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    Good episode. Riley’s mom was a hoot (he’s not Joe Dirt! Lol). The Grimes family interaction was informative. So far no 54. Would like to see that at some point.

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      I don’t think we’ll see much of 54, he is probably hiding from the cameras. I just wish I saw more Chris Godwin.

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    Well coaches salty language comes through loud and clear. I mean that in a good way players know how he feels when they screw up, no gray area. I also like what Jameis had to say to the back up lineman who almost got Ryan killed. You guys having fun? Well Ryan got hurt. This new sense of accountability is much needed.

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      The TampaBay.com site has a post on that, said Winston was talking to “two offensive linemen” and named James Stone (67) and James Harrison (60). It’s actually Jarvis Harrison.

      Were those two guys playing on the snap where Griffin got hurt? I don’t know. To what degree were they responsible for the hit on Griffin? That judgment is likely to come only from studying the game tape, between the coaches and the players.

      Was Jameis in the right in shaming them? Maybe, maybe not.

      It’s a fine line between leadership and meddling. I don’t know on which side Jameis’s remarks fell. His coaches know.

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        they may or may not have been responsible for the hit on Griffin, but all the backups played lousy that night and fitz and griffin both got creamed in the pocket multiple times. Jameis’ point was “you guys got your butts kicked all night, didn’t protect your QB, and now you’re yucking it up. that’s not what winners do.” the Griffin example was just the clearest consequence of them getting outplayed



          It’s a preseason game, it’s about trying out players to see how they do. If they don’t perform, they get cut. It all gets sorted out at the end of preseason.

      2. 2.1.2


        Researched your question whether OL Stone and/or Harrison was on the field when QB Griffin was injured. Asked Greg Auman and Woody Cummings and could not confirm. However, both identify OL Cole Gardner as the culprit. Spose you could find out by reviewing game tape, but mox nix to me. I think they may have been collateral damage as they were in convo with Gardner when Winston chided them. See link.


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    I was going to say the same thing surferdudes. I was watching by myself and let out a “Holy Ish” at the moment Jameis went up to the O-line. “I’m happy ya’ll are having fun…but Ryan just hurt his shoulder. So keep having fun” and just walks away. Wow. That’s a 23 year old kid holding EVERY ONE on his team accountable. By far the best moment of the episode and possibly the series.

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      Like some others have stated already we don’t know if the two linemen were “responsible” for Griffin’s injury or not. We also don’t know what kind of clowning they were doing since HBO only showed Jameis’ response. They may have been completely innocent and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t know. But what I felt watching it was just as Rob said. It doesn’t even matter if the two linemen had nothing to do with it, didn’t know Griffin was even hurt, and didn’t “deserve” the tongue lashing from Jameis. Jameis let those two know what the mentality of this team should be and that he is going to hold people to that standard. I’m a senior officer in the Army and I have mistakenly chewed out junior soldiers for what appeared to be inappropriate behavior at a particular moment only to get more info later and realize I reacted too quickly. However, when I would speak to the unfortunate souls later I would never apologize for enforcing a standard. I would only apologize for reacting too quickly. Jameis may or may not have been guilty of the same thing. But in my opinion it doesn’t matter. I love that fact that he truly is THE leader of this team that CAN call someone out without blinking.

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    I was surprised how much I like Fitpatrick. I find him hilarious. I feel bad for Griffin though. I see us keeping him even though he is hurt. QB is the most important position and if Winston goes down, I am not sure I trust Fitz enough since Griffin has looked better.

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      Fitz has won a lot of games as a starting quarterback. Griffin has yet to take a snap in a game that counts. I feel far more secure with Fitz as backup to Jameis than with Griffin.

      Griffin seems to be a training camp star. He’s not a NFL star, or even an NFL player yet. Even if Griffin’s passes look crisp, he does not look comfortable at all in game action. Fitz looks like he’s been quarterbacking the Bucs for years when he is running the offense. That’s what comes of a decade plus of actual game experience. There is no substitute for that in a backup.

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    The Aguayo cut scene was indeed hard to watch, and much harder for all three guys involved to handle.

    I never understand the kinds of fans who show hate for players (Fredster, I’m talkin’ about you dude!). Every single one of those guys, whether drafted, traded for, or walk ons, are playing for their lives out there. Not everybody can be a Buc and give us a winning team. Nobody is a bad guy. They get no gold stars for effort – you either perform to standard, or you’re gone.

    I truly believe that both Jason Licht and Coach Koetter are compassionate guys who are also professionals zeroed in on making the Bucs better than they were before. And if they don’t perform, they’ll be gone too.

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    That was tough for Roberto. I’ve never been fired, but that has to suck. I understand the reason they cut him and move on. I just never stopped rooting for the kid. Hard to watch that kind of thing on TV, but he made 3 million bucks in a year and half.
    He will be okay.
    I am kind of seeing a marketing platform for HBO. Make you care about the longshots and then pull your heart strings if they get cut. That’s OK, I’m sure if Roberto told HBO not to show him being cut they would not have. Or does HBO make everyone sign a waiver that all is fair to be aired.
    Now I really like GMC, but give the super hero stuff a rest. Act like a grown man. Of course I’d never say that to his face. He might give me one of those super hero punches.

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    Now your putting words in my mouth but whatever. No hate for anyone bro and said I hope he does well in life here on one thread. He was horrible for whatever reason and he should been cut sooner. That’s the plain honest truth. I said at one point can’t stand looking at the guy. Wasnt about hating him But he’s frigging weird looking dude imo. Lol. Tired of watching him miss extra points too. Anytime somebody is cut or fired it’s not fun. I own restaurants and have hundreds of employees and I’ve had to do it countless times. It’s business not personal. He got another shot with the Bears so it’s not like the guy is done either. Like Koetter and Licht said they been fired before too. Part of life. Glad he’s gone and hope he has success elsewhere. Also very glad they moved on and didn’t let this crap go on further. If that makes me an A-Hole so be it Naples. Really Don’t care about your opinion my friend.

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    i loved the scene. when fitz tells the sanchez hotdog story. jameis “respect the game” got to love this kid

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    McCoy’s dance moves were hilarious. One leg, two legs, both legs at once, comedy gold.

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    OK, so the Cryo scene was “cool”? Caught what you did there.

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