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    So Odell Beckham Jr who had 101 catches 1307 yards and 10 td’s and Antonio Brown 106 catches 1281 yds and 12 td’s and Jordy Nelson who had 97 catches 1257 yards and 14 td’s are not considered “elite”? Bogus and BS

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      Oh they are all elite if you ask me, but NOBODY has had less talent around him than MIke and it’s not even close.

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        Agree, on talent around him I will say Hopkins for Houston for past few yrs had no qb and no secondary wr and guys like Alfred Blue running the ball and still had 1,500 and plus 10 td’s so that is more impressive than Evans to me considering he did it with Brian Hoyer, TJ Yates and Savage at qb two yrs ago

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      What about your own Larry Fitzgerald?

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        Larry plays in the slot now and is down side of his career even though he caught 107 passes for 1,000 yds he is not top 5 wr anymore 1st hall of fame ballot player though

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    Surprised Jones was 4th since Falcons haven’t their All Pro TE from two years ago; Jones is gets more looks than Evans.

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    Freeman Strickland

    The Falcons were the 4th ranked rushing team with 20% more rushing yards than the 24th ranked Bucs.

    Jones should get more yards after catch when the safeties are at the line of scrimmage trying to stop the run rather than down field sitting on Evans.

    But, the Giants were the 29th ranked rushing team. So, safeties as free to sit on OJB as they were to sit on Evans.

    Play by play analysis may show otherwise. But, that is the coverage that the stats would predict.

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    So PFF is a joke and unreliable as a credible football source because of the way they graded out other receivers.
    You will get no argument from me.
    How and who grades these players still remains one of the great mysteries of the universe.
    As far as Evans YAC, it’s hard to go any where when you are surrounded by three DBs after you make the catch.

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    David DeLeon

    By no means do I think they are the only two elite WR’s but both are elite. Don’t have a problem with what Jameis said because those are the best in the nfc South. But with a better cast I can see Evans numbers going down slightly or it could open things up in his favor with a better cast. But he will still be elite.

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