The Players Are Kneeling For Then You Just Don’t Care About The Issue. An Entire Group of People Are Trying To Relay A Message and All You Can Say Is Not While I’m Watchin Watching The Pre Game Show Before The Actual Game Starts…. No Words.

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    • Alienating the very people you need to seduce to your perspective is a really crappy marketing plan and chock full of “Fail.”

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  9. As a little background, I’m an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. I’ve served in combat in Afghanistan and I’m a little (r) republican that voted for the President. This past week PBS has been broadcasting a week long series about the Vietnam war. I’ve always understood that the modern expectation that everyone “must” support the military comes from not wanting to repeat the terrible treatment that many of our fathers received coming back from Vietnam. I appreciate the sentiment but I’ve never agreed that you “must” support the military or any service to include the police without question for fear of public reprisal. This is the USA. We were founded on dissenting opinions not on stifling opinions. Stand up for what you believe even if you don’t support something your military or police are doing. Just be realistic and understand that not everyone in uniform thinks or acts the same.
    Now, I’ve supported the kneeling protests as a protected right yet called them misguided and disrespectful at the same time. Because to me the flag represents the ideal of the USA even if the USA itself doesn’t currently match that ideal in all ways. And now more people are joining in because of the comments of the President. It’s as if the flag and the anthem are directly connected to the man Donald Trump. Like they are his personal banner and song. That is so misguided and disappointing. As a military officer I’m not authorized to disparage the president in public. I’ll say I am absolutely disappointed in him and that is an extremely softened version of my actual sentiments. But the anthem and colors are not personally his and are the wrong targets of the original protest as well as the current increase. Isn’t there another way to make the same statement and have it directed at an appropriate target?

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    • Thank you for your service sir.

      I have heard that similar call before – “Isn’t there another way to make the same statement and have it directed at an appropriate target?” Indeed, I pondered this too at one point…if one doesn’t need to make waves why do it.

      But here’s the thing, you may feel that the anthem is the wrong time and place because it conflicts with your views of the anthem. So they’ll move it to pre-game. The next guy will say not pre-game as that’s the time families gather to have pre-game festivities and joy and we don’t need protests happening then (it’s about families). So they’ll move it to post game. The next guy will say not post-game as that’s the time we’re trying get safely out of the stadiums and this just creates unsafe environments where people are getting grouped and distracted in crowds (it’s about safety). So they’ll move it to Saturday. The next guy will say, not Saturday are they trying to make this about the Jewish Sabbath. So they’ll move it to Wednesday morning at 5:30am. And do you know what will happen…

      That’s right…the constitution is not their to protect citizens’ rights when its convenient for others, because someone will always say their reason is more important and it’s inconvenient for them.

      All the more reason I would think, that as someone who believes so strongly in the constitution and the country that has been built over a quarter millennium, as clearly and respectfully you do sir, that supporting this demonstration of peaceful constitutional rights during the anthem could be celebrated as precisely the most relevant and right time for it to happen.

      Just a thought.

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    • …and if you would like, I could say a few extra expletives about the POTUS tonight just for you 🙂 I have many many that I go through.

      Thank you again for your service.

      Please wait...
      • Very well put and I cannot disagree. If you’ve seen anything else I’ve written on the subject you’ll see that I’ve said that the flag and anthem actually represent the right to burn it or spit on it or kneel during the anthem. So, the timing of the protest is not what I’ve commented is misdirected. It’s the method and the target. Kneeling is an intentional disrespect of any anthem. It is and there is no disputing the intention. I would have no problem with a protest occurring DURING the anthem that isn’t a direct disrespect to the anthem. Others still probably would. To me, Kap’s original protest would have been better received if he’d said that he supports the ideals and hopes that our nation CAN be what it says it represents it just isn’t living up to that ideal in all ways. I wish he’d figured out a way to demonstrate that the flag represents an amazing goal that we haven’t yet fully achieved. Now that would have been indisputable.

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    • Twistedwires, it’s all about politics. It’s not about protest.

      Interest in the NFL was already down 10% before Trump was a thing. Several surveys show that 1/3 of respondents stated that their lost interest in the NFL is directly linked to Kaepernick. Another 1/6 stated their interest increased because of Kaepernick. The net is a significant loss of interest in the NFL which is directly impacting the NFL coffers.

      And I predict the lack of interest will only increase.

      The NFL can do as they choose, and their paying customers can make whatever economic decisions they choose, based on the NFL position.

      THAT is America: Freedom to pursue happiness as one sees fit.

      MY decision is 100% based on what the NFL has decided and 0% based on what Trump said.

      Please wait...
      • The free market at work. It’s a beautiful and unstoppable force.

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    • I see people complaining that millionaire athletes disrespecting the flag, and that is just non-sense. The flag nor the President are the problem, although the President inflamed the subject and shifted the focus back to Flag and Country or “Them.” I served this country for 25 years a service member as well, so I understand this as well as any other American. These so-called millionaire athletes are speaking out for young men and women who were murdered in the streets, all unarmed by people whose job it was to protect us. It takes courage and conviction to risk everything, to potentially harm their brand, even lose their employment to sound off for those without a voice. These protest are the very essence, the very definition of Patriotism because they follow the exact words of the Constitution, and the right guaranteed within that document.

      These protests have never been about disrespecting the flag. They have been there to question of whether the country is living up to its responsibility to protect all its citizens equally. The way for those who do not want to talk about the horrific crimes committed against some groups in America is to twist the message into one about patriotism. That argument you see they can manage by forcing “White America” to choose between the love of country and the plight of those slain members of minority groups, fellow Americans who died for no reason whatsoever.

      The opposition to these protests is a deep and complicated psychological operation designed to divide the people while they strip us of our rights, since we are too busy fighting each other to notice. It also dehumanizes those who were murdered, desensitizing the public to the unjust murders, making the next unnecessary slaying just another event.

      History has shown these colors before, many times in fact; all slightly different yet all the same. Remember, the Nazis did not start by killing a thousand Jews. The Nazis started by murdering a handful or them and then they taught the rest of the nation not to care about what happened to any Jew because “They were the problem.” This is a dangerous and slippery slope and the last thing the people who should be protecting us from these injustices want is for us fellow Americans to do is stop fighting each other long enough to notice what they are doing.

      Our Nation is in grave danger of self-destruction. The sad thing is most Americans are too busy believing what they are told on their smart device to even see it.

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      • Fine. No argument.

        But please do it somewhere else, especially when I am paying for it.

        I want *zero* politics or Social Justice in my NFL experience.

        I like football to GET AWAY from politics and societal ills.

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    • Well said Colonel.
      That is something I did not know. Officers are not allowed to cast disparaging remarks about POTUS.
      What is your thoughts on the comments being made about why people join the military.
      Patriotism, just a way to jump start your life or no other options. I know I joined to learn a craft to use latter in life. Very few of my brother in arms joined out of pure patriotism.
      I salute you.
      GO BUCS

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  10. Before this nonsense started. I would estimate no more than a handful of players protested during the National Anthem.
    The person who started the protests was out of the league and there wasn’t an owner in the league who wanted him on his team.
    So what does our moronic President do.
    In front of a large white Trump audience, he attacks the NFL, composed of 70 to 80 percent of black players, the players mothers (normal for Trump, the admitted serial sexual offender, who has simply zero respect for women including his daughter) and lashes out and pours gas on a fire that had dwindled to a smoldering ember.
    I did not like what Kapernick did, but I respected his right to do it.
    So how did the players react.
    Unlike a lot of Trump’s opponents, they struck back. Hell, even many well heeled owners who supported the idiot with big cash donations went out and stood with them. I doubt if the clown will see any donations from them in the future.
    And what idiot, who is supposed to bring the country together, encourages people to boycott the NFL, something as America as apple pie.
    If any of those people who are supporting Trump at this point and his inane argument, may I suggest “you” leave the country for a long stay in North Korea where this type of thinking and blind unquestionable loyalty is considered normal.
    Finally. where does this Fat Bastard get off questioning anyone’s loyalty and love of America when almost his entire upper campaign staff and cronies were tied up and associating with the Russian government before, during and after the election.
    That isn’t fake news folks. Those are indisputable facts backed up by recorded times, dates and emails.
    The irony is so thick you couldn’t cut it with a chainsaw.
    In the meantime, I will be in the stands Sunday, kneeling with my hand over my heart in support of the players.
    I just wish I could thumb my nose at that Fat Bastard of a demagogue in the White House at the same time.
    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” Samuel Johnson.

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  11. The players speak for those who don’t have a platform that would be noticed. There seems to be an epidemic of poor training for law enforcement in America. Too often they go directly to lethal force as a first step. It doesn’t help when our president comes out and actually says cops should use brutal force when placing a suspect in a patrol car. The players are trying improve our country by bringing attention to a widespread problem. Our president has done nothing other than add to the situation. He’s on the wrong side of too many issues and hate crimes are on the rise because of his inflammatory rhetoric. There will be a backlash in future elections. I’m convinced racism is a minority that will never prevail in America. Donald T rump can buy many things, but he can’t buy respect. He understands fear and hatred. Respect eludes him.

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